One Large Egg With Yolk Contains 147 mg Of Choline, Egg Yolk Has Phospholipids That Improve Choline Absorption

Fish Like Tuna, Salmon & Haddock Have Rich Choline Content, If You Take Salmon For Dinner Is Good For Choline

Cruciferous Vegetables Are A Good Source Of Choline Contain, Vegetarian People, Have More Choices In Food

Having Roasted Potatoes For Breakfast Is A Great Idea, To Fulfill The Choline Contain In Your Daily Diet

Beans Are Good For Vegan People, Who Can Add Beans To Their Diet To Get More Choline For Long Sustain

Cottage Cheese Can Be Added To Salads, Baked Items, And Smoothies, It Can Be A Good Way To Take Choline

Raw Soybean Is A Rich Source Of Choline, If You Are Vegetarian, You Can Increase Your Intake Of Soy Products

Organ Meat Can Fulfill Your Choline Requirement, Consuming 90g Of Meat Per Day With Eggs Once Per Three Days Is Sufficient