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10 Awesome Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Being a brunette is being at your best. While you can change your skin tone, you become a brunette by coloring your hair a few shades darker. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of being a brunette and some fascinating brunette hair color ideas.

Brunette Hair Advantages

Safe & Secure

Brunette hair color ideas are popular because they are 100% safe and secure. First, a dark color doesn’t need multiple salon treatments to achieve the desired shade. Second, it requires less touching so the abuse of hair is going to be minimal.

Honey Brown Hair Color

Honey Brown Hair Color

Some brunette hair color ideas are more suitable for women with cooler skin undertones. Keep the hair near the face a shade lighter to accentuate your features.

Looks Shinier

The brunette tint will only add color molecules to the hair and create an optical illusion of shinier hair. Brunette hair is a little bouncier and thicker which makes it easy to style brunette hair. With brunette hair color ideas, you can make your hair look younger than you are.

Affordable Coloring

Brunette hair color ideas can save money on coloring, touching, and re-coloring. You won’t have to worry about paying for multiple salon treatments for coloring as well as maintenance.

Affordable Coloring

Your dark hair color will remain in the right shade without much maintenance.

Sun Protection

Brunette Hair Color Sun Protection

Dark dye protects hair from sun damage. Undyed blonde, light, or white hair is more susceptible to UV radiation damage than dyed hair. It can also be a reason behind the popularity of brunette hair color ideas.

Quick Repair

In case, you damage your brunette hair, you can color the damaged part with one or two shades darker. On the contrary, over-bleached blonde hair requires complete treatment. This quick tip can help maintain your brunette hair color ideas for a long time.

Next Door Girl

Next Door Girl

Brunette hair color ideas can transform your personality from just another woman to the girl next door. Also, the transformation will be quick and long-lasting. Everyone in your family and friends will be surprised to see the swift change in your personality.

More Suitable

Celebrity Choice

Another bonus of brunette hair color ideas is they look fabulous on all skin tones and dresses. It hardly matters whether you are of light tone or dark tone, or you are dressing for the office or a party, brunette hair will suit your overall look and personality.

Celebrity Choice

Most celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga are brunettes. Celebrities try different brunette hair color ideas to change their looks. It isn’t that they don’t like blonde and other lighter shades. They choose light colors for specific occasions. Celebrities can afford lighter shades but they choose brunette colors to keep their hair healthy and safe.

Quick Makeup

With brunette hair color ideas, you need no specific makeup tip. It is so because brunettes look attractive in every makeup. Whether you want to go nude or with dark red lipstick, your brunette hair will match your makeup. With … Read More

Trendy French Braid Hairstyle

10 Upgrades To Elegant French Braid Hairstyle

A French braid hairstyle looks classic but you can give it a modern look. Also, you will be surprised to know that there are multiple ways of making French plaits. This hairstyle is so popular that everyone wants to wear it irrespective of their hair volume, length, and texture. You can even find extensions imitating braids that you can clip to your hair for a quick change. But here we will discuss the braids you can make at home.

French Braid Hairstyle

Effortless Side Braid

Effortless Side Braid

There is little to worry about braiding your hair when you have the option of making a side braid. First, bring all your tresses to a side, and second, make a single braid with some locks. Leave the rest of the tresses open. It is a relatively new hairstyle and it suits modern dresses. If you are wearing jeans and a top but want a French braid hairstyle, you can make a side braid. It will suit your modern dress and improve the overall look.

Two Side French Braid Hairstyle

Two Side Braids

A French braid hairstyle is for everyone because people are free to change the plaits to bring variations in the traditional style. If you look at the two side braid style, you will find that it makes a crown. Two side braids converge at the nape and make a long tail. This hairstyle is better suited for women with long hair. Also, you need enough hair to make two long braids. This hairstyle suits traditional dresses.

Round And Round The Crown

Round And Round The Crown

This French braid hairstyle shows the best way to make a crown with a braid. First, you need to make a thick braid starting from the front hair, and second you need to make a crown with the braid. The thickness of the braid with give the hairstyle the shape of a crown. Circle the braid all over the head and pin it at the front. You will need multiple pins to fix the braid to your hair. Also, you need a good volume of hair for this hairstyle.

Meeting In The Middle

Meeting In The Middle

It is a variation of side braids. First, you start two braids from your sides and join the braids in the middle. Second, you plait the braids into one to make a long tail. The rest of the tresses are left open. It is a simple French braid hairstyle that you can keep for leisure time. You can wear this hairstyle while dressing for an evening party where you expect to meet many people.

Side Or Milkmaid Braids

Side Or Milkmaid Braids

A French braid hairstyle is for everyone including short hair. If you have middle or short-length haircut and you want to make braids, you can try side or milkmaid braids. The … Read More

natural hair moisturizer

Dry Scalp Hair Oil

A dry scalp develops when the scalp doesn’t have enough oil or moisture to keep the skin lubricated. If allowed to persist, the condition could lead to itching, flaking, and irritation. But the maximum impact of a dry scalp will be seen on the hair. The hair will look dry and become lifeless and fragile because of a lack of oil. Using a quality dry scalp hair oil can help control the condition.

Dry Scalp Hair Oil

If you have dry skin, you are most likely to have a dry scalp. If you wash your hair regularly, you are stripping your scalp of the natural oil and making it dry. Soon you will have symptoms like itching and irritation. Medical conditions like eczema or psoriasis could also lead to a dry scalp. Using a quality dry scalp hair oil and drinking enough water can help hydrate the scalp and hair.

What is the right dry scalp treatment?

Dry scalp treatment needs a two-way approach. First, you should treat the underlying condition causing dryness in the scalp. Second, you should use a quality dry scalp hair oil. For example, you can increase your fluid intake to stay hydrated. Also, you can discontinue daily washing your hair. If you have a medical condition, you need to get prescription drugs to treat that condition.

Which hair oil is the best for a dry scalp?

There are many brands selling oils for dry scalp treatment. They use many ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera extract for dry scalp treatment. Before you buy a dry scalp hair oil, you should check its ingredients and make sure your skin isn’t allergic to those ingredients. But it is much better if you could try a home remedy like coconut water. It will treat your dry scalp and keep you safe from side effects.

Here are some natural oils you can use for dry scalp treatment at home

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Dry Scalp

Aloe vera gel is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can help control skin irritation due to dry scalp. Also, the moisturizer present in aloe vera can nourish and moisturize your dry scalp. You can easily make a dry scalp hair oil with aloe vera gel.

Yogurt And Egg

Yogurt And Egg

You will like the soothing touch of creamy yogurt dry scalp hair oil on your dry scalp. In addition to moisturizing your scalp, it will exfoliate the accumulated dead skin cells from the scalp. Eggs can nourish the dry scalp and prevent damage by free radicals at the cellular level.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Dry Scalp

Virgin coconut oil is the right dry scalp hair oil because it leaves a moisturizing effect on the scalp. Also, it contains excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties that reduce the risk of infections. It can even cure atopic dermatitis which causes dry scalp.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba dry scalp hair oil can give quick and lasting relief from itching and irritation. It will work as a moisturizer and hydrate your dry … Read More

Loose Perm Hair Styles

10 Cool Short Perm Hairstyles Of 2023

Some people are saying that the classic perm hair style is back in trend but I say it has never been out of trend. A perm is short for “permanent hairstyle” and people always prefer permanent solutions to their hair styling woes. Also, what’s wrong with wearing a haircut that better suits your face shape?

Perm Hair Style

When I say perm has never been out of style, I mean it provides a wide range of choices. For example, take loose perm hair style that add volume to hair. Also, they require less washing and styling. Since the hairstyle is permanent, you don’t have to worry about choosing a haircut daily.

How long does a perm last?

Natural perm hair style can last up to six months depending on the styling and upkeep. But you won’t need to go for retouching or restyling before three months. So, the minimum time of a perm is three months and the maximum is six months. Also, you have a wide range of perms to choose from.

Here I am listing some easy perm hair styles for women for your convenience. There are plenty of perm haircuts but I will list only 10 of the most popular haircuts to prevent things from becoming overwhelming.

Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm

This hairstyle gets its name from the curly and wavy hair you have when you come back from a beach. The waves are loose and the locks look a little messy but the perm hair style looks attractive. And this perm hair cut girl could last for four months. Also, it is easier to make with soft and spongy rollers. If you have short shoulder-length hair, you should go for the beach wave perm hairstyle.

Spiral Perm

It is also a good option for your shoulder-length hair. Also, it will suit you even if your hair is a little longer. The hair is curled in a vertical pattern that adds volume and dimension to the natural hair. Since the curls are generally very tight, this haircut can last up to six months. Tight curls bounce as you walk and it is what makes perm hair style one of the best loose perm hair styles.

Spot or Partial Perm

Spot or Partial Perm

It isn’t necessary to perm the entire head when you need only a specific section of your hair to get a perm. Also, this perm hair cut girl has many advantages like it adds volume and dimension to a specific section of hair. Also, it gives you a different look. But the biggest benefit of this haircut is that you can choose which section of hair you want to perm. So, you have more choices with this hairstyle.

Root Perm

Here perming is done at the roots of hair strands. This kind of perm provides a lift and volume to hair. Also, … Read More

Semi Permanent Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color Is A Permanent Solution To Premature Greying Since a permanent hair color doesn’t fade away gradually, it becomes an optimum choice for covering grey hair, changing hair color, and lightening or darkening hair. But the new growth of hair will look different from the colored hair. And if you don’t take any corrective measures, the difference in your natural hair tone and colored hair will be significant.

But there is little to worry about as you can deposit color over lightened hair and correct the color that has gone off-tone with demi-permanent professional hair color. It will even enhance the natural hair color and blend grey. A demi-permanent color is a low-ammonia formula and it is mixed with a low-volume developer. It can add more shine to your hair but it can’t cover grey or even lighten the hair color. It fades gradually and lasts up to 24 shampoos.

hair colour for men and women

Also, you can refresh faded hair color and blend grey with a semi-permanent hair color. It will even add shine and restore the luster of dull hair. But it won’t lighten your hair or cover grey. It is only used for refreshing the hair color. Since it doesn’t need ammonia, it is found in many shampoos and conditioners. You can check the ingredients of a hair care product to know whether it contains hair color before buying.

Here’re 10 bestselling hair color brands in the market

Smart Beauty Purple Hair Dye Permanent With Plex Anti-Breakage Technology

Smart Beauty Purple Hair Dye Permanent

Price: $17.39
Brand: Smart Beauty

One of the most popular permanent hair dye brands, Smart Beauty offers a hair color that is easy to use and that gives excellent results over dark blonde to mid-brown hair. It comes complete with a developer and gloves and its non-drip formula makes it super easy to apply on hair.

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye – Semi Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

Price: $22.00
Brand: Keracolor

Color, cleanse, and condition your hair with this semi-permanent hair color. It is for use after a fresh color. This conditioner will help maintain the vibrancy of your hair color. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair and comb through it to allow the conditioner to cover each hair strand.

Clairol Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

Clairol Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

Price: $22.77
Brand: Clairol

You will need a professional hair color to refresh your dull-looking hair or darken the blonde or lightened hair. Refresh the color before it starts to fade. Buy Clairol hair dye and enhance your color naturally. This easy-to-apply dye will blend grey hair so you look young, energetic, and enthusiastic.

eSalon Permanent Hair Color & Hair Dye Complete Kit

Price: $32.50
Brand: ESalon

Cover your grey hair with this natural permanent hair color and get amazing results. Buy the color that suits your skin tone most and refresh your grey hair. It is a quick job that you can do hair color at home. It promises 100% grey coverage and it is suitable … Read More

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Hair Moisturizers

The Top 10 Hair Moisturizers For Ultimate Hair Health

Our hair is our crowning glory, and keeping it well-moisturized is essential for maintaining its health and vitality. Whether you have dry, frizzy hair or simply want to enhance your hair’s natural shine and smoothness, finding the right hair moisturizer is key. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 hair moisturizers that will transform your locks into a luscious mane. These products range from natural hair moisturizers to water-based options, ensuring there’s something for everyone, no matter your hair type.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

If you’re a fan of natural hair care, Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque should be your go-to choice. This deep conditioner is packed with the goodness of shea butter and argan oil, making it an excellent natural hair moisturizer. After shampooing, apply this masque generously to your hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and rinse for soft, nourished locks.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

For those busy mornings when you need a quick hair fix, Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream is your best friend. This leave-in conditioner is perfect for applying after your shower routine. It hydrates and revitalizes your hair, leaving it silky-smooth and manageable throughout the day.

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight, water-based hair moisturizer that’s ideal for all hair types. It hydrates your hair without weighing it down, making it perfect for those with finer strands. The lemongrass scent is an added bonus, leaving your hair smelling fresh and invigorating.

Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner

If you’re dealing with chronically dry hair, the Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner is your solution. It’s formulated with a blend of botanical extracts and antioxidants to lock in moisture and protect your hair from environmental damage. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to well-hydrated, vibrant curls.

OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

Sometimes, all you need is a quick spritz to refresh and hydrate your hair. The OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum is a fantastic hair moisturizer spray that not only moisturizes but also helps prevent breakage. It’s perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and maintaining your hair’s health throughout the day.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream

Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream is an excellent choice if you prefer natural ingredients in your hair products. With olive, meadowfoam, and sweet almond extracts, this cream deeply nourishes your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It’s a natural hair … Read More

trendy red hair ideas

Redhead Hair Ideas

Tipi Tipi top, which color you want? If it is about hair color, most women will answer “RED”. Coloring hair is a great way to change the way to change your hairstyle and it is so popular that it has made hair coloring service a staggering $15 billion industry and it is growing. Also, red has become increasingly popular and it seems that everyone wants redhead hair.

Only 1-2% of the world population has naturally red hair but the number of women wearing redhead hairstyles could be well over 50%. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every fashion-conscious woman colors her hair red at least once in her life.

Let’s see who women are looking to for crazy redhead hair ideas and discuss both pros and cons of dying your locks ginger….

Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice: Vibrant and Eye-Catching Look

Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice looks bold in dark redhead hair. She’s also wearing a matching outfit and lipstick. It is a striking appearance and it can turn heads in public places. You can try it if you also have shoulder-length hair. But the process of achieving a vibrant red shade involves bleaching or the use of strong chemicals that could be harmful to your hair. Also, it will require regular touch-ups to maintain the shade.

Ice Spice: Expressing Individuality

Ice Spice Redhead Hair

Her blonde redhead hair is catching more attention than her Princess pendant decorated silver belt. Ice Spice looks at her best in red hair tone. Choosing red is a fun way to improve your look and a great way to express your creativity. Whether you choose fiery red or a more subtle shade of red, it will reflect your unique self. But red hair color is more sensitive to sunlight, heat styling tools, and certain hair products. It could fade quickly due to a lack of maintenance.

Rihanna: Boosted Confidence

Rihanna Redhead Hair

Red is a confidence booster for Rihanna in this picture. Rihanna transformed her image with a red hair tone and this transformation can make anyone feel empowered. Her red locks shape her square face and balance her black goggles as well. You can also get a boost in your self-esteemed by coloring your hair red. But red has limited compatibility with natural hair color requiring multiple bleaching sessions or extensive color correction to achieve a desired shade. You should look for natural redhead hair ideas if your natural hair isn’t suitable for red dye.

Adwoa Aboah: Versatile Styling Options

Adwoa Aboah Versatile Style

Blonde redhead hair offers versatile styling options like the one the British model is displaying in the picture. But you can experiment with braids, updos, or loose waves. Similarly, you can use red hair tones … Read More

Best Shampoo For Lice

The Ultimate Solution : Best Lice Shampoo For Clean Scalp

It’s quite funny how one word can completely override whatever other hair issue you may have. When lice are present, who can think about split ends, dandruff, or frizzy hair? These things are scurrying through our hair, and we want them to be gone RIGHT NOW, whether you contracted it from your child or some other source or not. What then can we do? There is several best lice shampoo available.

Treatment Of Lice

Treatment for lice

  • Clothes can spread lice, but you would need to share them within 24-36 hours since if a louse is removed from a head for too long, it will die.
  • Head lice are merely an annoyance and pose no serious health risks. They don’t infect you with any illnesses or diseases.
  • Having lice does not mean you’re dirty; in fact lice typically like roving in clean hair.
  • One round of treatment may not be enough to remove all the lice. Nits take about 10 days to come lice so make sure you treat it every week to make sure the new batch that’s incubated does not live on
  • Olive oil is a great way to suffocate the lice. You’ll also be suitable to see the lice easily and pull it out effectively. Make sure to leave it on for 5 hours and remove all traces.

Here we discuss the top ten best lice shampoo to cure your scalp

Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment Shampoo

Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment Shampoo

Mediker shampoo was important to include at the top, substantially because it’s the go to name for lice junking. It has frequently replaced the traditional digging out system of removing lice. Still, a combination of the two will do especially if you have a lot of lice on your hands. This anti head lice shampoo contains products like neem, camphor, and sitaphal. It’s safe with no side goods and clinically tested. It’s available in a bottle form as well as sachets. Price Rs. 45 for 50 ml.

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo & Conditioner Brace

Fairy Tales Shampoo contains rosemary, lavender oil painting and tea tree to repel lice and other insects from the hair. It’s paraben free. Still, it does contain Sodium Lauryl Acetate. It’s ideal for diurnal use and doesn’t dry out the hair. Price Rs. 1500.

Apollo Pharmacy Keeto Care Anti-Lice Shampoo

Apollo Pharmacy Keeto Care Anti-Lice Shampoo

This de lice shampoo brand is really good for children as its ayurvedic and kills lice from hair. It does not dry or hurt the crown. It contains natural constituents like sitaphal beej excerpt, olive, neem and Camphor. Parents have said that it worked really well for their children and handed them relief. A top rated anti head lice shampoo in India. Price Rs. 43 for 50ML.

Jungle Formula Anti Head Lice Shampoo

This de lice shampoo claims 100 junking of lice and eggs just in one operation! That’s an altitudinous order for forestallment of head lice. It contains 96 Hydrocarbon Fluids and 4 Dimethicone. This shampoo dehydrates and suffocates lice and their eggs. It’s germicide free and … Read More

Split Ends Hair Treatment

Get Rid From Unhealthy Hair With These Splits Ends Hair Treatment

After getting a trim, that beautiful period of bouncy, split-end free hair is a dream. But as with all dreams, this period ultimately comes to an end, despite how much we try to end it. No matter how well you condition your hair, split ends are ineluctable, in part due to heat tools, brushing, coloring, and living life. Split ends hair treatment is one of the solutions for all major hair problems utmost of us go through. It can negatively affect how the hair looks and stop hair growth.

What Is Split End Hair?

What Is Split End Hair?

A split end is the splitting of the hair shaft at the tip of your hair. It’s also known as trichoptilosis or “arrangement of feathers in definite areas”. This is because when resolve ends aren’t taken care of, the hair beaches start to break at different points, making your hair look like a feather.

Here is the list of essentials that require to help you in split ends hair treatment

Coconut Oil Is Solution For Split Ends Hair Treatment

Coconut Oil Is Solution For Split Ends Hair Treatment

Coconut oil is a brilliant moisturizer and a natural healer. It contains medium-chain adipose acids that enable it to access your hair fluently. It moisturizes and nourishes your hair and is great for precluding and repairing split ends.

What You Have To Do:

  • Take some coconut oil in your palm and apply it to your hair from the roots to the tips. Make sure you apply enough oil to the tips.
  • Bind up your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it on overnight.
  • In the morning, shampoo your hair to get relieve of the redundant oil.
  • Towel dry your hair. Don’t use a hairdryer.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil For Split Hair

Argan oil is also known as liquid gold, is uprooted from the Argan kernels. It reverses hair damage and helps to treat split ends. The vitamin E, antioxidants, and adipose acids present in argan oil make it an excellent rehydrating agent.

What You Have To Do:

  • Shampoo your hair and use the towel to dry it.
  • While your hair is still damp, apply one to two drops of argan oil from the mid-shaft of your hair till the end.
  • Leave it on to dry.

Castor Oil Splits End Hair Treatment

Castor Oil Splits End Hair Treatment

Castor oil has a low molecular weight and can access the hair shaft. It repairs and rehydrates the hair, reduces itchy crown, promotes hair growth, and treats split ends.

What You Have To Do:

  • Mixed two to four drops of castor oil with two drop of coconut oil.
  • Take a tablespoon of the admixture in your palm. Rub your palms together and also apply it to your hair, starting from the roots till the ends.
  • Crop up your hair and cover it with a shower cap.
  • Leave it on for 1-2 hours.
  • Wash your hair with an herbal shampoo.
  • Towel dry your hair. Don’t use a hairdryer.
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baking soda for dandruff treatments

Cure Dandruff Naturall

Dandruff is also medically known as seborrhoea and this condition weakens your scalp primarily due to poor hair brushing, stress and because of dry skin. So now the question what is the best dandruff treatment at home?

Dandruff is a common condition that can be set up in the hair all time round and is the result of a dry and itchy scalp. It is mostly caused by the overgrowth of a fungus, Malassezia, it especially becomes apparent during cold weather as the scalp is unfit to get enough humidity and becomes dry. Malassezia feeds on the sebum i.e. the unctuous substance buried by the glands on the scalp. And when this fungus feeds on the sebum, it breaks into adipose acid that causes vexation on the scalp.

Causes Of Dandruff And Treatment

Dry Skin

You have dry skin. Dry skin is one of the most common causes of dandruff. And unfortunately, if this is the root of your dandruff, you might see it get worse with time. However, it’s easier to tell as other places of your body are most probably dry as well, If dry skin is causing your dandruff.

During cold weather, skin becomes drier-which is why people tend to notice further dandruff at this time.

Shampoo Enough

You are not shampooing enough. While it sounds hygienic, not shampooing enough could be the cause of your dandruff. When you do not shampoo enough, oil is accumulating and builds up on the skin and can causes dandruff. You can use medicated shampoo and washed your hair frequently within a week.


You’re allergic. If you notice any kind of crown itchiness similar as itchiness or soreness after using a certain product. The remedy first, stop using the suspected product.

Medical Emergency

You have a medical condition. Seborrheic dermatitis is a habitual medical condition that not only affects the crown but also other areas of the body where oil glands are present. This condition is characterized by dandruff as well as redness of the crown. It looks similar to other common skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema or indeed an antipathetic response. Other specifics remedy you have to follow a good hair care routine can also help.

Yeast Overgrowth

Are you also suffering from yeast overgrowth? It is maybe one of the reasons of dandruff. Malassezia is a fungus that lives on the crown and skin of all people. For some, a perceptivity develops which can affect in dandruff. Like seborrheic dermatitis, other skin conditions exacerbated by Malassezia include psoriasis and other types of dermatitis.

Here are the top remedies for the dandruff treatment at home that will cure your inner health of hair.

Coconut Oil And Lemon

Coconut Oil And Lemon

Coconut oil is commodity that everyone’s grandmother idea. Its antifungal parcels can give a great relief from itchiness and dry scalp. Combine equal quantities of coconut oil and lemon juice and massage the admixture … Read More