15 Fashion Fails That Show Even Celebrities Aren’t Perfect

A fashion failure isn’t accepted, especially on the red carpet. But to err is human and being a celebrity is no exception to this rule. Also, a fashion failure can occur anytime including the Oscar award function as happened with these celebrities. Sometimes it is a choice and sometimes it is a sinus problem that can create a wardrobe malfunction.

  1. Jenny McCarthy (1997 Oscars)
Jenny McCarthy (1997 Oscars)

In an interview with US Weekly, she said that her dress felt too tight at the Oscars. She walked down the red carpet, felt like a million dollars but wondered why it was so tight in the chest all night until Valentino informed her that she was wearing the dress backward.

  1. Minnie Driver (1998 Oscars)
Minnie Driver (1998 Oscars)

The English actress went to the Oscars in a red gown but also carried a matching shawl that covered her wardrobe malfunction. While her red dress was stunning, it started falling off as soon as she stepped on the red carpet. Minnie Driver displayed a good presence of mind by wrapping the faux fur shawl around her shoulders before others could notice her falling gown.

  1. Elisabetta Canalis (2010 Oscars)
Elisabetta Canalis (2010 Oscars)

The Italian actress ran into trouble while dressing up for the Oscars. She accidentally broke the zipper of her dress and there was no time to get a new dress. But the situation was managed by her then-boyfriend George Clooney who sewed the zipper back into place and rescued her from the situation.

  1. Hailee Steinfeld (2017 Oscars)
teinfeld (2017 Oscars)

True Grit star appeared in a long and flowing flowery gown that filled the red carpet. Also, Hailee Steinfeld knew about that little tear on her dress that she needed to manage while posing for pictures.

  1. Emily Ratajkowski (2017 Golden
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