Different Hairstyles To Glam Up Your Saree Look

10 Different Hairstyles To Glam Up Your Saree Look

If you wear a saree, you will certainly be interested to know unique ways of enhancing your look without wearing heavy makeup or jewelry. And you will be surprised to know that simply changing your hairstyle can transform your appearance from beautiful to stunning.

Here’re 10 Best Hairstyles For Sarees

  1. Messy Low Bun
Messy Low Bun

It is for the time when you are wearing a backless blouse with a saree. The objective is to flaunt your blouse by reducing the size of your hairstyle.

How To:

• Brush out your hair, spritz on some texturizing spray, and part your hair
• Twist a 2-inch section from the front left side and pin it at the back
• Repeat it with the right side parting
• Gather all the sections and make a low ponytail
• Roll up the pony into a messy bun and secure it at the top with bobby pins
• Apply some light hold spray to fix the bun in its place

  1. Half Up Curls
Half Up Curls

Try half-up curls instead of straight hair with an elegant pattu saree to show off the saree design and your jewelry as well.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and start curling 1-inch section at a time
• Part your hair and insert a bumpit under your hair at the crown
• Pin the front hair in the center under the bumpit
• Apply some hairspray to hold the hairstyle
• Also, you can pin in a fresh flower to enhance the look

  1. Loose Curls
Loose Curls

If you are wearing a chiffon saree, you can take inspiration from the Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit. The diva suggests loose curls for chiffon sarees.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and apply some protectant to your hair
• Start curling the lower half of your hair one section at a time
• Apply some smothering serum, if you have frizz
• Lightly run a hairbrush trough your hair before opening the curls

  1. Half Up Puff
Half Up Puff

Wearing a saree could make you look younger than your age and it is what Madhuri Dixit wants to say. But you should know which haircut to match with your saree.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and apply some heat protectant to your hair
• Trim your hair from the lower side and tease down all the hair at the top and sides
• Rub some smothering serum on a fine-toothed comb and use the comb over the teased hair at the front
• Pin the sleek back hair at the top of the back of your head
• Fan out your curls and apply some hairspray to fix the hair

  1. Sleek Low Bun
Sleek Low Bun

The haircut Deepika Padukone is wearing is called a sleek low bun and this hairstyle suits an embroidered saree. Also, you can wear some traditional jewelry to grace your look.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and part down the middle
• Also, apply a good amount of hair … Read more

DIY Hair Toners For Smooth, Silky, Shiny Hair

10 DIY Hair Toners For Smooth, Silky, Shiny Hair

You need a toner when a hair dye job goes wrong. But there is little to worry about as you can easily make a toner with kitchen ingredients. The advantage of homemade toners is that they are gentle on hair.

Why Do You Need A Hair Toner?

Using a hair toner becomes necessary when you want to change the undertone of your hair. It can correct an unwanted warm tone like orange or red. It works by removing unwanted pigments from the hair. It neutralizes the warmth of hair tone so it looks natural.

  1. Baking Soda Shampoo
Baking Soda Shampoo


Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Blue & Purple Food Color (2 drops each)
Baking Soda (1tsp)
Water (5tsp)

How To:

• Get all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well
• Apply the shampoo mixture to your hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes
• Rinse your hair well and apply conditioner
• Use this mixture once a week as it could make your hair dry
• On other days, you can use sulfate-free shampoo

Benefits: It removes the product and mineral buildup and neutralizes the warm natural tone of the hair.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse


Apple Cider Vinegar (4tsp)
Water (2tsp)

How To:

• Add the ingredients to a bowl and mix them well
• Apply the solution to your hair and leave it for 15 minutes
• Rinse your hair with lukewarm water
• Use it only 3 times a month as overuse can lead to dry hair

Benefits: Dull hair has a higher pH visible in different tones like yellow and orange. ACV being mildly acidic can lower the pH. It also works as a cleanser.

  1. Hollyhock Herbal Toner
Hollyhock Herbal Toner


Hollyhock Herb (2tsp)
Apple Cider Vinegar (2tsp)
Water (1 cup)

How To:

• Mix the ingredients in a bowl and boil until they make a solution
• Let it cool and apply to your hair
• Leave it on your hair for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water
• Use a sulfate-free shampoo for washing your hair
• Use the solution only once a week

Benefits: This solution can free your hair from unwanted warm tones.

  1. Lemon For Toning
Lemon For Toning


Lemon Juice (1/4 cup)
Water (3/4 cup)
Honey (2tsp)

How To:

• Pour freshly squeezed lemon juice and water into a spray bottle
• Add honey to the solution and blend them well
• Spray the honey-lemon solution on your hair
• Leave the solution for 2 hours
• Spend the first 30 minutes in the sun
• Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo
• Use it only thrice a month

Benefits: Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent and honey has good humectant and emollient properties. Using this toner a couple of times can lighten your hair.

  1. Green Tea For Toning
Green Tea For Toning


Green Tea (3 bags)
Water (2 cups)

How To:

• Boil green tea in water until the water gets green color
• Apply the green tea solution to your … Read more

Learn To Shower, Condition, And Detangle Your Hair

Learn To Shower, Condition, And Detangle Your Hair

How do you shampoo and condition your hair? If you are still following the age-old process you learned from your grandmother then you might be damaging your hair. Shampooing is necessary for your hair and so is a conditioning, but you should know the right way of shampooing and conditioning.

Shampooing Tips

Shampooing Tips
  1. Steam your hair and scalp to remove oil and dirt by wrapping a towel soaked in hot water around your head for 20 minutes.
  2. Massage your scalp and hair with your finger pores for a couple of minutes. It will loosen up the dirt and root out the weak hair strands.
  3. Always take shower with cool or lukewarm water because hot water could remove the natural oil from your hair and scalp and leave the pores open allowing all the moisture to escape. But cool water will lock the moisture so your hair and scalp retain the natural oil.
  4. Always use sulfate (SLS) and paraben-free shampoo as both these chemicals are harmful to your health. While paraben works as a preservative, sulfate is needed for creating lather but both these chemicals cause allergic reactions.
  5. Shampoo should be applied to the scalp to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup but rubbing shampoo on the hair will strip it of all the natural oil and protein leading to dull and lifeless hair. And a quarter-size amount of shampoo is sufficient to produce enough lather to clean your scalp and preserve the natural oils on the hair.
  6. Produce leather by gently moving your finger pores on your scalp in a circular motion. It will easily remove the loosened dirt and boost hair growth by improving blood circulation to the hair follicle.
  7. Avoid washing your hair daily or frequently as the chemicals present in shampoos could do more harm to hair than good. And most shampoos have chemicals. Depending on your needs, you can wash your hair once or twice a week.
  8. Avoid stretching your shampoo timing because wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Stretching the shampoo timing could make your hair more vulnerable to damage. Also, you could break more hair strands while washing.

Conditioning Tips

Conditioning Tips
  1. Massage your hair and scalp with oil an hour before the shower. Put a few drops of coconut, almond, olive, or any other oil on your scalp and massage for a couple of minutes so your hair soaks the oil. Also, it will make your hair softer, shinier, and frizz-free.
  2. Wrap your wet hair with a towel to soak the excess water after a shower and apply conditioner on towel-dried hair. The towel will soak the excess water from the hair so the hair can soak the conditioner well.
  3. Apply a little conditioner so the hair doesn’t look greasy. Also, the added weight of the conditioner will down your hair and make it difficult for you to keep it straight after a shower.
  4. Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp and rinse whatever conditioner is applied to it as the conditioner will form a
Read more
White Hair Celebrities Of The World

10 White Hair Celebrities Of The World

White hair is a sign of maturity and fashion as well. You will be surprised to know that many international celebrities keep silver hair and they look stunning in their silver hairstyles. Another surprising thing is that their fans have also started keeping silver hair. If you know about these celebrities, you could also flaunt grey hair.

Let’s Meet Famous Celebrities With Silver Hair

  1. Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

Born: 22 November 1958, California, U.S.
Occupation: Actress, Producer, Author, activist

This prolific writer has the credit of winning many accolades including two Golden Globe Awards, a British Academy Film Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Frame. Her portrayal of Lt. Barbara Duran on the ABC sitcom Operation Petticoat (1977-78) shot her into prominence. In 1978, she made her film debut in John Carpenter’s film Halloween where she played the role of Laurie Strode. In 1985, she earned the symbol of a sex symbol after her film Perfect. Curtis has also written many children’s books. She also writes a blog for Huffington Post online newspaper.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld

Born: 10 September 1933, Hamburg, Germany
Occupation: Fashion Designer, Artist, Photographer
Died: 19 February 2019 (aged 85), Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Who could imagine that a gifted fashion designer could have grey hair it is true. The number 2 on your list of celebrities with silver hair is Karl Lagerfeld. He was the proud creative director of the French fashion house Chanel and he held the position until his death. He also held a similar position in the Italian fur and leather goods fashion house Fendi. He also had his fashion label. And he was recognized for his silver hair, black goggles, and fingerless gloves.

  1. Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris

Born: April 2, 1947, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

A proud American singer, songwriter, and musician that has stunned the world with 14 Grammys, the Polar Music Prize, and numerous other honors has grey hair. She was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008 and she was presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. As a singer, she has performed as a solo artist, a bandleader, an interpreter for others, and a backing vocalist and duet partner. She also raises social issues like feminism in music and assists innocent victims of conflicts around the world.

  1. Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren

Born: 26 July 1945, London, England
Occupation: Actor

Would you believe that this English actress with white hair is the only artist to have achieved the Triple Crown of Acting in both the United States and the United Kingdom? Also, she was chosen for the role of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen and received a British Academy Film Award for her role. She also has an Academy Award. Her awards and accolades prove that she is a decorated artist and performer. And she enjoys a large fan following despite having white hair. She inspires her fans to wear silver haircuts.

  1. Blythe Danner
Blythe Danner

Born: 3 February 1943, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.… Read more

Simple Yet Stunning Faux Hawk Hairdos

10 Simple Yet Stunning Faux Hawk Hairdos

If you love Mohawk hairdo, you will certainly love these faux hawk styles. It is like creating a false Mohawk without really having one. Its advantage is that it allows plenty of room to play around with how you want your Mohawk hairdo to look. For example, if you don’t want it to look edgy, you can give your faux Mohawk updo an elegant twist.

There are tens of faux Mohawk hairdos to try and you can try an updo at home. Scroll down to know about popular hairstyles and convenient ways to change your haircut without damaging your hair.

  1. Whippy Faux Hawk
Whippy Faux Hawk

Ruby Rose was spotted in a whippy faux hawk haircut at the MTV summer party in Brisbane. And it is needless to say that her hairstyle was a show stealer at the event. You can see how her faux hawk updo frames her face. She has short-length hair but the hairstyle frames her face shape perfectly. It is a great option for adding some edge to a short hairstyle. Also, take some volumizing gel in your hands and work on your bangs with your fingers for extra impact. Finally, tease your bangs up for a soft and romantic touch.

  1. Edgy Bouffant
Edgy Bouffant

Julianne Hough appeared in a mighty bouffant at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. And the dancing star simply rocked with this hairdo. If you want to recreate this hairstyle, you should start with a texturizer spray and then tease the roots. Next, you need to hold sections and mist roots with a hair spray. Your hair will get a piecey look only when you rake your hair back to the crown. For the final touch, rub some pomade on your hands and slick back the sides. Now sweep the faux hawk over the crown and roll ends gently with the pins.

  1. Curly Faux Hawk
Curly Faux Hawk

Model Eva Pigford looks gorgeous in this short, curly, and seriously blonde faux hawk at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. And the viewers couldn’t take their eyes off her hairdo. Media also trained their lenses on her updo. If you have short hair like Eva and you want to improve your hairstyle like her, you can take inspiration from her picture. Just like her, you can also allow some length at the crown to accentuate your facial features. This hairdo looks simple but it has complex curls that can make you look hot.

  1. Pixie Perfection
Pixie Perfection

Singer Miley Cyrus knows how to spice up her look by changing her hairdo. See her rebel image in a beautiful pixie-styled faux hawk. It is a bold hairdo but it looks chic and stylish. And this updo suits the edgy personality of Miley Cyrus perfectly. Inspired by her hairstyle, many of her fans try making this haircut. And you only need to scrape your hair unevenly to one side and add some more texture to the top section. Also, you will need some firm … Read more

Japanese Hairdos To Try In 2022

15 Japanese Hairdos To Try In 2022

Japanese try different hairstyles as they are blessed with silky, glossy, and thick tresses that can be styled in different ways from imperial hairstyles to modern anime-inspired hairdos. But their hairstyles reflect a blend of culture and art.

Beautiful Japanese Hairstyles

  1. Modern Imperial Hairstyle
Modern Imperial Hairstyle

Japanese women have learned the art of giving artistic touches like curls and coils to traditional updos and this is evident from this modern imperial hairstyle that looks beautiful with modern twists. While this hairstyle is just short of the shoulder-length but it makes the hair looks voluminous. Like the model, you can also let a few hair strands spring out from the crown.

  1. Layered Ends Lob
Layered Ends Lob

It is a long bob updo with layered ends and it shouldn’t be surprising to know that it is the most sought-after hairdo in Japan. Also, Japanese women have been experimenting with different color contrasts to improve the long bob hairdo. If you have straight and fine hair like Japanese women, you can also try the layered ends bob hairdo with a color of your choice.

  1. Fine Curved Bob
Fine Curved Bob

It is an anime look and you would have seen this hairdo in popular anime shows. But you can wear it as a haircut if you have a small face. This hairstyle looks decent on small faces. The highlight of this hairstyle is its full frontal bangs that allow the eyes to pop out. Again, if you have straight and fine hair, you can try this bob updo. It is one of the easiest hairdos to follow.

  1. Curved-Out Bob
Curved-Out Bob

A curved-out bob hairdo is a perfect hairstyle for slender faces. Since Japanese women have slender faces, they look beautiful in a curved-out bob. If your face is oval, you should also try this hairdo, and don’t forget to pair it with wispy bangs in the front. It will be a girl-next-door-look. You can wear this haircut with sports dresses.

  1. Long Flowy Waves
Long Flowy Waves

If you have long and thin hair then this hairdo becomes a must for you. If you look close, you will find waves add texture and volume to the straight hair. Also, the fine hair looks thicker in this hairdo. And you can go with minimal makeup as this hairstyle will transform your look from simple to fashionable.

  1. Purple Waves
Purple Waves

This smokey purple color will match perfectly with warm-toned skin. With this hairdo, you can try framing your face. This updo will add a quirky and unique element to your look. But you will need a professional touch to this hairstyle. Color matching with your skin tone is necessary to get a perfect look.

  1. Smoky Lob
Smoky Lob

Teens and young adults in Japan are crazy for smoky colors like gray and dusty black. These hues blend well with their skin. Adding waves to the hairdo make hair look voluminous. If you are young and looking for an updo that is both chic and effortless then go for a smoky lob. The advantage of this … Read more

Best Hairstyles That Change Taylor Swift’s Look Forever

10 Best Hairstyles That Change Taylor Swift’s Look Forever

Taylor Swift’s fashion appeal has been published by magazines including People, Elle, Vogue, and Maxim. Also, her street style received acclaim from these publications. She’s so popular that Vogue Australia once called her an influential figure in a sustainable fashion. She also co-chaired the 2016 Met Gala. Consequence, a New York-based fashion magazine, opined that Swift evolved her looks from a “girl-next-door country act to pop star to a woodsy poet over a decade”.

There is so much to discuss Swift’s looks and fashion that I can even write a book on her. But here I will discuss her hairstyles that often go unnoticed but play a crucial role in improving her visual appeal.

  1. Fringe

The singer was recently spotted with fringe hair and soon this hairstyle became a rage among her fans. Emerging from the top, the fringes cover her forehead and brows as well. You can see the fringes even touching her upper eyelashes. And the fringe looks stunning on her blonde shoulder-length hair. She has done little makeup as only the red lipstick is visible in the image. If you want to get this look, you should be careful with the length of your fringe. It shouldn’t touch your upper lashes.

  1. Messy Bun
Messy Bun

This hairstyle looks messy but Taylor Swift decided to get this messy haircut at a red carpet event. She donned a tube dress decorated with expensive stones and completed the look with a messy bun. And this messy hairstyle complemented her blue eyes and flawless skin. Taylor Swift is one of the bestselling musicians of all time. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide and eight of her songs have topped the Hot 100. Also, her concert tours are some of the highest-grossing in history.

  1. Flicks

Taylor Swift is well known for her philanthropic efforts. She donated $100,000 to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Iowa flood of 2008. She also received many awards and accolades for her efforts. Also, she keeps doing concerts for charity. This picture was clicked during one such concert. Her flings were the biggest highlight of that event. Every time she bounced, she had to sway her flings to pull them back. This hairstyle gave her personality a boost. She looked gorgeous in flings and the concert was a hit.

  1. Bob Cut
Bob Cut

Taylor Swift loves experimenting with her looks and she doesn’t hesitate in changing her hairstyle to improve her visual appeal. She has received 11 Grammy Awards and 58 Guinness World Records among other accolades. She better knows how to boost her look with the help of a matching hairstyle. This picture was clicked at an award event where she visited with a black bob-cut look. While the haircut is simple but she looks stunning in the black dress, matching earrings, and red lipstick. Her blonde hair looks designed by seasoned hands.

  1. Fishtail Pony
Fishtail Pony

Born on 13 December 1989, Taylor Swift became a teen icon with her debut. And … Read more

Beautiful Blonde Balayage Hair Colors For 2022

10 Beautiful Blonde Balayage Hair Colors For 2022

Balayage is the best option if you are looking for blonde hair. It is like adding a dash of color to your hair so your hair looks natural. And it will enhance the dimension, depth, and bounce of your hair. Also, you won’t have to worry about its maintenance as balayge doesn’t require regular refreshers.

Try doing balayage color on your hair by following the prescription printed on the packing. And if you want to get a professional look, you can go to a salon and get the treatment from seasoned hands.

Here’re 10 Blonde Balayage Hairstyles

  1. Subtle Blonde Balayage
Subtle Blonde Balayage

The model in the picture has turned her brown hair into sandy blonde balayage. And the transformation is so subtle that it looks natural. If you look at the hair from close, you will feel as if the locks have grown balayage naturally. Also, the color has added some gorgeous dimensions to the hair. If you are looking for a natural-looking hair color then go for the subtle blonde balayage. Also, it is a maintenance-free color. Just like the model, you can also grow your locks.

  1. Ribbon Blonde Balayage
Ribbon Blonde Balayage

If you have dark brown hair, you should be careful with the balayage highlights. You should avoid going super light with the highlights. On the contrary, you should choose hand-painted golden blonde highlights ribboning through dark mahogany brown locks. It will give a more stunning and youthful look. For inspiration, you can look at the model. If your hair color matches that of the model then you should choose the ribbon blonde balayage.

  1. Icy Blonde Balayage With Babylights
Icy Blonde Balayage With Babylights

It is simply breathtaking and this is evident from the cool look the hair in the picture has got. It is cool-toned balayage and you will agree that it creates a stunning contrast with the warm-toned light blonde base. The dark shadow root visible in the picture adds depth to the whole look. But it isn’t all about the look. Finally, there are dark babylights scattered throughout the hair. And the whole look gets some great dimensions with the scattered babylights.

  1. Brown To Blonde Balayage
Brown To Blonde Balayage

If you want to get a gorgeous light brown to light blonde balayage ombre then you should go slow and add some transitional looks in the middle. Just style your hair straight to make a perfect transition from brunette to blonde. And the biggest part of this color job is to achieve perfection. It isn’t a job you can complete in a hurry. You need to give time and put some serious effort to get the right hair color and highlight.

  1. Platinum Blonde Balayage
Platinum Blonde Balayage

If you are looking for a hairstyle that can transform your look from ‘girl next door’ to ‘coolest girl on the block’ then go for the platinum blonde balayage. It is a cool-toned balayage that will fulfill your desire of changing your look. You will see the ash blonde balayage slowly transitioning into a platinum blonde balayage style. Also, … Read more

Camellia Oil

Use Camellia Oil On Skin For These Benefits: The richness of camellia oil makes it suitable for use in skincare products. Loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants, this oil is widely used for skin hydration and rejuvenation. It can make your skin glowing, radiant, and supple. Let’s know more about camellia oil

What Is Camellia Oil?

Camellia a.k.a. Tsubaki oil, peanut oil, and tea seed oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Camellia japonica and Camellia oleifera plants. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, this lightweight oil has been used for nourishing skin and hair for many centuries. Earlier the oil was used in its raw condition but today it is used for making cosmetics.

Skin Benefits Of Camellia Oil

Moisturizer: The presence of fatty acids makes it a good moisturizer. Its regular use will nourish your skin by reducing the loss of water. Also, it will hydrate your skin and give a soft and silky feel. You can see the results within a short time.

Wrinkle Control: It is found that camellia oil not only hydrates the skin but also induces the synthesis of type I skin collagen that is responsible for making the skin firm. Type I skin collagen is a type of protein that prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidant: It has antioxidants like catechins, tocopherols, gallic acid, and tocotrienol that remove free radicals and protect skin from environmental stressors, UV-A rays, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, these antioxidants make camellia oil an excellent sunscreen for all skin types.

Soothing To Skin: Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe skin inflammation, redness, and roughness. Its regular use will keep your skin soft and supple. If you want, you can use it in raw form or mix it with olive oil or aloe gel.

You will have all these benefits of camellia oil if you know how to apply the oil to your skin. And you will be surprised to know that there are 7 ways of using camellia oil.

  1. Pure Camellia Oil
Pure Camellia Oil


• Pure Camellia Oil (1-2 drops)

How To:

• Rub the oil on your palms and place the palms on your cheeks, chin, and forehead
• Pause for a second or two to allow your skin to soak the oil
• Massage your skin in a circular motion for 2 minutes
• Do it 20 minutes before applying makeup and before going to bed

  1. Camellia Oil And Olive Oil
Camellia Oil And Olive Oil


• Pure Camellia Oil (1-2 drops)
• Olive Oil (6-7 drops)
• Roller Or Cold Spoons (2 pieces)

How To:

• Mix both the oils on your palms by rubbing the palms
• Press your palms all over your face and neck
• Give a gentle massage to your face with a roller
• Or use the back of two cold spoons for massaging your face
• Do it 2-3 minutes every alternate day
• If you … Read more

Charming Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

15 Charming Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever tried any of the honey blonde hair color ideas? The yellow undertone of this rich and warm blonde shade flatters all skin tones with warm undertones. Celebrities including Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Gisele Bundchen love this hair color. You can also oomph up your hair with this lovely blonde color. Also, it is possible to style your hair in a honey-blonde shade at home.


• Honey Blonde Hair Color
• Hair Brush
• Sectioning Clips
• Vaseline
• Rubber Gloves
• Hair Dyeing Brush
• Fine Toothed Comb
• Shampoo
• Conditioner

How To:

• Cover your upper body with a piece of cloth like an old t-shirt that you don’t mind spoiling with color
• Brush out your hair to open all the knots
• Part your hair in four equal sections first horizontally and then vertically
• Roll and secure three sections with clips and leave one section to dye
• Apply Vaseline on your hairline and ears to prevent your skin from getting stained with the color
• Put on your gloves
• Prepare the color in a bowl following the instructions given on the product packing
• Pick up a half section of the hair and start applying the dye from the roots
• Pull the dye through the length of your hair with a comb and add more color, if needed
• Color other sections as well
• Leave the dye for the duration of time suggested in the box
• Wash your hair with warm water until the water runs clear
• After an hour, shampoo your hair with a shampoo suitable for dyed hair
• Also, condition your hair

Now you know how to color your hair in a honey blonde shade, you can try one of the below-mentioned shades

  1. Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage
Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage

It isn’t for those who want full-head blonde hair. The deep shade of auburn on top of your head will melt into a caramel brown shade and turn into stunning honey blonde color towards the ends.

  1. Honey Blonde Shadow Root
Honey Blonde Shadow Root

The shadow root is a perfect choice for women who prefer a more natural shade while choosing a hair color. It creates a natural sun-lightened effect. Start coloring your hair medium brown at the roots or leave them natural. Apply shades of honey blonde and ash blonde to the rest of the hair length.

  1. Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage
Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage

Try this balayage look, if you have dark hair. It will add a dash of brightness to your locks. You can see how the chocolate brown base prepares a stunning base for hand painting honey blonde highlights on hair. And the resulting contrast between the two colors is simply attractive.

  1. Multidimensional Honey Blonde
Multidimensional Honey Blonde

Here the dark blonde base is enhanced with some light honey blonde at the end. While this color gives depth to locks, curling makes them look voluminous. If you are going for a full head of blonde … Read more