Glimpses Of Janhvi Kapoor’s Maldivian Vacations

Janhvi Kapoor too joined the star-studded party at the Maldives in the last leg but she had the full list of things to do in the Maldives. On Thursday evening, she was spotted swimming in the clear blue Maldivian sea but it was her metallic swimsuit that caught the attention. It blended perfectly with the color of the sky at sunset.

But the best part of the photoshoot is yet to come. It is a palat moment that makes the album exclusive. Janhvi Kapoor turned her head back for her Insta fans while standing by seawater that is made golden by the setting sun. Her flowing hair seems to be rushing to cover the open back … Continue Reading

Deodorant Isn’t Effective

5 Reasons To Why Your Deodorant Isn’t Effective

How effective your deodorant is, depends on how it is used. What you do is simply sprinkle the deo on your body, but it doesn’t work. Similarly, you keep using one type of deo again and again.

Here’re 5 deo mistakes you make

  1. Apply generously

You need to be generous with the application of your deo as just one layer of deodorant might not be effective against the heat. Apply the deo generously all over the body to cover your sweat ducts properly. It will increase the amount of deo consumption but it is the only way of getting desired results.

  1. Underarms only

You need to apply the deo all over your body including underneath and … Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Swimsuit pictures2

Kim Kardashian Updates Her Instagram Profile With Swimsuit pictures

Kim Kardashian is back after another whirlwind trip and stunning her fans with her vacation pictures. She also thrilled her fans by saying what she was going to spam all with her vacation pictures. And she started with posting a swimsuit picture.

Clad in a one-piece cut-out swimsuit, the reality star seems to be wearing nude makeup. It is a celebrity picture in a custom black monokini and it perfectly suits her well-toned body with hair in sultry waves. It is one of the closest pictures taken during her vacations.

Kim Kardashian seems emerging from the water. She is wearing a black bikini and having no makeup to give a natural pose. It is a sunny … Continue Reading


Is It Safe To Lose Weight With Water Fasting?

Those looking for a result-oriented weight loss plan should consider water fasting that involves living only on water from 24 hours to 72 hours. Also, it is promoted by weight-conscious celebs and influencers on social media.

Understanding the concept of water fasting

As evident from the name, it involves living on the water for a certain period depending upon your overall health and medical condition. Since water is a zero-calorie drink, you won’t add any calories to your body. Also, your body will burn the stored-up fat for getting energy.

Advantages of water fasting

While weight loss is the biggest advantage of water fasting, but it is one of the many benefits of performing this fasting … Continue Reading


Malaika Arora Finds Monday Motivation In Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara Yoga Asana

Malaika Arora performed Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara in Monday motivation for her Instagram followers. Her picture of doing this yoga asana in printed blue sports bra and tights is posted on Instagram early in the morning.

What is the picture about?

Malaika Arora is a fitness freak who often shares her fitness mantras with her Insta followers. Today morning, she performed a very difficult yoga asana to inspire her Insta fans. It is called Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara and it involves taking the bodyweight on knees, chest, arms, and chin.

What is Eka Pada Ashtanga Namaskara?

It is one-leg eight-limbed pose and an intermediate asana in yoga. It can also be called an advanced variation … Continue Reading


Reasons To Watch Sulthan In Theater

Sulthan is a commercial grade Tamil action thriller that can best be described as a multi-starrer movie but the most striking figure of them is that of Karthi who’s playing Vikram aka Sulthan in the thriller. Everything that happens in his life including his birth is like a miracle.

Why Vikram is called Sulthan?

Vikram is born in a family of goons. They all are criminals working for his father Sethupathi. But he isn’t a born criminal. On the contrary, he chooses the path of peace and prosperity. He knows that his mentors are goons but he also has a strong belief that they could be changed and made law-abiding citizens with love. He lives between … Continue Reading


How Is Your Dinner Time Related To Your Weight Loss Regimen?

If you are struggling to lose weight but getting no results despite putting in your best efforts then check your meal time especially dinner time. You could be having dinner close to bedtime.

What does science say about dinner?

It says that what isn’t burnt by the body is stored as fat. The activity level of your body is lowest at night and for this reason, you store maximum fat consumed in dinner. Also, eating too close to bedtime could disturb sound sleeping. It increases blood sugar level and insulin that makes it difficult for the body to achieve sound sleep.

Dinner tips for weight loss

• Dinner is the last meal of the day and … Continue Reading


Know What Is The First Thing To Do In A Gym And Other Tips For Beginners

If it is your first day in a gym, then you need to be extra careful about your exercise regimen. First, you should understand the right forms of various exercises, and second, start with light activities so you don’t harm your body and lose interest.

Here’re five tips for beginners or those returning to the gym after a long break due to personal reasons or injury

  1. Set your breathing right

Get hold of your breath before exercising. The breathing process has to be normal. For example, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

  1. Push-ups or high planks

Keep your wrist and shoulders in line when doing push-ups or high planks. Also, make … Continue Reading

Summer Special Foods For Diabetes Management

5 Summer Special Foods For Diabetes Management

Fiber rich food could help in diabetes management as fiber takes time in breaking down and in this way prevents a sudden surge in glucose level. And there are delicious fiber rich food options you can try this summer to keep your glucose level under check.

  1. Sprout Salad With Curd

It is nutritious and cooling as well. Sprouts are high in fiber and taste. Also, you can further increase its nutrition count and flavor by adding fresh veggies and fruits to it. For example, you can mix seasonal fruit like cucumber, tomato, and bell peppers to a salad. Finally, you can add a dash of curd to the salad to make it a diabetic-friendly food.

  1. Cucumber
Continue Reading
Kardashian Sisters Launch Scents

Kardashian Sisters Launch A Collection Of Three Scents

Kim Kardashian has finally collaborated with her sister Kendall Jenner for KKW fragrance that is a collection of three scents that Kim calls Amber, Olive and Blue Roan. Kim said the scents were inspired by Kendell’s love for the outdoors. Also, Kim has written an attractive Instagram post to reveal her true feelings about the fragrance of KKW scents.

By the time KKW fragrance reaches India, you can grace your collection with the following scents

  1. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum

It has an earthy tone as it contains the fragrances of tuberose and Sambac Jasmine but it gives a smooth yet captivating fragrance that remains all day round.

  1. Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de
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