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Banana & Dates Smoothie Recipe

Miraculous Health Benefits of Dates and Banana Smoothie

Many people eat dates and banana just to enjoy the good taste, but not everyone knows about its health benefits. Both these fruits are great and well-known to give extreme health benefits which are just perfect to live healthy and great life ahead.

In this article, we will discuss its benefits along with a recipe that just makes your body and tongue happier.

Miraculous Health Benefits of Dates and Banana Smoothie

Top Benefits of Dates:

1. Dates include high fibers which are great to boost digestion and immunity.

2. It contains pantothenic acid, which is good enough to boost metabolism, weight loss goal, nervous system, and more.

3. It includes vitamin A that works wonder for both hair and skin.

4. Potassium is good for maintaining muscle health and Calcium is good for teeth and bones.

5. It is a great snack as well as a full-size meal for active living.

Top benefits of Banana:

1. Banana is rich with high fiber and nutrients which are good enough to maintain the overall wellbeing of a consumer.

2. It relaxes bowel movements, cuts down low immunity issues, and supports digestion.

3. It is a high source of potassium that just makes your heart healthy and protective against sudden shocks.

4. It regulates blood pressure, cholesterol, and the sleeping cycle.

5. This could better your overall strength and physical needs.

As you can see, both fruits are great for health … Read the rest

Easy Dessert Recipe- Make Quick Milk cake

Easy Dessert Recipe- Make Quick Milk cake in 10 minutes

As we all know that India is a land of various delicious and traditional desserts that you can easily prepare at home. If guests suddenly come to your home and their wish is to eat a delicious dessert, so you don’t need to rush in a hurry in the market you prepare a quick easy dessert recipe at home.

It’s true that this recipe won’t take too much time and it is very good for your parties or when you and your family carving for some sweet. Here we explain the recipe of homemade milk cake prepare in 10 minutes and it is an easy recipe with few ingredients Take a look-

Easy Dessert Recipe- Make Quick Milk cake


• 1 tbsp. melted butter

• 1 cup of milk powder

• 1/2 cup sugar

• 1 cup ricotta cheese

• 1/4 tsp. cardamom powder

How to Make Milk cake:

How to Make Milk cake

First, you have to take a microwave pan and put the melted butter in it. Then put powder milk, sugar, and ricotta cheese, and cardamom powder in it. Mix all together. When you make sure that it mixes very well then put it in a microwave for three minutes and then took back from microwave and mix it again.

After mixing put back in micro for another 2 minutes after then took again back and again mix well. Then for 2 minutes, you put back in the microwave. Now took back from micro and this time don’t … Read the rest


Get Set to Enjoy the Halloween- Halloween is Coming!

The ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain, consider the before time root of the Halloween and it falls on October 31 every year. It pronounced a significant time of year when a season goes on change.

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween

Halloween is celebrated in the recognition of the dead. The word Halloween actually means the evening before All Saint’s Day or Hallows day acknowledge on November 1. Halloween is also known as All Halloween, which means All Hallows which we celebrate on October 31. It is originated from the festival may have pagan roots. On these festivals, we love to enjoy the Halloween costume parties, lighting bonfires, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, Apple bobbing, etc.

When is Halloween?

We all know that Halloween falls on 31 October every year. This year also it celebrates on October 31on Thursday. This is the UK leaves the EU day also known as the Brexit day.

It celebrated before the All Saint’s Day, it is the Christian occasion celebrate to acknowledge the saints.

How many days until Halloween?

It is held on Thursday, 31 October 2019 worldwide and only 8 days are left to celebrate this exciting festival.

What day is Halloween?


Halloween is celebrated this year on Thursday and in 2020. It is held on Saturday.

What should you be For Halloween?

Halloween is an open festival to be and dress up just like anyone you want. You just wore the creepy amazing costumes. You should wear the costume as you loved, like dead dresses, mummy … Read the rest

A metal detector finds 1000 years 99 old coins with worth Rs 43.43 lakh

A Metal Detector Finds 1000 Years 99 Old Coins with Worth Rs 43.43 Lakh

Recently, the trending news hyping the market that a metal detector finds 99 old silver coins which are estimated as worth Rs 43.43 lakh. The man is from England found 99 coins in farmer’s land, Suffolk with different denominations such as pennies and halfpennies.

What Don Crawley say about it?

A metal detector finds 1000 years 99 old coins with worth Rs 43.43 lakh

The name of the metal detector is Don Crawley and he has shared his amazing experience with news channels. He said it was my first official visit to farmers’ land in Suffolk to detect metals. I was detecting metals and my Deus detector points strongly within a short space and I had found 93 silver coins.

Also, I found six more coins after getting investigation approval from the Liason officer. In total, I found 99 coins in which 81 are pennies and 18 halfpennies.

British Museum Review on 99 coins

British Museum Review on 99 coins

The British Museum identifies the coins and says these are silver pennies from the Ad 978-1016, the sovereignty of King Aethelred II. Dix Nooman said, the silver coins are of two types of long cross-type and Crux type, which often considered as buried coins from AD 997-1003.

He also said we are feeling pleased that we have found this unique present, rare mints. These coins will be auctioned in December, he added further.… Read the rest

Laura Chiatti

Top 10 Beautiful Actresses in Europe

European beauties are more natural and beautiful than Hollywood Beauty babes. I have made the list of top 10 beautiful actresses in Europe that I admire a lot.

They are worldwide famous and extremely talented as like other film industries divas.

So, let us take a beautiful ride.

  1. Adriana Ugarte

Adriana Ugarte

Adriana takes the first spot on top 10. She is extremely beautiful and talented Spanish actress. She impresses her audience with her strong roles. She was nominated for Best New Actress in 2007. She won Spanish international acting awards.

  1. Alicia Vikander

alicia vikander

Personally, I like Alicia a lot. She is adorable. She has played a popular serial in Sweden. She has also won Best Swedish actress in 2009 for her English picture. She was named as a Shooting star. Her natural beauty and talent gave her second place on top 10.

  1. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

She is extremely talented and played phenomenon role in Game Of Thrones. She is known as Nickname Khaleesi. She was one of the desired women for American men’s for a few years. She has got awards for her throne series. She loves to crack jokes and has a passion for drama.

  1. Olimpia Melinte

Olimpia Melinte

She is a Romanian Beauty who gained a lot of attention in the year 2024 for her double role in Romanian-Spanish Co-production Cannibal. She learned Spanish and took massage lessons. She also played productions like Seven acts if mercy.

  1. Cansu Dere

Cansu Dere

She is one who is famous for her acting skills. She is a brand … Read the rest

tulip flowers

Miraculous Benefits of Tulips That You Should Know

When we talk about tulip flowers, a first thing ever comes to mind its beauty. Tulips are one of the best and popular flowers. These are a form of a genus of spring blooming plants that are usually large, brightly, and generally in red, pink, yellow or white color.

Tulips are divides into 150 various species, but more than 3000 plants naturally befalling and hereditarily cultivated worldwide. These flowers are recognized to announce spring’s season arrival.

Despite of decoration and sharing love, tulips have other way of used as well.

Have you know Tulips have medicinal, skin and health advantages too?

Tulips are not just flowers for adding beauty to nature. These are also known for giving lots of health, skin and physical advantages to human body.

Let us explore!

tulip flowers

Advantages of Tulip flowers

Medical Advantages:

  • Fights with skin infections

Tulips essential oil is widely popular in treating skin if you have rashes, insects’ bites, irritation, redness and more. Its calming effect plus antioxidant agent’s fights with free radicals thus leave beautiful skin.

  • Stress reliever

If you’re feeling headache and depression or anxiety. It will soothe your brain nerves and boost mental activity.

Skin Advantages:

  • Perfect moisturizer

According to skin’s experts, we have found Tulip’s oil has moisturizing properties that keep your skin always hydrates and protective from environmental damages. It is perfect for dry skin.

  • Use as fragrance

You can use tulip’s oil as room freshener because of its aromatic fragrance. This help to keep your room environment calm … Read the rest

$ex Education Netflix Movie Review

$ex Education: Complete Education on Teenage $ex in Eight Episodes

$ex Education is an erotic TV series of 8 episodes on Netflix. As the name suggests, the series is about education on $ex and all this activity has to give. It highlights the different aspects of $ex for different people in the teenage group. The first episode introduces a shy child Otis of class sixth of a renowned school.


Otis Milburn is the son of a $ex therapist Dr. Jean F. Milburn but he feels his mother’s job embarrassing. In the first episode, Otis is struggling to masturbate for self-satisfaction but unable. It is the start of $ex education of a teenager. From here, he moves on making a close group and starting giving $ex therapy in school. The members of the $ex therapy group look for clients who need education on how to perform $ex and achieve full body orgasm. In the final episode Otis is seen masturbating and enjoying this act of self-satisfaction.

Highlights of the TV series 

  • $ex education starts at an early age
  • Couples discuss their problems with $ex
  • Readymade solutions are provided for $ex problems
  • The series presents $ex as a necessary act
  • A perfect blend of $ex in school life

$ex Education First Look & Poster 

sex education netflix movie

The colorful poster has the teenagers Asa Butterfield as Otis standing on far right, NcutiGatwa as Eric Effiong standing far let and Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley sitting in the background. 

Why watch the series? 

$ex education … Read the rest

Badla Movie Review

Badla: Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu and Sujoy Gosh would leave you stunned

Badla is inspired by a 2016 Spanish movie “The Invisible Guest” but director Sujoy Ghosh has cleverly saved the film from becoming a remake. For example, the gender of the main character is changed. Here Taapsee Pannu plays the lead role.


Naina Sethi (Taapsee Pannu) is found locked inside a room with the body of her slain lover. It is a murder and since Naina Sethi is caught with the dead, she becomes the prime suspect. But she pleads not guilty of the crime and hires the best criminal lawyer Badal Gupta (Amitabh Bachchan) to defend her case in the court. But all the evidences collected by the police are indicating Nain’s involvement in the murder.

Highlights of the movie

Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu teaming again
Badla is also a lawyer-client relation just like Pink
Amitabh Bachchan’s role is different from that of Pink
Veteran actor Amrita Singh is playing mother of Taapsee Pannu
The official Hindi remake of Spanish movie The Invisible Guest

Badla First Look & Poster

The poster has the lead actors – Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu. Also, there is a caption “Maaf Kar Dena Har Baar Sahi Naheen Hota”. Amitabh looks decent in silver hair and gray beard but Taapsee Pannu looks suspicious with only her half face appearing on the poster.

Why watch the movie?

The movie has Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu repeating the lawyer-client relation started in Pink. … Read the rest

IAF Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman release live: No Beating Retreat ceremony at Attari-Wagah border

Indian Air Force Pilot Abhinandan Varthman Reaches Wagah Border; Will Enter India Shortly

Release of the Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthman held captive by Pakistan since Wednesday, has been released as a “peace gesture” by the Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman is returning back to India with full dignity and honor. He will enter India via land route from Wagah Border in Amritsar, Punjab. The security has been stepped up for his welcome. Also, the Retreat ceremony at the Wagah Border is cancelled keeping his security in mind.


Crash landing of Mig-21

Abhinandan Varthman drowned his plane into enemy territory due to a technical glitch. He was chasing the F-16 fighter jet that crossed the LOC in violation of Indian air space. Wing Commander Abhinandan chased the F-16 in his Mig-21 outdated jet but he was successful in pushing the enemy plane back to Pakistan.

The Mig-21 “Bison”, Abhinandan was flying crashed into POK but the pilot Abhinandan Varthman was safe. He ejected out of the drowning jet and landed safely in the enemy territory. But he was not safe in that country.


It was local villagers that first saw Abhinandan Varthman ejecting from the jet. They rushed to see him and chased him on finding that he is an Indian. He was bruised and hit with stones but Abhinandan maintained restraint by not hitting back with his service pistol. Meanwhile he damaged all the sensitive documents he had in his pocket. Later … Read the rest

Affordable & Unexpected Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For lovebirds, every day is valentine day. We all have a lot of plans to make this valentine day unforgettable for our partner. But, there is one problem. You have no enough money to afford such expensive dinner dates, gifts and many more. So, how it would be best?

You have feelings, love, and passion for her, and this is enough.

You have a heart where a lot of love takes place for her. Whether you will do little thing for your partner, you’ll get complete worth for your efforts and she will definitely say” I LOVE YOU”

Here, we’re going to share a few ideas that definitely make your valentine day the best and divine.

Embellish entire house

To make your partner surprise on 14 Feb night, decorate your entire house with rose petals, balloons (red, pink and black), her pictures, lights, and yes don’t forget to spread intense fragrance in your room to make her completely contended. You can also gift her $exy dress to add little fun in your romantic night.

Arrange hot bath

If you’re a dam romantic person then this idea truly works for making your 14 Feb $exy, memorable and love. To prepare a hot bathtub, you have to do, add hot water in bathtub and splash rose petals over it. Blow candles around the tub and use intense fragrance to warm the pace for $exy aroma.

Have a Fireside date

If you want to spend all night to make her happy with your … Read the rest