Megan Fox Beauty

Megan Fox Shares Her Makeup, Beauty, And Fitness Secrets: Chris Lee of the Los Angeles Times was right when he called Megan Fox a “sex symbol of the highest order”. This Hollywood diva has featured in the “hottest” and “most beautiful woman” lists throughout the years.

Here we’re revealing her beauty secrets

Megan Fox Body

Cleansing and moisturizing is her daily routine. She washes her face twice a day and moisturizes her skin with Bulgarian Rose Otto by Epicuren Discovery.

She prefers taking showers instead of soaking in a bathtub like other celebrities do. But she never forgets to moisturize her skin after a shower. And she prefers Cold Pressed Organic Oil (Grapeseed Oil) by Whole Foods moisturizer as it suits her skin very well.

Megan Fox avoids going out in the sun to keep her skin safe. She wears a hat for sun protection. Her sensitive skin reacts to the chemicals present in sunscreen lotions and for this reason, she avoids using sunscreen lotions. But she uses La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen whenever she comes under direct sunlight.

She takes care of her cat’s eyes and for eye care, she uses Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum that she applies to thrive or four times a day, especially after every face wash.

She gets an oxygen facial weekly and makes sure that she gets it at least once a week. Since her busy lifestyle leaves little time for wearing face masks, she steals time for quick facials as and when required.

Megan Fox drinks lots of water even while shooting. It helps flush out toxins. Also, she takes sound sleep to keep her skin healthy and radiant.

Makeup Secrets

Makeup Secrets

Megan Fox prefers minimal makeup as it leaves enough room for her skin to breathe. When needed, she wears only a tinted moisturizer, good mascara, and an attractive lip gloss.

She advises to miss the foundation occasionally and apply Vaseline on cheekbones and eyelids. She follows this rule.

Beach wave is her favorite hairstyle as it gives her hair a fine texture and makes her tresses thicker. She uses Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to get this look.

The American actress is quite conscious about her fashion and makeup. She keeps her makeup soft and natural when her dress is bold. Similarly, she chooses makeup for her other costumes.

She has beautiful eyes and she knows how to highlight her eyes. She shapes her brows delicately and fills them properly so her eyes remain highlighted all the time.

Megan Fox wears lipstick and she loves experimenting with different shades of red like deep wine-red and fresh orange-red. And she gets the perfect shade with Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400.

She uses a light foundation to get her signature look of “red lips and plain eyes”. Also, a little blush is needed to complement the look. You can check her pictures … Read more

Top 10 German Beauties Of All Time

Top 10 German Beauties Of All Time

German women look stunning in every dress and they achieve success in whatever they do. They are supermodels, celebrities, singers, and socialites. Here you’ll meet some of the most popular German beauties.

  1. Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer

Born: 25 August 1970, Rheinberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany
Occupation: Model, Actress
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

With over 1000 magazine covers, Claudia Schiffer has the Guinness Book of World Records for most magazine covers. She rose to fame in the 1990s as one of the most successful models in the world. According to Forbes, her net worth was around $55 billion in 2002. But she originally wanted to become a lawyer and join her father’s law firm. But she changed her decision to model at the age of 17.

  1. Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz

Born: 25 May 1966, Hamburg, West Germany
Occupation: Supermodel, Actress
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight: 123.5 lbs (56 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blonde

This blued-eyed woman graced many magazines including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. Also, she was one of the five supermodels who featured in the hit music video of George Michael’s “Freedom! ’90”. She appeared in multiple music videos and most of her videos ranked high in popularity. Paptiz also appeared in international commercials including Cartier, Revlon, DuPont Luxura, and Devi.

  1. Giulia Siegel
Giulia Siegel

Born: 10 November 1974, Munich, Germany
Occupation: Actress
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Giulia Siegel is a successful model, DJ, and actress. She started her acting career in television commercials but soon started doing leading roles in soap operas. She also hosted various television shows. In 2004, she received the biggest offer of her career. She was invited to host the German McDonald’s Chart show. In addition to modeling and acting, she has been performing as a DJ in top-rated clubs.

  1. Bettina Zimmerman
Bettina Zimmerman

Born: 31 March 1975, Großburgwedel, West Germany
Occupation: Actress
Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black

She is a supermodel and a leading actress with credit in more than 60 films including Post Impact, Lost City Raiders, and The Airlift. Also, she has been a hot favorite of fashion magazines and leading brands. Attracted by her good looks, she is approached by ad agencies for modeling assignments. Also, she is a fashion icon to her fans.

  1. Julia Stegner
Julia Stegner

Born: 2 November 1984, Munich, West Germany
Occupation: Model
Height: 1.82 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde

Her first major cover appearance was for Elle magazine. And this established her as a successful model in the industry. Soon she started getting modeling assignments. She launched the fall 2003 Yves Saint Laurent show and performed in Strenesse and Sportmax campaigns 2003. Also, she did commercials for leading brands like Dolce … Read more

Organic Skin Cleansers Made From Kitchen Ingredients

10 Organic Skin Cleansers Made From Kitchen Ingredients

Skincare starts with cleansing the skin of whatever dirt, grime, and cosmetic leftover has been collected in the pores. And you don’t have to rely on chemical-rich skin cleansers as you can make a face wash at home with ingredients easily available in your kitchen. The advantage of the homemade face wash is that it will save your skin from harmful side effects of chemicals.

Homemade Face Wash

Normal Skin/Dry Skin

Chemical-rich face wash products aren’t suitable for dry skin because they can further dry the skin. But a homemade face wash is safe for dry skin. And there are many ways of making an organic cleanser with kitchen ingredients.

  1. Curd And Honey Cleanser
Curd And Honey Cleanser


• Curd (2tsp)
• Organic Honey (1tsp)
• Olive Oil (1tsp)

How To:

• Use curd and honey for normal skin and add olive oil for dry skin
• Mix the ingredients well and apply all over your face and neck
• Leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash with cold water
• Do it regularly

  1. Honey And Egg Cleanser
Honey And Egg Cleanser


• Egg (1 piece)
• Organic Honey (1tsp)
• Almonds (6-7 pieces)

How To:

• Make a solution of egg yolk and honey in a bowl
• Ground almond pieces to make powder
• Add the almond powder to the solution
• Stir the solution well to blend the ingredients
• Apply the pack all over your face and neck
• Leave it for 15 minutes
• Rinse it off with lukewarm water when dry

  1. Cream And Apple Cleanser
Cream And Apple Cleanser


• Small Apple (1 piece)
• Cream (1tsp)
• Olive Oil (1tsp)
• Lemon/Orange Juice (1tsp)

How To:

• Boil the apple until it becomes soft and mash it gently using a fork
• Get the apple pulp in a bowl to make a solution
• Add other ingredients to the apple pulp
• Blend the ingredients well to make a smooth paste
• Apply the pack all over the face and neck
• Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water

Oily Skin/Acne Face Wash

Oily skin allows dirt and pollution to sit on the face resulting in blocked skin pores that could form acne, pimples, and blackheads. Organic cleansers can easily clean oily skin without any side effects.

  1. Yogurt And Strawberry Cleanser
Yogurt And Strawberry Cleanser


• Ripe Strawberries (2 pieces)
• Yogurt (2tsp)

How To:

• Mash strawberries in a bowl to make a smooth paste
• Add yogurt to the mashed berries
• Apply the paste gently to your face and neck
• Leave it for 5-7 minutes
• Wash it off with cool water to get a clean face

  1. Milk And Honey Cleanser
Milk And Honey Cleanser


• Organic Honey (1tsp)
• Raw Milk (2tsp)

How To:

• Mix organic honey with raw milk until it makes a fine lotion
• Apply the lotion all over your skin and neck
• Massage your face gently in a circular motion and with upward strokes
• Keep … Read more

Skin Lightening Face Masks You Can Make At Home

11 Skin Lightening Face Masks You Can Make At Home

If you are worried about your falling skin health like prominent acne marks and blemishes, then stop worrying and start caring for your skin. Take a nutritious diet and skin lightening treatment with ingredients like curd, turmeric, gram flour, and saffron.

Here’re 11 Face Masks You Can Make At Home For Skin Lightening Treatment

Milk Powder Face Pack For Skin Lightening

Milk Powder Face Pack For Skin Lightening


• Powdered Milk – 1tsp
• Fresh Orange Juice – 1-2tsp
• Colloidal Oatmeal – 1tsp

How To:

• Mix the ingredients into a paste
• Wash your face and pat dry
• Apply the paste to your face and neck
• Leave it dry for 15 minutes
• Rinse off with cool water
• Do it 1-2 times a week

Milk powder has lactic acid which is an excellent bleaching agent and orange juice contains vitamin C which can used as skin lightening treatment. The face mask will peel off dead cells and lighten the healthy cells.

Curd Face Pack For Skin Lightening

Curd Face Pack For Skin Lightening


• Curd – 1tsp
• Tomato Juice – 1tsp
• Oatmeal – 1tsp

How To:

• Mix the ingredients into a paste
• Wash your face and pat dry
• Apply the paste to your face and neck
• Leave it dry for 15 minutes
• Rinse off with cool water
• Do it 2-3 times a week

Curd is a moisturizer and tomato and oatmeal work as exfoliators. It will remove tan, fade acne marks, and moisturize your skin cells.

Mint Leaves For Skin Lightening

Mint Leaves For Skin Lightening


• Mint Leaves
• Water

How To:

• Grind the mint leaves with water to make a thick paste
• Wash your face and pat dry
• Apply the paste to your face and neck
• Leave it dry for 15 minutes
• Rinse off with cool water
• Do it 1-2 times a week

Mint is an astringent with amazing purifying properties that can even out your skin tone by fading tan skin and blemishes.

Gram Flour (Besan) Face Pack For Skin Lightening

Gram Flour (Besan) Face Pack For Skin Lightening


• Gram Flour – 2tsp
• Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
• Milk – 2tsp

How To:

• Mix the ingredients into a paste
• Wash your face and pat dry
• Apply the paste to your face and neck
• Leave it dry for 15 minutes
• Rinse off with cool water
• Do it 1-2 times a week

Gram flour will lighten your skin marks and turmeric will make your skin glow.

Banana Face Pack For Skin Lightening

Banana Face Pack For Skin Lightening


• Banana – 1 piece
• Honey – 1tsp
• Lemon Juice – 1tsp

How To:

• Mix the ingredients into a paste
• Wash your face and pat dry
• Apply the paste to your face and neck
• Leave it dry for 15 minutes
• Rinse off with cool water
• Do it 1-2 times a week

It can hydrate, lighten, and can be used as skin lightening treatment. It can … Read more

Alkaline Fruits You Should Add To Your Diet

5 Alkaline Fruits You Should Add To Your Diet

Alkaline fruits like avocados, bananas, and apples are gaining a lot of attention because of their health benefits which include neutralizing the acid levels in the stomach and weight loss. But you should also know about the potential side effects of alkaline fruits.

There are many fruits that are alkaline but not all fruits are good for your health. Here in this blow, we will list the best alkaline fruits, their benefits, and potential side effects.

What Is Alkaline?

Alkaline is related to pH level. A pH scale has numbers from 1-to 14 where numbers less than seven denote acid and those above seven are alkaline. The human stomach has a pH between 2.8 to 3.7 which makes it acidic but the pH of the blood is slightly alkaline as it ranges around 7.3 on the pH scale.

The alkaline diet has become popular because celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow support this diet. The alkaline diet emerged from the acid-ash theory that states that food affects the pH level of the human body. According to some studies, an alkaline diet could benefit people suffering from chronic kidney diseases.

Alkaline Fruits

  1. Apples
Alkaline Fruit Apples

An apple a day keeps a doctor away proves that eating an apple a day can keep you healthy in the long run. Packed with nutrients like vitamin A, C, and K, and calcium, apples can provide you the energy you need to keep going. The peel and core of the apple contain fiber that is good for weight loss. The health benefits of apples include losing weight, improving bone health, and reducing symptoms of asthma.

  1. Bananas
Banana Fruit

If you are looking for a fruit that is more convenient to consume then consider eating bananas. A full ripen banana contains 505 calories, of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Also, bananas are rich in fiber and research has proved that bananas can improve your digestive system. The health benefits of bananas include reducing the risk of ulcers and strokes. It can even get you over that nasty hangover.

  1. Avocados
Avocado For Weight Loss

It is one fruit you can’t do without because it contains a wealth of nutrients that include potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin A. and no wonder the USDA suggests consuming 1 cup of sliced avocado to get an amazing boost of 234 calories. The pharmaceutical industry even uses avocado content for its medicinal properties.

  1. Cantaloupe Melons
Cantaloupe Melons Fruit For Weight Loss

Cantaloupe melons are a nice addition to your diet because of their health benefits. Melons are low in fat and sugar but they contain vitamin A and C, and beta-carotene in rich quantities. Also, it has antioxidants like flavonoids. Eating melons can reduce inflammation and free radicals.

  1. Dates
Dates Fruit

Whether you are looking for a fulfilling breakfast or quick snacks that can suppress your hunger pangs, you can choose dates. They give 1160 calories, of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Also, they … Read more

Rid Your Skin Of Moles

12 Ways To Rid Your Skin Of Moles

Moles are pigmented cells on the skin. Since they look dark, they are considered ugly. And people try different ways to remove those ugly moles. The good thing is that there are proven home remedies for mole removal. If you have one, you can try these methods.

Causes Of Moles

Moles can appear anywhere on your face, neck, arms, and even legs. In some cases, they can also be found on the scalp, toes, and beneath the nails. Following are the reasons for moles.

• Production of excess melanin
• Excessive exposure to the sunlight
• The overactivity of the oil glands
• Some moles are present by birth while others develop due to hormonal changes during puberty

Whatever is the reason for your moles, you can easily remove them from your face, neck, and arms to get flawless skin.

Let’s discuss the home remedies for mole removal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Mole Removal

The acid content of the ACV will dry up the mole and turn it into a scab that will eventually disappear. But the acid could cause scarring.


• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Cotton Ball
• Scotch Tape or Band-Aid

How To:

• Soak the cotton ball in vinegar and place it over the mole
• Use a scotch tape to hold it in its place
• Leave it for up to six hours
• Repeat the process until the mole turns into a scab

Black Salve

Black salve ointment contains bloodroot herb and is considered a remedy for unwanted skin growth like moles and large freckles. But there is no scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness.


• Black Salve Ointment

How To:

• Apply the ointment to the mole and cover it with a Band-Aid
• Repeat the process after every 12 hours
• Do it for a couple of days

Baking Soda And Castor Oil

Baking Soda And Castor Oil For Moles

Baking soda dries the mole and castor oil helps in healing the dried skin. It can cause redness and inflammation on the skin but there is little to worry about as the inflammation will subside with time.


• Baking Soda (half-tsp)
• Castor Oil (2-3 drops)
• Band-Aid or Adhesive Tape

How To:

• Make a paste of baking soda and castor oil
• Apply it to the mole
• Cover it with a Band-Aid and leave it overnight
• Repeat it every night

Banana Peel

Banana Peels

Banana peel has the enzymes and acids that can eliminate moles. Also, it won’t cause dry skin.


• Banana Peel
• Scotch Tape

How To:

• Cut a small piece from a banana peel and place it on the mole with the inside of the peel over the mole
• Secure it in place with a scotch tape
• Leave it overnight
• Repeat it until the mole vanishes

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil For Moles

Frankincense Oil contains astringent properties that can absorb the excess oil, tighten the skin around the … Read more

Lighten Black Spots On The Lips

10 Home Remedies To Lighten Black Spots On The Lips

If you have black spots on your lips then you should blame it on your lifestyle or hormones. You should go for a complete medical examination to find the reasons for the black spots. For quick relief, you can try the following lip lightening treatment at home.

Some best lip lightening home treatment to lighten black spots on the lips…

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Lips

Apple cider vinegar contains skin lightening and infection-treating properties that can exfoliate the darkened skin so the luscious pink lips are brought out.


• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Cotton Swab

How To:

• Wash your face before the treatment
• Soak the cotton swab in ACV
• Apply the ACV to the affected area
• Leave it for a couple of minutes for your skin to soak
• Rinse it off when it is dry
• Do it two or three times a day

Almond Oil

Almond oil has nourishing fats that can both nourish and hydrate the lips to prevent dryness which is a prime cause of black spots. Also, it has mild bleaching properties that can lighten the spots.

Almond Oil For Lips Treatment


• Almond Oil

How To:

• Take a few drops of almond oil on your fingertips and massage the oil on your lips
• Leave the oil on your lips overnight
• Do this massage treatment every night

Lemon And Honey

The bleaching properties of lemon lighten the black spots and the honey moisturizes the lips so they remain dry and hydrated all day. Also, lemon can work as an antiseptic agent on the spots that emerged due to an infection.

Lemon And Honey For Lips Treatment


• Lemon Juice
• Honey

How To:

• Mix two drops each of lemon and honey to make a solution
• Apply the solution to the black spots on your lips
• Let it dry before rinsing it off
• Repeat it two times a day


Beetroot Treatment

Beetroot is quite beneficial for treating black spots on lips. It has excellent hydrating properties that keep lips hydrated. Also, it boosts skin cell formation which reduces oxidative damage and black spots in the long run.


• Beetroot

How To:

• Cut a beetroot slice and preserve it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes
• Take out the slice when it is cool and rub it gently on your lips for 3 minutes
• Let the beetroot juice dry on your skin for 5 minutes
• Rinse the juice off with running water
• Do it every day

Rose Petals And Glycerin

Glycerin works in two ways on black spots. First, it hydrates the lips, and second, it improves skin elasticity. Dry and chapped lips lack elasticity leading to the formation of black spots. Glycerin can even reduce skin irritation which is also a reason for black spots. Adding rose petals to glycerin enhances the soothing properties of the glycerin rose petals contain good hydrating and antioxidant properties.

Rose Petals And Glycerin


• … Read more

Off Shoulder Dressing Styles To Try In 2022

12 Off Shoulder Dressing Styles To Try In 2022

Off shoulder dress tops are always in fashion and everyone likes them because it is much easier to create a dressier look almost effortlessly with these tops. Whether you are dressing for a friendly get-together or family function, an off-shoulder top is always a good choice.

Let’s Check A Dozen Popular Off Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder LBD

Off Shoulder LBD

LBDs need little introduction as they are a favorite of every woman. But you can make it look sexier by clubbing it with an off-shoulder style. Wear the off-shoulder LBD with red peep toes and matching and you are ready to go to the party. To get more attention, you can accessorize your hairstyle and dress.


Playsuit Romper

Playsuits and rompers are popular for their convenience as they are more flexible to wear. Rompers are simpler and lighter, but you can make them more stylish with off-shoulder tops. It is an interesting way of making a playsuit more attractive. A few tweaks to the dress, and it is ready to improve your outlook. Also, you can accessorize the dress with a small handbag, wristwatch, earrings, and a hat.

Off Shoulder Shirt

Off Shoulder Shirt

An off-shoulder shirt has multiple advantages over regular shirts and t-shirts. It is a dress that blends well with a variety of lowers including shorts, denim skirts, and jeans. It is a shirt that you can throw over any trousers and get ready to party. If you are going out in the sun then don’t forget to wear sunglasses and cover your skin with a quality SPF cream.

Red Floral Off Shoulder Dress

Red Floral Off Shoulder Dress

What would you call this dress? Short, floral, and off-shoulder would be the best definition for this outfit. If you throw a casual pair of shoes and a sling bag, it can become a stylish shopping outfit. Or you can accessorize it for a date with friends. It is an attractive dress that will provide you with both beauty and flexibility.

Off Shoulder Evening Dress

Off Shoulder Evening Dress

So, you are dressing for a friendly date and want to wear something different. While LBD seems to be the best choice, you can try a yellow off-shoulder dress with a thick waist belt. Keep your hair open and flowing and pair the dress with black pumps. Finish your look with a statement clutch and get ready to go out.

Off The Shoulder Bikini

Bikini Dresses

If you are shopping for clothes for beach vacations then don’t forget to buy a pair of off-shoulder bikinis. This beach dress is uber cute and utterly chic. With this dress, you can make your beach vacations fancier and fun. To complete your bikini dress, you can throw on a fedora that will protect your eyes and skin from direct sun rays.

Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

There are a million ways of wearing a maxi dress, especially an off-shoulder outfit. Whatever your choice is, you will never feel bored or Read more

Megan Fox Overcome Body Dysmorphia

Megan Fox

When Chris Lee of the Los Angeles Times called Megan Fox a “sex symbol of the highest order”, he might be unaware of the fact that Megan Fox once suffered from body dysmorphia. She was getting praises from everywhere but she was hiding a secret from her fans.

Born: 16 May 1986 | Occupation: Actress, Model | Years Active: 2001-present
Achievements: Two Scream Awards and four Teen Choice Awards.

One day, Megan Fox opened body dysmorphia and said “I have a lot of deep insecurities”. But it wasn’t the first time that Fox discussed mental health as she has discussed such issues earlier. But she reached her breaking point after the release of the 2009 film Jennifer’s Body. She said that she was “consistently being sexualized in films and media”.

What Is Body Dysmorphia?

It is an obsessive idea that some aspect of one’s appearance is severely flawed. Also, the person feels that they need to do something to hide or fix the flaw. It is a mental disorder that only becomes severe in the absence of treatment that involves medication and psychotherapy like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The good thing is that the disease can be controlled with emotional support and therapies.

How Megan Fox Controlled Her Body Dysmorphia?

Megan Fox Body

Megan Fox made the revelation during an interview with British GQ Style and she was with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly at the time of opening up about her mental trauma.

She admitted that she was not all confident about her body and that she suffered from body dysmorphia. The mother of three who opened and discussed her struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) minced no words in saying that she had body dysmorphia.

The media was praising her figure but Megan Fox was worried about her look and appearance and she had a strong belief that something was wrong with her body and that she needed to do to improve her appearance.

Megan Fox opened up about her suffering from body dysmorphia but she didn’t tell whether she took treatment or what she did to overcome the mental trauma. Fox’s revelation about her mental condition worried her fans a little but they were happy to know that Megan Fox had overcome the mental issue.

Was Megan Fox Drinking Alcohol To Overcome Body Dysmorphia?

Megan Fox Overcome Body Dysmorphia

Megan Fox made this revelation during an interview and it was as startling as her earlier revelation about the mental disorder. While it isn’t unusual for celebrities to have alcohol, but here the media could relate it to her mental disorder.

Fox made the revelation about her drinking alcohol after quitting alcohol. It indicates her strong will power. It shows that she doesn’t stop at anything and she is determined to achieve her goals. While she remained tight-lipped about her starting alcohol, she gave the credit for quitting alcohol to her trainer Harley Pasternak.

Megan Fox said that her trainer helped her monitor … Read more

CBS Sunday Morning Olivia Interview

Olivia Rodrigo

Her achievements show that success came to Olivia Rodrigo early in her life. She won Grammies, Times named her Entertainer of the Year 2021 and Billboard named her Woman of the Year 2022. But Olivia Rodrigo was getting therapies to fight mental illness revealed in her interview.

Born: Olivia Rodrigo was born on 20 February 2003 (California, US)
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Years Active: 2015-present
Achievements: A Brit Award and three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist

Was Olivia Rodrigo Mentally Ill?

Singer Olivia Rodrigo Mentally Ill

It would be an exaggeration to say that she was suffering some kind of mental illness without going through her ordeals. And she has much to share with her fans, followers, and audiences. She revealed everything about her life in interviews.

The story of her life is scattered in pieces but we are trying to bring a clear picture of her life by joining all those pieces.

Life-Changing Therapy

Life-Changing Therapy

At 18, Olivia Rodrigo has established herself as the main pop girl, has won her first VMA, and attended the Met Gala, but she still needs therapy that she started when she was just 16. And how much she likes the therapy is evident from a small incident.

Elated at the success of her song “Drivers License” at the beginning of 2021, Olivia tweeted that she couldn’t wait to tell her therapist about the record-breaking success of her song. She also received a shoutout from her therapist, Liv. And Olivia Rodrigo revealed this secret during a conversation with Interview Magazine.

CBS Sunday Morning Interview

CBS Sunday Morning Olivia Interview

The interview was aired on October 10 to conclude the Mental Illness Awareness Week from October 3 to 9. And Olivia Rodrigo opened up about her mental health journey and her life-changing therapy.

That was a really big life-changing moment said Olivia Rodrigo about her first visit to a therapist. She further maintained that she had learned so much about herself. Olivia Rodrigo also touched on the stigma around mental health during the interview.

She discussed at length how younger people had been questioned and sometimes ridiculed for seeking professional help through mental therapies.

She Said Sometimes People Were Like

Beautiful Olivia Rodrigo

People used to wonder about her getting therapy and say “Oh, you don’t need that”. They said she had so much and her life was great. They asked what her problems were. And Olivia Rodrigo said that she thought that was definitely a thing that sometimes older people could do to younger people. She said that older people thought that kids didn’t have mental problems and that kids could easily go through the problems.

She Admitted That She Had Mental Problem

Olivia Rodrigo Mental Problem

It was during an interview with Vogue Singapore that Olivia Rodrigo revealed her mental health issue. And she didn’t mince words to describe her mental problem. She said her sudden fame had taken a toll on her mentally. Sudden fame could be really tough on anyone’s mental health, said Olivia.… Read more