Bok Choy Is A Nutritious Vegetable, It Has Carbs, Fiber, Calcium, Iron & Magnesium & Helps To Attain Vertical Height

Brussels Sprouts Resemble Mini Cabbages But They Are More Nutritious Than Regular Cabbages & Will Make You Taller

Pea Is An Excellent Source Of Protein, It Is Considered Good For Growing Kids To Achieve Optimum Vertical Height

Broccoli Is Popular More For Its Nutrition Than Taste, Promotes Gut Health, And Supports Weight Loss

Beans Remove Free Radicals From Your Body, A Rich Amount Of Protein & Beans Can Help In Growing Taller

Spinach Is Leafy Green Vegetable; It Supports Growth Hormones & Checks The Growth Of Cancerous Cells

Turnip Is A Root Vegetable That Plays A Crucial Role In Bone Metabolism; It Is Good For Weight Management

Rhubarb Is A Good Source Of Antioxidants; Rhubarb Can Stimulate Growth Hormones Responsible For Growing Height