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hair type is curly & frizzy

Do not Wash your Hair Frequently if your Hair Type is Curly & Frizzy!!

Tell me first, how often you washed your hair? Regularly or in intervals? Well, finding out the best hair wash for your hair is quite daunting. If you’re washing hair frequently then it causes dryness especially when you are using extreme chemical-based shampoo.

Stop washing enough. Just like your skin you have to care for hair as well. While our studies, we have also found some girls are likely to wash hair daily without affecting the quality of hair. So what should you do?

At Review mentor, we have given the best tricks and tips to care for your hair in this post.

hair type is curly & frizzy

So, let us explore!

1. Does hair types matter?

Yes! That is the reason why girls feel a difference in their hair quality as well as. You may do not aware that there are different products available for different hair types. If you want to enjoy long, shiny, soft, and beautiful hair then pick out the best shampoo for hair type. Curly hair often takes time to get dirties as compared to other hair types like silky.

2. Poor Lifestyle

The kind of lifestyle you are taking also affect the quality of hair. It is a fact that usually ignored because no one has enough time to think about their health. I am sure you are also one of them. Blow drying, regular straitening, various products, and … Read the rest

best Hairstyles

5 the best Hairstyles that every bride should know about!

For every bride, her hairstyle should be unique, well-created, and appealing. You have some great options in your bucket already, but you need the best. A hairstyle that can improve your personality and enhance your features.

best Hairstyles

As a bride, you just want to look stunning, whether it is for a pre-bridal shoot or wedding day. For our beautiful ladies, we have rounded up 6 of the best hairstyle that you’ll love for sure.

Let us see!

1. Get Gajra hairstyle

If you are thinking Gajra is outdated, then I would like to say it is not. Use mogra flowers to add different yet simple look. It is a good option for long hairs and it would work as a trendsetter if you haven’t seen this hairstyle before.

Why not try something best? Think about it!

2. Traditional braid

Traditional braid is a stunning fashion that will never get out of fashion. Marriage is important and accomplishes the happiness of couples so many customs and traditions are followed. So why not traditional braid?

You can make braids more attractive by adding floral accessories or adding traditional accessories. This season, it has been spotted in many brides. Ensure one thing you are looking best with braid.

3. Floral Tiaras

You will love to hear that Tiaras are back this season. For your Haldi, mehndi or hen’s party, this looks fantastic with a very dress. It also looks cute and adorable in pictures.… Read the rest

The hairstyle you can carry to look stunning in Frizzy hair

Tired off with Frizzy Hair? Try These Hairstyles to Style Your Frizzy Hair!

How many hours you have spent to style your hair? Are you frustrated with your same hairstyle? Yes! This might take you here and you just wanted to make your look refreshing. Frizzy hair ruined everything, because you are unable to get ready or if you have done but a minute after you see frizziness.

Well, you are not alone who is facing this problem. It is trouble for both men and women globally. Hence, we have here and will show you how you can tame your frizzy hair and get a gorgeous look.

Before looking down to the solutions, it is important to learn about some basics or causes of that problem. So, let us discuss it!

Causes of Frizzy hair

Generally, frizz hair caused by extra dryness and lack of moisture in the scalp. The layer of cuticle allows moisture to pass through, hence frizzy hair occurs. Moreover, the humid atmosphere naturally increases the problem of frizzy hair. Many other reasons become the Causes of Frizzy hair such as:

frizzy hair

• Rubbing of hair with a towel.

• Using harsh shampoo

• You are not using Conditioner

• Washing your hair with hot water

The hair care tips which every folk needs to follow are:

• Make sure you are applying serum and hair conditioner after the hair wash.

• Use a natural shampoo that doesn’t leave dryness.

• use fingers to comb your hair rather using a brush

• Always apply the serum before trying any hairstyle.

• … Read the rest

skin and hairs care for biker

For the Bikers: How to Protect their Skin and Hairs from Damage

Biking is one of the most important delights in everyone’s life. But it also causes many Hair and skin problems. In our Atmosphere, there are very harmful chemicals in the air that badly affect our skin and hair. The ultraviolet Radiations are very dangerous for our body and cause many diseases. So, from all these, we have to cover our hole exposed parts to avoid problems but also take extra care of our head and body with the right treatment.

Here we are going to discuss some important tips to take extra care of your skin while riding a bike.

Skin Care Tips for Bike Riders:

skin and hairs care for biker

• Avoid the use of Facial Scrubs contain exfoliant- yes we know that the facial scrubs and glycolic acid scrubs are very good for attaining healthy and glowing skin but avoid it before three days of traveling in bike because it increases the skin sensitivity and causes skin burn.

• Apply Sunscreen while going- sunscreen is a must for any bike riders. Apply this every two hours because it protects us from sunburn or tanning and by applying this we don’t feel the sun as much hot. So use it regularly while driving.

• Also, Wear Sunglasses- while outing you must wear goggles or dark shades sunglasses. The big goggles cover the large area around the eyes and protect it from wrinkles behind the eye lines.

Haircare Tips for Bike Riders:

Haircare Tips for Bike Riders

• Must Wear Helmet- Helmet is necessary for every bike riders because it … Read the rest

Five Tips To Fight Hair Loss

Five Tips To Fight Hair Loss

Problem of hair loss is common in both the sexes. Both men and women suffer hair loss due to many reasons including stress, dandruff, nutritional deficiencies, illness, thyroid, hormonal imbalance and oily scalp. Use of chemical applications and heat application are also reasons for hair loss. In male, baldness could be due to hormonal factors or hereditary.

Is hair loss and hair breakage similar?

While it is common for 50 to 100 hair strands to fall daily but there is nothing to worry until the hair are replaced. But the slow rate of replacement is a cause of worry. On the other hand, breakage results when the hair shaft breaks. It could happen due to use of rubber bands, heat applications, split ends and dryness.

Whether you are suffering from hair breakage or thinning of hair, you should try finding the obvious reason behind the problem.

Know when to wash your hair

wash your hair

When the weather is hot and humid, you should wash your tresses more often to remove the sweat, dirt and oil deposits. Oily hair requires three to four wash a week but dry hair shouldn’t be washed more than two times a week.

Choose the right products

Avoid using harsh products because they can disturb the normal acid-alkaline balance. It could lead to build-up of dead cells and dandruff. If you require traveling long distances then you should wash your hair daily, if required. To remove excess oil from hair, you can use a hair rinse.

Treat oily

Read the rest
Kajol's GORGEOUS behind-the-ears hairstyle

Kajol’s Hairstyle- Get Dazzling Hairstyle Behind The Ears

The Bollywood divas are inspiring for all girls. Their hairstyles, dresses, casual outfits, etc. create trends every day. We currently get a stunning hairstyle look from our bubbly and hottest actress Kajol. The Hairstylist Sangeeta Kumar Hedge introducing lovely hairstyles back-to-back on Kajol.

Kajol's GORGEOUS behind-the-ears hairstyle

One of her simple yet gorgeous hairstyles gives inspiration. The actresses spotted with behind ears hairstyle, with sleek hair with a dark-blue sari, which is designed by Manish Malhotra. She was looking elegant and the best thing her hairstyle can copy easily by anyone.

How to get this hairstyle:

• First part your hair and comb perfectly, if you have curly hair then first go for pressing.

• Use a tail comb to part the hair.

• Next, take back your hair behind the ears, not more than 2 inches.

• Fix the hair behind with invisible hairband, this will keep your hair in the exact position for a long time.

• If you have little fizzy hair, then smooth out with fizzy cream.

• Then apply hair spray and you will get a gorgeous look.

Note- This hairstyle can use for parties, weddings or any occasion with any outfit. So get this look easily and enjoy the hottest avatar.… Read the rest

hairstyle for Indian wear from Kriti Sanon’s

Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Indian Wear from Kriti Sanon’s Diaries

So, you have a party tonight? Are you searching for the best hairstyle to style this party eve? Your dress is perfect, shoes are in, but what your hairstyle should be? Confused? Maybe.

You don’t want to head up with the same style. You want something great which gives you a modern yet amazing look. So, here for you ladies, we have cherry-picked some best hairstyles from the Kriti Sanon’s diaries.

hairstyle for Indian wear from Kriti Sanon’s

Let us find the best one for you!

Braided ponytail

It was the best hairstyle, which I loved the most. She wore this style with an indo-fusion sari, which was a little modern and carried with converse shoes. This style was done by Artist Aasif Ahmed. He gave braid on the face with loose waves on her face.

Low Bun

It was another hairstyle she was picked with Anarkali suit. Her hairstylist Aasif gave her red roses in a bun.


This was a good hairstyle which she carried with a striped suit. She opted ponytail with a little twist with center parting. She also wore silver accessories with a pony that added modern touch.

Carry on your best hairstyle with suits, sari, and whatever you are wearing in Indian touch.… Read the rest

winter hair mistakes

4 winter hair mistakes you are making and how to fix them

In winter, hairs and skin wants more care than any other season. For hairs, you would be more aware and more careful about the product that you are using. But sometimes you must make mistakes in very simple everyday things. Rather than chemical, these little things cause more damage to your hair than we realized.

So, here we tell you the 4 hair mistakes that you make in your everyday routine:

winter hair mistakes

1. Washing or Bathing your Hairs with Hot Water

Showering your hairs with hot water is so much dangerous than you ever imagine. Washing with hot water can cause so much damages to your hairs like it suck all the nutrients and oil from your hair.

So, while you are washing your head you must down the temperature of the water and wash your hairs with cold water in winters. By this, you must protect your hair from various Damages.

2. To dry your Hairs Use the wrong Towel

Normally we use the same towel to dry our body and hairs this is a very bad technique that pulls your hair out and causes so much damage as well as breakage of hairs. Also, do not use a normal terrycloth towel to dry your hairs because these are so much harsh and cause friction in your hairs. So, use the microfiber towel to wipe out your hairs which are very good for your hairs.

3. Extra use of Dry Shampoo

Extra use of Dry Shampoo

It is so true that everyone uses dry shampoo … Read the rest

Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Celebrity Hairstyles for Saris

Choosing the right kind of hairstyle could make a difference to your look in saris. But most women are stuck in a style rut without knowing that they have good options to change their hairstyles. Or you can learn from celebrities.

Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Let’s check the hairstyles film stars sport with saris

1. Jacqueline Fernandez

The actress was recently seen in a traditional sari with a retro hairstyle. She sported finger waves on the face with half-tied hairstyle with curls. Women with long tresses can wear this hairstyle.

2. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu hairstyle

The evergreen Bipasha was recently in limelight for her look in a gorgeous silk sari finished with a sleek bun. Also, she adorned the bun with white flowers that look fresh. Her look was spotted in a party.

3. Karisma

Karisma flaunted her elegant look in a red sari coupled with a sleek bun. But the photograph shows it was actually her side braid detailing that was highlighting the textured low bun.

4. Mouni Roy

Her style of sporting straight locks effortlessly won her many fans. She went for straight locks tucked behind the ears for a fuss-free look for a party.

5. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit hairstyle

She looks pretty in a gorgeous printed sari in powder pink colour. But what completes her soft waves that she pulled down with a deep side parting. Her fans appreciated her hair down look.

Follow these five trends to improve your look in saris. Choose a hairdo according to volume and length of hair. Or you … Read the rest

Common Hair mistakes make by Brides

How to Avoid the 4 Common Hair Mistakes Make by Brides

A wedding Day of girl is probably one of the most stressful, yet amazing days if her whole life. It takes months to organize everything perfectly involving up to the big day and it also comes with a lot of pressure that everything went smoothly without any hindrance. If you are a Bride-to-be, then you also want to look at the perfect and most beautiful Bride in the world.

The most 5 common mistakes that Bride can make and we tell you how to avoid this. There are few things have to keep in mind to look your best.

Common Hair mistakes make by Brides

1. Skip the Trial Session

This is one of the most important steps for the bride so that the trial session satisfies both the stylists and bride because if required, it can be changed according to your choice. So on a special day, the Bride would be happy with her look.

2. Washing Your hairs the day of

A big and common mistake that every bride could make is washing her hairs on the big day but the silky smooth hairs don’t hold any style. So it is best to wash the hairs before one or two days of a big day.

3. Getting last minute Dye

Some Brides might think to color her hairs before the wedding day to look perfect but it is a big disaster to dye job last minute. You must Dye your hair before the month of the big day to make sure that this color … Read the rest