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Coronavirus: Do’s And Don’ts To Remain Safe

The biggest challenge with coronavirus (covid 19) is that people have little knowledge about the infection. They need to know how it spreads, how to check it and what are the preventive measures and treatment options.

Defeat coronavirus with awareness

There is much panic about this virus and infection. People are afraid of losing their lives due to infection. But the truth is that you can remain safe from coronavirus by taking the following measures.

  1. Wash hands frequently with soap
  2. Use hand sanitizer
  3. Don’t reuse tissue papers
  4. Always cover your mouth with tissue when coughing and sneezing
  5. Use hands to cover your mouth while coughing if you don’t have tissues
  6. Don’t sneak in front of the mouth nor cough
  7. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth without washing hands
  8. Avoid contact with the sick
  9. Maintain safe distance from people and avoid shaking hands
  10. See doctor immediately for high fever and cough

Coronavirus has spread to 70 countries and infected almost 1 million people. WHO has declared coronavirus a global health emergency after the death of 3,000 people.

Aware people about coronavirus

It is the responsibility of the media to spread awareness about coronavirus. It is only with knowledge and education that we can fight with this virus. If you take all necessary measures then you will never get infected with the coronavirus.

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10 Most Amazing yet Cheapest countries

10 Most Amazing yet Cheapest countries in the world you should travel 2020

Do you know travel is not as expensive as you think? If you are a hodophile and looking for the places where you can spend the memorable moments at affordable packages, then here it is.

We mostly believe travel is expensive, but unlike in some countries, there are some beautiful yet inexpensive countries as well. Therefore, we have shared the top 10 places in the world where you can plan holidays for 2020.

10 Most Amazing yet Cheapest countries

1. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the cheapest countries in the world just like India. It is a southeast country filled with lavish greens and many waterways. This country is known as the country of Bengal. You can spend days at Dhaka at a few bucks and enjoy a good meal, nature, boats, and beaches.

Famous food: Rice, fish curry, lentil, paratha, Kachchi Biryani, and bhuna Khichuri.
Famous tourist attractions: Sundarbans mangrove forests, Chittagong hill-tracts, srimangal, paharpur, Gaur, etc.
Top Festivals: Pahels Baishakh at Dhaka, Dhaka World Music festival, International Folk Festival.
Best time to visit: March to April, October, and November to February.

2. Vietnam

It is a Southeast Asian country famous for beaches, rivers, and fantastic nature views. The Average cost of spending one day is $15. Vietnam has historical museums to visit. The interesting places are Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi Tunnels and more.

Famous Food: summer rolls, grilled pork, beef on rice, and Baguettes.

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