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Frustrated with your dry hair? Follow these DIY eggs mask for immediate results

The first love of any girl is her hair whether they are short, long and curly. However, you are taking care of your hair perfectly by considering Salon treatments such as hair spa, smoothing, etc. But how long you will take help of saloons?

Getting hair treatments from saloons are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. So here for you, we have rounded up some of the best DIY eggs masks that can help you to keep your hair smooth and shiny for a long time.

3 DIY Eggs Hair mask you should try

  1. Egg Mask

The egg is a rich source of proteins, vitamins and healthy minerals that keep your hair highly nourished and soft for a long time. This egg mask can help your hair get a life to live again. To prepare the mask all you need 2-3 eggs and blend it perfectly. This will cause bad odour, to get rid of it add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Now apply it evenly on your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair with cold water.

  1. Egg and coconut mask

For stronger hair, the combination of eggs and coconut mask can help you to get beautiful and strong hair. To use this mask add one egg yolk in a bowl and one tbsp. Of coconut oil and honey as well. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with water.

  1. Egg and olive oil mask

Egg and olive mask can nourish the hair scalp and give beautiful hair. To prepare this mask all you need to take one egg and one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix both ingredients well and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes then wash it with cold water.

Try these three DIY eggs hair masks and you will no need saloon hair treatment anymore.

What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Castor Hair Oil?

How Castor Oil Is Good For HairCare?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of castor bean rich in ricinoleic acid that makes up to 95% of chemical content of the oil. Other parts of the oil are omega – 6 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E and minerals.

The rich content of fatty acids make castor oil good for hair and scalp

How castor hair oil works?

It has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that make it a great treatment for scalp infections. And the protein content makes it valuable for hair growth.

  • Prevents infections like folliculitis – inflammation of hair-follicles
  • Improves blood circulation in scalp
  • Balances pH of the scalp
  • Strengthens hair keratin
  • Nourishes hair-follicles
  • Prevents the growth of dandruff

Presence of ricinoleic acid and fatty acid in the oil make it just perfect for hair care

1. Reduces hair fall

Improved blood circulation in scalp strengthens grip of hair shafts resulting in reduced hair fall and every type of physical damage to hair.

2. Boosts hair growth

The fatty acids penetrate in the scalp and the hair shafts and provide nourishment to the hair. The nourishment supports the existing hair; grows new hair and regrows the broken pieces of hair.

3. Controls split ends

Castor oil increases hair keratin that in turn increases the tensile strength of the hair and strong hair follicles are less prone to splitting.

4. Increases hair volume

Growth of new hair; regrowth of the broken hair and good health of hair results in long and voluminous locks that can be styled in a ponytail, bun or any other style you find matching with your face shape.

5. Dark hair

Castor oil has humectant effect on hair. It retains more moisture than hair can without this oil. And high moisture content makes hair look darker.

6. Hair shine

Castor hair oil makes a protective coating around hair and this coating makes the hair shiny. It reflects light making the hair shine even in low light.

A word of caution

While castor hair oil has nothing that can be called harmful but some people might have allergy to the fatty acids present in the oil. People have reported mild allergic conditions like itching, redness, rashes and burning sensation. But some users reported severe conditions including swelling in face, dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

It would be better, if you can do a safety test of the oil on your hand and use it only when it is certain that your skin accepts the oil and its benefits.   

Why We Choose Jojoba Oil for Hair?

Natural remedies are much effective as equated to the chemical based formula. Therefore, we are come up with the best Ayurveda remedy which gives you effective and quality of consequences which you’re looking for. Jojoba oil is one of the essential remedies in the market which does not create side effects. This oil is used for hair growth, and suitable for all those ladies who want to have longer and stronger hair quality. This is also good to improve the shine and prevent your hair from the glitches like split ends and dandruff.

Let’s Do A Deep Study Of Jojoba Oil And Its Benefits For Your Hair

What is Jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil is scientifically proven remedy to improve the hair quality because it is natural that promotes sebum in hair scalp. This acutely nourishes your skin and hair follicles to promote the supreme growth of hair it also provides the antifungal properties which can easily fight against the dryness and dandruff of your hair. It also cleanses your skin and keeps it hydrated.


    Well-hydrated your hair scalp

As I said, jojoba oil has good properties to promote sebum from the Sebaceous gland which deeply moisturized your skin, and also thwart your skin from the dryness.  This provides moisturizer and improves the hair follicles to grow the hair faster, and create the hair quality much better than before.

    Active Cleanser

The best part of the oil is it easily absorbs by any hair scalp that can liquefy sebum and other clogging properties which intensely cleanse your scalp to keep it always protected from the sun exposure and other damage.

    Prevent hair loss

If you are anguish from regular hair gloss you must try it because it has pleasing properties which open the clogged pores and reduce the hair fall. It also nourishes the skin to ensure the better hair growth within a short time.

    Say bye to dandruff

This oil has antimicrobial properties which can work on your skin to fight against the dryness and itchiness which occurs as dandruff in your scalp. It also has inflammation properties which prevent the scalp from the flaking.

    Add shine and volume

Oil conditioning is must for every hair whether it is for male and female. This adds nourishment and inflammation properties to grow your hair quality better. Jojoba oil has perfect core properties to keep your hair Shiny and smooth for a long time. It is non-sticky in nature that does not cosset your personality.

How to purchase it?

If you really want to add jojoba oil for making your hair grow better for a long time so you should visit the Amazon store because it is the place where you get the genuine product for use.

Skin Benefits

  1. Moisturizes Skin
  2. Balances Oil Production Of The Skin
  3. Reduces Wrinkles And Signs Of Aging
  4. Reduces Skin Inflammation
  5. Works As A Good Cleanser
  6. Can Be Used As A Body Oil
  7. Heals Cracked Heels
  8. Keeps Your Nails Healthy
  9. Removes Sun Tan
  10. Reduces Under-Eye Dark Circles
  11. Reduces Pregnancy Stretch Marks
  12. Treats Skin Disorders
  13. Makes Your Lips Soft
  14. Effective In Treating Stubborn Acne
  15. Prevents Razor Burns

Hair Benefits Cleanses Scalp

    1. Adds Shine To Your Hair
    2. Helps In Hair Growth
    3. Conditions Hair
    4. Treats Oily Scalp
    5. Helps In Maintaining Hair Color
    6. Excellent For Dry Scalp

Top 4 best jojoba oil brands which you may use

    Radha Beauty Organic Jojoba oil for hair and face

It is free from chemicals and good for hair and skin both. It comes in blue packaging that looks cool. The best is it is affordable at just 2,296 INR.

    Desert Essence 100% pure Jojoba Oil

It would be a great choice for every person who wants to longer and stronger their hair. It is 100% natural and suitable for all skin types. Its price is just 541 INR.


    Majestic Pure jojoba oil for hair and skin

It is also a good option to pick. This oil is well-suited for removing make-up and work as a cleanser. It retains the moisture level. It is available at a very good price $42. 94

    Viva Natural cold pressed and hexane free organic jojoba oil

It is enriched with iodine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and other essential properties that could help in boosting the hair growth with the quality and shine.  Its price is Rs. 1,984


Is Lemongrass oil preeminent for the hair growth? Check Review

Lemongrass Oil for Hair Review


Do you love your hair? Do you need healthy and gorgeous hair? So, for better your hair growth, and smoothness you should try out Lemongrass oil. This lemongrass oil is essential to provide inflammation properties which can fight against chronic diseases especially the hair loss, others conditions such as dandruff, itching, and redness. The results are varied individually some people are extremely happy after using it while some are not because it depends on your hair type and skin. 

According to the customer reviews and its great properties, this product has amazing benefits to your hair which provides antiseptic, bacterial, fungicidal, antidepressant and astringent properties which are good for your hair as well as for the body.



Look out its amazing benefits

    Prevents hair loss

Lemongrass oil is effective to prevent your hair from hair loss and other hair infections. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair from the damage. It could also help to Regrowth of your hair within a couple of days. It has good anti-inflammation and antibacterial properties that could protect your hair from the environmental damage.

    Best for dandruff

The person who is suffering from dandruff this lemongrass is essential to get rid of dandruff.  It deeply prevents the dryness of the skin and provides a proper amount of nourishment which is required by your skin. It also hydrates your skin so it can control dandruff for a long period.

    Control Hairfall

According to the research, it is proved that lemongrass oil is one of the best Essential oil in the market to provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the hair.  If you are struggling with your hair fall, hair loss and other hair conditions. This oil will be perfect for you to add Shine, volume, and support to your hair. It is also good to improve the roots.

It’s not the end yet look out its additional astounding health benefits

    Controls fat formation

Lemongrass is an incredible oil that would boost your immunity to fight against those toxins which are responsible for the fat accumulation. It’s inflammatory and antioxidants properties do detoxification to pure your blood and your body would stay fit and in the healthy weight.

    Boost cognitive health

To stay focus for the work is crucial especially if you’re the student. Have some lemongrass tonic in your regular diet and get rid of nervous disorders such as depression, Alzheimer, insomnia, and lack of concentration. 

    Give relief from menstrual aching

According to the FDA, lemongrass has essential components that can work as best in elimination cramps during the menstrual time. You can use this method hassle-free because it never generates side effects.

    Can work for muscles relaxant

After the growing age having cramps and stiffness in muscles is customary, but is excruciating too.  Run some amount of lemongrass on your pain area until it absorbs. Repeat this remedy on the daily basis hence you’ll absolutely get the results within couples of days.

    Best for the skin

Due to the polluted environment all we have to suffer from skin issues especially fungus infections.  As I said, lemongrass has antioxidants, anti-microbial and inflammatory properties this can help you to eliminate fungus and another issue in couples of days. Hence you get the youthful and glowing skin.

For use- Blend one tablespoon of lemon juice with lemongrass oil. Mix it well and then apply it to the affected area two times a day.