Mobile Radiation

Your Mobile Phone And Your Health

Mobile phones are connected with base stations through radiofrequency (RF) radiation but there is no conclusive or convincing evidence to suggest that the radiation level of mobiles is harmful to human health. There has been intense research on the effects of mobile radiation on human health but nothing harmful is found in mobile radiation.

Should We Consider Mobile Phones To Be Safe Devices?

Are Mobile Phones Are Safe Devices?

The prevalent international consensus is that mobile radiation doesn’t cause cancer or affect the growth of existing tumors in any way. But the World Health Organization (WHO) classified RF radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic for the human being in its May 2011 report. The theory is based on an increased risk for glioma, a type of brain tumor.

The latest WHO statement on the effects of mobile radiation calls for more research and a ‘precautionary approach’ to mobile phone use. But there is no further report by the world body. Also, there is a need to do more research on whether mobile radiation could be linked to cancer.

Let’s Understand Mobile Radiation

Effects Of Mobile Radiation

The electrical and magnetic energy released by all gadgets is referred to as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Radiation travels through space at the speed of light.

Classification Of Radiation:

Ionising Radiation (IR): It can change cells and tissues in the body and cause cancers. Examples of IR include x-rays and gamma rays.

Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR): It only makes the cell molecules vibrate leading to a slight rise in temperature. Examples of NIR include ultraviolet radiation, light bulbs, infrared radiation, microwave energy, and radiofrequency. Mobile radiation comes in this category and for this reason, it is considered relatively safer than IR.

Mobile Radiation

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Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

Cancer is curable if the disease is diagnosed and treated early. But the treatment could be frustrating. Cancer patients have to bear chemotherapy that could break their mental power. But they can look at yoga for help. There are many yoga asanas for cancer patients that can help control the painful symptoms associated with cancers and their treatments. These asanas are simple in practicing and big on advantages.

Here’re 5 yoga asanas that are good for cancer patients.

Half Sun Salutation

Half Sun Salutation Yoga Asanas

It is one of the many asanas that have multiple benefits for cancer patients.


• Stand straight with your legs close

• Join your palms together as you do in a prayer

• Inhale a deep breath and raise your arms with palms joint above the head

• Stretch your arms to a comfortable level

• Exhale the breath and bend down to touch your toes with your fingers

• Stop for a few seconds and then inhale a deep breath to return to the starting position

Note: You can bend your knees if needed while touching your toes with your fingers.


• The stressing exercise will ease out the entire musculoskeletal frame including the muscles.

• It has the power to blast disease-causing microbes and it is easier to perform at home.

• It boosts blood flow balances the function of endocrine glands that help in maintaining well-being in the long run.

• The exercise involves elongation and suppression of the body that has good effects on the digestive system.

• The salutation pose allays frayed nerves by awakening the brain center and a calm nervous system is a guarantee of the well-being of the body.

Reclining Butterfly

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Can Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer-A Shocking News Out, Ladies Must Read!

For the past few years, the news of Deodorant causes’ breast cancer is on hype. If you are using deodorants constantly then this news is for you. With the talk of Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, we have found the truth about deodorants. Is this rumor or a real fact?

We all know, how much deodorants are important in our lives, especially for those who sweat a large amount. Whether you are working women, college-going girls, and hang out with friends. Without the use of perfumes, you can’t even take one step from the house.

So, it is important to find out are deodorant nontoxic or it causes breast cancer?

Deodorant Causes Cancer

However, you may find a variety of opinions about using deodorants from folks. Some will say yes because deodorants are made of paraben and chemicals, which cause breast cancer. Paraben also used in various skin care products, therefore, it involves certain risks.

What are parabens?

Paraben is a chemical structure and known as a disrupt hormone, which creates bad effects on the estrogen hormone of the body and causes breast cancer and also reduces reproductive toxicity. While no study has revealed about deodorants can cause cancer or other skin diseases.

What Dr. Kiran Lohia says about deodorants?

Dr. Kiran Lohia Says About deodorants

To make it very clear we reached Dr. Kiran Lohia. She says, many ladies have asked this question, are deodorants safe or they cause cancer. Deodorants are packed in aluminum coating bottles which are more likely to increase the risk of breast cancer by affecting estrogen hormone. However, it is not proved in studies yet.

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