15 Charming Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever tried any of the honey blonde hair color ideas? The yellow undertone of this rich and warm blonde shade flatters all skin tones with warm undertones. Celebrities including Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Gisele Bundchen love this hair color. You can also oomph up your hair with this lovely blonde color. Also, it is possible to style your hair in a honey-blonde shade at home.


• Honey Blonde Hair Color
• Hair Brush
• Sectioning Clips
• Vaseline
• Rubber Gloves
• Hair Dyeing Brush
• Fine Toothed Comb
• Shampoo
• Conditioner

How To:

• Cover your upper body with a piece of cloth like an old t-shirt that you don’t mind spoiling with color
• Brush out your hair to open all the knots
• Part your hair in four equal sections first horizontally and then vertically
• Roll and secure three sections with clips and leave one section to dye
• Apply Vaseline on your hairline and ears to prevent your skin from getting stained with the color
• Put on your gloves
• Prepare the color in a bowl following the instructions given on the product packing
• Pick up a half section of the hair and start applying the dye from the roots
• Pull the dye through the length of your hair with a comb and add more color, if needed
• Color other sections as well
• Leave the dye for the duration of time suggested in the box
• Wash your hair with warm water until the water runs clear
• After an hour, shampoo your hair with a shampoo suitable for dyed hair
• Also, condition your hair

Now you know how to color your hair in a honey blonde shade, you can try one of the below-mentioned shades

  1. Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage
Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage

It isn’t for those who want full-head blonde hair. The deep shade of auburn on top of your head will melt into a caramel brown shade and turn into stunning honey blonde color towards the ends.

  1. Honey Blonde Shadow Root
Honey Blonde Shadow Root

The shadow root is a perfect choice for women who prefer a more natural shade while choosing a hair color. It creates a natural sun-lightened effect. Start coloring your hair medium brown at the roots or leave them natural. Apply shades of honey blonde and ash blonde to the rest of the hair length.

  1. Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage
Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage

Try this balayage look, if you have dark hair. It will add a dash of brightness to your locks. You can see how the chocolate brown base prepares a stunning base for hand painting honey blonde highlights on hair. And the resulting contrast between the two colors is simply attractive.

  1. Multidimensional Honey Blonde
Multidimensional Honey Blonde

Here the dark blonde base is enhanced with some light honey blonde at the end. While this color gives depth to locks, curling makes them look voluminous. If you are going for a full head of blonde color then you can try this multidimensional shade.

  1. Eclipted Honey Blonde
Eclipted Honey Blonde

If you are new to eclipting hairstyles, you should know that it is a way to frame your face. And it involves coloring hair in contrasting colors. Here the model has used honey blonde streaks on a dusty brown face but you can choose any other shade that complements your facial features best.

  1. Honey Blonde Root Melt
Honey Blonde Root Melt

If you are to get a mature look then go for this root melt style. See how the chocolate brown color at the top sweetly melts into pretty honey blonde towards the ends. It is a classy style but quite popular among modern women.

  1. Copper And Honey Blonde Balayage
Copper And Honey Blonde Balayage

Choose copper, if you are confused about choosing between red and brown. See how the copper shade is used as a canvas for creating subtle honey blonde highlights. If your tresses are also long and curly like the model, you should try this style. It will add dimension to your style.

  1. Goldilocks Honey Blonde
Goldilocks Honey Blonde

Warm honey blonde highlights on a white platinum base look stunning. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this hairstyle looks like taken from the books of fairytales. And the effect created by mixing warm and cool shades is simply mesmerizing.

  1. Honey Blonde Brownie
Honey Blonde Brownie

Many women choose the brownie color because you can never go wrong in mixing brown and blonde together. And you should develop a shade with chocolate, dusty brown, and honey blonde. Try developing the color with your hands to get a gorgeous multidimensional look.

  1. Super Bright Honey Blonde
Super Bright Honey Blonde

Here the base is made with honey blonde color and a platinum blonde shade is used to create highlights. It will look brighter but not extravagant. Also, leaving the roots dark will create a decent contrast in the look.

  1. Honey Drip Blonde
Honey Drip Blonde

If you want to keep the natural brown look of your hair, you should try a rich hazelnut brown shade topped by honey blonde dip-dyed ends. This hair color has the advantage that it will make your locks appear longer.

  1. Beige Honey Blonde
Beige Honey Blonde

This hair color looks natural and flawless because it is done with seasoned hands. Here the model has beautifully mixed the shades of beige and honey blonde on a light brown base.

  1. Butterscotch And Honey Blonde
Butterscotch And Honey Blonde

It is a beautiful blend of rich golden and soft honey blonde and it looks simply stunning with beachy waves. The butterscotch tone will make you look mature. Try this shade at home.

  1. Light Honey Blonde
Light Honey Blonde

If your hair color is dark, you must try this shade. This color is super light and bright and it will look stunning on your dark hair. It will transform your look completely. And you can get this look at home.

  1. Rose Gold Honey Blonde
Rose Gold Honey Blonde

It is a metallic hair look that you can achieve with a cool-toned honey blonde and some pink undertones. The combination produces a rose gold look that is difficult to get from any other color combination. Also, you can rest assured about its durability.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and readers are advised to consider the pros and cons of dying hair before trying any shade.

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