10 Greek Hairdos To Try In 2022

If you imagine a Greek woman, the image that will emerge in your mind will be of a woman with a gorgeous hairdo. But little do you know that there is much more to Greek updos than you know. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss various hairdos of Greek women.

What Is A Greek Hairdo?

A Greek hairdo is indeed different from others but it is simple. It isn’t over glamorous or extra modern. It is a hairstyle that has a rich tradition and history dating back to ancient Greek. But today hairstyles are considered the epitome of modernity and fashion.

Should I Try A Greek Updo?

The biggest advantage of Greek hairdos is that they are for everyone. Whether you have long hair or short locks, you can easily find a Greek hairstyle matching your face shape. Also, you need not worry about your curly or straight hair as there are hairdos for every type of hair. The only thing you need to keep in mind while choosing a Greek updo is to follow the process in letter and spirit.

Let’s start looking for a perfect Greek hairstyle matching with your face shape

  1. Glam Goddess
Glam Goddess

Tweak the ancient goddess look to make it a glam goddess. Start with creating a clean puff in the front and tie the rest of the locks with satin or lace hair bands. Also, create three different layers, adjacent to each other and tie them to keep the grip. It is the easiest of all Greek hairdos you can try. Also, wear some matching jewelry. If you have fair skin, you will look like the model in the picture.

  1. Gardener’s Charm
Gardener’s Charm

It is a dream hairdo for every Greek bride but only a few can get it right as it involves a lot of pin work and some hair firmness gel. The kind of curls and the firmness you need for this hairdo are difficult to achieve without pins and gel. In the picture, you can see curls pulled behind in the shape of a bouquet and accessorized with white roses. If you are a to-be bride, you can try this hairdo.

  1. Greek Spit
Greek Spit

Another simple hairdo, Greek Spit is the game of clubbing two to three braids at the side and leaving the other tresses loose. It involves pulling the braid from the front hair, swaying backward where it is clubbed with the other braids and crowns. But you will need long and straight hair for this updo. Its advantage is that it gives volume and bounce to hair. Also, it matches almost all face shapes. It is a good hairstyle if you want to frame your face shape.

  1. Messy Bun
Messy Bun

In ancient Greek, slaves used to make messy buns because they had little time to style their hair. But in modern times, it is one of the top Red Carpet looks. And the thing that makes it easy and stunning is the mess you create with your tresses. The messier the bun, the better it looks. To get this bun, all you need to do is to collect your loose locks on one side and tie a knot to form a sagging messy bun.

  1. Rope Braided Updo
Rope Braided Updo

It is a great classic Greek hairstyle and a hot favorite of ancient Greek divas. The braids you see in the picture are a mix of rolls up and they surround the bun to the crown. It resembles rope hair ribbons but in reality, the ropes are crafted from original hair. This haircut seems difficult to create but you can achieve it with little effort. And it will suit your blonde color the best.

  1. Braided Turban
Braided Turban

Inspired by the ancient false hair turban, this hairstyle is today considered a marvelous piece of art. Take your hair to one side and start forming a braid completing the entire circumference of the crown area. Also, form a roll and give at least two to three rolls to form a braided turban. It is simple but your haircut will look like a stunning piece of art. But you need a full head of healthy and straight hair.

  1. Greek Fishtail
Greek Fishtail

Anyone can easily guess that this updo is a fine blend of the classic French braid and fishtail pony. But it is better known as mermaid tress. You can see college girls wearing this haircut with style. It is a great hairdo for busy women as it requires little maintenance and it suits all face shapes. It consumes little time and looks chic. If you have long and straight hair, you must try this hairdo.

  1. Knitted Braid
Knitted Braid

What started in the late 60s as a simple hairdo became the top Red Carpet updo for celebrities. It is a fabulous hairdo recognized for its neat and elegant look. And it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that celebrities including Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian have been caught flaunting their knitted braids during events. You can see how the model in the picture has created a neat braid from the sides and merged them on the back in a bun.

  1. Rose Bun
Rose Bun

It is a look straight from the books of fairytales. The model in the picture is no less gorgeous than an angel and you will be surprised to know that it is her hairdo that is creating the magic. It is a high bun bouffant with rose limitations and it isn’t a difficult design to achieve. Add a little highlight to your hair and do a little styling to make it elegant. Whether you are a to-be bride or a bridesmaid, it is the best hairdo for you.

  1. Bouffant Goddess
Bouffant Goddess

It is an epic bouffant inspired by the Aphrodite goddess style. And just like the goddess, the model has also let down her locks by clipping her bouffant and it is a delight to see the locks swaying in rhythm. If you love this haircut, you can try this hairdo for your next event.

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