A Bottle Of Packaged Fruit Juice Contains More Sugar Than The Fruit Itself, You Have To Cut The Sugar From Your Diet

Vitamin C Is Good For Your Health Reduces Oxidative Stress & Aids In Digestion, It Will Help You To Reduce Belly Fat

Drink At Least 8 Liters Of Water Every Day, Is The Best Way To Stay Hydrated, Flush Out Toxins From The Body & Reduce Fat

Protein Aids Metabolism & Reduces Hunger Pangs & Cravings For Quick Snacks, Intake Of Protein Reduces The Belly

It Is Better To Switch To Brown Bread & Brown Rice, To Avoid Starchy Contain Food To Get A Flat Tummy

Selecting Good Carbs Reduced The Belly; Carbohydrates Are Good For Your Body & Contain Vitamins & Minerals

Probiotics Are Good For Your Health As They Aid In Digestion & Keep Away Gastronomical Problems, Breakdown The Excess Fat

De-Stress Your Body and Mind, it produces more stress hormones and steroids that affect your digestive system