Diet And Workout Secrets Of Meghan Markle

40 Little Known Diet And Workout Secrets Of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex” is always passionate about health, exercise, food and travel. Before marriage with Prince Harry in May 2018, she was an actress and used to run a lifestyle website called The Tig. Also, she’s much to share with her audience.

Here Markle is sharing 40 secrets of healthy, active and fulfilling life

• Meghan Markle takes care of her skin body because she believes that what she feels is what she eats.

• Fitness is her priority and she enjoys going gym for fitness.


• An avid runner, Meghan Markle does a lot of treadmill work at home.

• The Duchess of Sussex is a big fan of Jan Marini skincare products. She also loves the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder.

• Meghan Markle finds parenthood amazing and says she has two best guys of the world.

• She tries becoming realistic about social media despite receiving a huge response.

• Careful about her posture, Meghan Markle used to do posterior chain exercises and plenty of core work.

• She’s also into circuit-based strength training that includes high-rep and low-weight strategy.

• Meghan Markle has a close bond with her mom Doria Ragland.

• She likes doing yoga since her college days.


• The Duchess of Sussex never wears foundation for makeup.

• She always ditches coffee for healthy drinks.

• Meghan Markle writes that happiness can’t be chosen but experienced.

• Her personal trainer said that she loves wearing a mini … Read More

Fee E-Makeup Kit For Instagram Regulars

Namrata Soni better known as the makeup-artist of actress Sonam Kapoor, is a well-known name in Bollywood. She’s one of the best make-up artists and hairstylists in the industry. But this time she’s in the news due to AR beauty filters. 

What are AR beauty filters?

Namrata Soni has developed some amazing filters for Instagram and she wants beauty conscious women to take advantage of these filters. She partnered with a tech-driven advertising studio, Graphixstory, to produce these filters.

Metallic Smoke: Inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s Cannes look, the filter is a classic recreation.

Sunset Glow: You will love the flush of sunset hues on lids and the glass skin glow effect of this filter.

The Liner on Fleek: Get the minimal cat-eye in the most convenient manner with this filter.

What Namrata Soni said about these filters?

The make-up artist and hairstylist noticed the shift towards e-makeup rather than Selfies and that brands as well as influencers were looking for more e-makeup options. They wanted to be more relatable to the beauty world. She said that her AR beauty filters can help achieve the level of instructiveness with the audience in the most acceptable manner. 

How to use the filters?

Namrata Soni has provided a tool #NAMGLOW to allow the users to get the first-hand experience of how the changes will look on them. Anyone can check the artists’ rendition on her face with just one tap on the given tool.

All the AR beauty filters are provided controls to … Read More

Positivity Keeps My Skin Flawless Said Samantha Akkineni

While Samantha Akkineni is better known for movies like Neethaane En Ponvasantham and Eega, she has made more fans due to her flawless skin. She boasts of close to 10 million followers on Instagram and this number is growing every day. 

Samantha Akkineni is a south superstar of Tamil and Telugu film industry and a household name in the country. She has amazed audiences with her acting skills but her fans are more surprised to know her beauty secrets. 

Here’s Samantha Akkineni reveals her beauty secrets 


A leading website quizzed the diva about her beauty secret and Samantha Akkineni said positive thoughts in the answer. She said that she breathed the same air and ate the same food as the reporter did. But if one kept his mind free from bad and angry thoughts, the glow was bound to show on his face.


Samantha Akkineni never forgets putting on her sunscreen before going out in the sun. The UV rays of sun are more harmful for skin than any other foreign element but many women don’t think so. 

Avoid makeup

Most of her Instagram pictures are no make-up selfies. It shows that the actress dislikes cakey makeup that hides the natural beauty. And when needed, she prefers natural makeup. 

Night cream

Night cream is essential for skin as it boosts collagen that in turn strengthens the elasticity of the skin and keeps the skin hydrated. And who knows it better than Samantha that never misses her night cream.… Read More

10 Comic Superheroes Without Hollywood Movies

Hollywood is quite fascinated about superheroes of comic-books because superhero movies on characters based on comic-books do big business. And comic-books have many characters to offer like the following 10 characters.

Here’s is a list of 5 DC and 5 Marvel characters who deserve their own movies  

1. Nightwing: DC

Gotham City recognizes Nightwing as an independent fighter against crime and criminals. He was formerly a Batman’s protégé but went on to create his own independent persona to fight crime. A live-action movie on Nightwing has been in the making.

Titans — Ep. 213 — “Nightwing” — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

2. Lobo: DC

Lobo isn’t a typical superhero due to his hunting habits. He traverses the universe and can devour the entrails of his hunts and thoroughly enjoys it. Also, this foul-mouthed master troll loves cracking politically incorrect jokes. 

3. Green Lantern (John Stewart): DC

This superhero is blessed by the Guardians of the universe. He is given a magic ring to protect a specific sector of the universe using his magical powers. He creates weapons using his imagination and emotions to fight the enemies.

4. Martian Manhunter: DC

He is a green-skinned extraterrestrial humanoid from Mars with shapeshifting abilities. Also, he is capable of becoming invisible and making his body intangible to more freely through obstructions. 

5. Booster Gold: DC

An amazing character, he is a time traveler who can move freely in time and get knowledge of past, … Read More