Talc Free Eyeshadow Palettes

Top 10 Talc-Free Eyeshadows For A Glamorous Look

Eyeshadow is a staple in every makeup enthusiast’s collection, but the ingredients in your eyeshadow can make all the difference, not just in terms of your look, but also in terms of your health. Talc has been a common ingredient in eyeshadows for many years, but concerns about its safety have led to a surge in talc free eyeshadow options.

Talc Free Eyeshadow

In a world where clean beauty is becoming the norm, these talc-free eyeshadow options prove that you don’t have to compromise your health for a glamorous appearance. So, explore these brands, experiment with new looks, and enjoy makeup that not only enhances your beauty but also nurtures your skin.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 talc-free eyeshadow brands and palettes, perfect for those who want a healthier, more glamorous look.

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty, known for its commitment to clean and safe cosmetics, offers a stunning Talc-Free Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is perfect for those who want to create a variety of eye-catching looks without compromising on ingredient safety. The pigmentation and blendability of this talc free eyeshadow are on par with traditional eyeshadows, making it a must-have in your makeup collection.

Ilia Beauty Talc Free Eyeshadow

Ilia Beauty is renowned for its organic and clean beauty products, and their Talc Free Eyeshadow are no exception. These shadows are formulated with certified organic ingredients, ensuring that you’re treating your skin with the utmost care while looking fabulous. With a range of beautiful shades, Ilia Beauty’s talc free eyeshadow make it easy to create both natural and bold eye looks.

bareMinerals – Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals - Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re seeking a talc free eyeshadow palette with a wide range of neutral shades, the bareMinerals Gen Nude talc free Eyeshadow Palette is an excellent choice. This palette is perfect for creating everyday looks, from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic. Not only is it talc-free, but it’s also paraben-free, offering a healthier option for your eyes.

RMS Beauty – Swift Shadows

RMS Beauty has made a name for itself in the clean beauty industry, and their Swift Shadows are no exception. These talc-free eyeshadows are formulated with organic ingredients and come in a variety of shades, allowing you to experiment with different looks while knowing you’re using a product that’s kind to your skin.

Alima Pure – Pressed Eyeshadow

Alima Pure - Pressed Eyeshadow

Alima Pure’s Pressed organic talc free eyeshadow are talc-free and offer an array of vibrant colors. These eyeshadows are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their eye makeup. They are also vegan and cruelty-free, making them an ethical choice for makeup lovers.

Aether Beauty – Crystal Grid

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green blue eyes makeup

6 Makeup Tips For Blue-Green Eyes

Which eye shadow shade should you choose for blue-green eyes? There could be plenty of suggestions from fashion-conscious women but when it comes to choosing the best shade that brings out the true color of your eyes then you need to be choosey. It isn’t recommended that you buy any eye shadow shade from the market and apply it over your eyes.

Blue-green eye color is a striking hue that will sparkle only when improved with the right shade of eye shadow. And the good news is that you have plenty of colors to choose from. Starting from blue to brown, you can go on checking all the colors to find the best.

Best Eye Shadow Shades For Blue-Green Eyes

  1. Va-Va Voom Violet
Va-Va Voom Violet

Purple is the right shade for your blue-green eyes and you will be surprised to know you can use any deep shade of purple to enhance your eye makeup. If you sweep a bolder, light, or more romantic shade of purple just on the center of the eyelid, it will create an elegant effect on your blue-green eyes. You can even try any other shade of purple.

Tarina Tarantino’s Jewel Eye Shadow Palette In Fantastical and Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs eye shadow palette is the hot favorite of celebrities and makeup artists. Both colors will add extra warmth to your eyes and help create a dramatic effect without being too loud.

Tips: Avoid giving a smoky effect to your eyes and keep the eye shadow limited to your eyelid for the best results.

  1. Pretty Pink
Pretty Pink

If you want a subtle tone for your eyes then look no further than pink shades. See how celebrities play with pink eye shadows. The model in the picture is also wearing pink eye shadow. You can get a good idea of how the pink shade will transform your eyes. If you have fair skin and blonde hair, you will look stunning in pink eye shadow shade.

Pink is a super-femme tone. It will deepen your blue-green eyes more beautifully. And if you can blend it right, your eyes will look refined and flawless. You will need a little guidance for using the pink shade.

Tips: A bit of Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Pink Rebel will be sufficient to highlight your eyes. Swipe it across your eye sockets and blend the monochromatic shade well. You can see that this look is both smoky and bright and it looks glamorous.

  1. Go Bold
Go Bold

Give the magic of blue to your eyes by using a blue shade. And contrary to the rule, you can take liberty with blue eye shadow on your blue-green eyes. In other words, you can wild and define your boundaries. It is time to let your creativity decide the best blue shade for your eyes.

Choose the color that makes the right combination. For example, if you are using a color from the same family as your eyes, you should blend it with a lighter shadow to make … Read More

Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Eye sensitivity is a common problem but there is little need to worry about it as you can still do safe sensitive makeup without facing an allergic situation like irritation and watery eyes. First thing is to know what causes allergies to your eyes and second thing is to buy cosmetics that are safe for your eyes.

Also, you need to keep some tips and tricks in mind that can help wear eye makeup without any allergic reaction. But before you proceed, you should get an education on eye sensitivity.

What Is Eye Sensitivity?

Eye Sensitivity

Eye sensitivity is an allergy to foreign products including makeup products. Whenever you touch the areas around your eyes with cosmetics, you feel irritation in the eyes. It is called contact dermatitis. It could be due to an underlying skin condition or you could develop sensitivity to cosmetics over time.

Types of contact dermatitis

Eye sensitivity or contact dermatitis can be classified into allergic and irritant categories depending upon their causes. The classification helps in understanding eye sensitivity.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis: If you are allergic to certain products and those products are included in your cosmetics, you will develop allergic contact dermatitis. As a result, your eyes will become red and itchy. In severe cases, your eyes could swell and you could develop hives.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis: This condition develops when you use a certain type of makeup product for a long time. It means you will have an allergy to the cosmetics that you have been using for a long. And the common symptoms of this condition are burning of eyes, stinging sensation, and itching. In severe cases, you could have blisters around your eyes.

Eye sensitivity is always associated with makeup products and you should know which products can cause allergies. While your skin can show symptoms to prove allergies to certain products, it is better to know the cosmetics that can trigger allergic reactions on your skin.

Talc: Talcum powder is the real villain. This product can trigger allergies over time. But you can control talc allergy by limiting its use. Or you can try a trick to prevent the allergy.

Preservatives: Products like bronopol or dimethicone are called preservatives and they are found in every cosmetic. And these products could cause allergic reactions to your skin.

Colorants: These are dyes used in eyeshadows and they can trigger allergic reactions like irritation and burning sensation in the eyes.

Fragrances: Cosmetic brands use fragrances to improve the acceptability of their products. But sometimes fragrances could become reasons for increased eye sensitivity.

Now you know what is eye sensitivity and the products that cause allergies. But you shouldn’t feel discouraged to wear eye makeup as there are many ways to protect your eyes from allergies.

For example, you can choose products that are safer and change the way you put makeup on your eyes to remain safe while getting the smokey Read More

Halo Eye Makeup

Beginner’s Guide For Halo Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a lot and for this reason, the first thing you see are eyes. Also, eyes need special attention during makeup for a similar reason. And there are many eye makeup tutorial for beginners to improve the eyes.

For example, you can groom your eyebrows, add more lashes to your eyes, or make a halo in each eye. For the halo, you will need to work on your eyes. You need to do primer, eyeshadow, and then glitter to create a halo. While it isn’t a difficult job, but you will need some tools and training.

Here’re the makeup tutorial for beginners & things you need to creating halos around your eyes

• Brushes – Long, Short, and Angled
• Eyeshadow Palette
• Concealer
• Brow Pencil
• False Eyelashes
• Gel Eyeliner

Quickly grab the said items and get ready to give your eyes halos. The job has to be done in steps and every step is important. Also, the level of challenge will increase with each step in eye makeup tutorial for beginners. One more thing is that you need to remove all spots and blemishes from your face that could distract the attention of viewers from your eyes.

A brief introduction

To get eye halo makeup, you need to create a background for the halo and then create the halo effect with glitter. Hide your dark circles, if you have circles under your eyes. Also, fine-tune your lashes, or get ready to wear mascara. And don’t forget to groom your eyebrows as they could play a spoiler at the end.

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes For A Halo

Prepare Eyes For A Halo

Eyes can tell the truth if your mouth doesn’t. So, you should start fresh. Get a clean face with a wave of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, so your eyes don’t look tired. Look at your face, it looks fresh, you can start by applying a primer to eyelids.

People with dark circles under their eyes should first dilute the circles with a concealer and then set the circles with a powder. And it can be done after applying the primer.

Step 2: Develop The Crease

Develop The Crease

Once the primer job is complete, it’s time to grab your long-haired, fluffy blending brush and start packing in your eyeshadow in the crease area. Be gentle with the brush and move it from corner to corner to cover the eyelids. Make sure you don’t leave even a centimeter while developing the crease.

For improvement, you can blend the color to get a smokey effect. It is an important step as it provides a base for the halo effect. And how the halo emerges largely depends on how you color your eyelids. Choose the right brush for a complete job.

Step 3: Outer Corners Need Special Treatment

Outer Corners Need Special Treatment

The outer corners of your eyes need special treatment because they remain under the crease. And you will need a small blending brushRead More

Bleach Your Brows At Home

Know How To Bleach Your Brows At Home

Bleached brows are in trend and the good thing is that you can bleach your brows at home. Also, brow bleaching provides an opportunity to switch your hair color to blonde or platinum as you can lighten your eyebrows to blend with your new hair color.

Now you can consider lightening your brows so they work well with your makeup, jewelry, or dress. Simply prepare your brows for bleaching and go ahead with a quality product. And it won’t take you much time in bleaching your brows.

Prepare your brows for bleaching, make bleach, apply the bleaching cream, and wipe the cream to reveal the lightened brows.

Here’re the important steps to bleach brows at home

Prepare your brows to bleach at home

Have a close look at your brows to determine whether they need grooming. If they do, then start preparing your brows with grooming.

• Thread, wax, or pluck – choose the best way to remove the overgrown hair. And be careful so as not to deeply trim your brows.

• After grooming is done, you need to clean the brows to clean them of any traces of makeup or dirt and grime that could have stuck between the thick brows.

• Shampoo the brows and let them dry naturally.

• Groom your tresses as well to pull them back so they don’t interrupt the brow bleaching process.

Prepare the bleaching cream

The next big step in brow bleaching is preparing the cream. You have groomed, cleaned, and dried your brows before you bleach at home. Now they are ready to be bleached. It is time to prepare the bleaching cream and complete the process.

Prepare The Bleaching Cream

Arrange necessary things

  1. Get a bleach cream kit of your choice. Shop around to find the best kit like Sally Hansen Crème Hair Bleach For Face. It is a fast-acting yet gentle cream. Also, its smooth, no-drip formula allows it to mix easily. It is a good choice or you can look for any other option.
  2. You will need a handy glass tray or bowl to mix the bleaching cream.
  3. Keep a pack of wet pipes for wiping the bleach and removing the spillover on your face.
  4. Wear a hairband to prevent loose hair strands from coming into contact with the bleaching cream.

Step 1: Open the bleach cream pack and take out the activator. Pull out a little content about the size of a dime from the pack and mix the activator with cream bleach until it looks like whipped butter.

Step 2: Since the bleach is ready and your brows are prepared to get bleached, you can go ahead and apply the bleaching cream to the eyebrows.

You will need a spatula to apply the bleach to your brows. You should find a spatula in the bleach cream pack or you can buy it from the market. Coat each brow with thick cream and leave it for about two minutes. Set … Read More


Top 10 Women Blessed With Naturally Sexy Eyebrows

Eyebrows highlight eyes and it won’t an exaggeration to say that they drag more eyeballs than the eyes. Also, they require similar treatment that eyes need. You need to trim your eyebrows to get them into a decent shape. But some women have sexy & beautiful eyebrows.

Here’re the top 10 celebrities with naturally beautiful & sexy eyebrows that require little trimming and care

Meagan Good

Beautiful Meagan Good

Meagan Good has a lighter complexion that is the result of using a cosmetic bought from an unlicensed cosmetologist. It was sun damage removing cream that actually bleached her skin. But it did not affect her eyebrows that are as beautiful as they were when Good was a teenager. And she keeps her eyebrows well-trimmed to reveal the bow high slope that her eyebrows make just above her eyes. An advantage of these high eyebrows is they are easier to create with a dark pencil.

Megan Fox

Beautiful Megan Fox

Megan Fox was voted as “Sexiest Woman in the World” by FHM readers in 2008. Also, her hot face had been featured on covers of various magazines including Maxim, Rolling Stone, and FHM. And it is all due to her attractive facial features especially her eyebrows that look like black lines dotting her beautiful eyes. A close look at her eyebrows is sufficient to reveal the equal length and volume of the eyebrows. She’s is considered a sex symbol and her eyebrows certainly play a crucial role in making her the sexiest woman in the world.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Sexy Eyebrows

Nicole Scherzinger Sexy Eyebrows

A quick look at her face is sufficient to prove why Nicole Scherzinger was featured on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women” list twice in 2011 and 2014. In 2012, she was featured in the “100 Sexiest Artists” list of VH1. Also, Complex magazine included her in their “The 100 Hottest Female Singers of All Time” list. There are no words to describe her beauty especially her eyebrows. And the only thing that can be said about her eyebrows is they are just perfect. A little thicker at the base, they tend to grow thinner towards the end. And the upward curve of her eyes perfectly highlights her beautiful eyes.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Beauty

Kim Kardashian is more a businesswoman than an actress. She runs successful fashion businesses namely KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and Kimono shapewear range. Also, she earns a good amount from endorsements. Presently she’s 40 years old but knows well how to maintain good looks. She’s a well-trimmed face with a sharp nose, glossy lips, beautiful eyes, and perfect eyebrows. The way her eyebrows look proves that she takes care of the eyebrows. They are trimmed to the end but similar in thickness, length, and curve. And one would agree that her eyebrows are more eye-catchy than her eyes.

Anushka Sharma

Beautiful Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is one of the highest-paid actresses of Bollywood because of her acting skills. She’s proved her talent in many movies in different avatars. Also, she’s one of … Read More

Best Gold Eyeshadows

10 Eyeshadows 2020 You Can’t Miss 2021

Looking for the best gold long wearing eyeshadow that Zendaya used to highlight her eyelids on Euphoria (HBO). If yes then keep reading.

Here you’ll get 10 best long wearing eyeshadow that suit every skin tone.

Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow “Gold School”

It is a creamy, saturated and pigmented eyeshadow available in a 0.08 oz container with an applicator brush. And it won’t crease or fade up to 14 hours. The only disadvantage of this product is it isn’t consistent.

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow “Kitten Karma”

It is a champagne colour liquid eyeshadow available with the highlights of silver and copper sparkle. It has a smooth texture that makes it easy to apply. Also, it is multipurpose, lightweight and blendable but it isn’t suitable for sensitive skin.

MALLOFUSA Baked Shimmer Eyeshadow “Golden”

Formulated with the baked technology, this eyeshadow is so smooth that it glides effortlessly and gives a long-lasting and non-smudgy perfection. Also, it doesn’t crease even in harsh weather condition. But it contains parabens and talc.

NARS Single Long Wearing Eyeshadow “Goldfinger”

NARS Single Long Wearing Eyeshadow “Goldfinger”

It is for all skin tones. It allows even application giving a pearl simmer finish. Also, it can adhere to all skin types without requiring any type of priming. And this creases-resistant and lightweight eyeshadow is good for long-wearing. The only drawback of this product is the potential fallout.

Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow “Thrasher”

This ultra-pigmented eyeshadow is great for extreme long wear. It provides a medium-dark gold metallic shade that blends well with every skin tone. Also, this product is paraben-free and vegan. And it has no drawbacks.

bareMinerals Long Wearing Eyeshadow “True Gold”

It is a vibrant shade that can be mixed and matched to create custom looks according needs. And this lightweight shade creates a softer and translucent look for day long wearing. But it doesn’t suit light skin tones.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow “Half Baked”

Urban Decay Long Wearing Eyeshadow “Half Baked”

It is a golden bronze powder but gives a rich and velvety finish. Also, it’s super pigmented and crease free for long-lasting wear. It has a special formulation that allows the colour to stick to skin for a long-time. But price could be a disadvantage for budget buyers.

A.C Frost Eyeshadow in “Goldmine”

It is highly pigmented eyeshadow that can be used in both dry and wet conditions. It is a warm colour with a frost finish. It is blendable and applies evenly but it doesn’t suit all skin tones.

Pat McGrath Labs EYEdols Eyeshadow “Gold Standard”

It is rich in antioxidants because it contains rice bran extract and honey. Also, it has a soothing effect on skin and eye. Its buildability is incredible and it is free from parabens, sulfates and other harmful ingredients. And it has no drawback.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Long Wearing Eyeshadow “Bold Gold”

This medium-dark gold eyeshadow has a warm-tone. Formulated with a unique Ink Read More

Get Rid Of Dark Circles

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles In A Week

Are you tired of under-eye dark circles and bags & want to get rid of dark circles? This is why you are looking for solutions that just help you to look great. We, humans, know everything such as we should apply moisturizer at night to keep skin healthy, we need to drink water to stay hydrated, we have to sleep on time and get up early, we should do exercise, etc. However, we are unable to do this.

Our lifestyle is not as good as it should be. We are doing late night work, watching movies, eat unhealthily and neglect our physical health. These are the reasons we are suffering from skin concerns mostly.

Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Today, we will discuss the 5 best ways to get rid of dark circles at home with kitchen ingredients. Besides these tips, make sure you are eating healthy food and doing regular work out.

Cucumber And Lemon

Cucumber & Lemon For Dark Circles

Take cucumber and lemon juice in equal parts then mix it well. With cotton balls, apply this mixture under your eyes and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse eyes with warm water. Repeat this regularly for major results.

Tomato And Lemon

Tomato & Lemon Juice

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which helps to create soft, moist and glowing skin. To enjoy the medical benefits of tomatoes, all you need to take tomato juice along with lemon juice in equal parts. Then mix it well and dip a cotton ball to apply it under your eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse your eyes with warm water. Use this remedy twice a day for a week.

Potatoes To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Potatoes To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C that gently increase the production of collagen and keep skin healthier and younger. If you want to use this for dark circles, you need to great a potato and collect the juice from it. Then put a cotton ball in the juice and soak it well. Apply the cotton balls under eyes and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water.

Vitamin E

Before going to the bed at night, just apply vitamin E oil under eyes. Give a massage to eyes in a circular motion until oil absorbs. Leave it overnight. Use this regularly, it will add brightness in the eyes.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants which work perfectly to reduce pigmentation and increase collagen production this inventory improve your skin structure and give brightness to the eyes all the need to eat 2-3 piece of dark chocolate.

Read More
Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra

Want To Get Glittery Eye Makeup Of Priyanka Chopra? Here’s How

Inspired by the shimmery eye makeup of actress Priyanka Chopra, many women try sporting metallic shades on their eyes but most of them failed even after recurring attempts. While Priyanka had her beautician for glitter eye makeup.

You can follow five rules to pull off that glitter eye makeup

Priyanka Chopra Glitter Eye Makeup

1. Control your excitement

Many women go overboard with the glitter without knowing that it could take the tone of eye shade a few levels up then needed. You should first check the product on your hand to avoid wearing flashy makeup. Also, you can use a black liner and a coat of mascara to highlight the lids.

2. Choose the right glitter for makeup

Choose The Right Glitter

Why not invest on sticks and pencils that could provide a better definition. The objective is to choose the right product for your eye makeup and you should make no compromise in choosing the best product.

3. A piece of advice

You should know that glitter has sharp corners that could hurt your eyes especially cornea, if they enter the eye. You should try glitter only when you are confident that you can manage glitter. Or you should go with sticks and creamy products that are easier to apply. If you wear contact lens, you should avoid glitter makeup.

4. Make the colour pop

Your shimmery eye makeup would pop, if you prepare the lids with a base. The options you have include using a nude shadow or keeping it white. The base will make the colour pop.

5. Remove the excess glitter

For shimmery eye makeup, you should start with your eyes and then move to the base. Once the glitter is applied, you can remove whatever glitter is left on the under-eye area and cheeks with the help of a sticky tape. This this tape will remove the tiny specs of shimmer.… Read More

smashing hot Eye makeup trend

Mermaid Tears Is The Smashing Hot Eye Makeup Trend That Every Girl Should Wear

When it comes to eye makeup you just love to do this. After all, smoky eye shadow, sharp black eyeliner, and decent color eye shadow give you sexy appearance. Don’t you think it’s time to try something new? Catching up with the latest beauty mermaid eye makeup trends not just sounds awesome, but also gives you a fresh look that may make you sexy even more.

I know, trying new colors on the eyes can make you unhappy too. But what if those colors create magic in your look?

Smashing Mermaid Eye Makeup

If we talk about the latest eye makeup trend 2019, Mermaid tears are awesome to try. Even numbers of cool-girls are using this eye makeup hack. And you should try this.

Trending Mermaid eye makeup colors

Recently, the eye makeup is on the boom. The bright colors are trending everywhere. Makeup artists and numbers of cool girls are opting for these colors and enjoying the new look.

Hot Eye Makeup Trend

Bright colors are used as tear ducts, which we called Mermaid Tears. This looks stunning while wearing. This gives fresh-faced beauty and keeps you more stylish.

How to create Mermaid tears?

Your first job is to find the perfect bright color that suits you. If you find trouble in selecting a color, just do one thing. Take a color near around eyes and see what looks best, make sure you are seeing color in front of the mirror.

The next is you need a perfect applicator. Choose small size brush that gives a proper finish. If you need small lines, use an angled brush. Within a few seconds, your eyes look graceful yet popping. Complement the eyes with another suitable color shade for a bold appearance.

Trying new colors may fall you laugh too on your image. But if these look classy, why don’t we try these?

According to makeup artist, Robb. He says, adding new colors in your makeup can be an easy transition for your look. Trying the usual color rather new can charm your personality and give you more confidence.… Read More