Loose Perm Hair Styles

10 Cool Short Perm Hairstyles Of 2023

Some people are saying that the classic perm hair style is back in trend but I say it has never been out of trend. A perm is short for “permanent hairstyle” and people always prefer permanent solutions to their hair styling woes. Also, what’s wrong with wearing a haircut that better suits your face shape?

Perm Hair Style

When I say perm has never been out of style, I mean it provides a wide range of choices. For example, take loose perm hair style that add volume to hair. Also, they require less washing and styling. Since the hairstyle is permanent, you don’t have to worry about choosing a haircut daily.

How long does a perm last?

Natural perm hair style can last up to six months depending on the styling and upkeep. But you won’t need to go for retouching or restyling before three months. So, the minimum time of a perm is three months and the maximum is six months. Also, you have a wide range of perms to choose from.

Here I am listing some easy perm hair styles for women for your convenience. There are plenty of perm haircuts but I will list only 10 of the most popular … Read More

Semi Permanent Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color Is A Permanent Solution To Premature Greying Since a permanent hair color doesn’t fade away gradually, it becomes an optimum choice for covering grey hair, changing hair color, and lightening or darkening hair. But the new growth of hair will look different from the colored hair. And if you don’t take any corrective measures, the difference in your natural hair tone and colored hair will be significant.

But there is little to worry about as you can deposit color over lightened hair and correct the color that has gone off-tone with demi-permanent professional hair color. It will even enhance the natural hair color and blend grey. A demi-permanent color is a low-ammonia formula and it is mixed with a low-volume developer. It can add more shine to your hair but it can’t cover grey or even lighten the hair color. It fades gradually and lasts up to 24 shampoos.

hair colour for men and women

Also, you can refresh faded hair color and blend grey with a semi-permanent hair color. It will even add shine and restore the luster of dull hair. But it won’t lighten your hair or cover grey. It is only used for refreshing the hair color. Since it doesn’t need ammonia, it is found in many shampoos and conditioners. You can check the ingredients of a hair care product … Read More

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Hair Moisturizers

The Top 10 Hair Moisturizers For Ultimate Hair Health

Our hair is our crowning glory, and keeping it well-moisturized is essential for maintaining its health and vitality. Whether you have dry, frizzy hair or simply want to enhance your hair’s natural shine and smoothness, finding the right hair moisturizer is key. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 hair moisturizers that will transform your locks into a luscious mane. These products range from natural hair moisturizers to water-based options, ensuring there’s something for everyone, no matter your hair type.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

If you’re a fan of natural hair care, Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque should be your go-to choice. This deep conditioner is packed with the goodness of shea butter and argan oil, making it an excellent natural hair moisturizer. After shampooing, apply this masque generously to your hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, … Read More

trendy red hair ideas

Redhead Hair Ideas

Tipi Tipi top, which color you want? If it is about hair color, most women will answer “RED”. Coloring hair is a great way to change the way to change your hairstyle and it is so popular that it has made hair coloring service a staggering $15 billion industry and it is growing. Also, red has become increasingly popular and it seems that everyone wants redhead hair.

Only 1-2% of the world population has naturally red hair but the number of women wearing redhead hairstyles could be well over 50%. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every fashion-conscious woman colors her hair red at least once in her life.

Let’s see who women are looking to for crazy redhead hair ideas and discuss both pros and cons of dying your locks ginger….

Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice: Vibrant and Eye-Catching Look

Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice looks bold in dark redhead hair. She’s also wearing a matching outfit and lipstick. It is a striking appearance and it can turn heads in public places. You can … Read More

Best Shampoo For Lice

The Ultimate Solution : Best Lice Shampoo For Clean Scalp

It’s quite funny how one word can completely override whatever other hair issue you may have. When lice are present, who can think about split ends, dandruff, or frizzy hair? These things are scurrying through our hair, and we want them to be gone RIGHT NOW, whether you contracted it from your child or some other source or not. What then can we do? There is several best lice shampoo available.

Treatment Of Lice

Treatment for lice

  • Clothes can spread lice, but you would need to share them within 24-36 hours since if a louse is removed from a head for too long, it will die.
  • Head lice are merely an annoyance and pose no serious health risks. They don’t infect you with any illnesses or diseases.
  • Having lice does not mean you’re dirty; in fact lice typically like roving in clean hair.
  • One round of treatment may not be enough to remove all the lice. Nits take about 10 days to come lice so make sure you treat it every week to make sure the new batch that’s incubated does not live on
  • Olive oil is a great way to suffocate the lice. You’ll also be suitable to see the lice easily and pull it out effectively. Make sure to leave it on for 5 hours and remove all traces.

Here we discuss the top ten best lice shampoo to cure

Read More
Split Ends Hair Treatment

Get Rid From Unhealthy Hair With These Splits Ends Hair Treatment

After getting a trim, that beautiful period of bouncy, split-end free hair is a dream. But as with all dreams, this period ultimately comes to an end, despite how much we try to end it. No matter how well you condition your hair, split ends are ineluctable, in part due to heat tools, brushing, coloring, and living life. Split ends hair treatment is one of the solutions for all major hair problems utmost of us go through. It can negatively affect how the hair looks and stop hair growth.

What Is Split End Hair?

What Is Split End Hair?

A split end is the splitting of the hair shaft at the tip of your hair. It’s also known as trichoptilosis or “arrangement of feathers in definite areas”. This is because when resolve ends aren’t taken care of, the hair beaches start to break at different points, making your hair look like a feather.

Here is the list of essentials that require to help you in split ends hair treatment

Coconut Oil Is Solution For Split Ends Hair Treatment

Coconut Oil Is Solution For Split Ends Hair Treatment

Coconut oil is a brilliant moisturizer and a natural healer. It contains medium-chain adipose acids that enable it to access your hair fluently. It moisturizes and nourishes your hair and is great for precluding and repairing split ends.

What You Have To Do:

  • Take some coconut oil in
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baking soda for dandruff treatments

Cure Dandruff Naturall

Dandruff is also medically known as seborrhoea and this condition weakens your scalp primarily due to poor hair brushing, stress and because of dry skin. So now the question what is the best dandruff treatment at home?

Dandruff is a common condition that can be set up in the hair all time round and is the result of a dry and itchy scalp. It is mostly caused by the overgrowth of a fungus, Malassezia, it especially becomes apparent during cold weather as the scalp is unfit to get enough humidity and becomes dry. Malassezia feeds on the sebum i.e. the unctuous substance buried by the glands on the scalp. And when this fungus feeds on the sebum, it breaks into adipose acid that causes vexation on the scalp.

Causes Of Dandruff And Treatment

Dry Skin

You have dry skin. Dry skin is one of the most common causes of dandruff. And unfortunately, if this is the root of your dandruff, you might see it get worse with time. However, it’s easier to tell as other places of your body are most probably dry as well, If dry skin is causing your dandruff.

During cold weather, skin becomes drier-which is why people tend to notice further dandruff at this time.

Shampoo Enough

You are not shampooing enough. While it sounds hygienic, not … Read More

Low Faded Haircut

Top 10 Low Faded Haircuts For Women

The low faded haircut is a popular hairstyle for both men and women. It involves a gradual tapering of the hair from the top of the head to the neckline. This style has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason.

There are several advantages to getting a low-fade haircut that make it a popular choice for women of all ages.

Advantages Of Low Fade Haircut


One of the biggest advantages of a low-fade haircut is its versatility. This style can be adapted to suit different hair types and lengths, making it a popular choice for women with different preferences. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, a low fade can be tailored to suit your needs. Additionally, the length of the hair on top can be adjusted to suit your face shape and personal preference. You can choose to go for a shorter, textured look, or a longer, slicked-back style. The options are endless, making this hairstyle a versatile choice for women.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage of a low fade haircut is that it is low maintenance. With the hair on the sides and back cut short, the focus is on keeping the hair on top looking neat and styled. This can be achieved with a simple comb or brush, some pomade or hair gel, and a few minutes … Read More

Dry Scalp Treatment

Best Dry Scalp Treatment With Budget Friendly Ingredients

Dry Scalp is a common medical condition where people witness blankness and itchiness of the scalp. It can create dandruff or scaled and red patches of skin on your scalp. Although dry scalp treatment is common, don’t analyze and know the exact cause. Still, it could be due to a combination of factors.

  • Hereditary threat
  • Activity in the oil glands
  • Yeast which live on skin
Dry Scalp

The terms “dry scalp” and “dandruff” are frequently used interchangeably. That’s because both conditions have common analogous symptoms of skin vexation and unloading skin. still, unlike dry scalp, dandruff can be the result of having too important oil build-up in the skin. Once that happens, the oil stops the normal shedding process of the dead skin cells in your scalp. That causes the cells to come visible, which is why people with dandruff start seeing white flakes crop up on your scalp.

Dry scalp or dandruff can also be caused by

  • Lack of shampooing
  • Hair product perceptivity
  • Malassezia, an incentive-such like fungus that feeds on crown canvases in grown-ups

Here we are listing some natural ingredient that is easily available and easy to use for dry scalp treatment

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

This flower is a good source of vitamin A and C. It contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory parcels. Herbal hair masks made with hibiscus flower paste or Read More

Curled Hairstyle

Easy To-Go Impressive Curled Hairstyle

Natural curly hair surely comes with good days and bad days and we’re here to help. still, naturally curled hair can be a love/hate relationship, maybe or may not? Curled hairstyles are still beautiful.

Curled hair is a blessing, but it’s not always easy to manage. Once you’ve learned what works for your curly hair, it can be tempting to stick to one or two introductory styles but you clearly do not have to. Need proof? Just take a clue from each of the aesthetics below. Each of these red-carpet-good styles is easy to replicate.

There’s a perfect curled hairstyle for women with short, medium, and long hair for any vintage function

One Minute Braid

One Minute Braid Hairstyle

Do not be bullied by how enough this half-reverse haircut is. It takes 60 seconds. If you are starting with lately washed hair, snare a coil-enhancing hair spray, scrunch through damp hair, and also let air dry.

Part your hair naturally and divided into a small section of hair on just one side of your head and begin platting back toward the crown of your head with the tightness of your hand. Once you’ve gotten to the reverse of your head, rest of the section of your hair to secure the style before pulling top layers of your hair over it, so the hair pins are disguised by your curled … Read More