10 Glamorous Arabic Eye Makeup Looks

Arabic eye makeup is recognized from bold colors. Arabian women use more black color in their eyes. Also, they keep the eyebrows thicker. But you can discard their makeup as traditional and look for a more modern and lighter version of Arabian women. Today women prefer lighter eyebrows and brighter shadows.

Arabic Eye Makeup

Let’s see some Arabian women in their modern avatars and try to understand their eye makeup

Classic Look

Classic Look

Let’s start the tutorial for Arabic eye makeup with a classic look. Also, it is most popular because of its simplicity. Its biggest advantage is it suits all types of eyes. Also, you need little time to do this makeup. You can choose to focus only on your eyelids or coat the lashes with quality mascara. You can further improve the look of your eyes by lining your eyes with an eyeliner.

Kajal Eyes

Arabian women know how to make the best use of kajal. It is natural and hence considered safe for daily use. Another exciting thing about kajal is it is easy to apply. You can easily find kajal eyeliners being sold in cosmetic shops and websites. To get an Arab girl eye makeup with kajal is to line your eyes with a kajal eyeliner of your choice.

Improved Brow Bone

Improved Brow Bone

This Arabic eye makeup is spectacular and you will recognize it after checking the pictures. You can click pictures before and after the makeup to notice the difference. You will certainly find the difference significant. For makeup, you only need to highlight your brow bone. Also, improve the lower regions of your eyes to get the perfect look.

Golden Eyeshadow

If gold is your favorite color or you are considering golden highlights for your hair, you should change your eye makeup as well. The golden Arab girl eyes makeup will suit your golden hair. Also, it is easier to get this makeup. You can get this awesome look by simply applying golden color to your eyelids. But wait before you step out as it needs a layer of kajal to look complete. Applying a dark layer of kajal on the eyes will give it a dramatic effect.

Mix & Match Arab Girl Eyes Makeup

Mix And Match Look

This Arab girl eyes makeup is quite playful and if you love playing with colors, you can try this look for the next party. Choose the shades you want to wear and prepare your eyelids with a light moisturizer or primer. Apply the chosen shades to your lids and see whether the color is bleeding. Remove the excess color and get ready for a stroke of mascara to finish the look. Add mascara and you are done.

False Lashes

Sometimes you only need false eyelashes to improve your makeup. It is called the false lashes effect in Arab girl eyes makeup. Long and strong eyelashes improve the look but it is only Arabian women who know how to make the best use of false lashes. You can learn to give a dramatic effect to your eyes with false lashes or mascara. Prepare your eyes to accept false lashes and wear false lashes of your choice.


Winged Eye Makeup

This Arab girl eyes makeup will make you feel like a queen. Your eyes will get wings but the most amazing thing is won’t take much of your makeup time. First, apply primer to your eyelids to prepare them for eyeshadow colors. You can choose any color you like most. Now get ready to make wings. First, you need to apply eyeliner to your upper lash line and kajal to the lower lash line. This pairing of eyeliner and kajal will give amazing wings to your eyes.

The Cut Crease

This Arabic eye makeup involves improving the crease on your eyes. Also, you need a full set of eyeshadow palettes to achieve this look. Apply a shade to your crease and blend it to get a seamless look. It is advised to use shimmering shades that make your eyes look vibrant. Also, extend the shade a little to give it the shape of a wing. You also need to highlight your brow bones. Finally, add mascara to your eyes and you are ready to step out.

Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic Eyes

If you are looking for a different makeup for your eyes then go for this Arab girl eyes makeup. Paint your lids red with an eyeshadow color and use a light brown eyeshadow for your brow bones. Blend the eyeshadow well on the crease. Take an eyeliner and line both your lash lines. Here you need to take a precaution that is to use similar eyeliner for both lash lines. If you want to further improve the look, you can add mascara.

Smokey Eyes

This smokey eyes makeup look is a little different. Here you go from dark to light instead of light to dark. Apply a dark brown shade on the inner corners of the eyes and use a shimmery shade for the center. The outer corners can be colored in a warm mauve shade. But avoid blending colors into one another. The second thing is to use a kajal pencil to line your eyes. Finally, fill in your brow bones using a brow pencil.

Conclusion – The advantage of Arab girl eyes makeup is it is long-lasting. Also, it doesn’t involve many makeup products. You need a set of eyeshadow colors, eyeliner, and a kajal pencil for the makeup. Another advantage of this trending eye makeup is its simplicity. You don’t have to be a pro for this makeup.


Q: Which Is Modern Arabic Eye Makeup?

A: Mix & Match look

Q: Which Is Simple Arab Girl Eyes Makeup?

A: Classic Look

Q: Which Is Bold Arab Girl Eyes Makeup?

A: Kajal eyes

Q: Which Is Vibrant Arab Girl Eyes Makeup?

A: Golden eyeshadow

Q: Which Is A Dramatic Arabic Eye Makeup?

A: Dramatic eyes

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