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Natural Remedies For Treating Flaky Skin

9 Proven Natural Remedies For Treating Flaky Skin Condition

It is natural for the skin to remove dead cells as the new cells are grown within 28 days of shedding unwanted cells. But disturbance in the healing process could cause flaky skin. It is a condition where the skin gets inflamed and develops flakes. Try treatment of flaky skin by natural process at home.

A flaky skin condition could be a result of an allergic reaction or an indication of an underlying condition. Or it could be a side-effect of a topical medicine or due to weather conditions.

Whatever the reason for flaky skin is, you can do treatment it in the following ways

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Warm coconut oil is a good cure for flaky skin. It can improve skin hydration to the optimum level. Also, it is a natural emollient. Massaging your skin with warm coconut oil can prevent your skin from peeling. Also, it can treat the existing flakes. Doing it twice a day will give the best results.

Essential Oil

Essential Oil

It is a mixture of teat tree oil and coconut oil. Here the essential oil is tree tea oil, and coconut oil is mixed as a carrier oil. Add 1 tsp of coconut oil into 3-4 tsp of tea tree oil. Mix it well and apply … Read More

Common Skin Conditions And Their Causes

What Are 12 Common Skin Conditions And Their Causes?

Skin makes the first line of defense against physical attack by many types of bacteria and viruses. And when a skin comes under attack, it develops a condition like ringworm and impetigo. But common skin conditions are not only due to bacterial or fungal infections as many conditions are genetic or allergic in nature.

The only good thing about most skin conditions is that they are curable. And the treatment starts with knowledge and education on the common skin conditions.

Here’re 12 common skin conditions that affect skin in different ways



It is a fungal infection caused by fungus found on skin, surfaces and personal items like towels, clothes and bedding. Appears in a ring form, it makes skin red, itchy and cracking.



It is a chronic and long-lasting skin condition occurring due to stimulation and dilation of facial blood vessels. It results in acne-like breakouts and it affects men harder than women.


Eczema Common Skin Conditions

Also known as dermatitis, eczema is largely an immune-related genetic condition. It makes skin dry and itchy with raised, red, scaly patches and sometimes fluid-filled blisters.

Contact Dermatitis:

Contact Dermatitis

It is a type of eczema that causes when skin comes into contact with a trigger. It could be irritant or allergic. Irritant dermatitis … Read More