10 Best Laser Caps/Helmets For Hair Fall Treatment

This blog is useful for those looking for non-traditional treatment for hair loss. Hair fall is common in people of all ages and both sexes and for this reason, it is taken lightly. Also, there are many types of treatments both cosmetic and invasive available in the market.

LLLT (Low-Level Laser Treatment)

Have you ever heard about this treatment or gone through it while looking for hair fall treatments? The process involves the use of a laser cap for hair growth and it works well. It looks like a baseball cap equipped with LLLT technology. The laser light turns on as soon as the cap is worn.

How Does A Laser Cap Work?

It is a therapeutic procedure involving the stimulation of hair follicles and the scalp with low-level laser rays. The treatment has the following benefits.

  1. Extends The Anagen

It is a growth phase lasting up to six years. The average anagen of a hair strand is 3 years but the low-level laser treatment can extend it beyond the average time.

  1. Stimulates Follicles In Telogen

Telogen is temporary hair loss most probably due to stress, shock, or a traumatic event. The low-level laser stimulates follicles to boost hair growth to fuller and healthier hair strands.

  1. Reduces Catagen

Catagen is oppostive of anagen. It is the regressive phase of hair growth and starts usually after the average time. But low-level laser treatment can reduce the catagen phase to a minimum so people experience lesser hair fall.

LLLT caps emit red light on wearing. The laser boosts blood circulation to hair follicles resulting in the stimulation of the follicles into healthier and thicker hair strands.

It is the best hair treatment for people suffering from androgenic alopecia. If you are struggling with hair fall and looking for reliable treatment, you can try wearing an LLLT cap.

How To Use LLLT Caps?


A laser cap is a home-use medical device good for stimulating hair growth without any cosmetic or invasive treatment. It is a flexible cap lined with laser diodes that emit red light of 650 nm power. It comes with a portable and rechargeable battery to power the laser light. A cap can cover your head and illuminate the scalp with laser light during the therapy.

For best results, you should get the treatment for 15-20 minutes at least three times a week for 6 months. But the results will start coming as soon as the treatment starts. Since it is FDA-approved, it is safe to use. But you should buy a quality device tested by millions.

Are There Any Precautions With Laser Caps?

The only precaution you should take with your laser cap is to use it for the recommended time. Overheating your scalp could have adverse effects. Wear the cap when you are free and never extend a session beyond 20 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes. Also, take it on an alternate day. You need to take the treatment thrice a week with a day’s break between two sessions.

Here’re the 10 Best LLLT Caps

  1. FDA-Cleared Kiierr Laser Cap System for Hair Growth (Kiierr)
FDA-Cleared Kiierr Laser Cap System for Hair Growth (Kiierr)

Fitted with premium laser diodes for maximum hair growth, this Kiierr laser cap is good for treating thinning and balding hair. It reverses hair loss by stimulating healthier and thicker hair follicles. Available in an easy-to-use portable design, the cap comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. iRestore Essential (iRestore)
iRestore Essential (iRestore)

This FDA-cleared, modern, sturdy, comfortable, and easy-to-use laser cap targets the most common areas of balding and hair-thinning with 120 medical-grade lasers and LEDs that produce a total output of 600 mW. The cap comes with a kit and it is advised to use it with the other items in the kit to get desired results.

  1. Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH80 (Amazon)
Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH80 (Amazon)

The helmet stimulates hair growth with 80 premium laser diodes that stimulate hair follicles to produce keratin, boost hair growth, and maintain the growth cycle of hair with high-energy density lasers.

  1. LESCOLTON Laser Hair Regrowth (Amazon)
LESCOLTON Laser Hair Regrowth (Amazon)

Treat your scalp with the high-density energy of 56 laser diodes. Soft light from these diodes treats alopecia. It stimulates hair growth to treat balding, thinning of hair, and receding hairline. It can also be used to enhance the effects of other hair fall treatments.

  1. iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet (Amazon)
iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet (Amazon)

iGrow incorporates a dual light laser that is more effective on hair fall. It increases cellular activity and promotes the proliferation of healthy hair strands. Also, it is equipped with headphones and an iPod/MP3 interface.

  1. RegrowMD By Hairmax (Amazon)
RegrowMD By Hairmax (Amazon)

It uses clinically proven laser phototherapy to cure alopecia, hereditary hair loss, receding hairline, hair thinning, and pattern baldness. Launched in 2000, it boasts of over 90% success rate in clinical studies.

  1. Hair Growth FDA Cleared 272 Diode Laser Cap (Amazon)
Hair Growth FDA Cleared 272 Diode Laser Cap (Amazon)

Whether you are worried about receding hairline, hair thinning, or pattern baldness, this battery-powered cap can treat hair fall with its 650 nm laser technology that delivers desired results within the expected time. And its full scalp coverage assures complete treatment.

  1. Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH40 (Amazon)
Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH40 (Amazon)

Regrow your hair with a Theradome helmet fitted with 40 premium high-energy density lasers that stimulate hair follicles to produce the keratin needed to achieve hair growth. Say goodbye to traditional cosmetic and invasive treatments as this device can give better results.

  1. COSBEAUTY Professional Hair Growth Laser Cap (Amazon)
COSBEAUTY Professional Hair Growth Laser Cap (Amazon)

Clinically proven to give desired results within 3-6 months, this laser cap is the right device for treating receding hairlines due to hereditary hair loss, pattern baldness, and alopecia. FDA-certified with 650nm/405mW medical low-level laser therapy, it is suitable for both men and women.

  1. iHelmet Laser Hair Growth System (Amazon)
iHelmet Laser Hair Growth System (Amazon)

The best laser hair growth device, iHelmet works with 5 milliwatts of low-energy laser light technology that reaches only the superficial dermal layer of the scalp so the dermal layer remains safe. Use it for 30 minutes thrice a week for six months to get thicker and denser hair growth.

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