Women Dominated Professions

10 Women Dominated Professions

Women are dominating every sector from homemaking to business. They are in government jobs and the private sector as well. Also, they are on top and basic positions. And they are growing with their intelligence, determination, and hard work.

While women have proved their skills in every sector, there are 10 sectors where they are in a dominant position.

  1. Educators

Education is a vast field as it encompasses preschools, kindergarten, elementary schools, middle and high schools, college, vocational training, and private tuition service. And a majority of teachers are females. … Continue Reading


How Is Your Dinner Time Related To Your Weight Loss Regimen?

If you are struggling to lose weight but getting no results despite putting in your best efforts then check your meal time especially dinner time. You could be having dinner close to bedtime.

What does science say about dinner?

It says that what isn’t burnt by the body is stored as fat. The activity level of your body is lowest at night and for this reason, you store maximum fat consumed in dinner. Also, eating too close to bedtime could disturb sound sleeping. It increases blood sugar level and insulin … Continue Reading

Summer Special Foods For Diabetes Management

5 Summer Special Foods For Diabetes Management

Fiber rich food could help in diabetes management as fiber takes time in breaking down and in this way prevents a sudden surge in glucose level. And there are delicious fiber rich food options you can try this summer to keep your glucose level under check.

  1. Sprout Salad With Curd

It is nutritious and cooling as well. Sprouts are high in fiber and taste. Also, you can further increase its nutrition count and flavor by adding fresh veggies and fruits to it. For example, you can mix seasonal fruit like … Continue Reading

Kardashian Sisters Launch Scents

Kardashian Sisters Launch A Collection Of Three Scents

Kim Kardashian has finally collaborated with her sister Kendall Jenner for KKW fragrance that is a collection of three scents that Kim calls Amber, Olive and Blue Roan. Kim said the scents were inspired by Kendell’s love for the outdoors. Also, Kim has written an attractive Instagram post to reveal her true feelings about the fragrance of KKW scents.

By the time KKW fragrance reaches India, you can grace your collection with the following scents

  1. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum

It has an earthy tone as it contains … Continue Reading


Eating And Drinking For a Radiant Skin

The phrase “you are what you eat” has the answers to all your queries about your skin like lost glow, premature aging, sagging, dark spots, sunburn, and scars. You will get the lost glow and no signs of aging on your skin, once you start eating the right food.

Start with taking antioxidants that can make the skin’s defense system….

Antioxidants are natural scrubbers that can reduce inflammation and fight aging to keep your skin healthy. Vitamins C (plants and fruits) and E (nuts and seeds), carotenoids (colorful vegetables), and … Continue Reading

Exotic Tea Worth INR 1,000

This Cup Of Tea Costs Rs.1,000

Out of many tea stalls dotting the nooks and corners of the country and serving piping hot tea, there’s one stall in Kolkata that deserves exclusive treatment. It is exclusive because of its varieties. Would you believe that a cup of tea at this stall costs Rs.1,000 a cup?

Nirjash Tea Stall

It is in Mukundpur, Kolkata. Partha Pratim Ganguly is the founder and owner of this tea stall. He started his tea service on 6th January 2014 after quitting his full-time private job. It started as an experiment but … Continue Reading

Aloo Recipes Found Only In Uttar Pradesh

5 Types Of Aloo Recipes Found Only In Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh has a crush for aloo and this is evident from the various dishes prepared and served with delight in UP. Here’re five of the most famous aloo dishes you can find in every nook and corner of UP.

  1. Benarasi Dum Aloo

Dum aloo is a classic potato recipe prepared with rich flavor and color in all parts of the country but in Benarasi style, potatoes are first fried and then mixed with a rich gravy of red tomatoes. Finally, the recipe is allowed to cook … Continue Reading

Addicated to Tea

Know Whether You Are Addicted To Tea

Tea is considered a healthy drink and it comes in a wide range of options from green tea to herbal. But it has a compound that can make you addictive to drinking tea.

Let’s examine what is that tea compound and how is it related to tea addiction

Tea contains caffeine and this compound is present in every variety in varying amount. Caffeine is a natural stimulant but labeled as addictive because its chemical structure allows it to fit into adenosine receptors in the brain.

Adenosine is a naturally existing … Continue Reading

Mood Boosting Food

10 Food Items With Terrific Mood Boosting Capabilities

Stress can be controlled with medicines and exercise. Also, it can be reduced with food. And there are tens of food items that can help in stress management.

  1. Matcha Powder

Rich with a non-protein amino acid, L-theanine, matcha powder, a type of green tea made from tea plants grown in shade, could relieve stress faster than others. L-theanine is said to have good stress relieving properties.

  1. Swiss Chard

A green-leafy vegetable, swiss chard contains stress-fighting nutrients in a high amount. It contains minerals like magnesium whose deficiency can cause anxiety … Continue Reading

Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Do You Know How An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

An apple a day can really keep the doctor away as it packs nutrients including 95 calories and 9% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C that acts an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals that are harmful compounds.

Other nutrients available in apple include Carbs (25 gm), Fiber (4.5 gm), Copper (5% of the DV), Potassium (4% of the DV) and Vitamin K (3% of the DV)

Health benefits of apple

Boosts heart health: Apple has flavonoids that are compounds that can reduce inflammation especially of the heart muscles. … Continue Reading