Top Organic Makeup Brands That Makeup Artists Use

When it comes to makeup, many of us concern about using makeup products and brands on our skin. The risk of feat infection, rashes, and sometimes allergy threaten our heart, whether you opt for makeup or not. Well, everyone has own skin type and issues. Therefore, picking up natural makeup brand can be worthy. This not reduce the risk, but also give you a confident look all the time.

There are many natural makeup brands out there, but which one is perfect and give a perfect look. It is crucial to check out. In natural makeup products, the ingredients are cruelty-free and no use of synthetic chemicals. Hence, anyone can use these without worrying about side effects.

Now, let us know what those natural makeup brand:

Natural Makeup Brand

1. 100% Pure

100% pure is on out top list. This has a huge collection of skincare products to makeup to hair and related products. All are made up of natural ingredients with no use of any chemical. 100% pure brand is very serious about producing good and safe products, so the user feel confident while using. On my personal experience, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for the best natural makeup brand.

The Makeup Artists, Benjamin Puckey always uses 100% Pure Brand on celebs.

2. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is yet another natural brand that comes with a wide range of makeup collection such as cream, lip liner, lipsticks and more. All products are highly pigmented and give a flawless finish. Moreover, the packing of this brand is impressive that let you down for it. Puckey, makeup artists also love this brand and often use it.

3. Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty Brand

This beauty brand is highly famous for its natural beauty products and multiple skincare range. This mainly focuses on using 100% natural ingredients and producing clean and harmless products. With the use of Ilia beauty brand, you will feel awesome with your look. Puckey is a fan of this brand too.

4. Juice Natural Beauty Makeup Brand

Juice Natural Beauty Makeup Brand

Juice Beauty is a well-known brand worldwide. This uses only toxic-free, natural, and FDA registered ingredients that make their products awesome to use. The makeup artist, Denno is a huge fan of this makeup brand. With this, you will get a fresh and glowing appearance.

5. Vapour Beauty

Vapour Beauty Brand

This beauty brand is known for producing chemical-free natural beauty range that gives an amazing look to anyone. The pigmentation and quality of this brand are beyond expectation. Foundation, primers, and more are just awesome in my choice.

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