Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage: Is It Good For Your Skin?

Lymphatic facial drainage massage is a great way to maximize the detoxifying effect of the lymph system that constitutes an important part of the immune system of the human body. And applying proper lymph draining techniques could improve your skin health.

Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage

It is a therapeutic massage therapy that involves draining lymphatic fluid through lymph nodes. The therapy removes toxins from facial tissues and prevents skin problems like breakouts and dryness on the skin. On the positive side, the massage would give your face a lovely bounce. It will also balance out the connective tissue called fascia.

The gentle massage with light pressure and rhythmic strokes will improve your lymphatic system. The excess fluid will be drained out making way for nutrients to flow to cells and tissues. And the good thing is that you can get this facial massage at home. A little training and a few tools would be sufficient to get the therapeutic massage.

Process Of Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage

Process Of Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage

You will need a facial roller to massage your lymphatic nodes. So, you should first buy this tool from the market. Choose the tool that fits into your hands and that you are comfortable with. Grab its handle and start massaging your lymph nodes in … Read More