Chanel Alligator Classic Jumbo Double Flap Bag

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A women’s designer handbags becomes more than an accessory when it is designed like a jewel. Some brands make expensive fashion handbags and luxurious clutches with precious stones including diamonds.

Here’re the 20 Most Expensive Women’s Designer Fashion Handbags From Global Brands

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Bag ($3.8 Million)

Women's Designer Handbags

This Guinness Book of World Records certified bag is designed by none other than the world-famous jeweler Robert Mouawad. A group of 10 artisans worked for 8,800 hours to stud 4,517 diamonds – 105 yellow, 56 pink, and 4,365 colorless – on it. The total weight of diamonds is 381.92 carats.

Hermès Kelly Rose Gold ($2 Million)

Hermès Kelly Rose Gold

The iconic fashion house, Hermès, produced this with designer and jeweler, Pierre Hardy. And they produced only 12 pieces in three different varieties. It is Rose Gold but it mimics crocodile leather. It is so small that it can hardly accommodate a pair of sunglasses but it carries around 1,160 diamonds.

Hermès Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bag ($1.2 Million)

Hermès Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bag

Japanese designer, Ginza Tanaka, crafted this bag from scratch for Hermès. It is a limited edition bag designed with platinum and decorated with 2,000 shimmering diamonds. And this bag can also be used as a clutch according to your style and convenience.

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch ($400,000)

Cleopatra Clutch Women's Designer Handbags

A group of artisans in Northern Italy designed this clutch exclusively for A-list celebrities attending the Academy Awards. The beauty of this bag lies in its detailing which includes rare gems, such as natural pink and blue diamonds. And these precious stones are cut to perfection to make this clutch look stunning.

Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin (£379,000)

Niloticus Crocodile Women's Designer Handbags

Kept in the category of rarest in the world, this bag is a unique blend of design with superlative fabric material. It features gradation that resembles the majestic beauty of snow-capped Himalayas. It is the ultimate expression of artistry.

Fuchsia Diamond Studded Hermès Birkin (HK$1.72 million)

Fuchsia Diamond Studded Hermès Birkin

Hermès never fails to make its mark with the kind of stunning, artistic, yet luxury pieces this world-renowned fashion brand creates. And this fuchsia bag is one of their creations. Crafted with 18-karat white gold and diamonds, this bag sparkles as soon as it attracts attention.

Hermès Exceptional Collection Shiny Rogue H Porosus Crocodile 30cm Birkin Bag ($203,150)

Hermès Exceptional Collection Shiny Rogue Bag

This red beauty comes from the house of Hermès and is termed the priciest handbag humankind has ever seen. Since it comes from a big fashion brand, it has all things luxurious needed to make a bag stand out in the crowd and attract attention.

Blue Crocodile Hermès Birkin Bag (£150,000)

Blue Crocodile Women's Designer Handbags

This blue bag stands among the top 10 Expensive Fashion Handbags in the world because of its color, texture, perfection, and brand name which is Hermès. It is one of its kind bag that women swear by.

Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag (£125,000)

Women's Designer Handbags

It is an urban lifestyle and it isn’t something anyone could flaunt. This LV bag looks … Read more

Amazon Launched incredible Skincare range for all skin type at very cheap price

Unquestionably, Amazon is the world-wide best online shopping center for folks. Over the past few years, Amazon and Mega-e-retailer have been trying their luck in beauty products.

The exciting news came out Amazon launches its new skin care line, Belei. This is a collection of 12 amazing skin care products such as moisturizer, masks, serum, wipes, and many more. Each product is designed to fights with regular skin concurs sunburn, SPF, cleansing, and anti-aging.

The Brand name Belei is taken from a combination of two words “Believe and Beauty”. The motive is only to deliver their clients best what they exactly looking for.

The beauty product head of Amazon Kara Trousdale said, they launched beauty products in the sake of giving their customers one-stop brand of natural beauty products at an affordable price with gentle care and miracle benefits.

No matter what your skin concern is. You can pick Belei products for daily skin care regime and get flawless skin forever.

It’s time to check-out full range that going to impress you soon. Take a look:

  1. Belei Micellar Facial cleansing wipes

If you’re wondering for best makeup-remover wipes that load with full moisture and cleaning agent too then Belei Micellar Facial cleansing wipes might be a good choice to get started with. It is water formula that gently wipe-off dirt and all impurities while hydrating. It leaves velvety soft and refreshing skin. You can buy it for $9.

  1. Belei Charcoal Balancing Mask

It is a pretty smart choice of every modern woman today. This help in revitalizing skin and leave a youthful glow on the face. This help is removing dirt and impurities from pores while hydrating skin due to its hyaluronic component. You can shop it at $18.

  1. Belei Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

If you have been searching for oil-free moisture that perfectly goes with your combination skin that looks greasy in summer then Belei Oil-free face moisturizer is a quality product to go with. You can buy it for $22. It is packed with SPF 50 and moisturizer features.

  1. Belei Blemish control

This product is for all ladies who wish to remove blemishes such as dark spots, dullness, and more on the face. It is highly recommended for acne prone skin. You can shop it at $22.

  1. Belei Dark spot solution

This product was specially introduced for blemish and acne prone skin. This designed to target acne, scars, dark spots and discoloration of the skin. This can shop at $22.

  1. Belei Triple Peptide Eye Cream

Eyes are sensitive. They need gentle care and that’s why this product was launched. It is perfect to retain moisture and control blemish under eyes. This minimizes fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

  1. Belei Vitamin C+HA

This beauty serum used to enhances collagen production under the skin to retain moisture and glow. This prevents damages and offers smooth and healthy skin. This newbie launch is available $35.

  1. Belei Vitamin C Moisturizer

For brighter and hydrated skin in summer, this skin care is … Read more

Top 5 Online Games You Must Know

It is the gamers that decide whether a game is good or it’s just a time pass. Internet is full of interesting games and the one rules that the list is, obviously, the PlayerUknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) but it isn’t the only game available and others could be more interesting than PUBG.

Here’s a list of top 5 Internet games

Cardi B New Collection out Now in Her Fashion Nova

Explore Exclusive Collection of Cardi B Fashion Nova

Cardi B is an outstanding artist as we know, but in recent times she is rapidly achieving the fashion icon status. Her dresses and style statement beloved by every woman. If you are the one who really wants to look like Cardi B but doesn’t have enough money to buy expensive clothes.

So, it’s time now to keep your money thought aside and pick up the greatest collection of Cardi B. She put her own fashionable designed clothes on Fashion Nova where you can trust yourself by wearing branded clothes at affordable prices. There is no copy of any brand. It is the real collection that will cherished by every woman.

Cardi b

On Beats 1 Radio with Ebro Darden, she spoke of Fashion Nova. She said, “Fashion Nova give me the biggest opportunity to design what I like, and what I want to put out. They have been rocking with me from the beginning. I know the number of people can’t afford expensive outfits but now it’s goanna affordable for all.

It is just because, she wants to people look good and create their own style statement in their budget that’s why it is a perfect opportunity for me.

She wanted to put out the ladies out of prison where she can wear any type of dress without any thinking of expensive brands.

It is obvious, a lot of people known how to dress, but sometimes the lack of resources put them back, and I don’t want that. I want to support the people who want to buy clothes, and they can.

On 15 November, the new collection was launched on fashion Nova. You know what? Almost all collection is sold out which is the biggest achievement of Cardi B.

Have a look!

The new rap of collection will put on fashion Nova again in one week so ladies it’s time to look fashionable, Radiant and even $exy without wearing high brands like Gucci and Prada.

The motive of Cardi B is only to make the woman confident and best in her own way. She wants to make the woman out from prison. She wants to style the woman who disregards by the men due to her unbranded clothes. Her brand will dress the woman like Gucci at affordable prices.

If you’re the one who wants to become fashionable, Fashion Nova is for you. Visit the store and claim your best clothes!

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Express-O Body Scrub, £14.95, Frank Body

Get saloon style skin treatment at your home with Express-O-Body Scrub, Frank Body

To make your skin always younger and good-looking you have to buck up especially protect it from damage and sun exposure exfoliating the skin is very important. It helps your skin to look supple, radiant and refreshes all the time.

I know you do all the possible things to make your skin beautiful, but most of us only focus on face radiance, and neglect arms, back, and even legs. Beauty is not only from the face it is from the whole body which makes you beautiful. That’s why you should try the full body Scrub that eliminates dirt and dead skin cells.
If you are probing for the best body scrub you must try Express-o-Body Scrub. It is a coffee Scrub which is good in providing your skin deep nourishment and protein level that leave your skin with glow and softness.

Why choose Express-o-Body Scrub?

There are a number of factors which are responsible for damaging your skin, but it is only your responsibility to maintain the pH balance and healthiness of your skin, and it is only possible if you use the healthy product for your face and body. Express-o-coffee is a natural, vegan and whipped for you. It works very fast and leaves your skin with the glow. It is good in providing smooth skin and rubbing those scars and marks from your body.


It is a quality product that can synthesize your skin cell, and leave your skin with a smooth texture. Now, have a look at its quality ingredients.
• Roasted coffee grinds
It is a quality ingredient which provides you complete goodness. It stimulates the blood flow and promotes the production of collagen that leaves your skin with healthy and soft texture.
• Almond and macadamia oil
Both these ingredients are enriched with Vitamin A, E, and D that hydrates your skin.
• Cinnamon
It is a real ingredient which has the antimicrobial property that treats your skin healthy by removing your pimples.
• Raw sugar
It is a good ingredient that leaves soft and healthy skin with a perfect exfoliate.
Other ingredients like are powder, glycerin, water, and potassium. All these used properties are good in providing the quality benefits.
Is this suitable for my skin?
Yes! It is natural and healthy skin care which is suitable for all the skin types. You’re only requested to use this product naturally and according to its prescribed details that makes your skin beautiful.
You can use it all of your body parts.

How to use it?

It is very easy to use. You just have to follow the steps that are given below:
1. Take shower and then rub this scrub on your skin
2. Gently rub the scrub for safe exfoliation
3. Always make the focus on that area where you want to remove the marks, breakouts, and cellulite.
4. Rinse with water
5. Use it 2 to 3 days in … Read more

Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation, £29.50, Smashbox

Have matte finish look with Smashbox Studio Skin hydrating foundation

Choosing the best Foundation according to your skin types can be complicated, but it is so important for you to pick up a correct foundation for you that’s why you must use studio skin hydrating foundation because there is no risk of getting any problem. It is suitable for all the skin types even well for oily and acne prone skin. It is a high performing Foundation that can help you to hide anything from your face. It is good to even skin tone and pelts the pores and lines.

This Smashbox come up with 20 + Shades according to your skin complexion so you just have to pick up the foundation according to your skin complexion and you will look beautiful for long.  It is a long-lasting formula which never vanishes within a few hours.

Well, there is a number of options available in the marketplace, but using this one is really a good decision of yours because it is hydrating, oil-free Foundation which gives you breathable Polymers that keep your skin great comfortable and flawless younger looking skin.

Have look on its astonishing advantages

    It blends with your skin easily

    It never settles into pores and lines

    It gives you a radiant appearance

    It can stay up to 24 hours

    It is chemical free

    It keeps your skin hydrating

    It quickly absorbs by the skin and does not give a cakey appearance

Is it safe?

Yes! It is safe because it’s all properties are good and suitable for all the skin types as well as complexions. The used ingredients are water comma Titanium dioxide, cellulose gum, Alumina, magnesium sulfate etc.

How to use it?

As like other Foundation, it is easy to apply, but before using the foundation you must start up with Primer because it gives a natural finish.

To apply the foundation you should start the center of your face with the foundation buff to get the full coverage and flawless skin.


This product has been loved by ladies and its rating up to 4.6 out of 5. That sounds good, right?


This product is in stock so you should visit the Amazon Store or the Nykaa for buying it.

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New Launch Products Of Huda And Nykaa

In the Marketplace, there are heaps of beauty brands, and day after day new products are launched with its beautiful features. Choosing the best one is certainly perplexing, right? So, on this webpage, we will talk about the new launch products that give you better complexion and make your beauty ceaseless.

    Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Primer

Huda is a beauty brand and it is known as for the perfection. Now it comes up with complexion perfection primer which is a lightweight moisturizer and gives you fabulous younger looking skin, and also give your makeup long lasting appearance. It gives smooth texture with radiant skin.

    Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip Set- Trophy Wife/Shameless

It is the additional range of beauty product by Huda. This has limited edition in featuring lip shade into pink liquid Matte and copper.  It is the swiftest way to add rich shade to your lips. It gives gorgeous and $exy lips.

    BB cream from NYKAA

It’s time to pick up light Foundation that does not give you cakey appearance. The Nykaa BB Foundation is one of the best lightweight Foundation which can apply by any skin complexion. It is best in eliminating high pigmentations of your skin along with imperfections. It also defends your skin from the sun exposure so you will enjoy the beautiful skin forever.

It comes in different collections that are fresh fawn, soft beige, rich Honey, spiced cinnamon and classic tan.

    Huda beauty 3D Highlighter Palette

For every ladies, this beauty product is astonishing to use because it comes up with great shades which you’re wondering. This Huda kit works as a highlighter and gives a radiant glow. You can easily create the custom shade as for 3D effect.

    Huda beauty lip contour

This Huda lip contour is a perfect lip contour for all the ladies especially for those who are working because of its smooth texture that does not dry lips. It gives the soft and gorgeous look to your lips. This gives a $exy pout which you really enjoy.

    Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis

It is a gorgeous range of Huda which gives you hot look. It is a matte formula which is highly pigmented and stays last longer. It gives rich shade to your lips that aren’t dry. It is available in 4 shade that is Bombshell, Wifey, muse, and Venus.

    Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

It is a fantastic eyeshadow palette which gives your eyes a beautiful look and $exy appearance that stays last longer. It comes up with a team luxurious talc free eyeshadows with great key features. It has 8 buttery mattes, 8 melted metal shadows, one wet and dry black shadow, and one pearls shadow. You must try it!

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