Lollipop Lips Makeup: Controversy & Trends

Lollipop lips makeup has been a controversial trend ever since it started. It is exactly the look that you get after sucking on a lollipop. You have remains of the food all over your lips and sometimes on the chin as well. This trend is good for those who have difficulty in perfecting the art of applying lipstick.

Lollipop Lips Makeup

MAC Cosmetics created lollipop lips at the Preen show in London Fashion Week. The first lollipop look was created using a “Ruby Woo” colored lip pencil and shiny “Lipglass” gloss. It was effortless and just perfect. It wasn’t a smudge or hurried job but professional work with all the finishing touches available.

How is the fashion community embracing this look?

Lollipop lips makeup has become a trend and everyone wants to try it. But it lacks professionalism. Even beauticians are facing difficulty in creating a lollipop look. The challenge is to strike a balance between smudge and perfection. This makeup involves covering the surrounding areas with colors but it shouldn’t be like a smudge.

But some people refuse to accept lollipop lip as a trend. They have made their displeasure public about this trend. They say that no one would ever want to go in public with this look. You also won’t like to go to work or parties with messy lipstick. However, a large number of fashion-conscious women have embraced the lollipop look.

Give your opinion on lollipop lips after checking the different ways of smudging lips with vibrant colors, glitter, and studs. Also, you can imitate a look or invent a different look using your creativity and knowledge of colors.

Basic Blur Lollipop Lips Makeup

Basic Blur Lollipop Lips Makeup

It is both a simple and convenient way of wearing lollipop lips as you can imitate this look with a single color. The process is to fill the lips with a bright color and spread the color all over the lips and corners with the help of a sponge. First, color your lips right, and then push some color around your lips and corners. The smudged color should be a shade lighter than the lip color.

Subtly Smudged Lollipop Lips Makeup

Subtly Smudged Lollipop Lips Makeup

People could have different opinions on this look but it is in trend and fashion-conscious women are trying their best to develop a technique for lollipop lips makeup. The subtly smudged look is a step towards bringing discipline to the lollipop look. If you feel that you can’t recreate a blurred look, you can try a subtly smudged look that involves smudging lips with color. It will create a foggy effect all over your lips and corners. Its advantage is that it doesn’t look surprising or odd.

Shiny Lip Makeup

Shiny Lollipop Lips Makeup

Irrespective of what people are saying about lollipop lips makeup, young women are posting lollipop-colored lips on Instagram. It seems they are competing with each other in creating lollipop looks. It is a healthy competition because it has led to the development of some decent looks like shiny lollipop look. For a shiny look, you need a radiant shade and fill your lips with this color. Finally, you can smudge the color around your mouth. But here the blurring lines remain minimal and prominent on the upper part of the mouth.

Super-Glossy Lips

Super-Glossy Lollipop Lips Makeup

People are experimenting with different ideas to create a unique lollipop look. The best thing about lollipop lips makeup is it consumes little time in recreating. You only need a lip color and a sponge to create this look. Here you can see the lollipop look is further enhanced with the help of a gloss. The most prominent feature of this look is diminishing blurred lines. The beauty of this look lies in minimal blurred lines. But the trick is to hide the blurred lines under the gloss.

Side-Smudged Lollipop Lips Makeup

Side-Smudged Lollipop Lips Makeup

No one will indeed like fully smudged lips. Or you can say that people have understood that the lollipop lips makeup shouldn’t be messy or unprofessional. It is for this reason that they have started doing things like a professional. The lollipop look is recognized from its smudge but you are free to direct your smudge around lips or sides. The side-smudged makeup has fine blurred lines around the lips and a prominent smudge to the sides.

Ethereal Lollipop Lips Makeup

Ethereal Lollipop Lips Makeup

If you want your lollipop natural lips makeup to look different or you want a look that is celestial or otherworldly then you should choose the ethereal look. Here you need to draw clear lines separating your lipstick from the blurred lines. It will divide your makeup into two parts. The first part is the dark color on your lips and the second part is smudged makeup around your mouth.

Dark Goth Lollipop Lips Makeup

Dark Goth Lollipop Lips Makeup

This lollipop lip is all about creating a color effect on the lips and around the mouth. You need a dark color like dark chocolate at the center and a lighter shade for the corners. The lipstick will be darker at the center and the color will be lighter as the lipstick moves to the corners. Similarly, the blurred lines will be kept 2-3 shades lighter than the lips.

Conclusion – Lollipop lips makeup is here to stay and rule the fashion world. It has attracted the attention of the masses and soon it will become acceptable to all. Also, women have to develop ways to wear lollipop lipsticks in a decent and disciplined manner. Presently everyone is defining rules of lollipop look according to their convenience.


Q: Which Lollipop Lips Makeup Is Suitable For Beginners?

A: Subtly Smudged Lollipop Lips Makeup

Q: Which Lollipop Lips Makeup Hides The Smudge?

A: Super-Glossy Lollipop Lips Makeup

Q: Which Lollipop Lips Makeup Highlights The Cupid’s Bow?

A: Shiny Lollipop Lip Makeup

Q: Which Lollipop Lips Makeup Looks Professional?

A: Side-Smudged Lollipop Lip Makeup

Q: Which Lollipop Lips Makeup Looks Vibrant?

A: Ethereal Lollipop Lip Makeup

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