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Skin care tips for glowing skin.

Halle Berry shared her beauty products

Halle Berry Shared her Beauty Products she will use this New Year

Halle Berry is one of the famous personalities in the world. If you are also a fan of this gorgeous girl then you will love to hear that, Halle Berry shared her beauty products list that she will love to use in 2020.

Halle Berry shared her beauty products

Halle Berry is an Oscar-winning actress and this year she will spend her money on self-care and pampering herself. On her Instagram story, she says I planned the list of beauty products that I will use to pamper my skin.

• Body wash

First, she shared the set of two salt soaks by Kismet. The Chill Black Lava salt soak made up of lavender and rosemary, which is perfect to soothe the body. And Soothe Himalayan Salt Soak made with rose and ylang. These two are gentle body wash with rind oils.

• Scrub

The body needs scrubbing too. And she shared her best choice named Buddy Scrub Hey gorgeous, I’m Coffee Body Scrub. This is made up of coffee, coconut, grapeseed oils, sea salt, etc. this acts as a perfect exfoliator to scrub feet and body.

• Body lotion

After the bath, adding body lotion is necessary to moist the skin. She opts for Lush Charity Pot Body lotion that is made up of cocoa butter and active components.

• Face mask

To pamper her face and keep it free from radicals, she opts for Dr. … Read the rest

Shilpa Shetty healthy recipe

Shilpa Shetty Starts her New Year 2020 with this Healthy Recipe

Shilpa Shetty is a famous B-town celebrity known for her gorgeous skin and sexy figure. Today, we are going to share another secret of her with you that she cooked healthy food effortlessly. Well, it’s quite a daunting task, but she is the best in it.

Shilpa fitness app and her frequent updates on health and fitness posts on Instagram show that she is very dedicated to fitness and additionally she posts healthy food making videos. Her last post was 2020 first healthy meal for breakfast.

The dish was healthy yet delicious, Pancakes topped with berries and maple syrup. And this delicious recipe was made by her son Viaan. This sexy mom revealed a recipe on her Instagram account. In that videos, she described the wholesome benefits of that recipe and said her motto for this year is #getfit2020.

Shilpa Shetty healthy recipe

The recipe was beetroot chills, which is super healthy for digestion and a great source of iron. She said the batter of beetroot Chilla was made as similar to normal Chilla. This Chilla was topped with green veggies and garnished by coriander that gives it a beautiful look.

Shilpa Shetty- Sunday cheat day!

This actress takes Sunday as a cheat day in which she eats what she likes. Not just for Shilpa, Sunday is precious for anyone and many people love to eat what they like. This is not the end yet, Shilpa Shetty is an active Instagram person who shares … Read the rest

look sizzling during this party season

Some tips to look sizzling during this party season

For all of us, the party season is all about to look gorgeous. And to get that stunning look, we are ready to try something new on look always. So, here we share some best and essential tips that make you glow and sassy during occasion or party.

Before one night of event toned your skin:

As you want to glow and shine the next day, then you first have to cleanse your face, after that, you must take some ice cubes and place in cotton cloth or napkin and rub on your face for minutes. This procedure helps to close the pores.

Using cotton wool pads and clean your skin with rose water. Then wipe out your whole skin and scrub your face with a facial scrub that suits your skin. On your face, use upward and outward movement and use circular movements from the chin.

look sizzling during this party season

Homemade tips:

• Take some yogurt, honey and one tbsp. of Red wine and make a paste. After that apply it for 20 minutes on your face then wipe out with simple water. This tip helps to moisturise and softens your skin.

• Make a paste of ripe papaya, cucumber mix with two tsp. oats and curd. You can also add tsp. of lemon juice. Apply totally on your neck and face for half an hour and then rinse it off.

• For oily skin you have to make a paste by mixing egg white, one teaspoon curd and half teaspoon honey. Also, … Read the rest

tips to get beautiful skin and body

Some effective Facts to attain a Beautiful Body

If you are mad to get smooth and spot-free skin then you must read this out! It is true that to achieve smooth white skin like marble and beautiful body is a little difficult but it is not impossible to gain this. You just take care of your body and skin in the right way that it gives a hundred percent best result to you.

So, if you want to get silky smooth skin shine like a pink pearl, you just follow the below tips and attain the beautiful body and smooth skin in a few times.

Some tips to get beautiful skin and body-

tips to get beautiful skin and body

• Resuscitate your Face

As we all know sometimes our face feel extremely exhausted and dull, then you just give freshness to your face and skin by using skin patting techniques with the use of your fingertips as soft pads. Due to extra stress and Fluid reclamation your eyes get eye-bags under your eyes. You just start it from the top bones of cheeks. You start to pat your fingers from the cheekbone towards the nose and then go back in upward direction and pat across the brows.

• Must sleep straight

To get rid of wrinkles and get the beautiful skin you must sleep straight by facing up. The Dermatologist of American Academy proved that when you sleep in sidewise or the same direction it will increase the wrinkles on your face. So that always sleep on your back with the up face.

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skin moist and healthy during winter

Keep your skin moist and healthy during winter

Winter could be harsh on your skin.If you leave the skin exposed to the low temperatures, it would result in dry and cracking of skin; chopped lips; itchy legs and rough hands. But it won’t take you much time, if you decide to take care of your skin.

Dr Rinky Kapoor, consultant dermatologist, cosmetic dermatologist and dermato-surgeon has some skincare tips for winter.

Avoid bathing with hot water as it strips skin of essential moisturizers. You should use lukewarm water and reduce your bath time to 10 minutes and never bath for more than once a day.

skin moist and healthy during winter

Use body wash that contains moisturizer and buy the soap that is natural and organic.

After shower, pat dry your body and apply a moisturizer immediately.

Avoid sponges and body brushes prevent skin damage.

You can go for light peels in winters. It is a great way to exfoliate the dry thick layer and reveal smooth and supple skin.

Avoid coming into contact with fabrics that are irritating. You can wear cotton shirts under sweaters and coats to prevent allergies with fabrics.

Buy an alcohol-based cleanser and toner for daily use. Or use milk-based cleansers that can help keep the skin smooth but never wear clay-based masks as they can pull the moisture out.

The thin skin of hands, heels and feet is more susceptible to damage. Moisturizing and covering the skin with socks and gloves is the best way to prevent skin from cold temperature.

Never forget to apply sunscreen when … Read the rest

Top 4 Yoga poses to Get Naturally Glowing and Healthy Skin

Do you want a natural glow on your face? Of course, and that’s why you are here to know, how this will happen. So, are you ready to try something very effective and harmless which refreshes your skin and you get naturally glowing skin?


Yoga is a beneficial exercise not only for your body and physique, but it is also good for your skin and makes it naturally glowing without using any commercial serums or Cream. You just need to manage only one hour for yoga to see the extraordinary results with no Investment.


Best Yoga Asanas for your Glowing skins

1. Sarvangasana– It is the most effective and best yoga Asana for healthy skin. It is also called the shoulder stand pose. It circulates the blood towards your face and improves the texture and quality of your skin. Practices this yoga Asana 3 to 5 times a day help to get rid of acne, pimples dullness and wrinkles.

2. Halasan– To achieve the glowing and best skin the Halasan is the best Asana. It is the plow pose Asana. This Asana is most effective for your digestive system with improving the process and it helps to attain the healthy and glowing skin.

3. Utthanasana- It is the most functioning Asana for glowing skin. The forward bending pose can help for the flowing of blood to face and other body parts. This asana is not only helpful for skin it also gives the oxygen to … Read the rest

Plastic Free Beauty Closet

15 Steps Towards A Plastic Free Beauty Closet

Women can do many things for climate control. Starting from household goods to beauty products, they can remove plastic from wherever they can. And it isn’t a surprise that more plastic is found in vanity cases instead of kitchen.

Here’re some tips to keep your beauty closet as useful as it is today after removing plastic from it.

Plastic Free Beauty Closet

1. Buy beauty products packed in paper or at least recycled plastic. Also, reuse and refill the products wherever possible. One more thing is to send the plastic to recycle that is stacked just for filling the space.

2. Avoid single-use wet wipes and embrace washable facial cloth for face cleaning. Cotton pads and wet wipes only add to the plastic waste. But washable facial cloth made of Muslin keeps working for a long time.

3. Bamboo made make-up brushes are more environment friendly than the regular plastic brushes.

4. Keep your hair covered with going out to keep them clean and use dry shampoo for cleaning hair to save water.

5. Shed your hoarding mentality of buying every beauty product you find in good packing. It will result in stacking more plastic in your closet.

6. Buy 2-in-1 products that are more useful to follow the formula less products = less packaging = less plastic.

7. Go natural by choosing plant-based skincare products. You can start with a natural bodywash or shampoo before moving to specific creams and lotions.

8. Switch to bar soap and shampoo because it requires little plastic … Read the rest

Spot Breakouts From Breaking

Tips For Stopping Spot Breakouts From Breaking Your Holiday

If you are preparing for a holiday to a place where you can enjoy sun and sand then you should get ready with an oil-free makeup kit because spending even an hour under the sun could make you feel oily and greasy on your face. Similarly, you need to be careful from air-con that can dehydrate your skin.

Here’re important skincare tips for sunny vacations

1. Choose an oil-free sunscreen

oil-free sunscreen

It is difficult to go out in the sun without wearing sunscreen but at the same time, you need to be careful about contents of lotions especially when you’re prone to breaking out. For example, you buy only non-greasy-textured, non-comedogenic and feather-light lotions that are good for oily skin.

2. Avoid air-conditioning

Avoid air-conditioning

You will look for air-conditioning after spending an entire day under the sun but wait before you move in an AC-room because the cold atmosphere could dehydrate your skin leading to breakouts. Also, you should be careful while buying skin lotions to use during bedtime. You need a natural moisturizer to soothe your skin.

3. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser

gentle exfoliating cleanser

Mild exfoliation is really important during summer months when skin gets oily due to excess sebum production. Excessive sun exposure slows down the cell turnover leading to a buildup of dead cells. And it could result in breakout if dead cells are allowed to accumulate.

4. Wear a powder base makeup

Wear a powder base makeup

If you feel like you should do a quick makeup while going to beach then it is … Read the rest

Amazon Launched incredible Skincare range for all skin type at very cheap price

Unquestionably, Amazon is the world-wide best online shopping center for folks. Over the past few years, Amazon and Mega-e-retailer have been trying their luck in beauty products.

The exciting news came out Amazon launches its new skin care line, Belei. This is a collection of 12 amazing skin care products such as moisturizer, masks, serum, wipes, and many more. Each product is designed to fights with regular skin concurs sunburn, SPF, cleansing, and anti-aging.

The Brand name Belei is taken from a combination of two words “Believe and Beauty”. The motive is only to deliver their clients best what they exactly looking for.

The beauty product head of Amazon Kara Trousdale said, they launched beauty products in the sake of giving their customers one-stop brand of natural beauty products at an affordable price with gentle care and miracle benefits.

No matter what your skin concern is. You can pick Belei products for daily skin care regime and get flawless skin forever.

It’s time to check-out full range that going to impress you soon. Take a look:

  1. Belei Micellar Facial cleansing wipes

If you’re wondering for best makeup-remover wipes that load with full moisture and cleaning agent too then Belei Micellar Facial cleansing wipes might be a good choice to get started with. It is water formula that gently wipe-off dirt and all impurities while hydrating. It leaves velvety soft and refreshing skin. You can buy it for $9.

  1. Belei Charcoal Balancing Mask

It is a pretty smart choice … Read the rest

6 Cool Beauty Hacks For All Skin Type

Maintaining your beauty forever is not that easy as you think. It required a lot of attention and care otherwise with the growing age beauty vanishes and you looked unconfident.

Well, you’re a lucky one who reached this page. Here, we’re going to talk about some natural beauty tips that surely uphold your beauty and give you confident look whether you’re in the age of 50.

These popular beauty hacks can save enough time and money. You don’t need to go for invasive treatments or painful methods. Just follow the given natural tips in your daily routine and get glowing skin forever.

1.Exercise/ yoga

Doing regular exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental health. This improves the blood circulation towards skin cells that nourish and keep skin vital and lifted. Exercise simply improves the rejuvenation process of the body that work great for marinating youthful energy and appearance of the body. It’s obvious when you feel inside fit it seems externally also. Always invest your 15 minutes in yoga or exercise.

2.    Chilled Green Tea bags

Green tea is quite beneficial for beauty too. Its rich antioxidants serve your skin deep nourishment resultant you look refreshed. If you’re working woman or feeling trouble in sleeping, puffiness might be your big problem. To get rid of puffiness use chilled green tea bags. Put green tea bags in the refrigerator for the chill. After that, place tea bags on closed eyelids for 10 minutes.

3.    Always stay hydrated

Hydration is Read the rest