10 Different Hairstyles To Glam Up Your Saree Look

If you wear a saree, you will certainly be interested to know unique ways of enhancing your look without wearing heavy makeup or jewelry. And you will be surprised to know that simply changing your hairstyle can transform your appearance from beautiful to stunning.

Here’re 10 Best Hairstyles For Sarees

  1. Messy Low Bun
Messy Low Bun

It is for the time when you are wearing a backless blouse with a saree. The objective is to flaunt your blouse by reducing the size of your hairstyle.

How To:

• Brush out your hair, spritz on some texturizing spray, and part your hair
• Twist a 2-inch section from the front left side and pin it at the back
• Repeat it with the right side parting
• Gather all the sections and make a low ponytail
• Roll up the pony into a messy bun and secure it at the top with bobby pins
• Apply some light hold spray to fix the bun in its place

  1. Half Up Curls
Half Up Curls

Try half-up curls instead of straight hair with an elegant pattu saree to show off the saree design and your jewelry as well.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and start curling 1-inch section at a time
• Part your hair and insert a bumpit under your hair at the crown
• Pin the front hair in the center under the bumpit
• Apply some hairspray to hold the hairstyle
• Also, you can pin in a fresh flower to enhance the look

  1. Loose Curls
Loose Curls

If you are wearing a chiffon saree, you can take inspiration from the Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit. The diva suggests loose curls for chiffon sarees.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and apply some protectant to your hair
• Start curling the lower half of your hair one section at a time
• Apply some smothering serum, if you have frizz
• Lightly run a hairbrush trough your hair before opening the curls

  1. Half Up Puff
Half Up Puff

Wearing a saree could make you look younger than your age and it is what Madhuri Dixit wants to say. But you should know which haircut to match with your saree.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and apply some heat protectant to your hair
• Trim your hair from the lower side and tease down all the hair at the top and sides
• Rub some smothering serum on a fine-toothed comb and use the comb over the teased hair at the front
• Pin the sleek back hair at the top of the back of your head
• Fan out your curls and apply some hairspray to fix the hair

  1. Sleek Low Bun
Sleek Low Bun

The haircut Deepika Padukone is wearing is called a sleek low bun and this hairstyle suits an embroidered saree. Also, you can wear some traditional jewelry to grace your look.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and part down the middle
• Also, apply a good amount of hair gel all over your head
• Use a fine-toothed comb to sleek down your hair
• Tie your hair into a ponytail and roll the pony into a sleek bun
• Secure the bun to your head with bobby pins
• Spray some strong hold hairspray to prevent flyways

  1. Texturized Curls With Maang Teeka
Texturized Curls With Maang Teeka

This hairstyle will jazz up your look even in a simple saree. These bold curls will add the glamor your saree needs to look exclusive. And this haircut matches well with all face shapes.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and apply some heat protectant
• Starting curling your hair from the lower end and curl 2-inch section at a time
• Treat your curls with some texturizing spray and run your fingers in the curls to open them
• Pick all the loose hair from the front and pin it to the back
• Finally, you can wear a manng teeka to finish the look

  1. Low Side Bun
Low Side Bun

It is a traditional haircut that suits almost every saree and face shape. It will transform your look into a goddess if you wear a gold teeka with the haircut.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and apply some smothering serum to remove frizz
• Part your locks from the middle and tie them into a low-side ponytail
• Roll a 2-inch section from the pony and pin it at the base of the pony
• Roll and pin all the pony hair in a similar manner
• It will create a bun that you can fix with a hairspray
• Finally, put on your traditional gold teeka

  1. Side Fishtail Braid
Side Fishtail Braid

A side fishtail will be a great addition to your traditional saree. If you have long hair and you are looking for a haircut that matches your modern saree then you should try this hairstyle.

How To:

• Brush out your hair and add some texturizing spray to
• Part all your tresses on one side and tie them into a low ponytail
• Divide your hair into two sections
• Pick a thin section from the first section and add it to the inner side of the second section to create a fishtail braid
• Create the braid till the end of your pony and secure it with a rubber
• Spritz some hairspray and decorate the braid with flowers

  1. Necklace Headdress
Necklace Headdress

If you have a long face and broad forehead then you should try this necklace headdress. It will make you look like a celebrity.

How To:

• Brush out and straighten all your locks
• Part your hair from the middle and apply some serum to remove frizz
• Put on your gold necklace across your forehead and secure it at the back

  1. Beachy Waves
Beachy Waves

It is a casual hairstyle but blends well with sarees. If you want to wear a sporty haircut with a saree then you should try beachy waves.

How To:

• Brush out your locks and apply some protectant to them
• Curl all your tresses 2-inch section at a time
• Lightly brush your hair before opening your curls
• Part your hair down the middle and finish off the look with your maang teeka

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