Top 10 Talc-Free Eyeshadows For A Glamorous Look

Talc Free Eyeshadow Palettes

Eyeshadow is a staple in every makeup enthusiast’s collection, but the ingredients in your eyeshadow can make all the difference, not just in terms of your look, but also in terms of your health. Talc has been a common ingredient in eyeshadows for many years, but concerns about its safety have led to a surge in talc free eyeshadow options.

Talc Free Eyeshadow

In a world where clean beauty is becoming the norm, these talc-free eyeshadow options prove that you don’t have to compromise your health for a glamorous appearance. So, explore these brands, experiment with new looks, and enjoy makeup that not only enhances your beauty but also nurtures your skin.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 talc-free eyeshadow brands and palettes, perfect for those who want a healthier, more glamorous look.

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty, known for its commitment to clean and safe cosmetics, offers a stunning Talc-Free Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is perfect for those who want to create a variety of eye-catching looks without compromising on ingredient safety. The pigmentation and blendability of this talc free eyeshadow are on par with traditional eyeshadows, making it a must-have in your makeup collection.

Ilia Beauty Talc Free Eyeshadow

Ilia Beauty is renowned for its organic and clean beauty products, and their Talc Free Eyeshadow are no exception. These shadows are formulated with certified organic ingredients, ensuring that you’re treating your skin with the utmost care while looking fabulous. With a range of beautiful shades, Ilia Beauty’s talc free eyeshadow make it easy to create both natural and bold eye looks.

bareMinerals – Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals - Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re seeking a talc free eyeshadow palette with a wide range of neutral shades, the bareMinerals Gen Nude talc free Eyeshadow Palette is an excellent choice. This palette is perfect for creating everyday looks, from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic. Not only is it talc-free, but it’s also paraben-free, offering a healthier option for your eyes.

RMS Beauty – Swift Shadows

RMS Beauty has made a name for itself in the clean beauty industry, and their Swift Shadows are no exception. These talc-free eyeshadows are formulated with organic ingredients and come in a variety of shades, allowing you to experiment with different looks while knowing you’re using a product that’s kind to your skin.

Alima Pure – Pressed Eyeshadow

Alima Pure - Pressed Eyeshadow

Alima Pure’s Pressed organic talc free eyeshadow are talc-free and offer an array of vibrant colors. These eyeshadows are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their eye makeup. They are also vegan and cruelty-free, making them an ethical choice for makeup lovers.

Aether Beauty – Crystal Grid

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Top 10 Lip Lightening Balm: A Natural Approach To Beautiful Lips

Natural Lip Lightening Balm

Luscious, rosy lips are often considered a symbol of beauty and allure. However, various factors such as excessive sun exposure, smoking, and certain lifestyle choices can lead to darkening of the lips over time. While there is a plethora of lip lightening products available in the market, many individuals are turning to natural and organic solutions to regain their natural lip color.

Lip Lightening Balm

In this article, we will explore the top 10 lip lightening balms, including DIY lip lightening balm recipes and the benefits of using organic products to address the concern of dark or black lips.

DIY Lip Lightening Balm, creating your own DIY lip lightening balm is a fantastic way to take control of the ingredients you put on your lips and to promote natural lightening. One effective DIY recipe involves combining honey, lemon juice, and almond oil. Honey is known for its moisturizing properties, while lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent. Almond oil, on the other hand, helps nourish and rejuvenate the lips. Simply mix these ingredients and apply the balm regularly for noticeable results.

Natural Lip Lightening Balm, many commercial lip balms contain artificial ingredients that may not be the best choice for those looking to lighten their lips naturally. Instead, opt for lip balms that are crafted using natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils. These products not only help lighten your lips but also provide essential hydration, keeping your lips soft and supple.

Lip Lightening Cream at Home, if you prefer a cream-like consistency for your lip lightening product, you can create your own lip lightening cream at home. Start by mixing a small amount of turmeric powder with yogurt or milk. Turmeric is a natural skin brightener, and the lactic acid in yogurt or milk exfoliates dead skin cells, promoting lighter and more even-toned lips. Apply this homemade cream for a few minutes and rinse off for a brighter smile.

Organic Lip Lightening Balm, for those who value natural and organic ingredients, there are several lip balms available in the market that cater to this preference. These balms are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can often worsen lip discoloration. Look for products that include organic ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, and licorice extract. These ingredients are known for their skin-lightening and moisturizing properties, making them an excellent choice for organic lip lightening balms.

Lip Balm for Black Lips, if you have naturally dark or black lips and want to lighten them, there are specific lip balms designed for this purpose. These balms typically contain ingredients such as licorice root extract, kojic acid, and vitamin C, which are … Read More

10 Cool Short Perm Hairstyles Of 2023

Loose Perm Hair Styles

Some people are saying that the classic perm hair style is back in trend but I say it has never been out of trend. A perm is short for “permanent hairstyle” and people always prefer permanent solutions to their hair styling woes. Also, what’s wrong with wearing a haircut that better suits your face shape?

Perm Hair Style

When I say perm has never been out of style, I mean it provides a wide range of choices. For example, take loose perm hair style that add volume to hair. Also, they require less washing and styling. Since the hairstyle is permanent, you don’t have to worry about choosing a haircut daily.

How long does a perm last?

Natural perm hair style can last up to six months depending on the styling and upkeep. But you won’t need to go for retouching or restyling before three months. So, the minimum time of a perm is three months and the maximum is six months. Also, you have a wide range of perms to choose from.

Here I am listing some easy perm hair styles for women for your convenience. There are plenty of perm haircuts but I will list only 10 of the most popular haircuts to prevent things from becoming overwhelming.

Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm

This hairstyle gets its name from the curly and wavy hair you have when you come back from a beach. The waves are loose and the locks look a little messy but the perm hair style looks attractive. And this perm hair cut girl could last for four months. Also, it is easier to make with soft and spongy rollers. If you have short shoulder-length hair, you should go for the beach wave perm hairstyle.

Spiral Perm

It is also a good option for your shoulder-length hair. Also, it will suit you even if your hair is a little longer. The hair is curled in a vertical pattern that adds volume and dimension to the natural hair. Since the curls are generally very tight, this haircut can last up to six months. Tight curls bounce as you walk and it is what makes perm hair style one of the best loose perm hair styles.

Spot or Partial Perm

Spot or Partial Perm

It isn’t necessary to perm the entire head when you need only a specific section of your hair to get a perm. Also, this perm hair cut girl has many advantages like it adds volume and dimension to a specific section of hair. Also, it gives you a different look. But the biggest benefit of this haircut is that you can choose which section of hair you want to perm. So, you have more choices with this hairstyle.

Root Perm

Here perming is done at the roots of hair strands. This kind of perm provides a lift and volume to hair. Also, … Read More

Emily Beauty Secrets

emily blunt

Emily Blunt’s Top 10 Beauty Secrets Revealed. When it comes to Hollywood’s leading ladies, Emily Blunt stands out not only for her exceptional acting skills but also for her timeless beauty. Over the years, she has managed to maintain a radiant and youthful appearance that has left us all in awe. While some may attribute her beauty to good genes, there’s much more to it than meets the eye in Emily Blunt beauty secret.

Emily Blunt Beauty Secret

Her natural and minimalistic approach to beauty products, combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet, has made her a timeless beauty icon. Her dedication to a holistic approach to beauty, both inside and out, serves as an inspiration to all those looking to enhance their natural beauty. In the midst of her busy career, Emily Blunt ensures she schedules me-time for activities such as reading, taking long baths, or enjoying spa days, which contribute to her overall well-being and beauty.

Emily Blunt follows a strict skincare regimen that includes gentle cleansing, daily moisturizing, and consistent use of sunscreen to maintain her flawless complexion. In this article, we will uncover Emily Blunt beauty secret, from her makeup routine to her diet and exercise regimen.

Emily Blunt’s Flawless Skin

One of the key aspects of Emily Blunt’s beauty is her flawless, radiant skin. To maintain her complexion, she follows a strict skincare regimen. Emily starts her day with gentle cleansing, followed by hydrating with a quality moisturizer. She is a strong advocate for sunscreen, which she wears daily to protect her skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Emily Blunt's Flawless Skin

Emily Blunt Beauty Secret And Dewy Makeup

While Emily Blunt’s makeup looks effortless, achieving her signature look requires some skill. Emily opts for a natural, no-makeup makeup look, emphasizing her features without appearing overdone. She prefers using mineral-based makeup products, which are not only skin-friendly but also provide a more natural finish. Emily’s makeup tutorial is a must-watch for anyone looking to recreate her subtle yet elegant look.

Emily Blunt’s Bouncy Hair

Emily Blunt’s Bouncy Hair

Emily Blunt’s hairstyle is always on point, and she is known for experimenting with various hairdos that complement her looks. Whether it’s her classic bobs, luscious curls, or chic updos, Emily’s hair always appears effortlessly styled. Emily Blunt beauty secret? Regular conditioning treatments, minimal heat styling, and investing in quality haircare products to keep her locks in top shape.

Emily Blunt’s Balanced Beauty Diet

Emily Blunt is known for her commitment to a beauty diet. Her beauty diet consists of plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. She emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This diet not only keeps her skin glowing but also energizes her for her busy schedule.

Slim Figure Daily Exercising

Emily Blunt Daily Exercise

To maintain her slim figure and glowing skin, Emily blunt incorporates regular diet and exercise into her daily routine. Her preferred workouts include a combination of yoga and cardio exercises. This balance helps her stay lean … Read More

10 Reasons To Buy An Activated Charcoal Face Mask

DIY Charcoal Face Mask

The way activated charcoal cleanses and detoxifies the skin is hard to do with any other ingredient. It is for this reason that everyone including celebrities recommends wearing an activated charcoal face mask. While a regular mask only unclogs pores, charcoal can go a step ahead in absorbing environmental pollutants responsible for free radicals.

Charcoal Face Mask

A charcoal face mask peel is especially beneficial for people with acne and blackheads. Charcoal helps reduce excess oil that is the price cause of skin problems. As the level of environmental pollution has increased, people are facing more problems with their skin. But there is little to worry about as you can use charcoal for cleaning your face.

Buy an organic charcoal face mask that you can use at home and wear it as prescribed on the product packing. It is both simple and affordable. Also, there are many brands making face masks with charcoal as an active ingredient. They even try different combinations like turmeric and green tea to give more benefits to users.

You can try a DIY charcoal face mask or buy one from the market depending on your needs. The advantage of a readymade product is comes in handy during rush hours.

Jelly Mask Powder For Face Mask Skin Care

Jelly Mask Powder For Face Mask Skin Care

Brand: Lancity
Active Ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid

This charcoal face mask peel is better suited for treating wrinkles and acne. If you have these skin conditions, you can take advantage of this mask. It can penetrate deep inside the skin and boost the skin’s metabolism. It works like a DIY formula as you get a charcoal powder that you can prepare in a bowl and apply all over your face.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Brand: The Body Shop
Active Ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal, Green Tea Leaves, Tea Tree Oil

This charcoal face mask refines pores, clears congestion, and boosts radiance instantly. Also, it is simple to use. First, clean your skin of excel oil and pollutants and let it dry. Second, apply the charcoal all over your face and let it sit deep inside the skin.

YMEYFAN Jelly Mask For Facials Professional

YMEYFAN Jelly Mask For Facials Professional

Active Ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal Extract, Maltodextrin, Sodium Alginate, Diatomaceous Earth, Corn Scratch

It is an organic charcoal face mask better suited for people facing multiple skin problems related to clogged pores. It moisturizes the skin and improves the skin condition from within. You only need to wear it for 15 minutes after which you can peel off the … Read More

Always Buy A Natural Anti-Itch Lotion Only

Anti Itch Body Lotion

An ill-timed and poorly placed itch can ruin your day. The urge to scratch triggers a voluntary reaction as it can’t be resisted. But it can cause embarrassment, especially when you are in full view of colleagues or friends. The problem becomes more intense when a chronic itch is revived by dry weather and naturally dry skin. A natural anti itch lotion can come in handy in these circumstances.

Anti Itch Lotion

Fortunately, several remedies can provide quick and lasting relief from a chronic itch. Whether your itch results from dry skin or from a mosquito bite, a quality anti itch lotion for skin can come in handy. It will keep your skin soft and hydrated to prevent chronic itches from reviving. Also, it can provide instant relief from mosquito bites.

Considering the availability of a wide range of lotions, it is difficult to suggest a specific anti-itch body lotion. So, we are listing a couple of products including lotions, creams, and soaps for your consideration. You can shop around and choose one that suits your skin most.

RaGaNaturals Body Lotion

RaGaNaturals Body Lotion

Brand: RaGaNaturals
Ingredients: Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil

Do you have allergies or does your skin easily dry out quickly? If yes then try this naturally hydrating anti-itch lotion. This non-greasy formula contains natural ingredients that make it suitable for all skin types and people of all ages. It is good for both men and women. Also, you can treat the soft skin of your baby with this lotion.

Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Body Lotion With Lavender

Brand: Aveeno
Ingredients: Lavender, Natural Oatmeal, Chamomile, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils

Put an end to the itch with this all-natural anti itch body lotion. It is a good staff created to soothe the untimely and poorly placed itch. It calms the irritated skin with its hydrating properties. Also, it provides the essential nutrients needed to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Its natural formula locks in moisture for 24 hours.

Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Lotion For Women & Men

Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Lotion For Women & Men

Brand: Malin + Goetz
Ingredients: Provitamin B5, Essential Fatty Acids

When you suffer from a chronic itch that comes back again and again with weather changes, you need a quality anti itch lotion for skin that can improve your skin condition from within so it can prevent the recurrence of your chronic itch. This body lotion contains Vitamin B5 and fatty acids that can provide quick and lasting relief from itchy skin conditions.

Real Skin Care Coconut Anti Itch Lotion

Brand: Real Skin Care
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapefruit Extract, … Read More

10 Ways To Choose A Girl Celebrity Formal Outfit

Celebrity Formal Dresses

Are you looking for a girl celebrity formal outfit that can make you stand out in the crowd? If yes then you have landed on the right platform. Here we’ve shortlisted an impressive range of garments for fashion-conscious women like you. And we believe that you’ll like the collection.

Girl Celebrity Formal Outfit

We scanned plenty of celebrity formal night ideas to shortlist the best options. We’ve selected the latest designs that suit all body types, skin tones, occasions, and celebrations. Whether you are a college-going woman or an executive, you need a dress that compliments your personality and accommodates your present as well as future fashion needs.

Let’s start….

Black Strapless Fishtail Formal Dress

Black Strapless Fishtail Formal Dress

Ashley Graham stepped on the red carpet in 2019 in a beautiful black strapless fishtail formal dress. The first thing in this dress is the black color that makes it different from others. It is flawless black that doesn’t require any accessory and it is what makes it one of the best celebrity formal dresses. But Ashley Graham sported a shiny diamond necklace to further improve the beauty of the dress. If you are preparing for a show-off, you can go for this dress.

Girl Celebrity Formal Outfit Red Gown

Girl Celebrity Formal Outfit Red Gown

If red is the theme of the party you are going to attend or you want to try red color in the next party then consider the Victoria Justice-inspired red gown. Victoria Justice has been to many red carpet parties where she has surprised the audiences with her dressing style. She put on this red gown for such an event and soon this gown became one of the popular female celebrity casual outfits. You can also try this dress at the next party.

Rowan Blanchard’s Coach Outfit

Rowan Blanchard’s Coach Outfit

Rowan Blanchard is a popular name in media circles as she always remains in the news because of her sense of fashion. But here we’ll discuss only her fashion. She once showed off in clashing patterns featuring tiger stripes. The advantage of this dress is it will make you look younger than your real age. We rate it as the best girl celebrity formal outfit. You can wear this dress at office parties and friendly gatherings.

Sequined Strapless Thigh-High Slit Formal Dress

Sequined Strapless Thigh-High Slit Formal Dress

All lights were on Shanina Shaik at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, in 2019 when this Australian model showed up. If you are looking for hot celebrity formal outfit exposures then this strapless is the best example. She looks amazing in the dress and what surprises us more is she isn’t wearing any jewelry. The dress matches her skin tone perfectly and we won’t hesitate in calling the dress her second skin.

Lea Michele’s While Column Dress

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Top 10 Winter Nail Colors To Flaunt This Winter Season

Winter Nails Color Ideas

Winter is here, and it’s time to give your nails a makeover to match the season’s chilly charm. As the temperatures drop and snowflakes begin to fall, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore a new spectrum of nail colors that resonate with the winter nails color palette. Whether you’re looking for winter nail color ideas or winter nail color designs, we’ve got you covered.

Winter Nails Color

In this article, we will guide you through the top 10 winter nail colors, from subtle and light color nails for winter to innovative and cute winter color nails, ensuring that your nails are as stylish as the rest of your winter wardrobe.

Icy Blue Winter Nails Color

Icy Blue Nail Color

When you think of winter, the first color that comes to mind is the crisp, cool shade of icy blue. Icy blue nails evoke the serene ambiance of a snowy landscape, making them a top choice for winter. This color can be worn in various styles, from a simple solid coat to intricate designs like snowflakes or frosty gradients. Icy blue nails are a perfect example of light color nails for winter that adds a touch of elegance to your overall look.

Deep Burgundy

For those who prefer something bold and rich, deep burgundy is an excellent choice for your winter nails. This shade captures the essence of mulled wine and cozy evenings by the fireplace. Deep burgundy nails provide a stark contrast to the white snow outside, making them a classic choice for the winter months. You can even experiment with matte or glossy finishes to suit your personal style.

Silver Shimmer Winter Nails Color

Silver Shimmer Winter Nails Color

Shimmering silver nails are a go-to choose when you’re seeking winter nails that sparkle and stand out. These nails mimic the glistening snow under the winter sun, adding a touch of glam to your overall look. You can opt for a solid silver shade or combine it with other winter-inspired designs like snowflakes or glittering frost for that extra pizzazz. Silver shimmer nails perfectly complement the cute winter color nails trend.

Evergreen Elegance

Embrace the winter season’s natural charm with evergreen nails. This deep, rich green hue mirrors the lush pine trees that stay green even during the harshest winters. Evergreen nails are a unique and refreshing choice that combines well with other winter-inspired patterns or even a subtle shimmer. These nails are ideal for those seeking a natural, down-to-earth winter look.

Soft Lavender

Soft Lavender Nail Color

Soft lavender nails may not be the first choice that comes to mind for winter, but they offer a delightful contrast to the dark and bold winter shades. This color brings a sense of calm and tranquility, which can be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Soft lavender is a perfect example of light color nails for winter and a unique way to … Read More

Shilpa Shetty Yoga Mobile App For Beginners

Shilpa Shetty Yoga Routine

The 48-year-old Shilpa Shetty credits her love for yoga for her youthful appearance. But the Baazigar actress learned her yoga lessons most difficultly. She had severe neck pain due to cervical spondylitis. After trying many treatments, she found her cure in yoga. Today she is an ardent follower of yoga and teaches Shilpa Shetty yoga exercise to others.

Shilpa Shetty Yoga Pose

Is Shilpa Shetty A Yoga Teacher?

The actress hired a yoga teacher, Shiv Kumar Mishra, to cure her cervical pain. She learned both Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga and after a few years, she went to the Bihar School of Yoga to study more about it. After practicing yoga for a decade, she decided to take yoga to people through her YouTube channel Shilpa Shetty yoga. She also has a website to spread awareness about the holistic benefits of yoga. She even launched a mobile app to encourage people to learn yoga.

Here are 10 yoga asanas recommended by Shilpa Shetty

Prasarita Padottanasana Pratirupam

Prasarita Padottanasana Pratirupam Pose

How To:

  • Stand straight with your legs wide apart and hands placed on your hips
  • Bring your torso down without bending your knees
  • Place your palm on the floor to support the position
  • Your head should be almost between your legs
  • Come back slowly by placing your hands on your hips

Benefits: It provides a gentle stretch to the entire body and calms the tensed nerves. It also strengthens the feet, ankles, legs, and spine.

Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow Pose)

Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow Pose)

How To:

  • Come down on your knees and place your palms firmly before the knees
  • Shift your weight to your hands by bringing your knees closer to your hands
  • Lift your feet with the support of your hands
  • Fold your knees on your butts
  • Bring all the weight on your hands
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then come down slowly

Benefits: It improves balance and core strength. Also, it strengthens wrists, forearms, and abdomen. Visit Shilpa Shetty yoga channel for more information.

Urdhva Mukha Pasasana (Upward-Facing Dog Pose)

Urdhva Mukha Pasasana (Upward-Facing Dog Pose)

How To:

  • Lie down on your stomach with your legs stretched and hands close to your chest
  • Press your palms on the floor and lift your back without lifting your hips
  • Straighten your shoulders and keep your head and eyes straight
  • Hold this pose for 5 breaths before releasing

Benefits: It opens and stretches the chest and strengthens the triceps and abdomen. This Shilpa Shetty face yoga treats lower back problems.

Gatyatmak Eka Pada Ushtrasana

Gatyatmak Eka Pada Ushtrasana

How To:

  • Stand in the position of the left leg a step ahead
  • Come down on your right knee by flexing your left knee
  • Reach your right hand to your right feet
  • Raise your left hand and head up
  • Change position to do it with
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Keira Knightley Beauty

keira knightley beauty

Skincare & Makeup With Keira Knightley Beauty Tips. The two-time Academy Awards winner Keira Knightley is one of Britain’s most recognizable actresses. She works in both independent films and blockbusters but she’s better known for her roles in period dramas including Pride & Prejudice (2005) for which she won the nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. But here we’ll talk only about Keira Knightley beauty tips.

Keira Knightley Beauty Tips

Born on 26 March 1985 in London to stage actors Will Knightley and Sharman Macdonald, Keira Knightley turned 38 this year. But she looks as gorgeous as she was two decades ago. Also, there is gossip about her minimalist Keira Knightley skincare routine. She commands a huge fan following on social media and all her fans look at her for tips and advice.

Keira Knightley likes to see her skin through makeup and for this reason, she keeps it less. If you want to follow Keira Knightley beauty routine, you should follow the principle less is beautiful. Here a question can be asked about how much less is sufficient to get radiant skin without hiding the natural beauty. You can check her daily routine and get tips for minimalist makeup.

Here’s her complete beauty routine that helps her enhance her natural beauty

Keira Knightley Skincare Routine

As said earlier Keira Knightley has already turned 38, and the actress has to be more careful about her sensitive skin. She had very bad skin during her teen years and then she discovered her skin was at best when she did nothing.

Keira Knightley Skincare Routine

From then onwards, she has made a rule for minimal use of skincare products. But now she has started using oils and moisturizers to prevent dry skin. She also revealed that her skin started drying out fast after 30. She prefers remaining natural and wears minimal makeup. But as an actress, she has to wear heavy makeup that often results in breakouts.

Keira Knightley Makeup Tutorial

Keira Knightley Makeup Tutorial

It isn’t that the actress is totally against the makeup but she prefers it to be minimal. Her morning starts with moisturizing the skin followed by a concealer. But she never wears a foundation. Her healthy skin makes a perfect foundation for whatever minimal makeup she wears in the morning. For eye makeup, she only puts some light eye shadow with her fingers. It helps her eyes look bigger. For lip makeup, she uses a tinted balm that matches the natural color of her lips. She takes a tiny bit of the balm and puts it on the middle of her lips.

Keira Knightley loves smoky eyes more than anything else in her evening makeup. She puts much effort to efforts to get smoky eye makeup. She wears quality black eyeliner on the lash lines and puts on a lot of mascara to get the real smoky eye look. But she has a strange dislike for lipsticks. She proudly says that her mother advised her against wearing lipsticks. According to the … Read More