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Malaika Arora

The 5 Beauty Rules that Make Malaika Arora young and hot at age 45

We all are the fan of Bollywood Divas and always excited to know about what daily routine they follow that they look flawless at age 40 and 50. Are you one of them? Of course! This is why you are here and looking for the health and beauty secrets that Malaika follows.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is one of the famous Bollywood beauty which is most popular for her fashionable and sexy avatar at age 45. Perhaps you are dreaming of getting like her body, so why don’t we start it from today?

Malaika has beautiful skin, toned body and bold Dressing sense that make her extra younger than her female Bollywood actress. If you are ready to know about her secrets then keep reading.

1. Detox skin

Detox skin

Mostly all actresses of b-town love to stay simple while not shooting. Malaika also one of them who prefers to wipe-out makeup or goes for Makeup detox when not needed. She removes makeup every night before going to bed. She always applies to moisturize after makeup detox, to keep skin hydrated and soft for all the day. She has oily skin, so she applies oil-free moisturizer.

2. Drink Lemon water

Hot lemon water

Malaika is a fitness freak, so she starts her day by drinking a glass of hot lemon water with little honey. It is a perfect way to stay hydrated all day long and keeping Read the rest

Selena Gomez announced to launch her makeup

Selena Gomez announced to launch her makeup Brand named ‘Rare Beauty’

Last evening Hollywood beauty Selena Gomez made a huge announcement that she is launching her beauty brand called Rare Beauty. The Rare beauty brand will be launched this summer in Sephora. This is a very special and precious project for her.

She lives on Instagram at 12:30 PM and said all the things that why she is excited to launch this makeup range. She speaks less about this because she doesn’t want to reveal as much yet about this brand. She said that “I am ready with my new Beauty Brand which named rare beauty”. She also said that I am very excited to launch this because I worked on this brand for the past two years with the best team and partners.

This is very important for me to make this brand because this is the brand which makes you comfortable than others. Gomez wanted this makeup brand to gain more and more success with its effective effect.

Selena Gomez announced to launch her makeup

Selena also said that this makeup range becomes everyone’s lifestyle. This brand makes boys and girls and women and men feel comfortable. This Rare Beauty means that not to look like the same it means to look special and amazing. She also added this “this brand available in every Sephora store, and this is going universally next year.

There are many more things that we want to share with you but we take a few months to share more things about … Read the rest

Sexy Red lipstick

How to wear Sexy Red lipstick like the Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Red lipstick is the charm of every woman’s lip. It gives the sexy look to the whole dress and makeup. In Party gown or sari every Actress Almost spots to wear her favorite red shade to her lips. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Alia Bhatt these Celebs love to wear this bold color.

If you all are excited to wear the red shade lipstick to your lips than first you must have to learn how to choose the color which complements their skin tone. You must go with the color which does not dull your face and which make your teeth brighter.

Sexy Red lipstick

So, here we share some tips that you which red shade is perfect for which skin tone:


1. For Fair skin go with true red color

For the fairy white doll-like skin you must go with true red apple color and it gives the ravishing look to your skin tone and dress. Choose the color with a blue undertone not yellow.

2. Off white or buff skin tone wear coral red

For camel, tone skin wears a golden undertone with coral red color. It gives highlight to your skin tone and you looked amazing.

3. For medium skin tone go with Brick skin

If you have little tanned skin you must go with the brick red shade to your lips and it gives you classic look. Select slightly darker shade like cherry red.

So, choose shades with your skin tone and look Amazing.… Read the rest

Sunny Leone Beauty secrets for impeccable skin

Sunny Leone Beauty secrets for impeccable skin

The super gorgeous star, Sunny Leone has been able to win everyone’s heart within a short span in the film industry with her hard work, passion, and dedication. In an open conversation with zoom Digital, the actress revealed many things about her upcoming projects and future plans.

The conversation also led to the secret to her flawless skin to which she said, it is the quality that matters. She said, people, are running in a herd of sheep where they do not exactly know what their skin demands and its requirement. They are just caught up in a zone where they look for brands and not what works for their skin.

She further says I have seen people following the recommendations of dermatologists which in no way improves there skin condition rather makes it worse. It is important to double-check what they are suggested to follow and catch the second opinion.

Sunny Leone Beauty secrets for impeccable skin

Sunny shared some of her secret mantras to flawless skin which she follows regularly. Continue reading to find out:

• A simple cleanser is crucial. It should have very minimal ingredients in it which does not react on the skin. Ideally, it should remove all the dirt from your face pleasantly.

• She says prevention is the key to everything. Rather than waiting to fix the problem, one should start working on it from now. People who are in there ’20s should consider using anti-wrinkle creams, such products are good for the skin when one reaches their 30’s or … Read the rest

Scarlett’s Diet Secrets

Scarlett Johansson Fitness Secrets: How to get a toned body like Scarlett

The Hollywood celebrity Scarlett Johansson is very famous for her fitness regime. The Avengers Actress has a very fit and toned body. For this movie, she toned her body in a very excellent form and she looked superb in the skin fit black cat suit outfit in this film.

For attaining this shape she worked very hard and looked smoky Hot. So, here we share her fitness regime included her Workout routine and diet routine.

Scarlett Johansson Fitness Secret

Workout Secrets:

Monday Routine-

• 15 min Treadmill Warm-up

• 20 min jog

• 20 Speed Lunges

• 10 reverse lunges

• 10 jump squats

• 10 Medicine ball Slams

• 10 lat pulldown with resistance Band

Tuesday Routine-

• 15 min treadmill warmup

• Squats(4 exercises)

• Bicep Curls

• Shoulder press

• Dumbbell chest press (Swiss ball alternating)

• weighted Walking Lunge with Glute Squeeze

• Band Rows(use cable rows)

Wednesday Routine-

• treadmill , a warm-up for 15 mins

• Diagonal Walks with mini bands(10 sets per sides)

• Butterfly steps(5 to 10 each Direction)

• Lifted heel squats(15 reps each side)

• Reverse lunge with Dumbbell press

• Side to side speed Skaters

• T-push-ups

Thursday Routine-

• 15 min workout on the treadmill

• Dumbbell Squats and press

• Biceps into an overhead press

• pushups into side planks

• pull-ups

• Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

• Stomach Crunches X 50

• Alternating Bicycle Crunches X 50

• Plank with Knee Thrust

• Reverse crunches

• core stabilizing Hip twists


Read the rest
Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Are Show Stealer Golden Globes 2020

The hottest couple of the World, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas caught in another WOW moment at Golden Globes 2020. The Couple made modish entry at Beverly Hilton Hotel, California. They made us speechless because both were looking stunning together.

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra wore a hot pink dress, designed by Cristina Ottaviano. Her accessories were a diamond necklace and a pair of studs, which is designed by Bvlgari. Her hair was a retro look that looks stunning. And how we forget her Red bold lipstick. The couple received all the limelight last night.

The host of the party comedian Ricky Gervais also got attention, he came back after a year.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas gathered on Saturday last week

On Earlier Saturday, the couple was also seen at Vanity Fair Pre-Golden Globes party. Both were in Black. Priyanka is frequent to attend Hollywood parties, awards shows, and fashion shows. If you remember the Met gala, 2017 at that time both were not dated each other, but after this they were.

As per her work commitments, she is currently doing web series on Netflix, The White Tiger.… Read the rest

Halle Berry shared her beauty products

Halle Berry Shared her Beauty Products she will use this New Year

Halle Berry is one of the famous personalities in the world. If you are also a fan of this gorgeous girl then you will love to hear that, Halle Berry shared her beauty products list that she will love to use in 2020.

Halle Berry shared her beauty products

Halle Berry is an Oscar-winning actress and this year she will spend her money on self-care and pampering herself. On her Instagram story, she says I planned the list of beauty products that I will use to pamper my skin.

• Body wash

First, she shared the set of two salt soaks by Kismet. The Chill Black Lava salt soak made up of lavender and rosemary, which is perfect to soothe the body. And Soothe Himalayan Salt Soak made with rose and ylang. These two are gentle body wash with rind oils.

• Scrub

The body needs scrubbing too. And she shared her best choice named Buddy Scrub Hey gorgeous, I’m Coffee Body Scrub. This is made up of coffee, coconut, grapeseed oils, sea salt, etc. this acts as a perfect exfoliator to scrub feet and body.

• Body lotion

After the bath, adding body lotion is necessary to moist the skin. She opts for Lush Charity Pot Body lotion that is made up of cocoa butter and active components.

• Face mask

To pamper her face and keep it free from radicals, she opts for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectralLite Face Ware pro. She says it is her favorite beauty product for having crystal clear and Read the rest

Shilpa Shetty healthy recipe

Shilpa Shetty Starts her New Year 2020 with this Healthy Recipe

Shilpa Shetty is a famous B-town celebrity known for her gorgeous skin and sexy figure. Today, we are going to share another secret of her with you that she cooked healthy food effortlessly. Well, it’s quite a daunting task, but she is the best in it.

Shilpa fitness app and her frequent updates on health and fitness posts on Instagram show that she is very dedicated to fitness and additionally she posts healthy food making videos. Her last post was 2020 first healthy meal for breakfast.

The dish was healthy yet delicious, Pancakes topped with berries and maple syrup. And this delicious recipe was made by her son Viaan. This sexy mom revealed a recipe on her Instagram account. In that videos, she described the wholesome benefits of that recipe and said her motto for this year is #getfit2020.

Shilpa Shetty healthy recipe

The recipe was beetroot chills, which is super healthy for digestion and a great source of iron. She said the batter of beetroot Chilla was made as similar to normal Chilla. This Chilla was topped with green veggies and garnished by coriander that gives it a beautiful look.

Shilpa Shetty- Sunday cheat day!

This actress takes Sunday as a cheat day in which she eats what she likes. Not just for Shilpa, Sunday is precious for anyone and many people love to eat what they like. This is not the end yet, Shilpa Shetty is an active Instagram person who shares healthy breakfast and other recipes for their fans. One was … Read the rest

SRK fans want his next film announcement on 1 January!

SRK fans want his next film announcement on 1 January!

Sharukh khan or King Khan is the Superstar of Bollywood and had millions of fans who admire him, love him, and respect him. He starts his career with TV series and now he is the top star of the Bollywood Industry. Everyone loves to watch his movies and enjoy it very well.

He was last seen in his movie ‘zero’ directed by Aanand L Rai which two leading Actresses Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. It was his special film and he was very attached to this film. But the failure of this movie affects him a lot.

Now, fans of SRK are eagerly waiting for his next announcement. We here so many rumors about SRK that he sign some movies but nothing made official yet. Fans also expect that he announced his net staring film but this also not happened.

SRK fans want his next film announcement on 1 January!

Fans wants official announcement otherwise one commit suicide!

Now, his fans and very angry and can’t wait to watch his next film. He blasts social media with #WeWantAnnouncementSRK. They usually use this hashtag to request SRK to make an announcement as fast as he can.

We show how the fans of SRK requested him:

One of the fan Wrote that ” Khan Saab enough is enough I have not seen any of your movie zeroes because there is not excitement without you in another film so give us good news soon with announcing your next blockbusters like YRF Dhoom or ATLEE KUMAR’S next please you are the Charm of the … Read the rest

Best Beauty Trends that we saw this Week

The Best Beauty Trends that we saw this Week

The Bollywood fashion trend mesmerized everyone. Bollywood divas looked always best and surprise everyone with their gorgeous look. Costume to makeup all is in the highlights of these Gorgeous B-Town Divas.

Now, we talk about some latest beauty trends that spotted this week-

Karisma Kapoor-

Karisma Kapoor


Last week Karisma Kapoor attend a function wearing a Sequin dress and she paired it with the Sultry and Bold, metallic eye makeup which is a very popular trend of the year.

Shraddha Kapoor-

Shraddha Kapoor is a simple actress in the whole industry. She looked striking in the simple look. She only chooses the Red color to her lips and light shade to her eyes with highlighted brows.

Sonam Kapoor-

Sonam Kapoor is the fashion style icon of B-Town and she shows us how to shade your eyes smoky. Just toned smoky eyes with attractive lashes and that it. This makes you stunning.

Kriti Sanon

– Kriti Sanon shows the Amazing Daytime look that looks fresh and beautiful. If you want to shade your kids with pink shades then we should also apply the same color to lower lashline. To more you must shade black to your upper lash line and also complete your look with brushed-up brows.

Deepika Padukone-

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She loves to wear the glittering eyes. For this, just have to shade your eyes with the matching shimmery color and some highlighter … Read the rest