Skincare Tips to Play Safe and Stay healthy in this Holi

Holi, the festivals of colors and happiness is ready to touch your cheeks. You have made plans for tomorrow’s celebration such as venue, colors, inviting friends and all. But, do you made plans for your skin health?

Probably not! This is why you are here and wanted to know about some best skincare tips to play safely in this HOLI. Here is the complete guide you should follow:

Skincare Tips to Play

Before the Holi celebration

You do not need to groom yourself because you are going to look dirty or colorful on the Holi. Well, it is not the reason. Peeled skin may harm badly with color interaction. Hence, everyone should not peel off your skin like waxing, threading, bleach, etc. this may cause redness and sometimes irritation.

If you are already suffering from skin condition then avoid playing Holi or you can speak with a dermatologist.

Eve of the Holi

Eve of the Holi

Skin and hair both can be dull with the exposure of sun and colors both. So, it is recommended to both male and female apply coconut oil in your hair for deep conditioning and cover it with dupatta. To protect your face and body you can apply natural oil (coconut as well). For the face use, SPF and people who have acne issues must use organic colors to play.

You can even apply oil-free moisturizer on the face to keep skin soft and hydrated. If you have normal or combination skin then makes sure you have applied waterproof SPF with a mix of baby oil. Don’t forget nails, keep it colored as it prevents cuticles from damage.

After Holi care

When the Holi is finished, get set go to bath and wash your face, hair, and body perfectly. In case you are troubling with colors as they are not getting off then put olive oil or lemon juice over it. Gently give a massage until it leaves the color then wash it off.

Or you can use cleansing milk for your sensitive skin. Use gentle shampoo for hair and wash them perfectly so the scalp is free form colors. Leave hair spa, manicure, and pedicure for a later time. Please avoid the use of hot water while washing your hair, it keeps your hair dry.

Skincare tips for after a week

Once the week is over, it’s time to rejuvenate your skin and feel the real beauty again. So to do this, follow the given procedure.

• Go for regular facial or you ca take special facial to repair the damage.

• Apply a hair mask to repair the damaged hair and hydrate the scalp.

• In case you have rashes, use oil or calamine lotion to soothe skin.

These are some healthy tips which you should follow to celebrate the Holi with no stress.

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