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Camellia Oil

Use Camellia Oil On Skin For These Benefits: The richness of camellia oil makes it suitable for use in skincare products. Loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants, this oil is widely used for skin hydration and rejuvenation. It can make your skin glowing, radiant, and supple. Let’s know more about camellia oil

What Is Camellia Oil?

Camellia a.k.a. Tsubaki oil, peanut oil, and tea seed oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Camellia japonica and Camellia oleifera plants. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, this lightweight oil has been used for nourishing skin and hair for many centuries. Earlier the oil was used in its raw condition but today it is used for making cosmetics.

Skin Benefits Of Camellia Oil

Moisturizer: The presence of fatty acids makes it a good moisturizer. Its regular use will nourish your skin by reducing the loss of water. Also, it will hydrate your skin and give a soft and silky feel. You can see the results within a short time.

Wrinkle Control: It is found that camellia oil not only hydrates the skin but also induces the synthesis of type I skin collagen that is responsible for making the skin firm. Type I skin collagen is a type of protein that prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidant: It has antioxidants like catechins, tocopherols, gallic acid, and tocotrienol that remove free radicals and protect skin from environmental stressors, UV-A rays, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, these antioxidants make camellia oil an excellent sunscreen for all skin types.

Soothing To Skin: Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe skin inflammation, redness, and roughness. Its regular use will keep your skin soft and supple. If you want, you can use it in raw form or mix it with olive oil or aloe gel.

You will have all these benefits of camellia oil if you know how to apply the oil to your skin. And you will be surprised to know that there are 7 ways of using camellia oil.

  1. Pure Camellia Oil
Pure Camellia Oil


• Pure Camellia Oil (1-2 drops)

How To:

• Rub the oil on your palms and place the palms on your cheeks, chin, and forehead
• Pause for a second or two to allow your skin to soak the oil
• Massage your skin in a circular motion for 2 minutes
• Do it 20 minutes before applying makeup and before going to bed

  1. Camellia Oil And Olive Oil
Camellia Oil And Olive Oil


• Pure Camellia Oil (1-2 drops)
• Olive Oil (6-7 drops)
• Roller Or Cold Spoons (2 pieces)

How To:

• Mix both the oils on your palms by rubbing the palms
• Press your palms all over your face and neck
• Give a gentle massage to your face with a roller
• Or use the back of two cold spoons for massaging your face
• Do it 2-3 minutes every alternate day
• If you … Read more

Detox Your Hair At Home

10 Ways To Detox Your Hair At Home

Hair detox involves deep cleaning of hair and scalp. It is necessary to remove dirt, grime, oil, and product build-up to free your hair from the clutches of the layer of gunk that is preventing your hair from growing and shining.

Advantages of hair detox

• Deep cleaning reduces dandruff and itching scalp
• Boost absorption of hair care products like oils and shampoo
• Promote healthy hair growth

For hair detox, you can buy a readymade shampoo or try a homemade detox solution. Here we’ll discuss some proven hair detox solutions you can prepare at home.

  1. Bentonite Clay And Aloe
Bentonite Clay And Aloe


• Bentonite Clay Powder (half cup)
• Pure Aloe Vera Gel (half cup)
• Regular Apple Cider Vinegar (4tsp)
• Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (250 ml)

How To:

• Mix all the ingredients except diluted ACV to make a smooth paste
• Apply the solution to your hair and scalp and cover your head with a shower cap for 30 minutes
• Keep it wet by spraying water over the mask
• Rinse the pack with diluted ACV followed by shampoo and conditioner after a couple of minutes
• Do it once in two weeks

Benefits: Bentonite clay has antibacterial properties that can prevent bacteria from germinating on your scalp.

  1. Baking Soda
Baking Soda


• Baking Soda (half cup)
• Hot Water (3 cups)

How To:

• Prepare a solution of baking soda for detox
• Rinse your tresses until they are completely wet
• Pour the detox solution on your head and massage your scalp for 5 minutes
• Rinse it out and condition your hair so seal the detox
• For conditioning, you can use raw honey
• Do it once a week

Benefits: Hot water will provide lift the cuticles by deep cleaning and baking soda can remove the dirt build-up.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar


• Apple Cider Vinegar (1/4 cup)
• Water (2 cups)

How To:

• Dilute the ACV in water
• Shampoo and condition your hair as usual
• Treat your hair with diluted ACV and rinse it off
• Do it once a week

Benefits: Apple cider vinegar is a mild cleanser. It can remove the layer of gunk from your scalp. And diluted ACV won’t cause an acidic reaction on the scalp.

  1. Sea Salt Clarifying Shampoo
Sea Salt Clarifying Shampoo


• Coarse Sea Salt (2 parts)
• Shampoo (1 part)

How To:

• Mix the ingredients to make a detox shampoo
• Apply the shampoo thoroughly to your hair and scalp
• Rinse it off with cool water
• Do it once a month

Benefits: Sea salt is an effective exfoliant. When mixed with shampoo, it can remove dead skin cells from the scalp. Also, it will improve skin hydration.

  1. Honey Shampoo
Honey Shampoo


• Raw Honey (1tsp)
• Filtered Water (3tsp)

How To:

• Dilute raw honey in filtered water
• Wet your hair and apply the diluted honey to it
• Massage your … Read more

Benefits Of Coconut Water For Your Hair

5 Proven Benefits Of Coconut Water For Your Hair

Coconut water is good for your hair and overall health as it can help fight many health issues. But little do you know that massaging coconut oil on your scalp and hair could give you fast relief from itchy scalp, dandruff, and dry hair. It has nourishing properties that will nourish your scalp and hydrate your hair. Also, you can enhance the potential of coconut water by adding more ingredients to it.

Advantages Of Coconut Water For Hair

  1. It hydrates hair

Coconut water can keep your hair hydrated without weighing them down. It can nourish dry strands by penetrating deep inside the hair shafts. It will make your hair appear refreshed and voluminous. Your hair needs hydration and the best way to keep your hair hydrated is to use coconut water spray.

  1. Prevents Breakage

The well hydrated and nourished scalp will enhance the elasticity of your hair strands and prevent breakage. You only need to massage your scalp and hair with fresh coconut water twice or thrice a week to get the best results. You accidentally break your hair while washing but it won’t happen once your hair has elasticity.

  1. Soothes Irritated Scalp

Coconut water has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm itchy, dry, and flaky scalp. If you add ingredients like aloe vera gel or honey to it, you can make it more useful. Massaging your hair and scalp with coconut water will keep your scalp cool.

  1. Reduces Dullness

Coconut water will hydrate your hair so it remains fresh and you will agree that well-hydrated tresses would look softer and shinier. You won’t have to face problems like fritz and split ends.

  1. Reduces Dandruff

Coconut water will keep your hair and scalp well hydrated so you remain free from dandruff. If you have dandruff, you should try coconut water treatment for your hair and scalp.

Fresh Coconut’s Water On The Scalp

Fresh Coconut's Water On The Scalp

A gentle massage of coconut water on your scalp and hair can stimulate blood circulation which is good for strengthening the hair follicles and growth of hair.


• Half cup of fresh coconut water

How To:

• Wet your hair and scalp with coconut water
• Massage your scalp and hair with finger pores
• Allow your hair and scalp to soak in the coconut water for 30 minutes
• Wash it off with a shampoo
• Repeat it 2-3 times a week

Coconut Water And Lemon Juice

Coconut Water And Lemon Juice

Lemon is good for the scalp in many ways. Mixing lemon juice with coconut water makes it an ideal solution for treating the itchy scalp, dandruff, and scalp acne.


• Half cup coconut water
• 2tsp of lemon juice

How To:

• Take half a cup of coconut water into a bowl
• Add 2tsp of lemon juice to it
• Stir the solution well to blend the ingredients
• Apply the solution to your hair and scalp well
• Leave your hair and scalp wet with … Read more

Avoid Using Conditioner

7 Ways To Treat A Smelly Scalp

Does your scalp smell bad? If yes then this blog is for you for the smelly scalp treatment. First, you should know the reason for the bad smell. If you don’t wash your hair, the scalp will smell bad. Or excessive sweating could be a reason for a smelly scalp. Also, environmental pollution, hormonal changes, and medical reasons could cause a smelly scalp.

The second thing is to know how to cure a smelly scalp and the good thing is that you can easily cure your smelly scalp at home.

Here’re some reliable treatment options and tips for treating a smelly scalp

  1. Essential Oils

a) Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Smelly Scalp

Freshen your hair with tree tea oil that has a pleasant smell. Also, its antimicrobial properties will control the microbes causing a bad smell from your scalp.

How To:

• Mix 6 drops of tea tree oil with 1-2 tsp of jojoba or sweet almond oil
• Blend the oils well and apply the mixed oil to your scalp and hair
• Leave the oil on your scalp for at least 30 minutes
• Rinse your hair and scalp with lukewarm water
• Do it 1-2 times daily for better results

b) Neem Oil

Essential Neem Oil

Neem oil has excellent antimicrobial properties that will eliminate the microbes continuously replicating on your scalp and causing a bad smell.

How To:

• Mix 5-6 drops of neem oil with 1-2 tsp of carrier oil of your choice
• Blend the oils well and apply the mixed oil to your scalp and hair
• Allow 30 minutes for the antimicrobial neem oil to work on your scalp
• Rinse your scalp and hair with lukewarm water
• Do it 1-2 times daily to get good results

Note: You should choose a carrier oil that smells good so your hair looks fresh and the scalp has a pleasant smell.

  1. Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice For Smelly Scalp Treatment

Lemon has multiple advantages like it is antibacterial and it can fight dandruff. If you have dandruff then you should try lemon oil treatment because dandruff is also a reason for a smelly scalp.

How To:

• Add 2 tsp of lemon juice to 1-2 cups of warm water
• Mix the ingredients well
• Prepare your locks for the treatment by washing them with a mild cleanser
• Rinse your tresses with the lemon-water mixture at the end
• Leave your locks for a few minutes
• Get the final rinse to get a refreshing feel
• Do it twice a week for good results

  1. Garlic Oil
Garlic Oil For Smelly Scalp

Garlic oil contains sulfur compounds that impart antibacterial and antifungal properties to it. So, it can fight the disease and smell causing bacteria well.

How To:

• Crush 4-5 garlic cloves
• Add 2 tsp of coconut oil to the crushed cloves and heat them well for a few minutes
• Let the mixture cool and then strain to get the oil to treat your smelly scalp
• Apply the mixture to your … Read more

Trendy Haircuts Started By Rihanna

10 Trendy Haircuts Started By Rihanna

Rihanna is popular for her inspiring music, risqué style, and her pixie cut hairstyle that she keeps changing almost on the regular basis. But she loves short haircuts like pixie more than others.

Here’re 10 Rihanna pixie cut hairstyle for her fans

Red Hot Side-Swept Pixie

Red Hot Side Swept Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Rihanna is looking bolder in this red hot side-swept pixie crop. This haircut involves making a bun at the back of the head and leaving a section of hair to hang on the forehead. You can check she’s brushed the top section across her forehead to make it prominent. And this section looks more attractive in the red-hot color. Also, this haircut requires a strong-hold hairspray to keep the hairstyle secure in place. Rihanna must have used a branded hairspray to finish the haircut. This hairstyle would suit a woman with a bold attitude.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Hairstyle

It is an edgy hairstyle that the Barbadian has taken to the edge but has kept it just short of becoming trashy. Rihanna is known for giving amazing looks and she doesn’t fear experimenting with her haircuts to improve her looks. In this picture, she’s wearing a pixie cut in natural black color. The picture shows that Rihanna has cropped her hair to make it shorter and it is done simply to attract attention to her facial features. You can see her eyelashes. Similarly, the pout of her lips is enhanced by the haircut.

Caramel Bob With Side-Swept Fringe

Caramel Bob With Side Swept Fringe

It is an amazing hairstyle especially the side-swept fringe cascading on her nose and eyes. It is a short and edgy hairstyle that has different dimensions. It seems like making waves from back to the front and then leaves a section of tresses to flow down the forehead and across the face. It can be called the cascading effect of the hairstyle. It has everything from volume to length and from shine to bounce. And the caramel color compliments the skin tone Rihanna. And Rihanna looks young and vibrant in this hairstyle.

Fiery Fauxhawks

Fiery Fauxhawks Pixie Cut Hairstyle

It is a quirky hairstyle but suits well on the face shape of Rihanna. Shaven at the sides but voluminous in the top, this hairstyle allows lots of light on the face. Rihanna looks beautiful in this haircut that glows her face. And Rihanna is bold enough to wear this hairstyle with perfection. Her side locks are carefully shaved to prepare a base for the hairstyle and the rest of the tresses are cropped in the top make it voluminous. Also, hairspray is used to keep the cropped hair in its place. It is the right hairstyle when you need a bolder look.

Two-Toned Short Bob

Two-Toned Short Bob

This two-toned short bob haircut suits well on the face of Rihanna. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it frames her beautiful oval face. But the golden blonde highlights in the hair strands attract more … Read more

Best Hair Styling Smoothing, Nourishing Gels

8 Best Hair Styling Smoothing, Nourishing Gels

If your hair is coarse, unhealthy, and curly then you need a smoothing gel that can calm your hair strands and bring flyway hair to its place. A smoothing gel can help make and maintain a hairstyle that can last all day without requiring restyling.

Your hairstyle can say many things about your personality. How you style your hair shows how you take life. But sometimes styling hair becomes a difficult job especially when you have coarse hair or frizzes.

Here’re 8 best selling hair smoothing gel that you can use for your frizzy hair

Matrix Vavoom Smooth Me Smoothing Gel

Matrix Vavoom Smooth Me Smoothing Gel

It is the best smoothing gel to smooth those unruly waves that are difficult to tie together. It is light on the hair and its biggest advantage is that it can seal the split ends. If you struggle with frizz and curls then you should try this product. It will enhance the overall look and feel of your hair by adding shine to your locks. And you will like its non-greasy texture. But it is a little pricey.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème

Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Cream

While most smoothing gels are good for controlling the frizz effectively, this specific product gives conditions for hair as well. If you have coarse and unhealthy hair then it is the right smoothing gel for your hair. It will not only untangle your hair but protect it from humidity as well. It contains plant butter that works as a conditioner and nourishment for hair. Also, it will leave a long-lasting impact on your hair. But you could feel it heavy on fine hair.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force

Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force

This smoothing gel is different from others as it contains Brazilian oil that is good for hair. It will smooth your hair to prevent frizzes and curls. It will protect your hair from humidity. The Brazilian oil effect will allow your hair to retain and lock moisture. Also, you will be in better control of your flyaway hair strands. But you need to compromise with its greasy nature.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm

If you are looking for a quick job then look no further than this smoothing balm whose heat-activated mechanism can give quick results. With it, you can easily control your unruly hair. Also, it will strengthen your hair strands and protect them from humidity. It will enrich your hair with bamboo extracts that will make your locks healthy and resilient. It is paraben-free but contains silicone.

L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Serum

L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Serum

L’Oreal brings an oil serum that will make your hair luscious, smooth, and shinier in addition to making your locks frizz-free. Also, it will protect your tresses from thermal heat. Its 6 oil complex formula – rose, chamomile, tiare, lotus, flax, and sunflower – can even restore the damaged hair follicles. It is a lightweight and non-greasy formula that will detangle your hair while adding shine to it. And the … Read more

Dry Shampooing

Is Dry Shampooing Beneficial For My Hair?

Your hair needs regular cleaning but it is neither possible nor good to wash your hair regularly. But you can dry shampoo your hair between regular washes and observe the benefits.

Dry shampoo is easier to use and it gives many benefits.

Add volume to your hair

It is a bonus. If you wash your hair with dry shampoo, you will feel of if your locks are blown out. And this feeling of fullness is in addition to the freshness that the dry shampoo gives. For better results, you should use the dry shampoo over damp hair.

Save your hair color

Dry shampoo Benefits

Wet shampoo removes hair color every time it is applied to the colored hair. You can use dry shampoo intermittently to keep your hair clean and protect the color from damage by shampoo. In this way, you can make your hair color last longer.

Stretch out a blow dry

It is difficult to stretch out a fabulous professional blow dry, if you use regular wet shampoo to clean your locks. But a water-less dry shampoo can do the job. It is a better option to keep your hair clean without compromising on the results of a professional blow dry.

Nourish your hair with natural oils

Nourish Hair With Natural Oils

Locks get much nourishment from natural oils found on the scalp but oils can’t reach out to the total length of the extremely curly or long hair. Dry shampoo absorbs the natural oils on the scalp and allows the oils ample time to reach out to the tip of hair.

Precautions with dry shampoo

There’s little doubt that a dry shampoo gives a plethora of benefits but too much of water-less shampoo can allow buildup of residue on the scalp and lead to clogging of hair follicles. So, it is better to use a dry shampoo once between regular hair washes.

Disclaimer: Dry shampoo has many benefits but it also has some cons that you should know before using a dry shampoo.

Argan Hair Oil

Which Hair Oil Best Suits To Your Hair And Why?

Choosing the right hair oil could make a difference to your hairstyling, how you style your hair depends largely on the growth of your hair. If you have a full head of long hair, you can try any hairstyle.

Choose your hair growth oil from the following brands

Coconut Hair Oil

Packed with medium-chain triglyceride called lauric acid, coconut hair oil is good for every hair type. It penetrates the hair deeply and repairs brittle and damaged hair. Also, its high moisture content and water-retaining property protect hair against heat damage.

Brigandi Hair Oil

Brigandi Hair Oil

It is an herbal oil with antifungal and antibacterial properties that stop hair loss and prevent scalp infections. Also, its calming and earthy smell relieves stress. It is good for those facing excess hair loss, dandruff, dry hair and premature greying of hair.

Sweet Almond Hair Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants and magnesium, this oil can do magic for dry, damaged and dandruff prone hair. It can moisturize hair and prevent hair from environmental pollutants. Also, regular application of the oil gives longer and thicker hair.

Olive Hair Oil

Olive Hair Oil

Known for its protective abilities, olive oil can shield keratin, the most important component of hair. Regular application of olive oil will remove the need for conditioner and hair smoothing. People with dull, damaged and dandruff prone hair would benefit by using olive oil.

Grapeseed Oil

Rich in Vitamin E that is essential for hair growth, grapeseed oil is good for controlling hair loss and stunted hair growth. Also, it will work great for people with dry hair. It conditions and moisturizes hair and stops split-end formation.

Sesame Hair Oil

High on Vitamin E and a natural source of antioxidants, sesame oil is good for those facing premature greying of hair. Also, it contains zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and antioxidants that can resist build-up of free radicals.

Argan Hair Oil

Argan Hair Oil

Called “Liquid Gold” due a rich golden hue, argan oil application softens hair, diminishes dandruff and nourishes dry scalp. Also, it protects hair follicles from UV rays and heat. It contains great moisturizing properties and it provides all the benefits without leaving sticky residue.

Jojoba Hair Oil

Advantage of jojoba oil is that it resembles sebum that is found naturally in skin and scalp. It nourishes hair with Vitamin B complex that improves texture, colour and strength of hair. Also, it conditions hair strands and protects them from damage.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil balances the sebum production, moisturizes hair and promotes growth of hair. Also, its aroma relieves the body from stress that can work as a hidden factor and cause hair loss. This oil is good for every hair type especially oily hair.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Rich in vitamins and minerals, lemongrass oil is incredibly beneficial for hair. Derived from … Read more

Castor Oil Benefits

5 Reasons For Using Pure Castor Oil

Rich in vitamin A and C, pure castor oil makes a great treatment for & benefits hair and skin. It can nourish weak hair and improve its condition without causing any side effects. Since it has no side effects, people with allergies with shampoos and oils can also use castor oil.

Let’s discuss the benefits of pure castor oil…

  • Castor oil is good for hair and scalp. It seals moisture and stimulates and strengthens hair follicle. Also, it will slow down the falling rate of your hair in the long run.
  • Castor oil is a good cure for dandruff that is a common hair problem. Massaging your hair and scalp with castor oil will keep dandruff away. Dryness can irritate scalp leading to itching and dandruff problem. Also, castor oil can help cure acne.
Pure Castor Oil
  • Dryness can reduce growth of hair but you can double the growth of your locks with castor oil. It works much better than other hair products. Soon after starting using castor oil, you will notice that your locks have become thicker and voluminous.
  • Castor oil can cure damaged hair and scalp. For example, if you are suffering from eczema or psoriasis, you should use castor oil. You will feel much relief even after the first treatment.
  • Castor oil has a great moisturizing effect on hair and scalp. It can soothe dry skin.

Try using pure castor oil instead of a supplement sold under different brand names. Ask for pure castor oil and nourish your hair and scalp with this nutritious oil regularly.

What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Castor Hair Oil?

How Castor Oil Is Good For HairCare?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of castor bean rich in ricinoleic acid that makes up to 95% of chemical content of the oil. Other parts of the oil are omega – 6 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E and minerals.

The rich content of fatty acids make castor oil good for hair and scalp

How castor hair oil works?

It has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that make it a great treatment for scalp infections. And the protein content makes it valuable for hair growth.

  • Prevents infections like folliculitis – inflammation of hair-follicles
  • Improves blood circulation in scalp
  • Balances pH of the scalp
  • Strengthens hair keratin
  • Nourishes hair-follicles
  • Prevents the growth of dandruff

Presence of ricinoleic acid and fatty acid in the oil make it just perfect for hair care

1. Reduces hair fall

Improved blood circulation in scalp strengthens grip of hair shafts resulting in reduced hair fall and every type of physical damage to hair.

2. Boosts hair growth

The fatty acids penetrate in the scalp and the hair shafts and provide nourishment to the hair. The nourishment supports the existing hair; grows new hair and regrows the broken pieces of hair.

3. Controls split ends

Castor oil increases hair keratin that in turn increases the tensile strength of the hair and strong hair follicles are less prone to splitting.

4. Increases hair volume

Growth of new hair; regrowth of the broken hair and good health of hair results in long and voluminous locks that can be styled in a ponytail, bun or any other style you find matching with your face shape.

5. Dark hair

Castor oil has humectant effect on hair. It retains more moisture than hair can without this oil. And high moisture content makes hair look darker.

6. Hair shine

Castor hair oil makes a protective coating around hair and this coating makes the hair shiny. It reflects light making the hair shine even in low light.

A word of caution

While castor hair oil has nothing that can be called harmful but some people might have allergy to the fatty acids present in the oil. People have reported mild allergic conditions like itching, redness, rashes and burning sensation. But some users reported severe conditions including swelling in face, dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

It would be better, if you can do a safety test of the oil on your hand and use it only when it is certain that your skin accepts the oil and its benefits.   

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