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Women Can Develop Six-Pack Abs

Now Women Can Develop Six-Pack Abs With The Following Exercises

Women can also get six-pack abs and the good thing is that they can do it easily without going to a gym or taking specific health supplements. There are plenty of abs exercises that build abdominal muscles and the surprising thing is that some of the exercises are simple to practice at home for women. Also, these exercises work well for women of all ages.

Following exercises to build your six-pack abs for women

Cardio And HIIT

Cardio And HIIT

For 6-packs abs, you need to burn fat faster for which you can rely on cardio and HIIT exercises. Three hours of high-intensity exercises like jogging, running up the stairs, playing a sport, swimming, skipping, bicycling, and using any gym equipment for a week is sufficient to burn a considerable amount of fat from your body.


Starting with crunches is a great idea if you want to focus on your 6-pack abs. It will develop the mid-section of your abdominal area and strengthen your core.

Crunches Exercises For Women Abs


• Lie down your back with your knees bend and feet flat on the floor
• Take your hands at the back of your head and curl up the upper body to a 30-degree angle
• Support your head with your hands while curling up
• Go down to the original position to repeat the exercise


• Crunches can burn up to 300 calories within half an hour
• Strengthen abdominal muscles and Read more

Twisting Exercises

5 Twisting Exercises That Work Well For Whole Abdominal Muscles

Burning belly fat is the first step in buildings abs but it isn’t a simple weight loss process as abdominal fat could be stubborn. You need to do something different to move your abdominal muscles so that they become lean. It is where you can try twisting exercises for abdominal muscle. Twist your abdominal muscles with or without weight to melt the belly fat and build your abs.

There are plenty of twisting exercises for abdominal muscle you can try at home.

Russian Twisting Exercises For Abdominal Muscle

Russian Twisting Exercises For Abdominal Muscle

The Russian twist is an exercise for abdominal muscles but it works for the entire body. It involves balancing the posture on the exercising mat and twisting the abs with arms and shoulders. It can be performed with or without dumbbells.


• Sit down with your feet flat, knees bent, and back straight in the 90-degree to the floor.

• Lean your back towards the floor and lift your feet from the floor until your calves come in a parallel position to the floor.

• Hold your kettlebell with both hands and swing from right-to-left and then left-to-right without disturbing the balance of your legs and back. Beginners can do it without weight.

• Start with 15 reps before increasing.


• Twisting will boost the metabolic system that will make your body a fat-burning machine.

Strength building is also an advantage of the twisting exercise.

• The twisting movement … Read more