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Vinyasa Yoga Poses

The Art Of Vinyasa Yoga: Uniting Breath, Movement, And Mind

In today’s fast-paced world, finding inner peace and balance has become essential for maintaining physical and mental well-being. Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic style of yoga, offers a path to achieve this harmony. Originating from ancient yogic traditions, Vinyasa yoga has evolved into a widespread practice that combines synchronized breath with graceful movements. This time yoga is one of good option to take care of your health according to your convenience means; you can easily practice at your home when you are free.

Vinyasa Yoga Benefits

Vinyasa yoga roots in the ancient practices of Ashtanga yoga. While Ashtanga follows a set sequence of postures, Vinyasa brings a creative and spontaneous element into the course. “Vinyasa” translates to “to place especially,” emphasizing the thoughtful sequencing of poses seamlessly flowing from one to another. This style is often linked to the teachings of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and his student, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, who popularized Ashtanga yoga in the 20th century.

Inner and Outer Peace

Yoga means you are working for your inner and outer peace; it means you work for mental stability and body detoxification that improve your lifestyle rapidly.

Vinyasa or flow yoga is among the most popular forms of yoga today, yet it may seem intimidating to newcomers to the fitness scene. You can achieve your daily health goal through … See More

Yoga Asanas To Tone Up Your Inner Thighs

10 Yoga Asanas To Tone Up Your Inner Thighs

If you are looking to tone your inner thighs that have been ballooning for a long time then consider practicing yoga. When properly engaged, they stabilize and open the body in poses. In yoga, the inner thigh muscles become important in poses like standing, backbends, forward bends, and others. And these poses keep the legs and hips aligned.

The biggest advantage of yoga is that the results achieved are retained for a long time. Also, you can easily practice yoga according to your convenience. You don’t have to go to a fitness center or work out on fitness machines to do yoga.

Yoga for inner thighs

Doing yoga for the inner thighs is a great idea as it will tone up and develop the muscles in a slow and steady manner. Most inner thigh exercises involve stretching that opens the body and brings it into shape. The poses put pressure on the inner thigh muscles so you feel relaxed.

If your inner thighs aren’t aligned, you won’t feel like you are in shape. Also, the misaligned inner thighs will make you feel sluggish in the long run. But you can bring your inner thighs in shape with the help of yoga.

  1. Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose

• Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor
• Keep your feet hip-width apart and hands by your side … See More

Yoga Asanas To Cure Varicose Veins

9 Yoga Asanas To Cure Varicose Veins

There is little to worry about varicose veins as they don’t pose any risk to your life or limbs. But these spidery and swollen veins could spoil your look. For example, you won’t be able to expose your legs due to this medical condition. Also, you don’t have to invest in lengthy and expensive treatments like laser treatment, sclerotherapy, high ligation, and vein stripping.

Varicose veins can be treated with yoga asanas and multiple asanas can help hide those ugly veins. If you are suffering from this condition and thinking of an invasive treatment then you should consider doing yoga to treat those veins.

Treating Varicose Veins With Yoga Asanas

  1. Malasana (Garland Pose)
Malasana (Garland Pose)

How To:

Stand straight on a mat with your legs wider than your hips
Squat while keeping your feet flat on the mat
Bring your torso between your thighs and join your hands in ‘namaste’
Rest your elbows against the inner thighs and maintain the pose for 10 seconds
Release the pose with a deep breath

Benefits: It works on the spine, buttocks, and abdomen. It tones the posture, enhances the flexibility of the digestive tract, and increases flexibility in ankles and knees. It is a simple pose for which you don’t need specific training or precautions.

  1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

How To:

Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart
Firm your thigh muscles and raise your hands … See More

Yoga Asanas To Improve Your Sleep Quality

5 Yoga Asanas To Improve Your Sleep Quality

It is necessary to take six to eight hours of sleep regularly to stay healthy, happy, and active. During sleep, the body starts the healing job on a cellular level and removes toxins. It is for this reason that you feel fresh after taking a good sleep. But missing your sleep could affect your health adversely.

How Does Sleep Affect Health?

Not getting enough sleep of up to eight hours daily is an indication of aging. It shows that you are aging faster than you should. It could interfere with your thinking process. You will look confused and muddled because of the slowing down of the thinking process.

You should check whether you are suffering from insomnia. If yes then start the treatment today. Or you should look for more reliable ways of changing your sleeping pattern from poor to healthy. For example, you can switch off your mobile phone while going to sleep to prevent distractions.

You can find many products like lights and candles that help with sleeping. You can try meditation to calm your tense nerves and drive the stress away. Also, taking a light meal at dinner can help in get good sleep for fully eight hours. But you should never rely on sleeping pills.

How To Take Good Sleep?

There are many ways to get good sleep. For example, you can do yoga exercises that … See More

Weight Loss With Yoga

An Essay On Weight Loss With Yoga

Yoga is good for weight loss but do you know how many calories you can burn with yoga asanas? If you are practicing yoga for weight loss, you should know which yoga asanas are the best for burning calories and how many calories you can burn with those poses. It will help in maintaining your weight loss with yoga asanas.

Myth About Weight Loss With Yoga

Yoga poses burn more calories because they increase heartbeat but the truth is that increased heartbeat has little to do with weight loss or burning more calories. If it could happen, hot yoga classes could top the chart of weight loss classes. But yoga can indeed help burn calories.

Truth About Weight Loss With Yoga

Yoga is your best option for weight loss. But weight loss is only one of the many physical and emotional advantages of yoga asanas. According to experts, yoga works for the entire body. It builds inner strength and brings peace of mind. After yoga sessions, you feel lighter, healthier, and happy. And weight loss is an added advantage of practicing yoga. With yoga, you get the health that includes maintaining an ideal weight. Keep reading to know more advantages of yoga asanas.

How Many Calories Are Burnt In Yoga Asanas?

It is clear that a higher rate of the heartbeat has little to do with calories burnt. But it … See More

Yoga Asanas That Boost Flexibility And Immunity

9 Yoga Asanas That Boost Flexibility And Immunity

If you need to bend your knees while touching your feet, you are losing your flexibility and immunity. You lead a sedentary life that is making you immobile. It is better you start some activities that can help retain your flexibility while you are busy with your desk job.

Here’re 9 yoga asanas that can be helpful in building your flexibility and immunity in the long run

  1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

• Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and body balanced on your feet
• Raise your arms above your head with your fingers interlocked and palms facing upwards
• Straighten your posture by raising your shoulders towards your ears and opening your chest
• Look straight and hold the pose for 10 seconds
• Come back to normal position and relax

Benefits: Tadasana corrects posture by working on all muscles and joints. It aligns the skeletal, regulates the digestive system, boosts the respiratory mechanism, and improves the nervous system.

  1. Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

• Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands extended with palms facing downwards
• Bend your knees and pull your pelvis slightly down like you are sitting on a chair
• Raise your hands above your head and stretch your spine towards the ceiling
• Hold the pose for 10 seconds and then relax

Benefits: The advantage of utkatasana is it involves the entire body. It … See More

Bhujangasana Yoga

8 Yoga Asanas That Can Cure Sciatica Pain

The sciatica nerve runs into the spine before entering the pelvis and going deep down your legs. It is an important nerve as even a little pressure on this nerve can cause shooting pain. And the pain becomes unbearable with time & get relief from sciatica pain by doing yoga.

Sitting in a wrong posture for long hours, spondylitis, damaged or ruptured disc, and back injury is the prime reason for sciatica pain. And there is little you can do to relieve the pain. Painkillers could help but only for a short time. Your doctor will prescribe physical therapy to relieve the pressure from the nerve.

Sciatica pain could be a lifelong problem if you take it lightly. Since it can shoot anytime, you need to be prepared. The only way you can relieve this pain is to relieve pressure from your back, hips, and thighs.

Luckily you can treat sciatica pain with yogic exercises. And you can practice these exercises at home. They require little training and caution.

You can choose any of the below-mentioned yoga asanas or practice all depending on your comfort for sciatica pain.


Dandasana of Staff Pose improves posture, stretches the spine and strengthens the back muscles, and gives a mild stretch to hamstrings to align the body. Dandasana involves sitting with an erect spine and stretching your See More

Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

Cancer is curable if the disease is diagnosed and treated early. But the treatment could be frustrating. Cancer patients have to bear chemotherapy that could break their mental power. But they can look at yoga for help. There are many yoga asanas for cancer patients that can help control the painful symptoms associated with cancers and their treatments. These asanas are simple in practicing and big on advantages.

Here’re 5 yoga asanas that are good for cancer patients.

Half Sun Salutation

Half Sun Salutation Yoga Asanas

It is one of the many asanas that have multiple benefits for cancer patients.


• Stand straight with your legs close

• Join your palms together as you do in a prayer

• Inhale a deep breath and raise your arms with palms joint above the head

• Stretch your arms to a comfortable level

• Exhale the breath and bend down to touch your toes with your fingers

• Stop for a few seconds and then inhale a deep breath to return to the starting position

Note: You can bend your knees if needed while touching your toes with your fingers.


• The stressing exercise will ease out the entire musculoskeletal frame including the muscles.

• It has the power to blast disease-causing microbes and it is easier to perform at home.

• It boosts blood flow balances the function of endocrine glandsSee More

Malaika Arora Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara

Malaika Arora Finds Monday Motivation In Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga Asana

Malaika Arora performed Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara yoga asana in Monday motivation for her Instagram followers. Her picture of doing this yoga asana in printed blue sports bra and tights is posted on Instagram early in the morning.

What is the picture about?

Malaika Arora is a fitness freak who often shares her fitness mantras with her Insta followers. Today morning, she performed a very difficult yoga asana to inspire her Insta fans. It is called Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara and it involves taking the bodyweight on knees, chest, arms, and chin.

What Is Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga Asana?

It is one-leg eight-limbed pose and an intermediate asana in yoga. It can also be called an advanced variation of the knees-chest-chin pose. In this asana, you bring your knees, arms, chest, and chin together to support your body weight while lifting your legs one by one.

How to perform Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara?

Malaika Arora Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara

Malaika Arora gives detailed instructions for this yoga asana. You need to start with the tabletop position by keeping your knees together and bringing your wrists under the shoulders.

Exhale: Fold your elbows to allow your chest and chin to drop to the mat.

Inhale: Lift your left leg as far as possible and bend your right knee to place your foot under the left leg for support. Hold this position for … See More