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Vikram Sarabhai

Google Doodle Story of Vikram Sarabhai

Google Doodle of 12th August 2019 was special for two reasons – 100th Birthday of Vikram Sarabhai and launch of Chandrayaan2 Spacecraft.

The Doodle design

It has an image of young Dr. Vikram Sarabhai looking at the space. In the image, he looks bigger than the space emerging above the clouds. Also, there is moon below the image and the Chandrayaan2 Spacecraft on the right of the image. The Doodle is painted black-and-blue to make it look like space.

Vikram Sarabhai

Vikram Sarabhai

Instrumental in establishing Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Vikram Sarabhai is considered the father of India’s space programme. Born on 12th August 1919, Google with India celebrated birth centenary of Vikram Sarabhai.

Personal life

Vikram Sarabhai belongs to Sarabhai family that was an industrialist family committed to the Indian independence movement. Sarabhai dedicated his life to the development of science and this is evident from his achievements.

Professional life

After completing his education in Cambridge in 1947, Vikram Sarabhai returned to India with to establish the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL). The institution had a modest beginning at the residence of Vikram Sarabhai but it became the cradle of space research institutions in India.

Started with the help of charitable institutions including M.G. Science Institute, Ahmedabad and Karmkshetra Educational Foundation, PRL focused its research on cosmic rays and the properties of the upper atmosphere. Later the PRL researched theoretical physics and radio physics with the help Atomic Energy Commission.

Sarabhai led the family-owned business but his interests vary from science to statistics and sports. He set up following research institutes to pursue his interests.

• Operation Research Group (ORG) that became the first market research organization in the country

• Nehru Foundation for Development in … Read the rest

India vs New Zealand ICC 2019 Semi-Final Live: Weather Seems To Be batting For The Men In Blue

India vs New Zealand ICC 2019 Semi-Final Live: Weather Seems To Be batting For The Men In Blue

India is going to play World Cup semi-final with New Zealand but the Men in Blue seemed a little worried about the pace battery of Black Caps that has rattled Indian batting order in warmup fixtures.

India in World Cup

With 15 points, the Men in Blue are on the top of the table. Their chances are bright in case of complete washout. But Virat Kohli-led Indian team was helpless before the Kiwis pace battery spearheaded by Trent Boult in a warmup fixture.They shouldn’t take the Black Caps lightly.


New Zealand in World Cup

The Black Caps stand on the fourth position with 11 points but they can make a comeback, if their pace battery works like it did in the warmup fixture. Now all eyes are on the weather that is expected to be rainy with overcast conditions

Weather forecast

The World Cup 2019 witnessed several washouts and it is expected to remain a key player in the semi-final too. But the good thing is that the semi-finals have reserve days. If today’s match is washed out, it would be played tomorrow.

In case the rain plays spoilsport, ICC would work with DLS method of revising balls and score to continue the match. But if it is a complete washout, the match would be shifted to the reserve day. The reserve day match would have the same procedure in case of rainy conditions and the point sharing would be applied only in washout condition.

Reserve day forecast

Whether the match starts at its usual time would be clear later in the day but according to … Read the rest

Can you swim in Jell-O Pool?

The biggest challenge for Engineer- Can you swim in Jell-O Pool?

The Jell-O pool is an interesting idea for extreme fun. When you think of this actually, that’s really obdurate, but it’s quite cool to try something new. Isn’t it?

Jell-O has boiled to dissolve and refrigerator to set. It’s really difficult to do in a big pool.

Good news!

A Former Engineer, Mark Rober made possible and assembled the world’s largest Pool of Jell-O. The idea behind the manufactured Jell-O pool is only to create something new for children and youth.

Well, everyone knows some idea is interesting and loaded with extreme enjoyment, but they are quite difficult to present them in reality. The Jell-O pool is one such idea that has been tried by almost everyone, but they failed.

Mark Rober has years of a dream to build a Jell-O pool. After doing homework on Jell-O and its scientific points as temperature, hardness and firmness of Jell-O, how hot and cool temperature Jell-O need for firmness.

After six month planning and with his hard work plus intensive labor, he finally made it.

This was not an easy task. Jell-O requires to heat it to very hot temperature before cooling it. It does not like you just put the powder in water to heat and use the refrigerator to set. We have to make a pool.

This required six 55-gallon drums with both heating and hose system. With limited time he found perfect weather to boil to set down. It took an intensive week to put it all together. Finally, the results speak and Jell-O Pool is created.

Children and youth find this pool amazing for fun. It is a good idea which is Read the rest

18 May 2019 Date revealed for What ?

When to see the Next Full Moon Blue moon? 18 May 2019 Date revealed

Wish to see the full blue moon this year? Well, we have good news for you. On May 18, 2019 Saturday, blue moon will occur on the opposite of the sun at 5:11 PM EDT.

A blue moon is not in blue color. It is just a phenomenon whereby the moon appears rouge owing to dust particles in the atmosphere. It is also known as the second moon in a calendar month.

It appears in the subdivision of a year in a month of the common calendar. This happens after the forest fires in Sweden and Canada in 1950 and 1951.

How frequently blue moon happens?

According to and NASA blue moon occurs rare and after every 2.7 years. The term double Blue moon occurs three to five times within a century.

The coolest thing about Blue moon there is two definitions. The second is very interesting given by James Hugh Pruett.  He said blue moon happen when a season has an extra full moon, with 13 happening within the year instead of 12.

It’s a bit confusing but yet interesting for those who have studied about full moons.

In India, Blue moon refers as Budh Purnima, observed by Buddhist in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and South Asian countries.

According to Lunisolar calendars, the Blue moon falls on the middle of lunar months. The full moon occurs in the fourth month of the Chinese calendar and Iyar in the Hebrew calendar.

In short, Blue Moon refers to a cycle of two full moons occur in the same month.

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