Bedtime Cinnamon Tea For Quick Weight Loss

Cinnamon or dalchini is a bitter-sweet spice used in curries and smoothies. It has a high nutrient profile and it pampers taste buds as well. Also, it can be consumed in different ways and for various benefits including weight loss. Drinking a cup of cinnamon tea at bedtime could help lose weight without throwing your diet completely off the track. 

Health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon can maintain your cholesterol and blood sugar level and its anti-inflammatory properties can prevent bloating of belly after meals. It aids in digestion and good digestion results in losing extra calories in the long run. Also, it can boost the metabolic rate of the body.

How cinnamon helps in weight loss?

When body becomes insulin resistant it stops metabolizing sugar and allows the sugar to convert into fat. Here cinnamon can help. It stimulates insulin and metabolizes sugar from digested food. In this way, it prevents sugar from getting accumulated in the form of fat.

Cinnamon tea for weight loss

Advantage of cinnamon tea is that it allows experimenting with different ingredients and flavors. But the following ingredients make a better tea.

1 cup water

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1 tsp honey 

1/4 tsp black pepper powder

1 tsp lemon juice

Boil one cup water in a pan and mix other ingredients in the other pan. When the water is boiled, pour it in the mixed ingredients. Stir the mixer to allow all the ingredient get mixed in the water and then sieve the tea for drinking. Have it warm.

Advantages of bedtime cinnamon tea

A cup of cinnamon tea at bedtime is great for relaxing tired muscles and aid in digestion of food consumed all the day. Also, it builds immunity and boosts metabolism. And you have all these benefits while you are taking a restful sleep.

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