Why Unibrows Grow And How To Remove Them?

Joining eyebrows with unwanted facial hair growing over the nose is called a “unibrow” or “monobrow”, and it is frowned upon in most societies. It is a genetic problem, but there are natural ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

If you have a unibrow and you want to get rid of the monobrow, you can try a natural way like plucking the unwanted hair. Or you can choose to remove the facial hair permanently.

Here’re the ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair

  1. Plucking

Take a tweezer and start plucking the unwanted unibrow hair one by one. It is the most popular and inexpensive way of treating monobrows naturally. Plucking gives long-lasting results as the hair is removed from the root.


How To:

• Soak your unibrow in warm water or wet the hair with a towel soaked in hot water
• Make your skin taut with one hand and pluck the unwanted hair with a tweezer on the other hand
• Pluck the hair in the direction of the growth and treat the area with antibacterial soap or lotion
• Use an ice cube to soothe irritation or redness associated with plucking

  1. Depilatory Creams
Depilatory Creams

Plucking is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and painful process unsuitable for people with sensitive skin. Also, there is little need to go through the pain of plucking hair when you can remove the unwanted hair with a cream.

Buy a quality depilatory cream from the market and use it as prescribed on the product packing. But be careful to remove only the unwanted hair as the cream could accidentally touch your eyebrows. Also, prevent the chemicals from affecting your eyes. But the results won’t last long as creams remove only surface hair.

  1. Waxing

Try waxing, if you don’t want to use chemicals. It is less painful than plucking and gives long-lasting results. Apply hot wax on the monobrow and rip off the unwanted hair with the wax in a swift motion. For convenience, you can buy an at-home waxing kit for all your needs. Also, you have the option to get a salon treatment.

Waxing gives similar results you get with plucking. The hair is removed from its root, so it takes time to regrow Another advantage of waxing is it takes little time and labor.

  1. Shaving

Shaving hair is also an option especially in an emergency when you need to go out but you don’t have time to either pluck or wax your unibrow. You should keep an eyebrow razor, shaving cream, and an antiseptic lotion at home for a quick job.

The advantage of shaving is that it gives quick results and it is safer as well. Also, you can get exciting results by limiting the razor movement to only unwanted hair. But the results won’t be long-lasting.

  1. Threading

Threading is also a popular way of removing unibrows. It works like plucking or waxing. Hair strands are uprooted from their roots, so they take time in regrowing. The results achieved with threading could last up to 1 to 2 months. But it is a painless and natural way of removing unwanted hair.

For threading, you need to go to a salon where an expert beautician will remove your monobrow using a thread. Since it is a time-consuming process, it won’t work when you need a quick job. Other ways of hair removal are more useful in an emergency.

  1. Electrolysis

While all other ways give temporary results, electrolysis gives permanent results. But it is a cosmetic treatment for which you will need to visit a dermatologist. Also, you could require several sessions with a session lasting a couple of hours to get the treatment.

Electrolysis involves passing electric currents through unwanted hair to neutralize its roots. A dermatologist will use a specific tool to provide the treatment. You need to plan the treatment as it requires time. Also, you should approach a licensed professional only.

Electrolysis could have side effects like scarring of skin tissues or infection. But there is little to worry about as your dermatologist will prescribe a topical cream to treat the side effect.

  1. Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular semi-permanent method of removing unwanted facial hair. While it is an expensive and time-consuming process, people prefer laser treatment for its results and safety. There are fewer chances of your getting side effects if the treatment is provided by a professional.

During the process, a senior dermatologist will guide high laser beams on your unibrow. The treatment will break down the hair follicle responsible for hair growth. It will slow down the hair growth so you get long time relief from the unwanted hair. But you will need at least half a dozen sessions to complete the process.

  1. Rocking The Unibrow
Rocking The Unibrow

Tajik women consider unibrow a sign of beauty and purity. In Tajikistan, you can find women trying different ways to grow monobrows. They use a special herb called usma to support the growth of facial hair considered unwanted in the other part of the world.

While you won’t go out with unibrow, but the objective of the information is to prove that everything depends on how you take your monobrow. The hair growth making unibrow is unwanted, but you shouldn’t be over-conscious about the monobrow. There are ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Final Thoughts

Before you choose a hair removal process, you should give a close look at your unibrow. Simply check how many hair strands are there to remove. For example, if the hair growth is little, you can pluck those soft hair strands using a tweezer, or go for threading that is more comfortable than plucking.

If you need a less painful job, you can go for waxing. And if you need a quick job, you choose to shave the unibrow using an eyebrow razor. Or you can try a hair removal cream. Or you can choose a permanent solution like electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Disclaimer: The information provided about removing unwanted hair is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to be cautious with choosing a hair removal process.

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