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5 Miraculous Tips to Get Rid of Holi Colors Instantly

So, have you enjoyed your Holi a lot? Of course yes! This is why you are here and looking for remedies to get rid of Holi colors instantly. Well, playing Holi without colors sounds boring and you have no better idea to play this festival. Sometimes we often forget to care about skin, maybe you have cared a lot by using coconut oil, moisturizer, or SPF. But still, you are pissed off by trying again and again to remove colors.

The colors look beautiful on the face, but it significantly gives a bad impact on the face by drying and dehydrating your skin.

May you often think this year you will not play with colors, but who do not want to enjoy colors?

Now, tell me if this happens to you as well?

You are playing Holi, doing dance, and drinking thandai, but just after the few hours you are working hard to remove colors. Your whole fun is complete goes to dustbin. Because you are trying various methods to put it off.

Tips to get rid of Holi colors instantly

Well, the things go hand and hand, but we need to stay protective and updated with all-natural skincare tips to get rid of Holi Colors.

So, here are the things which you can try out!

• Body Scrub

One of the top remedies to get rid of colors is exfoliating. To do this, first, clean your skin with cleansing milk and then … Read More

Lavender and Sandlewood body scrub review

Lavender and Sandalwood Body Scrub Review

I have been a passionate fan of Bath and Body Works products, yet lamentably, it is hard to get the majority of these here in India. Thus, this time it was a B&B orgy for me. Read on to see whether this buy lived up to my desires, as usual.

Product Description: Lavender and Sandalwood Body Scrub

The ideal scour for shower or shower, our non-oily, peeling Olive Oil Body Scrub tenderly leaves skin feeling delicate and smooth with a rich mix of regular peppermint fundamental oil and European olive oil.

Lavender and Sandlewood body scrub review


This frame wash has a grand scent. I will be capable to’t choose a novel perspective, however a beguiling, warm and toasty blend of Wild Lavender, Sandalwood, Lemon Blossom, Acai Berry (I don’t see the aspect record; however the lady on the counter claims so). It’s gentle and delightful.

Price – $ 16.50 for 8 oz. (226g).

Shell Life – 24 months


This is accessible in a dark colored shower holder, which I absolutely like. It has a sticky mark with the product primary focuses and portrayal. There isn’t any perspective record or the rest at the jug. It accompanies out external field, so don’t have another depiction of the product. The significant fortunate thing about this kind of bundling is that, you’ll have the capacity to uncover the whole product with none wastage, rather than pump containers. It’s presently not an unnecessarily substantial shower, so it’stravel-friendly … Read More