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Night Skincare Regime

3-Easy Steps Night Time Skincare Routine That Every Girl Should Follow!

Do you need flawless beautiful skin? Of course, this is why you reached our page to know some best beauty tips. Pampering skin in saloons and using home remedies is not just enough. For healthy skin, it is important to opt night skincare routine. We often believe to care our skin in daily routine but forget to care at night.

Let me tell you one thing, Night is highly important. Because at that time your skin reproduces nutrients and cells. Also, this is the time where the skin gets complete relaxation with no pollution and stress.

Night Skincare Routine

So, why not we turn this time in our favor and wake up with glowing skin? Think about it!

If you just want to feel confident then just follow my given 3-easy night skincare routine.

First Step- Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face

While going to the bed make a habit to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Make sure the cleanser is natural that has goodness to remove impurities from the skin like dirt, pollution, and more. Also, the cleanser should have skin brightening properties so you could feel fresh.

Second Step In Night Skincare Routine- Apply Moisturizer

Apply Moisturizers

After washing your face applying moisturizer is the best way to prevent your skin from dryness, Read More

Malaika Skin Care Tips

Malaika Arora Shared Her Skincare Ritual For Quarantine That Will Impress You

Malaika Arora is the best resource to find the best fitness and beauty secrets to look younger at age 45. She is 45 but still looks adorable with no aging concerns. She looks adorable and younger than her age. Malaika has shared the skin care routine for women so they could feel rejuvenated and energetic all day.

Malaika Arora Skin Care Routine

On her channel, Malaika inspiring people to stay home stay safe. Along with that, she is giving fitness tips via sharing her cooking videos, fitness regime, etc. The motive of sharing this stuff is only to make people more productive this time.

Health & Skin Care Routine Tips By Malaika

She starts her day by drinking fresh and warm lemon water to boost metabolism and productiveness. For her skin, she applied aloe vera gel. This will keep skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day. Here take a quick look on aloe vera benefits:

• Aloe vera acts as a perfect acne treatment by calming down angry bacteria and oil production.

• It will keep your skin highly moisturized.

• It prevents the skin from scars and heals the wounds.

• After waxing or plucking your hair, applying aloe vera gel relaxed muscles and stop the formation of pimples and itchiness.

• For brighter and Read More

Skincare Tips to Play

Skincare Tips To Play Safe And Stay Healthy In This Holi

Holi, the festivals of colors and happiness is ready to touch your cheeks. You have made plans for tomorrow’s celebration such as venue, colors, inviting friends and all. But, do you have best skincare tips for your skin health?

Probably not! This is why you are here and wanted to know about some best skincare tips to play safely in this Holi.

Here is the best skincare tips you should follow:

Best Skincare Tips

Before the Holi celebration

You do not need to groom yourself because you are going to look dirty or colorful on the Holi. Well, it is not the reason. Peeled skin may harm badly with color interaction. Hence, everyone should not peel off your skin like waxing, threading, bleach, etc. this may cause redness and sometimes irritation.

If you are already suffering from skin condition then avoid playing Holi or you can speak with a dermatologist.

Eve of the Holi

Eve Of The Holi

Skin and hair both can be dull with the exposure of sun and colors both. So, it is recommended to both male and female apply coconut oil in your hair for deep conditioning and cover it with dupatta. To protect your face and body you can apply natural oil (coconut as well). For the face use, SPF and people who have … Read More

Skin Care Products

Skincare Products That Often Used By Celebrities

Have you ever hunted which skin care products celebrities use for their glowing and vibrant skin appearance? Well, we all need to know, how they maintain their skin glow even after such hectic schedule of shootings, promotions and many more.

Taking skincare is utmost, but how it is crucial to understand.

So, here I am going to reveal some beauty secrets of celebrities that may help you to know what skincare products they use.

So, let’s get started about the skin care products that celebrities use!

Britney Spears, Origins Cleansing Milk

Britney Spears, Origins Cleansing Milk

Britney Spears is one of the gorgeous and stunning beauties of the Hollywood industry. In her interview, she talked about her beauty secret and said I usually remove makeup before going to bed. I have to perform 4 times in a week. So, I can’t keep my skin on with makeup overnight. I used to remove makeup with hydrate wipes and then put cleanser of the Origins brand. With cleanser, I feel fresh, soft and glowing with my skin.

Jourdan Dunn, Pixi Glow Tonic Skin Care Products

Jourdan Dunn, Pixi Glow Tonic Skin Care Products

A supermodel, Jourdan Dunn open her beauty secret and said Pixi’s Glow tonic simply refresh my skin and do exfoliate naturally. This is something which I can’t live without.

Emma Watson, MV Organics Rose

Read More
2013 11 04 AntioxidantsAntiaging thumb

5 Reasons for Using Antioxidant Skin Care Products

Antioxidants are what your skin needs more than anything else. You might have heard about chemical properties of antioxidants and read how they are good for skin care but it is much easier to understand benefits of antioxidants with examples.

Here’re top 5 benefits of antioxidants

1.Pollution control: It is surprising to know that pollution causes maximum damage to the skin. The pollutants could trigger the signs of aging like dark spots under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. If you go through theskin care tips, you will find mention of pollution as the biggest threat to skin. But antioxidants can defend your skin from pollution.

2013 11 04 AntioxidantsAntiaging thumb
2. Firmer skin: Regular use of antioxidants would improve skin health and make you look younger even in advance age. Aging would have little effect on your skin when antioxidants are present in the skin.

3.Removes wrinkles: A wrinkled skin is a sign of aging but, in reality, more than aging, it is a sign of lack of care and nutrients. With antioxidants, you can supplement your skin withthe necessary nutrients and get back the lost glow and shine.

4. Safety from scar: Rigid scar tissue could make your skin look dull and lifeless. This tissue has a different structure that makes it stand out from other tissues. And it is … Read More

clear skin

Skin Care Tips – How To Have A Clear Complexion

When it comes to skin care, everyone is in the quest for a clearer complexion. The presence of acne makes the skin dull – something many people try to cope with through cosmetic product. Here are some skin care tips to a clearer complexion:

Take good care of your body: to achieve this, you need to eat a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients and engage in regular workouts.

clear skin

Understanding your skin type: There exist different skin types including dry, oily, natural, and a combination.
Regularly wash your face: ensure you wash your face at least every morning and night before heading to bed.
Tone your skin after washing: toning is important as it helps get rid of the residues which are missed out by the cleanser that can cause acne and dull complexion.

Moisturize: this happens to be one of the best friend for your skin. However, when selecting a moisturizer, it is very important to be cautious.
Use facial masks: these are essential in that they help in the removal of impurities from the pores of your skin.

Steam your face: carry this out once in every week. Make it as a part of your exercise regimen.

Exfoliate: there are facial cleansers with the ability to exfoliate your face every day.
Use the right … Read More

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Skin Care Tips for Teenage Girls In Summer

If you are searching for skin care tips for teens then you must read on. The skin problem is quite common amongst the teenagers. You can see most teens being affected from the acne, pimple and blemishes.

Below are discussed about the simple natural skin care tips which are helpful to retain healthy skin.

Helpful Tips for Teenage Girls:

Understand Your Skin Type:

First of all you should know your skin type. Before starting a specific skin care routine, you should understand your skin type and then use the products as per its needs. Pick the cosmetics which suit your skin and tackle your problems.

skin care tips



This is one of the vital tips all teens should follow essentially. You should include twice to thrice cleansing a day. This helps to clean your pores and removes the dirt from your face. If you do not perform cleansing, then the dirt will get settled on your face and block the pores.

Lotion Benefits:

Using lotions is beneficial to get healthy and perfect skin in teens. Cleansing is important, especially when it comes to removing your makeup. Using sunscreen lotion is helpful to keep away from sunlight. You should use those sunscreen products with SPF 30 and up.


Diet is essential not only to maintain health, but also to retain glowing … Read More