Kate Beckinsale Fitness Routine and Beauty Tips

Kate Beckinsale Fitness Routine and Beauty Tips: Secrets of Looking Younger

Kate Beckinsale is one of tallest, talented and hottest actress in Hollywood. Thinking of all actresses I would say Kate is definitely superb and one of a vampire for a workout.

Well, it’s pretty appreciated Kate is in 40+ age and she looks gorgeous and young. She gives her fitness and beauty credit to her darling friend cum trainer Gunnar Peterson. He is only one who always put Kate into the high-intensity workout.

In her one interview, she said,” I work out five or six times in a week with Gunnar” we have lots of things in common like our kids.

Kate shared beautiful things and secrets with shape and EOnline magazine.  Here we will talk about all.

Let us explore!


Kate’s Diet Plan

Kate was vegetarian, but her trainer suggested to eat fish and chicken to add a high energy, therefore, she is no more vegetarian now, said Kate.

Also, she doesn’t drink alcohol.

Basically, she eats breakfast, and then workout. She avoids eating high-calorie food.

She cuts on sugar, eats veggies, drinks plenty of water and drinks Rooibos tea.

Kate’s Workout Plan

In EOnline magazine Kate said, “I really workout hard with Gunnar for five times a week”

Also, she shared her complete workout plan. Here is the explanation.

Day 1

Do warm up:

  • Stretching
  • 3 sets of knee push
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