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Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Celebrity Hairstyles for Saris

Choosing the right kind of hairstyle could make a difference to your look in saris. But most women are stuck in a style rut without knowing that they have good options to change their hairstyles. Or you can learn from celebrities.

Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Let’s check the hairstyles film stars sport with saris

1. Jacqueline Fernandez

The actress was recently seen in a traditional sari with a retro hairstyle. She sported finger waves on the face with half-tied hairstyle with curls. Women with long tresses can wear this hairstyle.

2. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu hairstyle

The evergreen Bipasha was recently in limelight for her look in a gorgeous silk sari finished with a sleek bun. Also, she adorned the bun with white flowers that look fresh. Her look was spotted in a party.

3. Karisma

Karisma flaunted her elegant look in a red sari coupled with a sleek bun. But the photograph shows it was actually her side braid detailing that was highlighting the textured low bun.

4. Mouni Roy

Her style of sporting straight locks effortlessly won her many fans. She went for straight locks tucked behind the ears for a fuss-free look for a party.

5. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit hairstyle

She looks pretty in a gorgeous printed sari in powder pink colour. But what completes her soft waves that she pulled down with a deep side parting. Her fans appreciated her hair down look.

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Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma Every Celeb Going mad!

The tight high bun Trend becomes the upgrade fashion in Social Network Sites. Most of the Bollywood Celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and many more divas tried this bun hairstyle in years ago. And now all the Hollywood celebrities Katy Perry, Britney, Rowan Blanchard, Jennifer Lopez, and Vanessa Hudgens have worn this hairdo and look Stunning.

It is an amazing hairstyle for summers that protects from the sweat and gives everyone an immediate facelift.

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma

The science behind it, this pull up your skin back and make your face skin tighter and lifted. You just have to pull all your hairs up and tie into the high bun. This looks stunning because it polishes out all the wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it is helpful for the Botox treatment.

Jennifer Lopez also the big fan of high Bun

Jennifer Lopez also the big fan of high Bun

With this youthful look, Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood Singer, and Actor amaze her fans. She is the crazy fan of this bun lift and spotted many times carrying this hairdo on different occasions. The New mom Alesha Dixon also carries this hairstyle with some addition of braids and it makes her skin tighter. This is a very classic hairstyle for hot summer days because it helps to care for your strands.

You can do different styles of the bun like classic bun tight like Vanessa Hudgens to the messy bun like Zendaya. It is best to look for a day or night … Read the rest

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney at Rhode Island Mansion

The most-famous actress “Jennifer Lawrence” got married to Cooke Maroney. The marriage is officially confirmed via Jennifer Lawrence with CNN on Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Wedding place and Bride dress

The wedding was held in Rhode Island, in Newport Rhode. This was built in 1890, includes 2,000 square foot vaulted massive with profligate features.

The 158 guests were invited including Emma Stone, Adele, and Kris Jenner. The Bride wore a “Dior gown”.… Read the rest

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans with entitle Anthem’ Look at Her Now’

After releasing her endangered new Song “Lose You to love you” Selena, 27 years old singer amazed her fans by dribble another album and go along with music video at late night names “Look At Her Now”.

While looking at this song’s title, it already tells someone’s break-up story. I think it’s her own story. She looked stunning in this Music video. It directly Assure us that, she directly sermonize her Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber. Recently she posts on Instagram to announce a new song i.e “special gift” for her fans.

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena shares her anger with Justin Bieber in her song and tag to all fans!

She wrote, so here my special gift to all my fans. With her Apple iPhone, I have created this particularly for you all. You lived with me in all situations. I thank you all to bring best in me. After releasing this music video “Lose you to Love me” her fans falling is increased and everyone adores for her courage and daring.

She bravely tell us on a relationship with the singing sensation Bieber. Related to him she also sings a song like” set fire to my purpose and I let it burn” is an emotional one which released in 2015 in album Purpose.

The Bieber moved on quickly and proposed a model Hailey Balwin and then got married to her. This thing is out the courage and bravery in Selena Gomez and her ability to sing this type of Empowering Anthems ‘Look at Her … Read the rest

Jeff Bezos Knockout Bill Gates from the title of “Richest Man on Earth”

In modern history, Jeff Bezos is the new richest man on the earth. His net worth is approximately $156 Billion which makes Bezos the fortunate man with immense wealth. He Switches the place with Bill Gates and become the richest person.

Amazon is the main Origen of Jeff’s massive wealth. He established the Business in 1994, and now in 2019, he is the biggest stockholder and CEO withholding a 16% stake in the firm. Whenever the price of Amazon stock increases, it also affects the leader’s wealth in a Good Way. While Amazon recently increased his stock price with 97,000%

Background of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is not only the richest man on earth that he is also the largest landowner in his country. He has a Biggest home with a 5.3-acre area in Medina, Washington which worth is $25 million. He also owns a townhouse in Washington worth $23 million with neighbour Obama and Ivanka Trump.

Except for all his investments and home, he also has a Gulfstream jet of $65 million.

Jeff Bezos as a person

Instead of a millionaire, he is very kind-hearted and the great man. He often loves to donate some money to the needful organizations like Mary’s place, which is an organization for unsettled homeless people. He also personally invests in Uber, Google, Airbnb and more to gain more profit. As also his almost family fund goes to several education projects and many other. He also made an individual donation to a Seattle museum Read the rest

Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume transformation of 2019 is quite Scary but excellent

When it comes to Halloween, everyone goes excited to see Heidi Klum’s costumes because she is the Queen of Halloween over year and year. Every year she looked stunning and unique in the party, this year she rocks the floor with her scary good look costumes.

Heidi joined the party with her husband

She wrote on her social media last Thursday morning “let’s get this party started” with one photograph. She looked as hot-blooded as her Halloween costume was. Klum went to an event in glass made vehicle, covered in biohazard symbol and splattered with some blood.

Heidi Klum’s husband, Tom Kaulitz also joined her with Blood covered Astronaut costume with Shattered Space helmet.

Heidi made the history with her costume

Although Heidi hasn’t revealed before what she wearing in this Halloween she planned her 2019 Halloween look in November 2018. she surprised everyone with this full-on silicone prosthetics with the Exposed intestine bodysuit, metal spikes along her back, bolts on her legs and visible muscles and her arms are held together with staples, and various tubes are attached to her fake breasts and her brain exposed which look so hot and epic but over concern is how difficult she goes to washroom?

Her costume took 10 hours to put together and some things she put in front of a live audience of Amazon Prime Bookstore in New York City on Thursday. Klum’s costume takes many months for making an all-over.

She made history of wearing a spectacular dress that Read the rest

Selena Gomez workout and Diet Secrets- 
Finally Out!

Salena Gomez is smart business-savvy, talented and very hot stunning Celebrity. She was in this industry since her childhood. Her figure transformed a lot.

When she is transforming, she was trolled from the internet, press and other social media alike. Instead of feeling bad she does more effort to attain the perfect body and being successful in it. 

To keep her body sexy and lean and cut off her weight, she takes the help of Amy Rosoff Davis, the celebrity trainer. She uses to do the workout with him in 3-5 days in a weak daily and 6-7 days a week while on tour.

Let read below the secrets of her Fitness which also help to look like Gomez-

Workout Schedule

 The First Day- she does the circuit in 20 mins.

• Warm-up

• jogging

• lunges

• Squats

• Stretches

• Jumping jacks

Second Day- same 20 min circuit

• Warm-up

• Stretch

• Jogging

• Crunches

• Push-ups

• Lunges

• Squats

• Jumping jacks

Third-Day- 30-40 min exercise

• Warm-up 

• Circuit training

Forth Day- 60 min circuits.

• Warm-up

• Pilates

Fifth Day- this is a rest day

Sixth Day- in 60 min circuit

• Warm-up

• Meditation

• Yoga

Seventh Day- Also a rest day.

Diet Schedule

Selena loves to eat all types of food. She swapped out fast food with some healthy food. She drinks a lot of water in a day to hydrate her skin.

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The Exercise and Diet Secrets of Miley Cyrus are out- Must read!

Miley Cyrus is the popular Celebrity and she has the most stunning Body I have ever seen. I have been impressed by her body while seeing her pictures of 2019. She has a large amount of energy and much impressive abs.

So, here we are going to share the workout and Diet routine of Miss Cyrus-

Exercise Routine

She is the biggest fan of Pilates and practicing it since the year 2013. She attends almost daily classes of Pilates. And now she installed her personal Pilates Studio in her own house. She used to do workout for a half hour and do several exercises like abs, crunches and sidekicks. She is also a die heart fan of yoga and love to do 6 days a week and almost 2 hours a day.

Her favourite yoga style is Ashtanga which is best for strength enhancing. Other times practicing breathing exercises for cardiovascular fitness. On the other hand, she also does 40 crunches a day.

Diet Schedule

Miley Cyrus is now full vegan and love to take only a plant-based diet since 2014. Due to this, she keeps away from eating eggs, dairy, fish, meat and especially all other products which made from animals. She doesn’t take any Gluten or dairy diet which helps her to lose weight and tone up her body.


She also recommended her fan to try Gluten-free diet to maintain health. 

Try this schedule of exercise and Diet for gaining the perfect body and look Stunning like Read the rest

Lori Loughlin

The fitness Plan of Hollywood Beauty Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin, the Hollywood Actress made her first Debut in 1970 with TV shows family affair. She suddenly becomes famous with her show in the 80s named The Edge of Night as Jody Travis. With her first film Amityville 3-D, she comes in more limelight. After the great performance in these series, she earned a great chance to play Rebecca Donaldson in the Sitcom Full House.

Except for her career, if we talk about her beauty then at the age of 53 Lori looks the same as we saw her first time and falls in love with her. Her beauty and fitness remain the same. So, here we share some tips about her Fitness and you must try this to become Sizzling Hot.

Lori Loughlin

Workout and Exercise Routine-

She doesn’t like to work out in the gym. Instead of this, she used to do some exercises, yoga and dance cardio classes i.e. Body by Simone. She used to go 3-4 times a week in cardio dance classes.

With her hectic schedule, she almost carries the cardio DVD with her and used to do her exercise in the hotel room. When she is working outdoors she finds any yoga class there. She goes for a hike, take a treadmill class and do Pilates. She usually mixes up all that she doesn’t get bored with her regular routine.

Workout and Exercise Routine Lori Loughlin

Lori’s Diet Plan

Lori eats every healthy food item but not in bulk. She eats in less quantity. She does not eat unhealthy stuff. She … Read the rest

Blake Lively Workout and Eat in her daily Routine!

Ever Curious to know How Blake Lively Workout and Eat in her daily Routine!

There is no doubt, that Blake Lively has a killer and slim body. The best thing in Blake Lively is she gains so much weight in her second pregnancy, but she lost 61 pounds in a few months after her delivery. She looked stunning after that. She picked up a celebrity trainer Don Saladino for maintaining her body over 14 months.

Blake Lively Workout and Eat in her daily Routine!

So, if you want a body like Blake Lively then you must follow her fitness and diet routine that we are going to share with you below.

Workout Routine

Firstly, she does some warm-ups before the workout. Mostly she started her routine with activation Mobility, Dynamic warm-ups and foam rolling to get the body warmed up and heart rate up for training.

To maintain her upper body, Blake Lively does arm workout and 3-5 shoulders. Each workout contains 3-4 rounds of 8-10 reps. She also used to do the elliptical, treadmill for 20-30 mins.

Blake Lively Workout


She is very concerned about her lower body and does the same number of rounds and reps. Blake used to do split squats, kettlebell deadlifts, and lateral lungs. She does the same for Arms day and ends her workout with 20-30 min of cardio. Lively loves to swim in the water she used to does long-distance swimming and some exercises as treading water.

Diet Routine

Blake is very diet conscious. She avoids eating junk food and processed food because she thought that this type of food defeats the purpose of exercising.

She knows how … Read the rest