15 Japanese Hairdos To Try In 2022

Japanese try different hairstyles as they are blessed with silky, glossy, and thick tresses that can be styled in different ways from imperial hairstyles to modern anime-inspired hairdos. But their hairstyles reflect a blend of culture and art.

Beautiful Japanese Hairstyles

  1. Modern Imperial Hairstyle
Modern Imperial Hairstyle

Japanese women have learned the art of giving artistic touches like curls and coils to traditional updos and this is evident from this modern imperial hairstyle that looks beautiful with modern twists. While this hairstyle is just short of the shoulder-length but it makes the hair looks voluminous. Like the model, you can also let a few hair strands spring out from the crown.

  1. Layered Ends Lob
Layered Ends Lob

It is a long bob updo with layered ends and it shouldn’t be surprising to know that it is the most sought-after hairdo in Japan. Also, Japanese women have been experimenting with different color contrasts to improve the long bob hairdo. If you have straight and fine hair like Japanese women, you can also try the layered ends bob hairdo with a color of your choice.

  1. Fine Curved Bob
Fine Curved Bob

It is an anime look and you would have seen this hairdo in popular anime shows. But you can wear it as a haircut if you have a small face. This hairstyle looks decent on small faces. The highlight of this hairstyle is its full frontal bangs that allow the eyes to pop out. Again, if you have straight and fine hair, you can try this bob updo. It is one of the easiest hairdos to follow.

  1. Curved-Out Bob
Curved-Out Bob

A curved-out bob hairdo is a perfect hairstyle for slender faces. Since Japanese women have slender faces, they look beautiful in a curved-out bob. If your face is oval, you should also try this hairdo, and don’t forget to pair it with wispy bangs in the front. It will be a girl-next-door-look. You can wear this haircut with sports dresses.

  1. Long Flowy Waves
Long Flowy Waves

If you have long and thin hair then this hairdo becomes a must for you. If you look close, you will find waves add texture and volume to the straight hair. Also, the fine hair looks thicker in this hairdo. And you can go with minimal makeup as this hairstyle will transform your look from simple to fashionable.

  1. Purple Waves
Purple Waves

This smokey purple color will match perfectly with warm-toned skin. With this hairdo, you can try framing your face. This updo will add a quirky and unique element to your look. But you will need a professional touch to this hairstyle. Color matching with your skin tone is necessary to get a perfect look.

  1. Smoky Lob
Smoky Lob

Teens and young adults in Japan are crazy for smoky colors like gray and dusty black. These hues blend well with their skin. Adding waves to the hairdo make hair look voluminous. If you are young and looking for an updo that is both chic and effortless then go for a smoky lob. The advantage of this hairdo is that it blends well with almost all face shapes.

  1. Blonde Bob
Blonde Bob

Blonde is another sought-after hair color among young Japanese women. They love platinum blonde and golden blonde more than any color. This color blends perfectly with cool-toned skin. If your skin tone is cool, you should try the blonde bob. You will look intense and mysterious in this hair color. Take care before coloring your hair bright blonde as overdoing your hair could be harmful.

  1. Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door

Earthy colors are more suitable for the skin tone of Japanese women. It is so because these colors warm up their appearance. Just see how the bangs just flow into the hairdo with messy curls at the end. The model looks stunning even in a makeup-less avatar. But you can accessorize your look to enhance your appeal.

  1. Fun Formal Pixie
Fun Formal Pixie

It is a pixie cut and it is fast becoming a trend in Japan. The model in the picture looks happy in this pixie cut. She has light brown hair and she has paired the pixie cut with some layers. And the brown shade of her hair is making her dark eyes pop. If you have brown hair, you can also try this haircut. You can wear a pixie cut with a shirt and suit.

  1. Phoenix Ombre
Phoenix Ombre

It is the latest trend in Japan as many young women can be seen in the phoenix ombre hairdo. Another reason for the popularity of this updo is it looks vibrant and perfect in cosplays. You can see how the big curls at the end bring the colors to life. If you are a fun and free-spirited personality, it is the right updo for you.

  1. Below Cheek Waves
Below Cheek Waves

Wavy hair and highlights blend well and it is what this model wants to show. You can see that the highlights add dimension to the hair and the waves add volume and bounce to the hair. And you will agree that together highlights and waves make a stunning pair. This hairstyle is just perfect for round and square face shapes.

  1. Rosé Gold
Rosé Gold

This rose gold-tone has a pink hue to it and this hairstyle blends well with warm-toned skin. Just see how the hairdo is making those lovely brown eyes pop. If your skin tone is warm and your hair is straight and fine then you should try this hairdo.

  1. Bronde Ombre
Bronde Ombre

The model has a small face with wide cheeks and the dark roots of the bronde ombre make her face look longer. If you have a square or diamond face shape or sharp facial lines, you should choose a light blonde hairdo. Its advantage is that it will soften the cheek and jawline.

  1. Auburn Straight Cut
Auburn Straight Cut

The auburn hair color is just perfect for a change or when you want to spice up your hairstyle. This color has an advantage. Your hair will get a sophisticated vibe with this hair color. If your eyes are hazel, the stunning auburn tone will make them pop.

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