Taylor Swift edition Fujifilm Instax square SQ6 camera review

Is Fujifilm Instax square SQ6 worth to buy? It is a new edition of camera introduced in the market By Taylor Swift. Easy to shoot, numbers of filters, looks great and more are the outstanding features that make this worth it.

The brand behind the Fujifilm SQ6 camera is Instax, a popular brand among camera lovers. This SQ6 camera is the first branded camera for bigger Instax square film.

The choice of three smart colors, sleek design, and Taylor Swift autograph made this camera special for their selfie lover fans. This offered a fixed lens and a few shooting modes.

The shape of the Fujifilm camera

Fujifilm camera comes in the market in rounded-off square shape. This easily fits into a small bag. It is easy to manage and offers the nearest completion to its rival Lomo Instant’s Square.

Taking out the film with Instax square SQ6 camera is quite simple. All you have to do is, open the back of the camera, line up the square film cartilage with yellow markings on film and the camera’s body. Now, close the door and ready to shoot.

You’ll find a few shooting modes. Select what you want and ready to enjoy the shoot.

Instax square SQ6 camera picture-quality

The picture quality is awesome. This produces sharp and perfect picture quality. It probably the best camera of Instax till the date. The colors are vibrant and say something about your picture.


  • Smart look
  • Easy to take selfies
  • Cheap to buy
  • Automatic operations
  • Create double exposures
  • Have three different colors (blush gold, graphite grey, and pearl white)
  • Branded camera


  • Create an expensive film
  • Focus doesn’t work often

Where and why to buy an Instax square SQ6 camera?

If you’re one who needs instant photography then Instax square SQ6 camera is a good option to buy. You can use it for special shoots, creating pictures-quality, and everyday photography.

This is something that really looks nice when you take it. It can be affordable for all. You can buy this at RS.8, 9690 because of 40 % off on Amazon.

For buy click here https://www.amazon.in/Fujifilm-Instax-Square-Taylor-Instant/dp/B07HMJNPM3/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=taylor+swift&qid=1560885211&s=gateway&sr=8-2

Final verdict

It is fun to use a camera that might not produce the film cheap, but it is a perfect and best camera so far.


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