10 Cool Short Perm Hairstyles Of 2023

Some people are saying that the classic perm hair style is back in trend but I say it has never been out of trend. A perm is short for “permanent hairstyle” and people always prefer permanent solutions to their hair styling woes. Also, what’s wrong with wearing a haircut that better suits your face shape?

Perm Hair Style

When I say perm has never been out of style, I mean it provides a wide range of choices. For example, take loose perm hair style that add volume to hair. Also, they require less washing and styling. Since the hairstyle is permanent, you don’t have to worry about choosing a haircut daily.

How long does a perm last?

Natural perm hair style can last up to six months depending on the styling and upkeep. But you won’t need to go for retouching or restyling before three months. So, the minimum time of a perm is three months and the maximum is six months. Also, you have a wide range of perms to choose from.

Here I am listing some easy perm hair styles for women for your convenience. There are plenty of perm haircuts but I will list only 10 of the most popular haircuts to prevent things from becoming overwhelming.

Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perm

This hairstyle gets its name from the curly and wavy hair you have when you come back from a beach. The waves are loose and the locks look a little messy but the perm hair style looks attractive. And this perm hair cut girl could last for four months. Also, it is easier to make with soft and spongy rollers. If you have short shoulder-length hair, you should go for the beach wave perm hairstyle.

Spiral Perm

It is also a good option for your shoulder-length hair. Also, it will suit you even if your hair is a little longer. The hair is curled in a vertical pattern that adds volume and dimension to the natural hair. Since the curls are generally very tight, this haircut can last up to six months. Tight curls bounce as you walk and it is what makes perm hair style one of the best loose perm hair styles.

Spot or Partial Perm

Spot or Partial Perm

It isn’t necessary to perm the entire head when you need only a specific section of your hair to get a perm. Also, this perm hair cut girl has many advantages like it adds volume and dimension to a specific section of hair. Also, it gives you a different look. But the biggest benefit of this haircut is that you can choose which section of hair you want to perm. So, you have more choices with this hairstyle.

Root Perm

Here perming is done at the roots of hair strands. This kind of perm provides a lift and volume to hair. Also, it looks more natural. Another advantage of root perm is only a small section of a hair strand is curled leaving the rest of the hair natural and safe. It is the best of all-natural perm hairstyles suitable for those who prefer natural haircuts.

Multi-Textured Perm

Multi-Textured Perm

If you are looking for cool short perm hairstyles, you should try the multi-textured perm. It will create a layered pattern of curls and waves varying in size and tightness. The biggest advantage of this pattern is it looks more natural. Also, it better suits long hair. If your hair is longer than your shoulder length, you should go for a multi-textured perm. It will make your hair look dense and voluminous.

Volumizing Perm

If you are worried about your hair volume and you feel that having low-volume hair could discourage you from trying new hairstyles then you should go for volumizing perm. It is the best of all easy perm hairstyles for women. It involves creating different curls and waves. Also, this haircut can last up to six months depending on care and maintenance.

Pin Curl Perm

Pin Curl Perm

The reason perm hairstyle has never been out of trend is it suits every hair type. If you have short hair and you want to try a new haircut, you should try a pin curl perm. As the name suggests, it creates pins and curls that bounce with every step. Also, this haircut suits short hair length most. Another advantage of this haircut is doesn’t involve the use of chemicals.

Cropped Spiral Perm

It is the coolest of all cool short perm hairstyles for people with short hair. Many women have hair shorter than their shoulder-length. But they can add both volume and dimension to their hair with a cropped spiral perm. It involves curling the entire head and creating a wig. The curly hair opens up like a flower and covers the entire head and even falls on the forehead and ears.

Shaggy Perm

Shaggy Perm

There is no need to go for curls and waves hairstyles if you like shaggy hair. Your shoulder-length hair will look more attractive in shaggy pattern. Also, it is much easier to create and maintain. If you are looking for easy perm hairstyles for women, you can choose this haircut. It will make your face glow and bring a broad smile to your lips.

Stack Perm Hair Style

It is just the opposite of root perm as here perming is done on the middle and lower section of the hair. Its advantage is that it adds layers to hair. This haircut suits mid-length hair because mid-length hair has ample length for curling. Also, mid-length hair is easy to maintain. This perm hair cut girl can last up to six months.

Conclusion – If you are looking for bouncing curls or waves that look natural and last longer then go for a perm. You can choose from long or cool short perm easy hairstyles. Or it would be better to say that there is a perm for every need. Also, perms are great in styling because they don’t need cutting or even trimming. But you have to be patient while perming your hair. It is a time-consuming job.


Q: Which Perm Hairstyle Lasts Longer?

A: Spiral Perm

Q: Which Perm Hairstyle Looks More Natural?

A: Root Perm

Q: Which Perm Hairstyle Is Easier To Maintain?

A: Beach Wave Perm

Q: Which Perm Hairstyle Is Suitable For Short Hair?

A: Cropped Spiral Perm

Q: Which Perm Hairstyle Adds Volume And Dimension To Hair?

A: Volumizing Perm

Disclaimer – Information provided in the blog is for educational purposes only. Viewers are advised to consider their hair types before changing their hairstyles.

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