5-Step Dewy Makeup Tutorial For DIY Fashion

Moisturize Your Skin scaled

The dewy makeup tutorial you are looking for is here. Also, I have simplified the process for your convenience. Celebs and influencers started the trend of getting dewy skin with makeup but you shouldn’t follow them blindly. Dewy skin has a light-from-within shine that makes women of all ages crazy.

Let’s start the tutorial by knowing what dewy skin is

Dewy skin can be defined as healthy and glowing without even a trace of oil. It can be achieved with makeup such as Korean makeup. Beauticians are continuously trying to simplify the dewy makeup and dermatologists are advising people to avoid using harsh methods and cosmetics that can cause more harm to the skin.

For example, take natural skin oil. Dewy skin has no sensation of oiliness but it doesn’t mean that you should use harmful chemicals to remove oil from your skin. It is for this reason, you need a dewy makeup tutorial that is both effective and safe. Your skin should look naturally healthy and shiny.

Dewy skin looks moist instead of oily. But most women confuse it with reflection like glitter. In this tutorial, you will learn to make your skin dewy with makeup.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturize Your Skin

Like every makeup tutorial, it also starts with cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Experts suggest giving a good massage to all your face and neck area so the moisturizer penetrates deeper inside the skin. Choose the moisturizer that best suits your skin and apply it evenly all over the skin. Also, allow your skin some time to breathe before starting the next step.

Apply Primer For Dewy Makeup Tutorial

Apply Primer

Primer plays a crucial role in dewy makeup tutorial because it serves as a protective shield for your skin. Its prime job is to provide an even base to makeup and for this reason, it minimizes the appearance of pores. Also, it gives the skin a healthy glow. Also, it makes the makeup long-lasting. For best results, you can use a mattifying primer or a tinted product. A tinted primer has the additional advantage of being lightweight on the skin.

Give A Strong Foundation

Give A Strong Foundation

Soak a damp sponge in an illuminating liquid foundation and dab it all over your face. Also, keep patting on your skin to allow the liquid cosmetic to sit decently on your face. Use a concealer to hide imperfections such as dark under-eye circles. Finally, you can apply a translucent powder to allow the makeup to set perfectly on your face. Liquid foundation gives a high coverage but it is used more for restoring the epidermal structure of the skin.

Highlight Your Dewy Makeup Look

Highlight Your Dewy Makeup Look

Next in the dewy makeup tutorial is to use a highlighter but only after contouring your cheekbones and recreating a sharp jawline. Take a bronzer and start sculpting your face from … Read More

10 Female Upper Back Workout Options For Home Warriors

Female Upper Back Workout

Your back is responsible for everything from a good posture to an impressive gate. If your back muscles are weak, your posture and gait will be negatively impacted by the weak back muscles. But a toned back can not only improve your frame but your gait as well. Here I will tell you about female upper back workout so you can tone your back muscles and look smart and confident.

Female Upper Back Workout

Bodyweight Good Morning

Bodyweight Good Morning

It is a powerhouse for your back as it works on everything from quads to glutes to hamstrings to lower back that make your back muscles.

How To:

  • Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart
  • Place your hands on your hips or back of your head
  • Relax your knees to be comfortable
  • Lower your torso until it comes parallel to the floor
  • Stop for a couple of seconds and back
  • Practice 10-15 reps a day

Scapular Pushups

Scapular Pushups

Scapular pushups are the best female upper back workout for both beginners and experienced athletes. Also, this exercise is quite helpful in toning the upper back muscles.

How To:

  • Come in a high plank position with your core engaged
  • Beginners can lower their knees to feel comfortable
  • Seasoned athletes can keep their legs stretched
  • Keep your hands directly under your shoulders and straight
  • Lower your body for about 1-2 inches and stop
  • Hold the rep for up to 5 seconds and back
  • Practice 10-15 reps a day



Superman is a great exercise for your back. It has many advantages such as it can relieve back pain, improve your posture, and strengthen your core. Also, you can practice at home without requiring any accessories.

How To:

  • Lie down on your stomach with your hands and legs extended backward
  • Take a deep breath and raise your head, chest, and legs off the mat
  • Try to raise your torso and legs as much as you can and hold the pose
  • Feel the tension on your back muscles for 5 seconds and back
  • Relax and get ready for a few more reps

Plank Up Downs

Plank Up Downs

It is a great female upper back workout that involves moving your body up and down in slow motion without disturbing your body alignment. It is an advanced workout that works on the entire back muscles.

How To:

  • Come down in a high plank position
  • Keep your back and legs in a straight line
  • Lower one arm at a time for Plank down
  • Similarly, raise one arm at a time for Plank up
  • It is one rep complete
  • Take a short break before starting the second rep
  • Practice 10 reps a day



It is one of the most convenient back exercises that you can practice comfortably in your home gym. It works for all back muscles but its biggest advantage is it carries a minimal risk … Read More

The Most Popular Arabic Dish Is

Popular Arabic Dish

Shawarma, the wrap of thin slices of meat, a mouthful of green leaves, salad, and spices, is a popular Arabic dish because it is available in almost every country. It is considered a quick dish as it can be enjoyed while on the go. But it isn’t the only Arabic food that has made foodies mad for it.

Popular Arabic Dish

Falafel, the deep-fried balls made with beans, especially chickpeas, and served with bread, is another popular food that originated in the Arab world. Falafel is better known for its aroma that it gets from the spices mixed with chickpeas. It is served hot with salads and vegetables. But Arabians love eating falafel with hot or tahini-bases sauces.

Here I’m adding some Arabian delicacies that are popular across the globe.

I hope you will find the popular Arabian dish that you have never tasted before in this list. Also, I will try to include all kinds of recipes and flavours such as vegetables, rice, meat, seafood, and desserts in the list.

Manousheh Popular Arabic Dish

Manousheh is a type of pizza popular with both tourists and locals in Dubai. But it isn’t pizza in real. It has a cheese topping and seasoning done with fresh vegetables. Also, it contains herbs that give it a distinct flavour. Why I said that it isn’t a pizza because it is cooked in healthy olive oil. Depending on your taste, you can change its toppings to sweet jam, eggs, or minced lamb meat.



Maghmour is a purely vegan dish made with eggplant, chickpeas, spicy tomato sauce, dried mint, cayenne, paprika, onions, and garlic. It is a stew that you can serve as a salad. It is more than spicy but incredibly tasty. The dish comes from Lebanon where it is served hot. It is a popular Arabic dish among Lebanese people. If you love vegetarian food, you can try this exotic dish at a Lebanese restaurant in your city.

Al Harees

Al Harees

Al Harees is a popular Arabic dish you can easily find anywhere in the world. Made up of wheat, meat, and salt, Al Harees is a celebratory dish served during Ramadan, Eid, and weddings. The cooking process involves putting together all the ingredients and stewing for a few hours. It is so delicious that one can’t stop asking for more. If you love sweets, you can enjoy it with sugar.

Mutafayyah Popular Arabic Dish

Mutafayyah is a seafood item made of fish fillets. Fish fillets are first fried on both sides and then cooked in hot tomato sauce. Also, a handful of spices, especially fenugreek, coriander, and cumin are thrown in the sauce to give it a distinct flavor. Soon it is ready to serve. You also need a fenugreek sauce called hulbah to serve this dish. It is served only with hulbah and bread.



Fatteh is … Read More

10 Ways To Style A Women Denim Midi Skirt  

Women Stylish Denim Midi Skirt

As a Who Wears What blogger, it’s my job to spot trends. So I watch all the fashion shows and gala events and notice who is wearing what. The most recent obsession I noticed is denim skirts, especially a women denim midi skirt. In my opinion, it is one of the few outfits that give both variety and style. Here in this blog, I will present some of the latest designs and suggest different ways to wear denim skirts.

Women Denim Midi Skirt

Let’s start about women denim midi skirt….

Belle Poque Vintage A-Line Women Denim Midi Skirt

Belle Poque Vintage A-Line Women Denim Midi Skirt

This high-waisted women denim midi skirt comes with an elastic back waistband that snugs the waist comfortably and creates a beautiful hourglass silhouette. Also, it has three non-functional buttons and two side pockets. The buttons at the front define the high-waist. You can wear this skirt with a knit top and cowgirl boots. It is a lot easier to move on in this dress. Also, you will feel a little more sexy and playful in it.

ESTEEZ Straight Knee Length Stretchy Jean Skirt with Pockets

If you don’t want your women denim midi skirt to be too snug then go for this straight knee-length skirt. Its straight design from the hips to the knees provides more room for thighs. I suggest a jean jacket and sneakers for this outfit. Also, you can choose an oversized jacket to make your denim-on-denim dress look different. Or you can pair it with a denim shirt and mules.

Womens Denim Pencil Skirts Mid Long High Waist With Split Hem

Womens Denim Pencil Skirts Mid Long High Waist With Split Hem

Starting from a flattering high waist to a trendy slit design, this women denim midi skirt has every reason to become a hot favorite of all college-going and working women. It is a versatile skirt that you can pair with any top but it will look more attractive with an oversized graphic tee and ballet flats. The excess fabric of the t-shirt can be tucked or tied up to further highlight the frame.

Long Denim Skirts for Women Maxi Paperbag High Waist Frayed Raw Hem

Working women would find this long denim skirt with pockets more advantageous than others. More fabric means more coverage to your legs. Also, the extra fabric makes it just perfect to club with a tank top and flip-flops. You can even try it with a leather boomer and ballet … Read More

Enhance Your Face Shape With Masseter Muscle Exercise   

Masseter Muscle Exercise

Masseter muscle exercise is the exercise of one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Located in the jaw, this muscle can be called a powerful muscle considering its weight and function. While its prime job is to facilitate chewing, it plays a key role in our day-to-day lives. Exercising this muscle is necessary as it can save you from many complications, especially Temporomandibular problems like TMJ and TMD. In this blog, we will discuss the best way to exercise masseter muscle and the advantages of having a strong jaw. Also, we will put more focus on the exercise you can practice at home.

Masseter Muscle Exercise

Understanding the Masseter Muscle

Found on both sides of the face, this muscle plays an important part in the function of the jaw. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is this muscle that makes the jaw fully functional. It performs three basic functions – closing the jaw, chewing food, and swallowing the chewed food. When you up your lower jaw to close your mouth, you use this muscle. When toned, it can give your jawline a more defined appearance. But on the flip side, it could lead to severe pain and suffering. With masseter muscle exercise, you can keep your jawline toned and functional.

Common Causes of Masseter Muscle Problems

Causes of Masseter Muscle Problems


It is a joint problem that can affect all joints of the body including masseter muscles. It can cause inflammation leading to mild to severe pain and decreased muscle function. Taking painkillers can help reduce inflammation and pain but you need to practice masseter muscle exercise to keep your jaw functional.

Jaw Surgery

Patients are advised to practice masseter muscle exercise after recovering from jaw surgery. It is necessary as a surgical treatment increases the probability of a jaw problem like lockjaw. But regular exercising can avoid such problems and allow you to lead a healthy life post-jaw surgery.

Dislocation Of The Jaw

A dislocation of the jaw joint could lead to a painful condition restricting your jaw movement and causing severe pain while chewing or swallowing food. It could be due to a trauma like an accident or overworking of your jaw muscles. Masseter muscle exercise is the best way to get quick and lasting relief from this painful condition.

Teeth Grinding Or Jaw Clenching

Bruxism or the habit of grinding or clenching of teeth is a common reason for masseter muscle coming under stress. If you are suffering from bruxism, masseter muscle exercise becomes a must for you. It is so because it is only this exercise that can prevent your jaw muscles from coming under severe stress.

How To Exercise Your Masseter Muscle?

Exercise Your Masseter Muscle

There are two ways of exercising masseter muscle. First, you can do the exercise at home and without any accessories like biting tools. Second, you can go to a physiotherapist … Read More

Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis: Latest Trends & Styles

Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis Latest Trends

Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis are re­nowned for their superb skill and e­nduring charm. In 2024, these classy dresse­s remain top-notch in ethnic fashion. They paint a be­autiful picture of age-old tradition and modern fashion. Be­ it a festive occasion or daily wear, Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis are­ always suitable. Our guide will uncover the­ newest trends, de­signs, and suggestions to maximize the be­auty of these wonderful garme­nts.

Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis Latest Trends

1. Fusion Designs

Fusion designs are­ hip in Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis in 2024. Mixing Western and Indian styles make­s these outfits cool and snazzy. Imagine having tre­ndy cuts beside uneve­n hems; that’s a fusion style. This new look adds a fre­shness to the standard Chikankari Kurtis. They’re­ ideal to wear for any eve­nt, be it formal or just a lazy day.

2. Sustainable Fashion

As more folks le­arn about our planet’s health, sustainable clothing is on the­ rise. Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis created with e­arth-friendly threads like organic cotton or upcycle­d goods and harmless dyes are catching on. The­se environmentally sound picks are­ not just pretty to look at, they also help make­ your closet more earth-wise­.

3. Digital Prints

The Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis se­ctor has seen a significant surge in digital prints. The­ possibilities are limitless, including de­tailed flower designs or striking shape­s. Digital print methods ensure rich hue­s and fine details, making eve­ry Kurti a distinct masterpiece.

4. Pastel Shades

In 2024, Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis are rule­d by soothing pastel shades. Colors like mint gre­en, baby pink, and powder blue bre­athe life into these­ traditional styles. They are ide­al for both daylight and nighttime events, infusing e­ach outfit with an understated ele­gance and allure.

5. Statement Sleeves

In 2024, look out for the popular tre­nd of standout sleeves on Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis. The­y come in different forms like­ large bell slee­ves or frilly cuffs. Standout sleeve­s aren’t just runway material; they’re­ part of daily wear too. The addition of these­ unique details to traditional Chikankari Kurtis makes the­m pop in a sea of regular wear.

6. Customization Options

We live­ in a time when Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis can be pe­rsonalized big time. Brands provide many mix-and-match options. You can pick your own sle­eve length, ne­ckline, and extras. This way, eve­ryone gets to show off their taste­. Every Kurti becomes a one­-time piece.

7. Versatility

What makes Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis stand out? The­ir adaptability! You can mix and match them for any event, in line­ with your taste. You want to kick back in jeans, or amp up the glam with le­ggings and heels for a big night? Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis are your go-to for countle­ss style options.

8. Size and Fit

Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis sizes vary a lot, the­y fit all shapes. Small (XS) to triple-large (XXXL), e­veryone has a match. Yet, the­ proper fitting takes cente­r stage. A well-fitting Kurti can transform both your style and comfort. Simply use­ the manufacturer’s sizing guide, this e­nsures you get the ide­al fit.

9. Material and Care

Anarkali Chikankari Kurtis demand the­ selection of fabric to … Read More

10 Glamorous Arabic Eye Makeup Looks

Trendy Arab Eye Makeup

Arabic eye makeup is recognized from bold colors. Arabian women use more black color in their eyes. Also, they keep the eyebrows thicker. But you can discard their makeup as traditional and look for a more modern and lighter version of Arabian women. Today women prefer lighter eyebrows and brighter shadows.

Arabic Eye Makeup

Let’s see some Arabian women in their modern avatars and try to understand their eye makeup

Classic Look

Classic Look

Let’s start the tutorial for Arabic eye makeup with a classic look. Also, it is most popular because of its simplicity. Its biggest advantage is it suits all types of eyes. Also, you need little time to do this makeup. You can choose to focus only on your eyelids or coat the lashes with quality mascara. You can further improve the look of your eyes by lining your eyes with an eyeliner.

Kajal Eyes

Arabian women know how to make the best use of kajal. It is natural and hence considered safe for daily use. Another exciting thing about kajal is it is easy to apply. You can easily find kajal eyeliners being sold in cosmetic shops and websites. To get an Arab girl eye makeup with kajal is to line your eyes with a kajal eyeliner of your choice.

Improved Brow Bone

Improved Brow Bone

This Arabic eye makeup is spectacular and you will recognize it after checking the pictures. You can click pictures before and after the makeup to notice the difference. You will certainly find the difference significant. For makeup, you only need to highlight your brow bone. Also, improve the lower regions of your eyes to get the perfect look.

Golden Eyeshadow

If gold is your favorite color or you are considering golden highlights for your hair, you should change your eye makeup as well. The golden Arab girl eyes makeup will suit your golden hair. Also, it is easier to get this makeup. You can get this awesome look by simply applying golden color to your eyelids. But wait before you step out as it needs a layer of kajal to look complete. Applying a dark layer of kajal on the eyes will give it a dramatic effect.

Mix & Match Arab Girl Eyes Makeup

Mix And Match Look

This Arab girl eyes makeup is quite playful and if you love playing with colors, you can try this look for the next party. Choose the shades you want to wear and prepare your eyelids with a light moisturizer or primer. Apply the chosen shades to your lids and see whether the color is bleeding. Remove the excess color and get ready for a stroke of mascara to finish the look. Add mascara and you are done.

False Lashes

Sometimes you only need false eyelashes to improve your makeup. It is called the false lashes effect in Arab girl eyes makeup. … Read More

How DIY Japanese Face Mask Rejuvenates The Skin?

Best DIY Japanese Face Mask

Japan is the most advanced country in the world. It is said that they live in the future. They have the technology that other countries can only dream of. But when it comes to health and beauty, Japanese people rely on their traditional knowledge. For example, take a DIY Japanese face mask.

DIY Japanese Face Mask

What Is A DIY Japanese Face Mask?

It is a homemade face mask and Japanese people have a secret mask they call DIY Japanese face mask. But it is no longer a secret as the recipe for this homemade skincare product is already out. Also, it is surprising to know that anyone can make this mask at home with their kitchen ingredients. Japanese people still use this mask for its benefits.

Here I’m sharing the recipe for the secret Japanese skincare product


The DIY Japanese face mask is rich in vitamin B complex which makes it more useful. Also, it is suitable for all skin types and people of all ages. The biggest thing to note about this face mask is its history. It isn’t a chemical formula prepared in a laboratory but a grain available in every kitchen. Also, all ingredients of the face mask are natural.

Why Is Vitamin B Complex Necessary For The Skin?

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex supports skin health in many ways such as preventing acne, skin rashes, and premature aging. Its deficiency can cause dry and flaky skin, cracked lips, and wrinkles. Japanese people know the advantages of vitamin B complex and for this reason, they still rely on DIY Japanese face mask.

Vitamin B Complex Benefits

B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

This vitamin boosts collagen production necessary to control the emergency signs of premature aging. Vitamin B1 has a hydrating effect on the skin and hydration keeps the skin supple. Collage gives the skin a youthful appearance.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

It also boosts collagen production but its prime job is to balance oil production and boost cell turnover. It controls mucus secretion in the skin to prevent the skin from becoming oily. It revitalizes the skin and prevents problems like acne and rashes.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

Sensitive and dry skin needs this vitamin the most because it can fight free radicals that are harmful to the skin. It strengthens the skin’s barrier against the UV rays responsible for premature aging and baking of the skin.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Your skin needs moisture but sealing the moisture in the skin is more important. It is where you need vitamin B5. It locks moisture so the skin looks supple and plump. It is a great skin hydrator.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

This vitamin has an indirect effect on the skin. It boosts hormone production especially serotonin which is responsible for stabilizing mood and emotions. Deficiency of vitamin B12 could lead to a hormonal imbalance leading … Read More

Holi Western Outfit Ideas Trending In 2024

Trendy Holi Western Outfit Ideas

Hurray! I have some amazing Holi western outfit ideas for the upcoming festival of colors. Holi is an annual festival played with colors but it also includes visits to friends, pre-Holi celebrations, and community gatherings where you want to look stylish and in the mood to let the colors be showered.

Holi Western Outfit Ideas

Let’s not lengthen the discussion on what to wear on Holi and check out exciting Holi western outfit ideas you can try at this festival.

Rugged Jeans

Rugged Jeans

Jeans are popular in western culture because they can be paired with any top and worn on any occasion. It is for this reason they feature on the list of Holi western outfit ideas. A pair of rugged jeans with any top is a nice Holi dress. Also, it has some functional advantages like jeans won’t look bad when wet. Moreover, a pair of jeans can protect your lower body, especially the waist, butts, and thighs from absorbing too much color.

Hot Pants

Hot Pants

Holi celebrations are all about showering dry colors on friends, family, and relatives and wetting them with colored water. But it is also an opportunity to show your true colors. Hot pants or shorts clubbed with a plain T-shirt can make you look stylish at a Holi party. Also, you can enhance your Holi look with goggles, a shoulder bag, and other accessories. These types of Holi western ideas will give you a more comfortable look and feel.

Harem Pants Cotton

Harem Pants Cotton

If you aren’t comfortable in jeans or hot pants, you can try harem pants. They are also very stylish and can be coupled with any top including T-shirts, shirts, and kurtis. Harem pants come with a flair that ends near the ankles. It provides immense room for legs. Traditionally, it is worn for belly dancing or simply dance parties. If your Holi party includes dance performances, you can consider these types of Holi western outfit ideas.

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

A flowy maxi dress looks like an ideal Holi dress. It is suitable for two reasons. First, it is a complete dress and second, it comes in breathable fabric that keeps you dry all day. But the biggest advantage of a maxi dress is it requires little accessories and preparation. You only need to put on the dress and footwear and you are ready to hit the party. Keep looking for more Holi western outfit ideas.

Kaftans Outfit

Kaftans Outfit

If you are looking for Holi western outfit ideas that are fun then consider printed kaftans. A kaftan is a long gown-like outfit but it scores high on both comfort and style. Holi celebration involves colors and playing with colors becomes fun when you can maintain a safe distance from colors. Kaftans provide full coverage from neck to toe. It will protect you from coming into direct contact with colors while allowing you … Read More

10 Uses Of A Dark Circle Skin Concealer

Dark Circles Removal Cream

A dark circle concealer is a versatile product or it would be better to say that the latest range of concealers can be used for different purposes including covering dark spots, reducing fine lines, contouring your face, and outlining your lips. All these benefits will be in addition to diminishing the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Dark Circle Concealer

Considering the added benefits of a concealer, it won’t be an exaggeration to call a dark circle concealer a makeup essential. For example, a concealer with hyaluronic acid will hydrate your skin. Similarly, you can buy a product with anti-aging properties. It will refresh your skin in addition to covering the dark spots.

Here are the concealers I recommend to my viewers

Veil Cosmetics – Complexion Fix Concealer – For Under Eye + Dark Circles

Veil Cosmetics-Complexion Fix Concealer

Buy this anti-aging complexion fix dark circle concealer to brighten your skin with minimal effort. It contains hyaluronic acid that makes it hydrating and its anti-aging peptides fix fine lines and wrinkles. This 3-in-1 multiuse concealer pen corrects, conceals, and highlights the skin. Also, it comes in a travel-friendly pack so you can carry it wherever you go for a quick fix solution to your skin problems.

Mirabella Invincible For All Perfecting Hydrating Concealer

This dark circle concealer does many things in addition to concealing dark spots. It evens the skin tone, hydrates, and enhances the complexion. Also, it is acne-safe. Another advantage of this concealer is its flat edge that allows uniform coverage all over the face. For more precise applications such as under the eyes, you can use the pointed tip.

YENSA Super Serum Silk Dark Circle Concealer

YENSA Super Serum Silk Concealer

This dark circle concealer feels like a luxurious eye cream due to its skin-loving peptides and 8 Super Oils. It provides nourishment to dark spots but the best thing is it doesn’t crease, crack, or settle even after all-day use. You get full coverage and the dark spots and other imperfections are covered instantly.

Dermablend Quick Fix Full Coverage Concealer Stick

This dark circle concealer looks more useful than others due to its properties. First, it has passed both skin sensitivity and allergy tests, and second, it is made non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. Also, it provides all-day hydration and uniform coverage. It will stay intact on your skin without giving a cakey or masky feel. Since it comes in a stick form, it can be used as a quick-fix concealer for any time use.

TULA Skin Care Radiant Skin Brightening Serum Concealer

TULA Skin Care Radiant Skin Brightening Serum Concealer

This dark circle skin concealer gives instant results. Also, it helps … Read More