Classic Mint Mojito Drink With Fresh Mint Leaves & Muddle Them With Lime Juice & Fine Granulated Sugar

Coconut Mojito Pitcher Prepared With Mint, Lime Juice & Pour Coconut Water & White Rum To The Base & Stir Well

Muddle Mint & Strawberries In A Ice Filled Cocktail Shaker & Pour Citrus Rum Strawberry Mojito Drink

Blackberries Are Muddled With Light Rum, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup & Glass Is Filled With Soda Water & Fresh Mint

Mixed Blueberries With Mint & Syrup Also Add Some Lime Juice To It & Add Some Vodka For Added Flavor

Watermelon Pieces Are Muddled With Cucumber Chunks In Lime Juice & Is Served Cool With Crushed Ice & Vodka

Filled A Glass With Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup & Mint Leaves, Add Ice To The Top & Pour Rum For Flavors 

Combine Rum With Mint, Lime Juice & Simple Syrup In Shaker For Magic Mojito & Add Ice & Garnish It With Mint Sprig