You Can Exercise With A Cold After Reading This Blog

While experts differ on whether one should exercise with a cold, you can take some precautions while exercising when you have a cold. First, you should know how exercising can increase your vulnerability to a cold.

Let’s discuss that, should you go for exercising with a cold ?

Hyperthermia: Physical activity can increase your temperature leading to 103°F. Also, there will be excessive sweating leading to confusion, nausea, and fast heartbeats.

Dehydration: Body produces sweat to cool itself during exercising. And it could lead to dehydration and longer-term exertion.

Hypoxia: It is lower oxygen level, and it happens when body demands more from vital internal organs like lungs and heart. Also, people exercising at higher altitudes face temporary hypoxia.

The researchers are of different views about whether one should exercise in a cold, but you can take some precautionary measures to determine whether your cold would allow you to exercise.

Exercising With A Cold

Check your symptoms to make an opinion on whether to exercise with a cold. If the symptoms of cold are mild, you can go ahead with your exercise regimen.

Earache: One of the symptoms of cold, it won’t discourage you from exercising. Also, if the pain isn’t due to an underlying disease, you can continue exercising in a cold.

Stuffy nose: It could make exercising a little difficult by slowing down the breathing process. If you have difficulty in breathing, you can back off from exercising.

Sore throat: It is a real problem during exercising, but it can be controlled by keeping your body hydrated.

But exercising isn’t recommended when you’ve severe symptoms like the following

Fever: Since your body temperature is already high with fever, increasing with heightened activity isn’t advisable.

Wet cough: A wet cough shows presence of mucus that will come out with exercising and make you take stops to emit the mucus.

Stomach symptoms: Cold can cause stomach problems like constipation that will discourage you from exercising or doing any other physical activity.

Also, you should do only light exercises that don’t unnecessarily stress your vital organs. You can go on a walk, do cycling, engage in low-impact aerobic exercises or even lift weights but with low-impact exercise equipment.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general uses and one should take any decision on exercising with a cold only after assessing his overall medical condition.

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