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skin and hairs care for biker

For the Bikers: How to Protect their Skin and Hairs from Damage

Biking is one of the most important delights in everyone’s life. But it also causes many Hair and skin problems. In our Atmosphere, there are very harmful chemicals in the air that badly affect our skin and hair. The ultraviolet Radiations are very dangerous for our body and cause many diseases. So, from all these, we have to cover our hole exposed parts to avoid problems but also take extra care of our head and body with the right treatment.

Here we are going to discuss some important tips to take extra care of your skin while riding a bike.

Skin Care Tips for Bike Riders:

skin and hairs care for biker

• Avoid the use of Facial Scrubs contain exfoliant- yes we know that the facial scrubs and glycolic acid scrubs are very good for attaining healthy and glowing skin but avoid it before three days of traveling in bike because it increases the skin sensitivity and causes skin burn.

• Apply Sunscreen while going- sunscreen is a must for any bike riders. Apply this every two hours because it protects us from sunburn or tanning and by applying this we don’t feel the sun as much hot. So use it regularly while driving.

• Also, Wear Sunglasses- while outing you must wear goggles or dark shades sunglasses. The big goggles cover the large area around the eyes and protect it from wrinkles behind the … Read the rest

Meghan Markle’s facialist shares an effortless routine that can be tried out at home for glittering skin

Meghan Markle has undeniably an attractive and glowing skin. She attributes the same to her best-loved facialist, Nichola Joss based in London. Nichola is renowned for her approach to facial massage, a less complicated practice she believes is essential to every skincare regimen, which softens fine lines and brightens tired skin.


Meghan who is a longtime client has attributed her radiant complexion and “carved” cheek bones and jawline to Nichola.  There is a reason she is in high demand around the award season whenever any celebrity would wish to look A-plus, says Meghan.


We hereby present below a simple beauty tips routine suggested by Nichola that will optimize skin restoration, nourish and feed as well as repair, regenerate and restore.

The skin care tips as recommended by Nichola are as follows:

Allocate some time in the morning

She suggests refreshing the pH balance of your skin with a toner or exfoliating solution. Following this, she advises people to put their actives on i.e their serums, antioxidants, and peptide, things of that sort. She then advises to take 10 minutes to get your hair dressed, and to have a little time in between. Following this you may put on your moisturizer and your SPF, and now you are all set for makeup.

Double cleansing at night

It is highly ideal to double cleanse when you get back by the end of the day. In the first cleanse, she suggests using an oil, which will … Read the rest

Skin Care Tips – How To Have A Clear Complexion

When it comes to skin care, everyone is in the quest for a clearer complexion. The presence of acne makes the skin dull – something many people try to cope with through cosmetic product. Here are some skin care tips to a clearer complexion:

Take good care of your body: to achieve this, you need to eat a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients and engage in regular workouts.

Understanding your skin type: There exist different skin types including dry, oily, natural, and a combination.
Regularly wash your face: ensure you wash your face at least every morning and night before heading to bed.
Tone your skin after washing: toning is important as it helps get rid of the residues which are missed out by the cleanser that can cause acne and dull complexion.

Moisturize: this happens to be one of the best friend for your skin. However, when selecting a moisturizer, it is very important to be cautious.
Use facial masks: these are essential in that they help in the removal of impurities from the pores of your skin.

Steam your face: carry this out once in every week. Make it as a part of your exercise regimen.

Exfoliate: there are facial cleansers with the ability to exfoliate your face every day.
Use the right foundation: there are several types of foundation you can apply on your skin.
Avoid picking or popping: this will help to avoid causing injuries to your skin. Picking and popping … Read the rest

Skin Care Tips for Teenage Girls In Summer

If you are searching for skin care tips for teens then you must read on. The skin problem is quite common amongst the teenagers. You can see most teens being affected from the acne, pimple and blemishes.

Below are discussed about the simple natural skin care tips which are helpful to retain healthy skin.

Helpful Tips for Teenage Girls:

Understand Your Skin Type:

First of all you should know your skin type. Before starting a specific skin care routine, you should understand your skin type and then use the products as per its needs. Pick the cosmetics which suit your skin and tackle your problems.



This is one of the vital tips all teens should follow essentially. You should include twice to thrice cleansing a day. This helps to clean your pores and removes the dirt from your face. If you do not perform cleansing, then the dirt will get settled on your face and block the pores.

Lotion Benefits:

Using lotions is beneficial to get healthy and perfect skin in teens. Cleansing is important, especially when it comes to removing your makeup. Using sunscreen lotion is helpful to keep away from sunlight. You should use those sunscreen products with SPF 30 and up.


Diet is essential not only to maintain health, but also to retain glowing and clear skin. Often teens tend to fall prey to eating junk foods. You should drink lots of water to keep clear and smooth skin. Try to make water your … Read the rest