The Unique or Hattke wedding Vows that every couple should know about

With the modernization, the culture and vows are also changing. This give a robust impact on individual life thus the value, thinking, and belief are also changing. If you consider old-fashioned marriage, that was either fixed by elders of the family or couple itself. But with the change in time, the marriages are now fixed via internet matrimonial sites.

Unique or Hattke wedding Vows

Or if we consider the role of marriage, this was done by only parents. Nowadays, most marriages are love and even parents allowing their children to do this. Also, the best part of today’s marriage culture is, both couples share equal responsibilities whether it is financial or other errands.

These things are changing the goal of marriages and even couples are dedicated to sharing love and true bond with each other.

Here are the few Vows that can help the modern couple to stay and live happily married life.

1. Promise to give Space

Promise to give Space

It doesn’t matter you are married or not, Space is important. For the ideal marriage, giving space to your partner is essential. Your partner has other life too and he/she needs quality time so you both can live a relationship with no restrictions.

2. Promise to value his/her work

Promise to value his/her work

Gone are the days when the female is just a piece of house. Nowadays, both couple is working. Hence, you should make a promise to respect his/her work. If she is earning more than you, so as a male you do not need to feel ego issues. You both are equal and there is no reason for having ego inside. Ego spoils the beauty of marriage, but love and respect can grow your reaction more.

3. Promise to accomplish couple goals

Promise to accomplish couple goals

Marriage life is about sacrifices because you have lots of responsibilities to handle. For woman, this becomes very difficult, which push them to give up dreams. If you are a supportive partner along with a family your dreams never shred. A modern couple helps each other to achieve their goal successfully.

4. Promise to be a good listener

Promise to be a good listener

The secret of a successful marriage is having a conversation with your partner comfortably. Communication is not only about sharing problems or future planning. Sometimes the meaning of a conversation is different. And if you are a good listener then you can easily understand what your partner saying and how he/she feels.

5. Promise to not to impose family ideas

Promise to not to impose family ideas

Sometimes families are too restricted with culture. For example, most families are restricted to wear suits and sarees in a new marriage. Such behavior troubles your relationship, so make sure you are allowing your partner to follow rules but only when she feels happy to do that.

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