Pranayama Exercises And Their Benefits

5 Life Saving Pranayama Exercises And Their Benefits

Living things breathe to live but it is only humans that have the power to control their breathing. Pranayama exercises in yoga are deep breathing exercises that improve the quality of breath. It is a process of constant breathing and improving your power to inhale, control, and exhale the breath.

There are five Pranayama exercises in Yoga and each exercise has its specific process and benefits. The good thing about the Pranayama exercises is that they require nothing special like an accessory. But a little training is required to practice the exercises.

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Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

Cancer is curable if the disease is diagnosed and treated early. But the treatment could be frustrating. Cancer patients have to bear chemotherapy that could break their mental power. But they can look at yoga for help. There are many asanas that can help control the painful symptoms associated with cancers and their treatments.

Here’re 5 yoga asanas that are good for cancer patients. These asanas are simple in practicing and big on advantages.

  1. Half Sun Salutation

It is one of the many asanas that have multiple benefits for cancer patients.


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These 5 Asanas Can Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis For Sure

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease as it involves pain in joints that can make life difficult. Aging is the biggest reason for this chronic ailment but today younger people are also getting Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Reasons for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Age: While RA can attack at any age but people in advanced age are more prone to developing RA because of wear and tear of their joints.

Family History: Those with a family history of RA need to be careful as they could the disease at any age.

Obesity: Obese people should be careful … Continue Reading

Long Enough For Plank

How Long Is Long Enough For Plank?

Yoga, Pilates and weight training have one thing in common. These exercises include plank that is effective in building core strength and stability. In plank, you need maintaining a position but the duration of a plank should depend on your strength.

Let’s learn right way of doing plank and its advantages

The most effective core exercise….

The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research mentioned plank as more effective than crunches or sit ups in its 2015 study but plank requires much training and concentration as balancing body weight on your tips and toes isn’t a child’s game. The longer you … Continue Reading

Cholesterol Do Yoga

Should People With High Cholesterol Do Yoga?

Yoga can help lower cholesterol levels as it involves deep breathing good for relaxation of body and mind. Deep breathing exercises lead to stress reduction that is good for heart. Also, twisting postures promote healthy digestion.

How science relates yoga with cholesterol level?

While the studies done on yoga are limited but most studies suggest that yoga is effective in controlling cholesterol.

One such study conducted on 100 people with type 2 diabetes in 2013 showed promising results. The study conducted over a period of 3 months and the participants could continue with their medicines. And the participants witnessed reduction … Continue Reading