Skin care tips for glowing skin.

Japanese Water Therapy: Why Is Water Essential For Your Skin

Japanese Water Therapy: Why Is Water Essential For Your Skin?

Water is good for your health, especially your skin. The human body is made up of 75% water and if you aren’t drinking enough water, you are allowing the water content of your body to deplete leading to health effects, especially on the skin which is the largest part of your body.

Science Behind Water Therapy For Glowing Skin

Water Therapy For Glowing Skin

Depletion of water level in your body could lead to skin problems like dryness and flaky. Water is fast depleting from your body in the form of sweat and urine and if you aren’t replenishing it, you will face skin issues. Japanese water therapy is a great way to replenish your water content and keep your skin free from dark spots, acne, and blemishes.

Japanese Water Therapy: Do You Need It?

Before you start the therapy, you should know whether you need it. If your skin is dehydrated, you need this therapy. You could find your skin rough but you should check whether it is dehydrated. Japanese water therapy works best on dehydrated skin.

Signs Of Skin Dehydration

Skin Dehydration

Dry Skin: Inadequate production of natural oils called sebum is the prime reason behind skin dryness. Or it could be due to an underactive thyroid gland or an imbalance in hormones. Sometimes it is inherited. For dry skin treatment, you need moisturizing creams instead of water therapy.

Dehydrated Skin: Less water intake, weather changes, unhealthy diet, and excessive caffeine consumption are prime factors … Read more

Dozen Homemade Toners To Treat Your Oil Skin

A Dozen Homemade Toners To Treat Your Oil Skin

If your skin is oily, you should start using a homemade toner for oil skin after every face wash. It is necessary as it can reduce the size of your skin pores, replenish the pH levels of the skin and add a protective layer to it. Toning your skin after every face wash would keep it from excess oil and impurities.

Buy a toner from the market or make one at home.

There are a dozen ways to make a homemade toner for oil skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner For Oily Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Clean the excess oil from your face with apple cider vinegar. It is a quick solution that you can make at home and rid your skin of unnecessary oil.

How To:

• Take a cup of water
• Add 1 tsp apple cider vinegar to it
• Mix the solution well
• Take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution
• Wipe your face with the soaked cotton pad

Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves Toner

If you love mint flavor and fragrance, you can make a solution of fresh mint leaves to clean your face of excess oil.

How To:

• Pour 6 cups of water in a bowl
• Heat the water and wait until it boils
• Add 5-6 fresh mint leaves into the water
• Let the mint leaves dissolve in the hot water
• Let it cool before applying
• Take a cotton ball and soak … Read more

Best Skincare Products To Fight Pregnancy Breakouts

7 Best Skincare Products To Fight Pregnancy Breakouts

Pregnancy is good news, but it has its side effects. While you will feel happy from inside your skin will battle hormonal changes that could result in breakouts and acne. There are skin care products for pregnancy breakouts and acne, you need to look for treatment to erase stretch marks and scars. Are you ready to fight a long battle with pregnancy-related issues?

The good news is here’re 7 skin care products for pregnancy breakouts and acne.

And that you can easily use those oils, creams, and lotions to keep your skin free from marks and scars.

Bio-Oil Acne Skin Care Oil Products (Amazon)

Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil For Acne

A quick look at its ingredients is enough to understand why this product is highly recommended by dermatologists. It contains vitamin A that boosts collagen production and promotes skin renewal. Also, it carries the power of vitamin E, chamomile oil, sunflower, and lavender oil that give the oil anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, it is convenient to use. You only need to moist your finger pores with this oil and run the oil on your skin for 30 seconds. Apply it three times a day for better results.


• Repairs skin damage from C-section, injury, scars, acne, and aging
• Locks in essential elements without clogging skin pores
• Works naturally to improve uneven skin tones
• Suitable for all skin types


• Not cruelty-free

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch (Walmart)

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch

Averelle Acne Cover Patch can … Read more

Best Skin-Friendly Superfoods

10 Best Skin-Friendly Superfoods

A good skincare routine starts with a good diet that contains all the necessary nutrients that can improve your skin health. And the most amazing thing is that there are many best skin friendly food are already available in your kitchen.

Adding a superfood to your diet coupled with regular skin care will certainly boost your skin health. It will be a complete skincare routine that will help maintain a youthful appearance for a long time.

Here’re 10 skin friendly food that you can add to your daily diet to boost your skin health.

Skin friendly superfoods can be consumed in different ways like added to recipes, juices, and spreads.

Chia Seeds

Skin Friendly Chia Seeds

Extracted from a flowering plant Salvia Hispanica, these oval-shaped seeds are called a friendly superfood due to their multiple skin benefits that are as follows:

• They have antioxidants to fight radical damage caused by UV rays
• They soothe inflammation to keep the skin healthy and calm
• They have omega-3 fatty acids that enhance the skin barrier against environmental damage
• They lock moisture to keep the skin hydrated
• Rich in vitamins A and C, iron, and potassium, they can increase skin luminosity


Skin Friendly Food Avocados

A nutritious superfood, avocados pack healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that have an impressive list of skin benefits.

• It has the fat compounds and vitamins that improve chronic skin conditions like eczema and acne
• It contains vitamins C and E … Read more

How To Become An Ideal Woman

How To Become An Ideal Woman?

Are you a woman of substance? What are the ideal qualities of a women? Or what qualities should a woman have? There are many questions on how a woman should behave, but it is difficult to give a straight answer to all these questions.

While external beauty can be perceived by eyes, inner beauty is experienced in behavior. Also, the qualities of women could be classified into different categories according to situations.

What are the qualities of an ideal women?

Ideal Women Qualities

An ideal woman is one that has an attractive personality and good nature. But it would be too little to be for an ideal woman. Here we’ve summed up some qualities of an ideal woman.

Beauty: Every woman is beautiful but the most beautiful woman is one who is good-looking and well-cultured. While outside beauty reveals health and hygiene, the inside beauty is all about a kind heart, polite behavior, soft-spoken, and accommodative nature.

Values: It shows a disciplined life. A woman with high values will present a high standard of personal, social, and cultural life. She will lead a balanced life and set standards for others. Also, she should encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

Intelligence: Here intelligence stands for the curiosity to learn new things and the ability to accomplish assigned tasks in a given time. Also, an intelligent woman would do well in her academic life to prove her mental strength and abilitiesRead more

remove henna stains

10 DIY Ways Of Removing Mehndi From Your Skin

Mehndi art looks beautiful but it has a drawback that it is mehndi color is difficult to remove from the skin. Also, you shouldn’t try unsafe procedures to remove mehndi from skin like using chemicals to remove henna stains.

Mehndi color would fade with time but you can speed up the fading process by using an antibacterial soap or a bleaching agent.

Here’re 10 proven & safe methods to remove mehndi from skin

Antibacterial Soap

Washing your hands with an antibacterial soap is a slow but trustworthy method of removing mehndi from your hands. But you can speed up the cleansing process by washing your hands every hour.

Antibacterial Soap


Antibacterial soaps have good exfoliating properties that can fade the color faster than regular soap. Washing hands 10-12 times a day for a few days will be sufficient to remove the mehndi color completely.


Keep your skin well moisturized as mehndi dries the skin and frequent washing could further aggravate the problem.

Salt Water

Salt is a powerful cleanser as it can diffuse the mehndi color and remove it gradually. Soak your hands in sand water once a day until your skin becomes completely free from the mehndi color.

Salt Water


Make a solution of sea salt with water and soak your hands for 20 minutes in the solution. Then pat dry the skin.


Avoid soaking your hands in saltwater for long periods as it could lead to dryness and Read more

DIY Mehndi Stickers For Mehndi

10 DIY Mehndi Stickers For Mehndi Application During Celebrations

Mehndi decoration is an important part of pre-wedding ceremonies. Also, women apply mehndi during festivals like Karwa Chauth. And for mehndi designs, they go to professionals. But now they can design mehndi at home with the help of sticker.

It is easier to use a mehndi sticker than to create a design with a mehndi cone. And there are plenty of mehndi sticker designs to choose from.

Here’re the 10 most popular mehndi design sticker

Colorful Peacock Tail

Colorful Peacock Tail

A peacock looks beautiful because of its tail that has size, dimension, and colors. According to an estimate, its tail has almost 175 feathers of varying sizes and colors. If you are looking for a colorful mehndi design that can fill vacant skin then go for the colorful peacock tail design.

A peacock tail mehndi design will look beautiful on the neck, arms, hands, and legs. And its advantage is that it doesn’t require much work. Since it is a single design, you can easily create it on your skin and change it whenever you want.

Mango Madness

Mango Madness Mehndi Design Sticker

It is a classic design improved to look grand. If you go to a mehndi artist, she will first show the mango design because it is popular. The advantage of this design is that it can be coupled or clubbed with several other small designs to create a bigger artwork.

If you are using mehndi on palms, you … Read more

Anti Aging Skin Care Product

10 Ingredients To Look For In Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Make a skincare routine to maintain a youthful glow even at an advanced age. For example, you should eat healthily and lead an active life. Also, you should use anti aging skin care products that can make your skin glow.

Dermatologists suggest the following products for healthy a glowing & anti aging skin care

B Vitamins For Overall Anti Aging Skin Care

B Vitamins for Overall Anti Aging Skin Care

Almost every skincare product contains a certain amount of B vitamins because the vitamin B complex that contains different vitamins treat skin issues and give quick and lasting relief from skin conditions. For example, take thiamine that heals wounds and calms stress-related skin conditions. Similarly, riboflavin can boost collagen production and balance the production of skin oils. A complete package of vitamin B complex can help stem the tide of signs of premature aging.

Protect Collagen With Coenzyme Q10

Protect Collagen with Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is found in all body cells because energy production needs to fuel the basic function of skin like regeneration and repair of damaged cells and tissues. Also, it supports collagen that makes up 80% of the skin. The absence of the Q10 vitamin will result in a decrease in collagen production and that will allow aging signs to emerge. And Q10 production decreases with aging. But the good news is that most skincare products include Q10 and it works well when applied topically.

Prevent Sagging And Fill Wrinkles With Copper

Prevent Sagging And Fill Wrinkles With Copper

Copper is essential for healthy and radiant skin as it … Read more

Olive Oil Really That Good For Your Skin

Is Olive Oil Really That Good For Your Skin?

Olive oil is considered the best for the skin because its chemical composition matches that of the natural oil of the skin. It nourishes the skin with essential nutrients. Also, it deep cleans the skin pores to remove impurities that cause problems like blackheads and whiteheads.

Advantages of olive oil for your skin

• The richness of antioxidants in olive oil can protect your skin from the harmful effect of free radicals that can hasten the aging signs on your face.

• The presence of essential fatty acids makes olive oil a natural moisturizer with which you can keep your skin well-hydrated, especially during the dry winter season.

• The deep cleansing power of olive oil will keep your skin pores free from impurities and prevent the eruption of blackheads and whiteheads.

• It is only olive oil that can make your face clean and clear of all blemishes including pimples and scars. It has amazing healing power with which it can hasten skin rejuvenation.

• Olive oil contains vitamin E, flavonoids, and polyphenols that make it a natural healing agent. It can repair damaged skin cells much better than even an expensive beauty product. Olive oil can make your skin healthy and glowing from within.

• Olive oil has antimicrobial properties that are good for curing skin common skin infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

• Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties … Read more

Bestselling Tissue Sheets And Their Uses

10 Bestselling Tissue Sheets And Their Uses

If your skin is oily then you should use best tissue sheet to remove excess oil from your face. Excess oil could shine on your face. Also, it could allow impurities to set on the skin. But it can be removed from the skin without disturbing the makeup.

Buy any of the 10 best selling tissue sheet and use them to remove the unnecessary oil from your skin.

Pleasing Care Natural Premium Oil Blotting Sheets

Pleasing Care Natural Premium Oil Blotting Sheets

A single tissue of this product is large enough to cover the full face and cleanse the entire face of excess oil. Its soft and gentle linen bamboo fibers absorb excess oil completely. Also, they can regulate the shine without requiring powder. Available for all skin types, these tissues neither clog pores nor do they smudge makeup. Also, they come in a convenient dispenser style.

Palladio Rice Paper Tissues

Palladio Rice Paper Tissues

If you want to use powder after cleaning your face with tissue paper then buy these issues. They have oil blotting sheets on one side and powder on the other. First, you can remove the excess oil from your face and then turn the sheet to touch up your makeup with powder. And this two-in-one design comes in travel-friendly packaging. Also, you will get a choice in color – Warm, Translucent, and Beige.

Schön Natural Oil Blotting Sheets

Schön Natural Oil Blotting Sheets

Made of 100% natural material, these blotting sheets could be called a true environmentally friendly product. They … Read more