Best Female Volleyball Players

Top 10 Most Famous Female Volleyball Players Of 2024

Volleyball is played with hands. It is a team game with six players in each team. It is more popular with women. Also, women of all ages enjoy this game. Volleyball is one of the most popular beach activities among women. Volleyball is also played at the international level in the Summer Olympics since 1964. But here we will list famous female volleyball players of the world.

Famous Female Volleyball Players

According to the website of the International Volleyball Federation, volleyball is played in over 200 countries and at least half of them have women’s volleyball teams. So, we have a long list of volleyball players to scrutinize to select famous female female volleyball players.

Thaísa Menezes – Brazil

Beautiful Thaísa Menezes

One of the greatest Brazilian players of all time and famous female volleyball players, Thaísa Menezes is credited for bringing many awards and accolades including back-to-back gold medals at the Olympics in 2008 and 2012 for her country. Also, she has been the Best Spiker and Best Blocker multiple times. But she was learning swimming until the age of … Read More

brown shade for fine hair

Brunette Hair Ideas

10 Awesome Brunette Hair Color Ideas: Being a brunette is being at your best. While you can change your skin tone, you become a brunette by coloring your hair a few shades darker. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of being a brunette and some fascinating brunette hair color ideas.

Brunette Hair Advantages

Safe & Secure

Brunette hair color ideas are popular because they are 100% safe and secure. First, a dark color doesn’t need multiple salon treatments to achieve the desired shade. Second, it requires less touching so the abuse of hair is going to be minimal.

Honey Brown Hair Color

Honey Brown Hair Color

Some brunette hair color ideas are more suitable for women with cooler skin undertones. Keep the hair near the face a shade lighter to accentuate your features.

Looks Shinier

The brunette tint will only add color molecules to the hair and create an optical illusion of shinier hair. Brunette hair is a little bouncier and thicker which makes it easy to style brunette hair. With brunette hair color ideas, you can make your hair look younger than you are.

Affordable Coloring

Brunette hair color ideas can save money on coloring, touching, and re-coloring. You won’t have to worry about paying for multiple salon treatments for coloring as well as maintenance. … Read More

top honeymoon travel destinations

Top Honeymoon Destinations

You are likely to get over a million hits on searching romantic honeymoon destinations around the world in Google. Also, you can find romantic getaways in your country or anywhere in the globe. Similarly, you can choose specific locations like beaches, woods, deserts, and villages.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway but don’t know how to start, you can start your search with the most sought-after romantic getaways in the world.

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Every country has scenic places but when it comes to listing romantic honeymoon destinations, people become choosey. They want to visit hitherto unexplored places. Out of all romantic getaways, beaches are the most popular. The most important thing to consider with your romantic getaway is the time of the year for your honeymoon and the weather conditions of the place you want to visit.

Here is the list of top 10 romantic getaways

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Fiji

This island country in the South Pacific Ocean figures at the top of our list of romantic honeymoon destinations. Also, it is a hot favorite of Hollywood directors who have shot many popular movies including The Blue Lagoon (1980) and Cast Away (2000) in Fiji. People from across the globe come here to enjoy vacations on white sandy beaches and … Read More

Trending Women Flannel Shirt

10 Cozy Women Flannel Shirt Designs For Bundling Up

The softer touch of a women flannel shirt comes from the medium-weight cotton fabric it is made of. It is characterized by a fuzzy finish on one or both sides. Despite the fuzzy finish that it gets because of the loose weave, it is the perfect fabric to stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

Women Flannel Shirt

When is the right time to buy flannels?

Flannel is typically a cold-weather fabric perfect to keep you warm with its soft touch. A women flannel shirt is the right layering piece for transitional weather. Also, it provides endless styling options like pairing a button-down shirt with a pair of jeans and … Read More

Trendy Bell Bottom Pant Outfit

10 Ideas For A Bell Bottom Pant Outfit

Bell bottoms or flared pants recognized from their flared bottoms, were quite popular in the 70s but some people never deserted these pants. Bell bottoms have an advantage that kept them in trend. You can easily make a bell bottom pant outfit by pairing your flared denim with any top, sweater, and footwear.

Bell Bottom Pant Outfit

How To Style Bell Bottoms?

Being one of the staunch admirers of bell bottoms, I have some tips to share with fashionable people. I can suggest tens of ways to style bell bottoms but first I want you to know how to prepare your bell bottoms for styling. Your pants need good tailoring work.

First, I suggest buying high-waisted bell bottoms jeans because I feel they are more flattering. They create a longer line on the body.

Second, get your bell bottoms tailored to work with your preferred shoes. For example, do you need to pants to just kiss the ground or … Read More

Vegan protein foods

Vegan Protein Food

Switch To Vegan Protein Food For The Following Benefits: Protein is an essential nutrient because it breaks down into amino acids called the building blocks of life. These are 22 naturally occurring amino acids. Most of the amino acids are produced in the body except 9 which are called essential amino acids. These are the essential compounds that you get from protein. Vegan protein food is the most reliable source of essential amino acids.

Vegan Protein Food

Protein makes up 17% of the body weight and it is an essential component of muscles, heart, brain, eyes, and immune system that needs protein for producing antibodies to help fight infections. Protein intake also helps in blood sugar regulation, fat metabolism, and energy function. You get protein from both animals and plants and vegan protein food is much better than animal food.

Advantages of vegan protein food

  • Plant food means more fiber and nutrition that are lacking in animal-based foods
  • Plant foods have little to no saturated fat content.
  • A plant-based diet reduces the risk of heart disease or stroke in healthy people
  • A plant-based diet has low to no sodium content
  • Vegan people lesser risk of developing obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancers
  • Plant-based food helps reduce the
Read More
Best Lollipop Lips Makeup

Lollipop Lips Makeup: Controversy & Trends

Lollipop lips makeup has been a controversial trend ever since it started. It is exactly the look that you get after sucking on a lollipop. You have remains of the food all over your lips and sometimes on the chin as well. This trend is good for those who have difficulty in perfecting the art of applying lipstick.

Lollipop Lips Makeup

MAC Cosmetics created lollipop lips at the Preen show in London Fashion Week. The first lollipop look was created using a “Ruby Woo” colored lip pencil and shiny “Lipglass” gloss. It was effortless and just perfect. It wasn’t a smudge or hurried job but professional work with all the finishing touches available.

How is the fashion community embracing this look?

Lollipop lips makeup has become a trend and everyone wants to try it. But it lacks professionalism. Even beauticians are facing difficulty in creating a lollipop look. The challenge is to strike a balance between smudge and perfection. This makeup involves covering the surrounding areas with colors but it shouldn’t be like a smudge.

But some people refuse to accept lollipop lip as a trend. They have made their displeasure public … Read More

Best Low Calorie Thai Food

10 Low Calorie Thai Food Orders

Low calorie Thai food is one of the healthiest choices in food and this is evident in Thai cuisine. Thai cooking is simply mouthwatering. They use a lot of veggies and herbs in their food. Also, they take care that the nutritional value of food isn’t compromised for taste. They keep both the flavor and nutrition of their food high.

Low Calorie Thai Food

Traditional low calorie Thai food is well-loved worldwide due to its unique flavor and aroma. Ingredients Thai people use in cooking include coconut milk, vegetables, lemongrass, Thai basil, Thai chilies, galangal, chicken, and seafood. You can also try preparing nutritious dishes using these ingredients. They are available all over the world but you need to learn Thai cooking to develop the flavor and aroma Thai recipes are known for.

This blog contains 10 healthy traditional Thai food choices you can order at restaurants or try at home

Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls

Collect lettuce, carrots, and cucumber in a bowl and make a medley of veggies. Now add noodles and shrimp to the veggie mix. It is the filling. Take a rice-paper skin and fill it with the filling. Roll the paper … Read More

Trendy French Braid Hairstyle

10 Upgrades To Elegant French Braid Hairstyle

A French braid hairstyle looks classic but you can give it a modern look. Also, you will be surprised to know that there are multiple ways of making French plaits. This hairstyle is so popular that everyone wants to wear it irrespective of their hair volume, length, and texture. You can even find extensions imitating braids that you can clip to your hair for a quick change. But here we will discuss the braids you can make at home.

French Braid Hairstyle

Effortless Side Braid

Effortless Side Braid

There is little to worry about braiding your hair when you have the option of making a side braid. First, bring all your tresses to a side, and second, make a single braid with some locks. Leave the rest of the tresses open. It is a relatively new hairstyle and it suits modern dresses. If you are wearing jeans and a top but want a French braid hairstyle, you can make a side braid. It will suit your modern dress and improve the overall look.

Two Side French Braid Hairstyle

Two Side Braids

A French braid … Read More

Best Female Squash Player

Who Is The World’s No. 1 Female Squash Player?

Squash could be less popular among the masses but its players, especially female players aren’t. A female squash player is like a celebrity. Squash is played in 185 countries and there are over 20 million squash players in the world. But here we will talk only about women in squash and players who rank high in fitness and games.

Female Squash Player

Nour El Sherbini (Egypt)

Beautiful Nour El Sherbini

Nour El Sherbini is the seven-time world champion including the present 2022-23 edition. Also, she became the youngest female squash player to win the Women’s World Championship in 2015. Nour displayed the traits of being a sportswomen at a very young age. Born on 1 November 1995 in Egypt, Nour started playing squash at the tender age of 6 and started participating in tournaments before eight years of age.

Nouran Gohar (Egypt)

Pretty Nouran Gohar

Born on 30 September 1997 in Egypt, Nouran Gohar shot to fame after becoming the world’s no. 1 female squash player in 2020. But it wasn’t the first time that she stunned the world with her game. She was only 16 years of … Read More