This Cup Of Tea Costs Rs.1,000

Out of many tea stalls dotting the nooks and corners of the country and serving piping hot tea, there’s one stall in Kolkata that deserves exclusive treatment. It is exclusive because of its varieties. Would you believe that a cup of tea at this stall costs Rs.1,000 a cup?

Nirjash Tea Stall

It is in Mukundpur, Kolkata. Partha Pratim Ganguly is the founder and owner of this tea stall. He started his tea service on 6th January 2014 after quitting his full-time private job. It started as an experiment but proved to be a big leap of faith. He started selling flavoured teas but that was a new concept at that time.

Flavoured teas available at Nirjash Tea Stall

Partha Pratim Ganguly sells a wide variety of teas including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, lavender tea, makaibari tea and much more. But what makes his teas popular is the process. He keeps important factors like quality of leaf and how much to boil specific leaf. Ganguly kept adding more flavours to his tea stall and today he has more than 100 types of teas in his stall.

Spend Rs.1,000 for a cup of tea

It is a huge price but the cup worth this price. It is Silver Needle White Tea that requires three times more money and labour than the regular black tea. It is white tea that contains exclusive antioxidants and phytochemicals like catechins, eco-catechins and flavonoids. Ganguly also educates his customers about advantages of White Tea.

White tea works faster

When it comes to drinking healthy tea, people prefer White Tea as it scores high on every count – effect, aroma and nutrients. Partha Pratim Ganguly proudly tells that his customers happily pay the asked amount to sip White Tea at his stall that keeps busy all the day.

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