15 DIY Hairstyles For Long Voluminous Locks

There are plenty of hairstyle ideas for long hair. If you have long hair, you can try those styles at home. For styling your hair in different ways, you need healthy locks and some tools like a hair iron and headband. And there is little to worry about time as it won’t take you much time in styling your hair.

Changing hairstyle can change your overall look and it won’t cost you much in terms of money or time. Also, a hairstyle change will refresh your visual appearance. And you can change your haircut matching with your dress and occasion.

  1. The Straight and Simple
The Straight and Simple

See how the model is flaunting her straight and simple haircut. And she looks beautiful in this hairstyle that anyone can make with the help of a straightening iron. Also, you can tweak this haircut by choosing a side part instead of a middle part. This hairstyle will suit off-shoulders and deep-neck dresses. You can wear this haircut during daytime parties.

  1. Side Ponytails
Side Ponytails

She is Taylor Swift and the haircut she is wearing is side ponytails. It is a simple hairstyle as it requires only a headband. There is no other tool or hair accessory needed to get this beautiful haircut. But to get the Taylor Swift look, you will need to do some extra effort like wearing matching earrings and doing light makeup.

  1. Banged and Straight
Banged and Straight

If you are preparing for a prom or a college fest, you should try this banged and straight haircut. It is easy to wear and maintenance-free. And this one is the best prom hairstyle for long hair like yours. The model in the picture will give you an idea of how this haircut will refresh your look. Also, you can try coloring your long hair.

  1. Waterfall Waves
Waterfall Waves

Get ready with some Velcro rollers to roll your long hair. But first, you should detangle your locks and make them soft and shiny. The curls will shine if your locks are smooth and silky. Also, curls on long hair appear elegant and attractive. It is a party haircut that you can match with full-body outfits. And you need minimal makeup and accessories with this hairstyle.

  1. Inward Chopped Bangs
Inward Chopped Bangs

For this hairstyle, you will need to give a decent cut to your beautiful long hair because the bangs don’t look prominent on naturally straight hair. Also, you will need some good hairstyling products to keep the bangs in place. Once you are done, you can brush the bangs inwards with middle or side parting and you are ready to go.

  1. Pretty Ponytail Rapunzel Style
Pretty Ponytail Rapunzel Style

Get this pony hairstyle by simply brushing and tying your long and luscious hair. First, wash and detangle your tresses and then tie them in different sections. Here the important thing is to leave ample hair in sections so they appear a little puffed. Your pony will look voluminous with puffy hair. It is a straight hairstyle that will make you a Disney princess.

  1. Polished Side Part
Polished Side Part

Brush your locks and tuck them behind to get a polished side-part haircut. It is simple and beautiful as well. And you can easily make this hairstyle at home. See how Selena Gomes is looking in this haircut. She is also wearing minimal jewelry but her outfit is heavily embellished. If you are preparing for a party, you can try this look.

  1. Sexy Bed Head Curls
Sexy Bed Head Curls

This haircut is both messy and perfect. And it is effortless as well. You only need to curl your shiny long locks into tiny ringlets, use a texturizing product to keep the ringlets in place, and finger comb the locks to get a messy feel. It will improve your overall look depending on the volume of your hair. You can wear this hairstyle for office parties and events.

  1. Waves Behind the Ear
Waves Behind the Ear

This haircut has soft curls that make the hair look voluminous. But you will also need a boar bristle brush to style your hair. Make soft curls, make waves with your brush, and tuck the locks behind your ear to get this look. If you want to further improve the look, you can also try flashy earrings just like the model.

  1. Ombre Elegant Spiral Curls
Ombre Elegant Spiral Curls

If you want to give your overall look a bouncy effect then you must try this hairstyle. And you will be surprised to know that it is a simple haircut to style. Simply curl your straight tresses and gather them on one side to get to give a bounce to your hair.

  1. Pin Back
Pin Back

If you have natural curls, this hairstyle is a must for you. And you only need to pin back those natural curls. Bring the hair to the front to show the natural zigzag part. And don’t worry about bangs as they can be brushed away contouring the forehead.

  1. Big and Voluminous Curls
Big and Voluminous Curls

Copying this Sofia Vergara look for your next party is a good idea if you want to surprise everyone at the party. Part your locks from the middle and make some curls to get this look. Also, you can wear a big flower for decoration.

  1. Braid a Messy Bun
Braid a Messy Bun

A bun is a timeless hairdo as it has never been out of trend. Also, it can be styled in different ways like a braided bun. Simply braid the top section of your hair and gather the rest of the hair into a bun. If you want, you can make it a little messy.

  1. Sassy Side Part
Sassy Side Part

Gather your voluminous hair on one side, backcomb the roots, and you are ready to go. The attractive curls of the bangs near the forehead will further improve your look.

  1. French Braid into a Bun
French Braid into a Bun

Here you braid from the base of your neck and collect the remaining locks like a bun. Also, don’t forget to use a hairstyling product to keep the bun fresh. And don’t hesitate in taking help as it is difficult to make a braid from the back of your head.

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