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Kylie Jenner spots today without makeup with Dior sporting outfit & looks glamorous!

Recently, the billionaire reality star posted her glamour pictures in social media account with latest launch of Dior collection. She wears a stylish outfit, activewear by Dior with a caption “Happy Monday”

This picture came when Jenner is 21 to surprise her fans with natural and without makeup look. After playing with her two little daughters, she posted her picture with a caption “Oh I learnt patience from my child”

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Disha Patani

The best Selfies of the Week: From Kareena Kapoor, Disha Patani to Malaika Arora!

Beyond the stress, Bollywood divas posting their quarantine selfies and videos on Instagram that storming the internet. Millions of views are seen on out hottest beauties of the Bollywood Industries when they post their glowing skin.

Disha Patani

It’s quite embellished to see your favorite celebs in normal wear just like us. That’s is why people are taking more interest in seeking them as to how they look and carrying themselves in free time. Celebs are also giving you beautiful vibes so you can support quarantine and stay safe.

Now, let us see some cute yet sexy

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Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets

The Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets Seriously trolled after posting a makeup look

Fatima Aldewan, a social media personality gets trolled after sharing her makeup video. She belongs to UAE and received a lot of negative comments at her hashtag video makeup tutorial. Fatima is a well-known makeup artist in UAE. She always posts her makeup tutorial videos to influence her 80k followers.

Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets

A few days back, she posted her another makeup tutorial, which has got more than 80,000 views. In her video, she first puts her mouth mask and starts doing her makeup via step-by-step instructions.

It was the very first time, a video got 500 comments … Read the rest

Malaika Arora

The 5 Beauty Rules that Make Malaika Arora young and hot at age 45

We all are the fan of Bollywood Divas and always excited to know about what daily routine they follow that they look flawless at age 40 and 50. Are you one of them? Of course! This is why you are here and looking for the health and beauty secrets that Malaika follows.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is one of the famous Bollywood beauty which is most popular for her fashionable and sexy avatar at age 45. Perhaps you are dreaming of getting like her body, so why don’t we start it from today?

Malaika has beautiful skin, … Read the rest