Why Should You Choose Serums In Cosmetics?

Many people struggle with skincare because of their ignorance about serums. While creams and lotions look a best choice in cosmetics, serum stand a class above due to their soluble nature and easy application while makeup.

Here’re some of the advantages of serums in makeup

Serum in makeup are ease of use….

Serum allows easy application as it comes in a soluble form. Just drop a few drops of a serum on your face and gently rub the beauty tonic so that it sets deep down in your skin. Spread it on your cheeks and neck before tapping and smoothing it out. It will provide the much-needed nourishment for your skin.


Best Serum Makeup Formulation

Serums have smaller molecules and a high concentration of active ingredients. These molecules can penetrate deeper inside the skin and deliver the active ingredients much better than an average moisturizing cream or lotion. Also, skin cells can quickly absorb the light gel like non-sticky and watery texture of serum formulation. A serum-based formulation can quench the thirst of skin cells better than any other cosmetic cream or lotion.

Reliability of serum in makeup ….

Serum is a multi-purpose product as it eliminates the need for hydrators, cold creams and moisturizers. It provides one solution for a host of skin problems including acne, acne spots and pigmentation. For better results, you can use a serum at least twice a day.


Makeup Suitability By Serum

Suitable for every skin type, serum has something for everyone like it brings light-weight moisturization for oily skin and rejuvenate a dull looking skin. Use serum with Salicylic Acid for acne prone skin and Hyaluronic Acid serum for dry skin. Also, you can look for a serum with vitamin C for extra nutrition.

High ROI….

With every drop of serum used, you get a good return on your investment. Also, the watery nature of the product increases its shelf life and reduces wastage.

Disclaimer: Test your skin for allergies before using a serum.

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