10 Bestselling Lakme Cosmetics Products

Lakme Cosmetics Products

Lakme cosmetics are always in demand due to their quality and affordability. Also, they are available in all leading e-commerce stores including Amazon. Lakme is one of the most favorite beauty brands because it provides both quality and affordability. Whether you need an SPF 40 cream or liquid lip color, you can buy a Lakme without any worries.

Lakme Cosmetics

Lakme cosmetics products are for everything related to skincare and everyone. Also, this brand has a wide range of beauty products to offer. They are available everywhere from street shops to big e-commerce stores. Or you can buy from the best selling products of this brand.

Here are 10 bestselling Lakme Enrich products you can consider buying from Amazon

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream

This product makes a complete Lakme cosmetics set as it is a perfect blend of makeup, sunscreen, and skincare. It provides completely blemishes-free and even-toned bright skin. It contains glycerine to moisturize the skin. Its SPF 30 makes an effective shield against sun damage. It also has vitamin B3 which further improves the skin barrier. Available in six exciting shades, it is a must-have product for everyone.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Matte Face Primer

Buy this Lakme makeup kit if you want to get a perfect base for a perfect look. The biggest highlight of this product is its two-in-one use. You can use it alone or as a base for perfect makeup. It can work alone as its matte effect hides blemishes with a flawless matte finish. Also, its waterproof formula ensures the makeup stays on throughout the day.

Lakme Radiance Compact Natural Powder, Pearl

Lakme Radiance Compact Natural Powder, Pearl

Lakme cosmetics products are made for everyone. If you are looking for a product that can replenish, rejuvenate, and nourish your exhausted skin then you can go for this Radiance Compact Natural Powder. It contains an allatoin complex that protects skin from pollutants that your skin often comes in contact with. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin as well. Apply the powder with a sponge all over your face and neck to get a radiant look.

Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse

This product is a classic example of the popularity of the Lakme makeup brand. The feather-light finesse you will get with this product is hard to even expect from any other cosmetic in the market. This natural mousse can easily hide fine lines, pores, and other blemishes. The coverage will be flawless throughout the skin. Also, it feels weightless on the skin. It gives a long-lasting finish and its SPF 8 content protects against UV rays.

Lakme Cosmetics Insta Eye Liner

Lakme Insta Eye Liner

Complete your Lakme makeup kit with this eyeliner that can … Read More

Art Of Colorful Graphic Eyeliner To Unleash Your Creativity

Colorful Graphic Eyeliner

In the realm of makeup, trends come and go, but one trend that continues to captivate and inspire is the colorful graphics eyeliner. Gone are the days of simple black winged eyeliner; today’s makeup enthusiasts are embracing their inner artist with a plethora of creative graphics eyeliners ideas. From bold pops of color to intricate designs, graphic eyeliner has become a canvas for self-expression and a statement of individuality. In this article, we delve into the world of colorful graphics eyeliner, exploring the best makeup tips, ideas, and designs that will undoubtedly ignite your artistic passion.

Graphic Eyeliner

The Rise Of Colorful Graphic Eyeliner

The beauty industry has witnessed a revolution in recent years, with makeup enthusiasts seeking unique and innovative ways to showcase their artistry. Enter colorful graphics eyeliner – a trend that brings a burst of vibrancy to the eyes. Unlike traditional eyeliner styles, which often emphasize simplicity and uniformity, graphics eyeliner encourages experimentation with a broad spectrum of colors. The trend’s popularity can be attributed to its ability to break the norms and allow individuals to express their personality through bold and vivid hues.

The Best Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Products

Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Products

To master the art of colorful graphics eyeliner, having the right makeup products is essential. Here are some of the best graphics eyeliner makeup products that will help you achieve impeccable results:

Liquid Eyeliners: Liquid eyeliners with fine-tipped applicators provide precision and control, making them ideal for intricate graphic designs.

Gel Eyeliners: Gel eyeliners offer versatility and are perfect for achieving bold and intense lines. They are particularly useful for creating dramatic and long-lasting graphic designs.

Colored Eyeliners: Invest in a range of colored eyeliners to expand your creative options. Look for highly pigmented formulas that deliver vibrant and opaque results.

Eyeliner Brushes: High-quality eyeliner brushes are indispensable tools for precise application. Choose brushes with varying thicknesses to accommodate different design elements.

Setting Spray: To ensure your colorful graphic eyeliner stays put throughout the day, finish your look with a setting spray that locks in the vibrancy and prevents smudging.

Crafting Your Own Graphic Liner Design

Floral Fantasy Graphic Eyeliner

Creating a captivating graphic eyeliner design involves not only the right products but also a keen eye for detail and a steady hand. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you bring your creative graphic eyeliner ideas to life:

The world of graphic eyeliner design is brimming with possibilities, allowing makeup enthusiasts to explore a multitude of ideas that reflect their personality and mood. For those looking to dive into this trend, here are some graphic eyeliner ideas that can serve as your artistic starting point:

Geometric Glam: Experiment with sharp lines and clean angles to create striking geometric shapes on your eyelids. Play with contrasting colors to achieve an eye-catching effect that’s sure to turn heads.

Floral Fantasy: Embrace your romantic side by crafting intricate floral designs along your lash line. Incorporate … Read More

10 Budget Pink Lipsticks For Dark Complexion Skin Tone Women

Lakme 9 to 5 Primer Matte Lipstick

In today’s time, dark skin tone considers as the sexiest complexion that beautifully defines the personality of a woman. Just like other skin tones, dark skin tones also needs perfect set if makeup especially lipsticks collection that amps up look and confidence. If you are looking for the best pink lipstick shade and brand for your dusky skin, then this article is for you.

Pink Lipsticks For Dark Skin

Don’t forget your skin complexion is perfect and you can choose pink lipstick too for lips, all you need to select the best shade that enhances your look.

So, let us find out some best lipsticks for dark skin !

Maybelline New York Color Sensational creamy Matte lipstick

If you are one who doesn’t want dark pink shade then this Maybelline matte lipstick is for you. This never dries out lips and offer your best finish. Buy it at Rs.299.

Lakme 9 to 5 primer matte lipstick, pink perfect

Lakme 9 to 5 Primer Matte Lipstick

If you only wear Lakme brand to pop up your lips then this pink perfect lakme lipstick gives your lips pinky blush with extra softness. Buy it at Rs.500

Faces Canada weightless matte finish lipstick, Blazing blush

If you don’t like heavy lipstick then this faces Canada weightless matte finish lipstick is for you. This puts deep pink shade on lips along with healthy extracts of jojoba oil and almond oil that provide deep nourishment to the lips. You can buy it at Rs 299.

Kay Beauty Matteime matte lipstick for dark skin

Kay Beauty Matteime Matte Lipstick For Dark Skin

This lipstick collection pertains to the Katrina kaif brand, kay beauty. It is crayon lipstick that offers healthy moisture as well as long-lasting pink hue. You can buy it at Rs. 799.

Loreal Paris Rouge signature matte liquid lipstick for dark skin

It is lightweight matte finish lipstick that offers raspberry pink shade. Moreover, its applicator easily glides on the lips and you will get the best results.

NYX professional makeup soft lip cream

This buttercream lipstick gives soft pink shade that goes flawlessly with a white dress. You can buy it at Rs. 600

Elle 18 go matte lip crayons

Elle 18 Go Matte Lip Crayons

Most of darker skin tone needs light pink shade, but occasionally you need to get a bold look. This is why Elle 18 is just perfect to take off. It is a mauve shot and buys it at Rs. 110.

Sugar cosmetics mettle satin lipstick

This brand gives you an extraordinary finish in just one swipe of colour. It is a water-resistant and best matte lipstick that you can use stress-free. Well, it’s a little expensive. You can buy it at Rs. 999.

Masaba By Nykaa lipsticks touch me not for dark skin

Masaba By Nykaa Lipsticks Touch Me Not For Dark Skin

Nykaa is the top beauty brands in India. Its Masaba pink lipstick shade just melts your heart because of its texture and colour. You can buy it for Rs.599.

Physicians formula murumuru butter lip cream SPF 15 in flamingo pink

This pink shade colourRead More

Give Your Boring Black Liner Dramatic Yet Hot Look This Love Season

Sparkle your black liner

The season of love is trending and if you are going for a special date, then your ultimate goal is to look stubbing and hot. So, how do you get this look? Makeup is your answer, but don’t you think it’s high time to bring change on regular makeup? Just imagine you are wearing the same blusher, regular & best black eyeliner, and lip shade, think will you look different? Not at all my friend.

You’re are getting ready for your special day, so try some hottest makeup trends on a liner that may help you to look gorgeous. Well, of course, your dress matters a lot when it comes to putting makeup. If you are wearing bold Red Dress or black classic outfit then having Cat or winged eyeliner goes perfect.

Best Black Eyeliner

If you’re one who would like to try something new, then this blog is dedicated to all you ladies. In this tutorial, we have shared the best liner trends that you can apply without the help of an expert. With this, we will show you how you get dazzled hot look by just adding a twist in your regular black liner.

Let’s discuss how to look gorgeous with best black eyeliner

1. Sparkle your black liner

Sparkle Your Black Liner

The Delhi based makeup artist gives this unique look. All you need to draw cat or wing eyeliner then add one stroke of sparkle on it. Make sure you are using a glitter eyeliner on the top of the black liner.

2. Put stickers below the eyelids

Well, maybe this sounds weird but it looks spectacular too. If you are feeling down and want to pop up your eyes with good smile and sex appeal, put small stars just below the lids. This will be a quick look.

3. Glitter smokey eye

Glitter Smokey Eye

The black Smokey eye trend has gone now. Try something different and put glitter on your Smokey eyes that add a new level of makeup and you will enjoy the hot look.

4. Floating best black eyeliner

Floating Best Black Eyeliner

Gone are the days when the liner is for lashes only. If you want to try something crazy and yes trendy too then, why don’t we put Liner on lids in a floating way? Don’t laugh, but if you want to do fun with your makeup then you must try this.

Well, for V-day this will not possible, but yes when you are with your friends try this. This going to be ultimate fun.

5. Get some best sparkle on black eyeliner

To enjoy the hottest beauty just add a little sparkle on your liner. To get this look, just smudge your eyes with a little liner and then put sparkle underneath the eyes.

6. Cat eyes with two shades

Cat Eyes With Two Shades

Cat eyes look stunning always, but now with new makeup trends just go with new Neo cat eyes with two different colors. Use bright green eyeliner on the Read More

Makeup Trends For Fall/Winter 2019-2020 That Will Make You Extraordinary Stylish

Fall Look Makeup Trend

The enduring classics confirmed their ramp suitability, with black and red lips, blue mascara and smoky eye still lush at the fall/winter concerts. But this winter brings bolder, flaunting inventions with it, specific emphasis brings set out on the eyes. The latest fall look makeup trend that make you classy is Arty eyelashes and teddy girl liner.

So, here I introduced some latest fall look makeup trend that intimate the runways.

1. Imitative eyelashes

Spotted at Brandon Maxwell, Tomo Koizumi

Imitative Eyelashes

Eyes took the main spotlight in fall/winter. The Arty lashes make a huge comeback. That was an outlook backstage at both Brandon Maxwell and Tomo Koizumi. At Brandon Maxwell, the cosmetologist Tom Pecheux create this look by applying several coats of mascara, go around by few lashes in tactical points. The goal is to look like cool and sophisticated.

2. Smudgy lips

Spotted at Jonathan simkhai, Priscavera

Smudgy Lips

The wine-stained lips looked so fire. This classical shade gains a present-day update. It’s a much blotted outlook. The Maybelline Artist Grace Lee create this look by mixing the lip liner and lipstick and then smooth some powder on that to create the velvety bold diffused look.

3. Smokey eyeshades

Spotted at Tom Ford

Smokey Eyeshades

The Smokey eye-shadow make lasted update in industry. The makeup artist Diane Kendal opted for the Smokey eyes with the hints of pinks. To create this sexy and smoldering look she popped some gloss across the eyelids.

4. Pink eye-shadow fall look makeup trend

Spotted at chrome

Pink Eye-Shadow Fall Look Makeup Trend

The pink eyeshade is not common shade you see in fall/ winter. But the lead makeup artist at Chromat opted for this neon shade eye look. She scatters on Magenta on the external corner of the eyelids. This is outstanding pink for eye-catching personality.

5. No Highlighter

Spotted at Tom Ford

No Highlighter

Highlighter is everyone’s choice but this season the celebrity’s want to glow without any Shiny highlighter. At tom ford, the cosmetologist Diane Kendal makeup their models by applying foundation only in their skin that each girl glows with her even skin. This gives the instantly bright finish where no highlighter needed.

Clarins Instant Liquid Eyeliner Review

clarins eyeliner review

Clarins Instant Liquid Eyeliner: An Eyeliner That Every Girl Should Buy!

A woman feels confident about her beauty only if she wears eyeliner perfectly. Eyeliner creates intensity to eyes that look appealing. Eyeliner is of various types, and every woman has own choice to wear it. Some like to draw wings, and some love simple and sleek. For every liner line, we need a perfect stroke brush that is sleek and easy to glide.

Hence, Clarins instant liquid eyeliner will be a perfect choice in eyeliner. This is exactly what you need. This creates a sleek, long-lasting and intense line that goes perfectly for your personality. You can draw any type of line with its simple applicator. It has smudge-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free and easy to glide property that goes smoothly with your hands.

clarins eyeliner review

About Clarins

Clarins is known for introducing revolutionary beauty products on the market that adds more fun to make up. Over 60 years in this industry, it still best for adding smooth and easy makeup products that are gentle to use and deliver efficacy results.

Why cherry-pick Clarins instant liquid eyeliner?

If you want sleek applicator, single stroke finish, long-lasting wear, intense finish and waterproof then this makeup product goes perfectly with your choice. This saves your time too.

Key advantages:

  • Intense finish
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Smudge-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Bold black paint finish
  • No irritation

What ingredients are used in it?

This product has been formulated with only natural and clinically tested ingredients such as Water/Eau, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Pullulan, Disodium Coco-Glucoside Citrate, Hectorite, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Dehydroacetateandy many more.

How to use it?

It is easy to use. You just need to start to form the base of an eyelid and then goes top of the eyelid long as you wish.

Customer reviews

Ladies are very much satisfied with this product. On the internet, you’ll find mix-matched reviews. Overall this got 4/5 stars.

Where to buy?

To order such wonderful product visit Clarinsusa.com

Topmost beauty brands of UK that taking cosmetic industry on the top


Undoubtedly, the Beauty World rising day by day and the credit goes to do international brands that giving the consumer most loveable experience and confident feeling. Almost all the beauty brand whether it is for color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and Nails are creating Benchmarks in the beauty world.

Right now we are going to introduce with the 10 of best beauty brands the UK that taking the beauty world across the globe.

To know the beauty brands read below:

  1. Urban Decay

urban decay

Urban the game is on the highest place all over the world because it creates Prestige brands that have been loved by the number of users. This cosmetic company introduces only high visibility cosmetic products that maintain the high rank across the retailer partners with the third party products on Amazon. The partnership of the strand with mobile-optimized creative enhances this product recognition move and this makes easy for the user to search the product.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury


It is the best brand that buzzes in the beauty bloggers on YouTube and all over the internet. It is one of the genius brands than ever across through the world. Its advanced merchandising Investments and numerous variety of skin care for skin tones and video tutorials create the high engagement with the users that makes easily optimize organic search on Google and YouTube.

  1. MAC

mac makeup brand

MAC is a brand that takes Beauty World in the next level because it created the product that simply organic and provide exclusive beauty for the woman that everyone appreciated. This company also has a stronger retailer partnership with Debenhams. In addition, it adds numbers of cosmetics brands in skin tone, skincare, colors and much more. This brand has high engagement with Facebook, YouTube for posting the short video tutorials that create buzz.

  1. Maybelline

Maybelline is also the leading brand across the social platform on the Instagram as well it exclusively post rich content, beauty products reviews, and exclusive brand range on Amazon. In addition to getting Maybelline has the highest organic search visibility in Google.

  1. Benefit Cosmetics


It is also the active brand on Instagram stories and as well other social media platforms. It generally produces the skin care products which create leads in mobile advertising and the highest visibility on the tracked brands.

  1. Clarins


  1. Dior

DIOR makeup brands

It is one of the top beauty brands that frequently popular on video tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. It also spots the highest ranking in the beauty products. Moreover, this brand introduced a new lip line with an Instagram post by the celebrities’ ambassadors.

  1. Clinique

clinique makeup brand

This brand is also active on Instagram and Facebook. It is easy to search that’s why it gets a high position in Google. This brand recently launches to Prestige brands that have an average of 25% visibility to 50% visibility.

  1. L’Oreal

It is the plant that you see on the everywhere whether it is for Amazon Facebook Instagram begins with merchandising inside the brand has the various products Ranges like color cosmetic skin care … Read More

L’Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant, from £8.99

Isabel Marant elinfagerberg.se

The new Isabel Marant X L’Oreal Paris collection is something which you should not miss!

L’Oreal Paris is one of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry, and it is going very well in the market especially in the consumer demands because it is fantastic in price even with the quality. So now they are come up with the huge new collection which adds charm to your beauty more. The new launch products are designed for all the skin tones and complexion so you just have a look at the new collection to book your one fast.

Color-Rich Matte

For ladies lips, the shade is very important because they want to smile with the confidence. So, for you demand L’Oreal Paris come up with new makeover Matte lipstick Shades with cool and fantastic shades for applying. They never dry, and even provide your lips complete moisture for day to night.

The seven new shades are elegant, $exy, and even rich in texture. In this festive season, you must enjoy this makeup range. It is available at €9.99

Isabel Marant elinfagerberg.se

Lip gloss

For every college going girl this glossy lip shade work astoundingly. The universal sheer pink shade is the delight to watch and apply because this is suitable for all the skin tones and even complexion so for adding the new lip gloss you must consider the L’Oreal Paris. It is available at €8.99

Wanted mascara

To add more Elegance to your eyes enjoy new L’Oreal Paris wanted mascara which made of high Precision transparent gel which is good in improving the lashes growth. It is a best defining product for both eyes and brows. It is easy to apply. It is best for ladies and even college going girls. It is available at €12.99

Shine skin beautifier

This product is specially designed for any time glow which means it is good for day to night. It has a triple function which enhances your skin Radiance, hide your blemishes and gives you a pink glow to your cheeks. That sounds really good!

It is available at just €10.99

Smoke eyeshadow due

This product is for those who really want to get Smoky Eyes in seconds. It is the best color sheet that gives you Radiant look and even $exy appearance. It adds depth and dimension in a couple of seconds.
It is available at just €12.99
Choose your best one and look beautiful for day and night.

Where to buy this?

If you’re interested to buy any one for you, must visit https://eu.feelunique.com/p/LOreal-Paris-X-Isabel-Marant-Color-Riche-Lipstick-4g for order.

Lakme: Always Ahead In Competition

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The Brand Trust Report of 2014 puts Lakme at the 36th position of the most trusted brands in India. This leading cosmetics manufacturer also owns salons across the length and breadth of the country. But women with DIY approach get the things done on their own using the best Lakme products.

Best Lakme Products In India

Want to know which Lakme products do fashion conscious women more frequently use? If yes then keep reading.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

It is on the top of the list of must-buy cosmetic of every fashion aficionado. Available at a price of INR 199, it is quite easy on pockets and its long lasting formula makes it suitable for everyday use. It is waterproof and works for 10 hours without requiring touching.

Lakme Complexion Care Cream Products

Best Lakme Complexion Care Cream

The CC cream of Lakme is a revolution in the Indian cosmetic industry. The only drugstore CC cream in India, it packs the powerful punch of moisturizer and foundation. Available at a price of INR 250 for 300 ml bottle, this cream is an optimum choice between moisturizer and foundation.

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Range

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Range

Available in over 40 shades including the rare ones – nude, plum and coral – this range of lipsticks contain olive oil and vitamin E that keep lips hydrated and plump all the day. But it costs INR 225 per tube.

Lakme Fast And Fabulous Nail Paint

Lakme Fast And Fabulous Nail Paint

What makes this range fabulous are rich colors, smooth application, quick drying formula and above all complete cosmetic with a flat brush. It is available at INR 200 but it gives a smudge free application and long-lasting impact on nails.

Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation

Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation

It makes a perfect foundation with vitamin B3, SPF 25 and sunscreen. Available in 3 exciting shades – Golden Medium, Beige Honey and Ivory Fair, it gives long lasting results perfect for daily use. And a 15 ml bottle of the foundation costs INR 650.

Best Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover Products

Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover

This wonderful product comes with cleansing properties of oil and refreshing formula of water. And it is the best makeup remover you can find in the market. It costs INR 200 per bottle. Get some Lakme tips along with cosmetics.

What Are You Doing With Your Eyeliner?

winged eyes3

How you highlight your eyes depends more on your knowledge than the eyeliner types. And the truth is that most women never wear the eyeliner the way it should be. They seem to be more cautious than excited.

The first thing is buying the right product

Eyeliner Lakme gives a perfect finish and it comes in attractive user-friendly designs and types. Buyers can make a choice between pencils, gel, liquid and sketch pen types. And there is nothing to worry about any type as every cosmetic has its advantages.

lakme eyeliner

Once you have the Lakme Eyeliner, you can go for those beautiful winged eyes

winged eyes3

First Step: Treat your eyelids with a primer to prepare the eyelids for eyeliner. A primer coating will smooth the eye texture and allow the liner to flow effortlessly.

Second Step:Trace the upper like with your eyeliner with ease and comfort. Use small dots to build a beautiful line later.

Third Step: Make a winged shape by matching the outer tips of the line and the eyebrow. It is easy if you can point the wings outwards.

Fourth Step: It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes in drawing those imaginary winged lines on your eyes. And once the lining is complete, you can make them bold. The lines should thin at the inner and thicker at the outer.

Fifth Step: Finally, it’s time to give a killer look to your eyes by curling the lashes with mascara.

Follow the aforementioned eyeliner tips to get perfectly winged eyes. And I expect you will notice the imperfections and clean them up before they make a mess with your eye makeup.

With Lakme, you don’t have to worry about eye care as the brand is known for providing quality products. You can buy any of the Lakme eyeliners and try it at home.