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Lakme Cosmetics Products

10 Bestselling Lakme Cosmetics Products

Lakme cosmetics are always in demand due to their quality and affordability. Also, they are available in all leading e-commerce stores including Amazon. Lakme is one of the most favorite beauty brands because it provides both quality and affordability. Whether you need an SPF 40 cream or liquid lip color, you can buy a Lakme without any worries.

Lakme Cosmetics

Lakme cosmetics products are for everything related to skincare and everyone. Also, this brand has a wide range of beauty products to offer. They are available everywhere from street shops to big e-commerce stores. Or you can buy from the best selling products of this brand.

Here are 10 bestselling Lakme Enrich products you can consider buying from Amazon

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream

This product makes a complete Lakme cosmetics set as it is a perfect blend of makeup, sunscreen, and skincare. It provides completely blemishes-free and even-toned bright skin. It contains glycerine to moisturize the skin. Its SPF 30 makes … Read More

Colorful Graphic Eyeliner

Art Of Colorful Graphic Eyeliner To Unleash Your Creativity

In the realm of makeup, trends come and go, but one trend that continues to captivate and inspire is the colorful graphics eyeliner. Gone are the days of simple black winged eyeliner; today’s makeup enthusiasts are embracing their inner artist with a plethora of creative graphics eyeliners ideas. From bold pops of color to intricate designs, graphic eyeliner has become a canvas for self-expression and a statement of individuality. In this article, we delve into the world of colorful graphics eyeliner, exploring the best makeup tips, ideas, and designs that will undoubtedly ignite your artistic passion.

Graphic Eyeliner

The Rise Of Colorful Graphic Eyeliner

The beauty industry has witnessed a revolution in recent years, with makeup enthusiasts seeking unique and innovative ways to showcase their artistry. Enter colorful graphics eyeliner – a trend that brings a burst of vibrancy to the eyes. Unlike traditional eyeliner styles, which often emphasize simplicity and uniformity, graphics eyeliner encourages experimentation with a broad spectrum of colors. The trend’s popularity can be attributed to its ability to break the norms and allow individuals to express their personality through bold and vivid hues.

The Best Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Products

Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Products

To master the art of colorful graphics eyeliner, … Read More

Latest Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking Is Fun, Fast, And Easy With A One-Touch Electric Pressure Cooker

How many recipes could you cook with your pressure cooker? If you have an electric pressure cooker, your answer will be “many”. And if you don’t have one, you can buy an electric pot from the market. Many brands are selling electric cooking pots and hence you can easily find the right appliance for your needs.

The latest electric pressure cooker could have programmable features including cooking time settings and different cooking functions like simmering, browning, warming, and sautéing. Top-of-the-line appliances can even double as rice cookers, yogurt makers, and slow cookers. One advantage of an electric pot is that it doesn’t consume stove space.

Electric Pressure Cooker

Every busy mom should buy electric pressure cooker. As a busy homemaker, you need time for everything from cooking to keeping the home tidy. An electric cooking appliance with programmable features can provide real help. First, it will reduce your kitchen time, and second, it will prepare more delicacies.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightCapacity Cups/QuartsVolts/Wattage
Cuchen$645.9015.98″D x 12.09″W x 11.65″H14.52 Pounds10 Cups220 V/1400 W
Wolf Gourmet$639.8914.5″D x 19.75″W x 17.88″H27.5 Pounds7 Quarts120 V
Panasonic$521.2912.64″D x 9.84″W x 7.91″H9.7 Pounds5 Cups1200 W
CUCKOO$469.9911.4″D x 11.9″W x 16.5″H13 Pounds6 C/1.5 Q120 V
Shop Japan$348.9911.2”D
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Best Tablets Brands

Which Is The Best Tablet Brand After Samsung In The Market?

No, I won’t sell tablets or educate you about the best tablet on the market because I know you are already using one. Tabs have changed the meaning of computing for the better. Also, I won’t hesitate in going to the extent of saying that tab technology has simplified computing for average users.

Who am I presenting here? Is it the best tablet mini from Apple that I want to introduce or is it something else? My dear viewers, I am here to show how technology is changing the use of tabs. Also, I will go on listing the newest tabs on the market.

Latest Best Tablets

One thing that I learned while preparing this list is that Samsung and Lenovo aren’t only the best tablets brands on the market. There have come up many new players that are offering much better deals than the established brands. I hope you will find my list useful.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightScreen SizeDisplay Resolution
Toughbook$2,889.0011”D x
7.4”W x
5 Pounds10.1 Inches1900×1200 Pixels
Samsung$799.9910.63”D x 7.24”W x 0.87”H1.65 Pounds11 Inches2560×1600 Pixels
OnePlus$479.9911.25”D x 8.5”W x
2.7 Pounds11.61 Inches2800×2000 Pixels
BOOX$347.975”D x
7.48”W x
1.34 Pounds7.8 Inches1404×1872 Pixels
SGIN$399.9910”D x
6”W x
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Wireless Charger

Keep Your Phone Always On Charging Mode With A MagSafe Portable Wireless Charger

The reason why I switched to wireless charging for my iPhone is pure convenience. With a wireless charger, I don’t have to fish out the charging cable in the dark. Now I can place my expensive iPhone on a charging pad with a magnet to recharge my phone’s battery.

I bought a fast wireless charger for my iPhone and it works pretty well. But my friends told me that this latest charging device doesn’t support all makes and models. Here I’m surprised as to why this convenience is available only to a few.

Portable Wireless Charger

I know not everyone can buy an iPhone or any other premium phone. But everyone needs the convenience of charging their gadgets including mobiles, watches, and tabs. I thought of making a list of wireless charging platforms that support a wide range of devices and that can charge multiple devices at a time. I hope you will also find a suitable portable wireless charger in the below list.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightConnectivity TechnologyInput Voltage
Belkin$149.995.26”D x 5.26”W x 5.65”H32.8 OuncesMagSafe240 Volts
Anker$149.952.36”D x 2.36”W x 2.48”H14.5 OuncesUSB Type C240 Volts
Samsung$128.735.83”D x 4.17”W x 4.09”H10.7 OuncesUSB Type C / Wireless3 Volts
Satechi$119.993.94”D x 1.22”W x 2.8”H12.6
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Bluetooth Echo Frames

What Are Bluetooth Echo Frames And Why Do You Need One?

The popularity of echo frames made me ponder over their usability and find some of the best pieces for my readers. Everyone wears glasses but not everyone is aware of the uses of smart Bluetooth-enabled glasses. Also, the smart eyewear range is quite large for an average buyer to explore.

Bluetooth echo frames are more suitable for those who use earplugs. Also, those who want to stay connected can use these glasses. They have many uses like listening to your favorite music, using audio navigation, and attending all incoming voice calls on your phone. They work on open-ear technology instead of forcing the sound into your eardrums.

Echo Frames

Amazon is the biggest retailer of eco frames online but I feel you will need help in finding the right eyewear. There are many options spread on multiple pages of Amazon. But you can pick one from the following. I have selected a handful of products from Amazon for your consideration.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightConnectivityBattery Life
Bose$249.002.51”D x 0.66”W x 5.35”HN/ABluetooth8 Hours
Lucyd$229.995.71”D x 4.96”W x 2.13”H1.06 PoundsBluetooth 5.212 Hours
Wicue$209.006.4”D x 5.7”W x
0.0675 PoundsBluetooth 5.07 Hours
SOLOS$199.006.2”D x 2.5”W x
0.2 PoundsBluetooth60 Hours
CatXQ$139.997.8”D x 4.37”W
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Bluetooth Earbuds

Wear Wireless Earbuds All Day For The Following Reasons

Wireless earbuds have made it possible to listen to your favorite tunes while working or attend important calls without engaging your hands. They prove superior connectivity with Bluetooth chips. Also, these rechargeable earphones can work for a long-time on a full charge. You only need to recharge your earphones according to your uses before plugging them in your ears.

The best workout earbuds are those that provide seamless connectivity and that have long battery life. Also, they are slowly becoming affordable. Now everyone can buy and enjoy music-quality wireless earphones. There are a lot of cheap devices in the market that you need to avoid to save your investment.

Wireless Earbuds

Here I’ve listed some of the best quality Bluetooth earbuds for your consideration. Also, I’ve given reasons to invest in these earphones. You can compare their specifications and prices to find the best earphones for your needs.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightConnectivityBattery Life
Plantronics$299.995.12”D x 3.94”W x 1.65”H0.205 OuncesBluetooth 5.316 Hours
Bose$249.002.34”D x 1.05”W x 2.61”H8 OuncesBluetooth 5.324 Hours
LG$210.684.02”D x 3.86”W x 2.52”H4.6 OuncesBluetooth 5.329 Hours
ISOtunes$199.997.36”D x 4.37”W x 1.85”H8.4 OuncesBluetooth 5.226+ Hours
Jabra$161.996.18”D x 4.53”W x 1.54”H5.6 ouncesWireless / Bluetooth 5.230
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pop-up toaster

Aid Your Weight Loss Regimen With The Best Toaster Oven

If you have bread toast for breakfast then you will certainly be excited to know about the new range of toasters available on the market. The best toaster on the market can reduce your breakfast time and enhance your flavors as well. Also, you can go for a 2-in-1 that can toast, roast, and even bake food.

Toasters are available for every need including singles, couples, small families, extended families, and business families. Also, you can easily find a best toaster machine within your budget. After exploring the range of best toaster available on the market, you will also agree that there is a device for every need.

Best Toaster

To make things easier, I’ve selected some of the bestselling machines from almost all best toaster brands available on the market. I hope it will help you find the right breakfast machine for your needs.

Waring$81519″D x
16″W x 16.5″H
29.9 Pounds2700WStainless Steel
Dyna-Living$459.9917.32″D x 22.04″W x 16.33″H43.3 pounds2600WStainless Steel
Wolf Gourmet$449.9012”D x 12.5”W x
13.22 PoundsNAStainless Steel
Smeg$279.9511.77″D x 13″W x 7.72″H8.36 Pounds1800WStainless Steel
Newhai$2658.5″D x 16.5″W x 8.3″H15.58 Pounds2500WStainless Steel
Fabuletta$249.9917″D x 18.1″W x 14.6″H28 Pounds
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Digital Wireless Intercom

Buying A Wireless Intercom For Home Shows You Care For Your Family

A wireless intercom is fast becoming a necessity for every home. Earlier it was thought to be a tool of care homes and caregivers, but today it is considered a necessity, especially if you have kids or elders to take care of. Its biggest advantage is it creates seamless connectivity.

For example, your kids can use wireless intercom systems to ask for quick snacks instead of creating a nuisance in the kitchen. Similarly, you can ask seniors where they need anything using the intercom. Another use of the intercom is when you are busy receiving guests. You can ask your kitchen housemaid to bring water for guests.

Wireless Intercom

You can buy wireless intercom with camera or battery-powered Bluetooth intercom gadgets for outdoor adventures. Here’re the bestselling wireless intercom devices you can consider for your home or office.

Wuloo$229.9910.5”L x 8.05”W x 5.9”H4.39 Pounds225280 Feet
GLCONN$189.979.65”L x 9.49”W x 5.39”H4.84 Pounds107920 Feet
ANJIELO SMART$125.997.87”L x 3.15”W x 1.97”HNANA3280 Feet
QNIGLO$119.9910.2”L x 4.1”W x
2.99 Pounds105280 Feet
H HOSMART$104.995.59”L x 1.34”W x 5.12”H2.07 Pounds62640 Feet
ChunHee$89.9912.8”L x 9.06”W x 1.38”H0.154 Pounds167920 Feet
Chtoocy$60.996.34”L x
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Artificial Lawn Sweeper

The Unrivalled Benefits Of A Cordless Artificial Grass Sweeper

Lightly brush your new lawn with an artificial grass sweeper to remove any leaves or twigs. Buy a soft bristle brush that is gentle on the grass but tough on the unwanted material and use it regularly or once a week depending on the outdoor condition.

An artificial lawn sweeper can help remove stones, small sticks, leaves, seed pots, and any loose material that can cause injuries to your pet and kids. Depending on the lawn size, you can buy an electric or manual sweeper.

Artificial Grass Sweeper

Here I’ve handpicked some of the best grass sweepers for your consideration. You can buy an electric artificial grass sweeper or a manual machine to clean your lawn of foreign debris.

BrandPriceDimensionsWeightCutting WidthPower Source
Forever Green Lawns$395.9923.5″D x 18″W x 13.5″H30 Pounds15 InchesAC
GardenMark$39524”D x 18”W x 14”H35.1 Pounds15 InchesElectric
Agri-Fab$275.9947.58″D x 36.8″W x 38.3″H45 Pounds10 InchesManual
Greenworks$249.9942.9″D x 40.5″W x 23.2″H34.23 Pounds14 InchesBattery Powered
Scotts Outdoor$159.9432″D x 16″W x 12″H17 Pounds26 InchesManual
SPLENDOR$152.9939″D x 33″W x 35″H33.3 Pounds26 InchesManual
LawnMaster$150.8247″D x 23″W x 50″H27.6 Pounds16 InchesAC
Sun Joe$14924″D x 20″W x
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