15 Cool Gray Hairstyles For All Ages

Graying hair is now a fashion statement but what is most surprising is that the gray color suits all ages and skin tones. Also, you have a wide range of gray colors to choose from. Starting from silver fox to metallic charcoal, the range of gray colors is simply exciting.

Here’re 10 stunning gray hairstyles

  1. Dark-To-Light Gray Ombre
Dark-To-Light Gray Ombre

It is ombre and gray. You can see the gray hair roots are transitioned into soft and light gray towards the ends with subtle waves. If you like this color blend, you can give it try. As evident from the picture, you only need shoulder-length hair to turn your hair gray. Also, it won’t be a permanent shade.

  1. Silver Gray
Silver Gray

It is silver gray and it looks stunning on all hair types especially angled bob. Look at the model in the picture. Her angled bob style looks attractive. Also, curling the ends of the locks makes them look voluminous. If you are looking for a bob cut, you can choose an angled bob and curl the ends of your tresses to get volume.

  1. Dusty Gray With Blonde Highlights
Dusty Gray With Blonde Highlights

It is a combination of gray and dusty shades and it creates a stunning dusty gray color with blonde highlights. The model has kept the ends of her hair below her chin and these choppy, blunt-cut ends make her jawline streamlined. And she looks great in this hairstyle and color.

  1. Platinum Gray
Platinum Gray

If you are captivated by gray color and want to take it to the next level then you should try bright platinum gray shade. See the model for inspiration. Her bright platinum gray locks create a magical hair look. You can also do this magic with your hair. Also, you can add some soft lavender shade to further improve the color.

  1. Silver Fox Pixie
Silver Fox Pixie

It is something different from others. If you are looking for a hair color that can shoot your color factor a level up than others then go for silver fox pixie. It is an edgy hairstyle but it will keep your hair off your face and neck. Like the model, you can also color your pixie haircut in a silver gray shade and slick it back. In this way, it will look even bolder.

  1. Smokey Gray
Smokey Gray

This hairstyle looks mysterious and dramatic in a smoky gray shade. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that gray is the only color that makes a woman look mature and knowledgeable. Just like the model, you can also style your hair in some nice curls and flaunt your cool new hairstyle. This shade looks dull on the top but the brightness increases gradually towards the ends.

  1. Steel Gray
Steel Gray

It is a metallic shade and it looks pretty. Also, it provides ample opportunities to further improve the shade. For example, you can give it more depth by pairing it with deep lilac highlights. Or you can add a hint of dusty gray to your steel gray look. It will further accentuate the gray color.

  1. Uneven Gray Bob
Uneven Gray Bob

Fashion knows no boundaries, especially age-related boundaries. See the elderly model flaunting her deep side-swept bangs in gray color. Another feature of this hairstyle is the stunning contrast it reveals between the silver fox color at the top and dark hair at the bottom. The elderly model has also accessorized her ears with matching jewelry.

  1. Pure Gray Undercut
Pure Gray Undercut

If you want to stun your friends and family members with your look then go for an undercut hairstyle and color your hair in pure gray. If you have a cool skin tone, you should a lighter gray shade as a brighter shade can hide your skin color. If you look at the model, you can get some inspiration to further accessorize your look with silver jewelry and light makeup.

  1. Gray To Blonde Ombre
Gray To Blonde Ombre

It is a frosty winter blonde and gray mix and it is suitable for women with cool skin tones. If you have warm-toned skin, you should opt for a soft, warm blonde and gray. The model in the picture has a warm shade. Whichever shade you choose, gray and blonde will create a lovely gold and silver contrast.

  1. Dark Gray
Dark Gray

Elderly women should try this shade to look younger. Graying is natural but a darker gray shade can create a visual illusion. It will make you look younger than you are. And coloring your hair in dark gray shouldn’t be a hassle. You simply need to color your hair in a darker gray shade. It is easy and stunning.

  1. Purple Gray Hair
Purple Gray Hair

Changing the color of your hair can give you a complete makeover. And it is evident from this picture that the model has colored her hair purple-gray. You can also get this hairstyle by cutting your hair in a bob cut, feathering out the ends, and creating big curls to add volume to your locks. Try a purple-gray hairstyle when you want a complete transformation of your hair.

  1. Intense Gray
Intense Gray

If you love gray color but fear that changing your hair to gray could make you look older then get ready to change your opinion. This intense gray will sharpen your facial features instead of making you look older. This intense gray color will improve your visual appearance instead of highlighting aging.

  1. Braided Gray Locks
Braided Gray Locks

If you are preparing for a special occasion like a wedding then you should try the braided gray locks. The gray braids look adventurous and sporty. Also, a braided hairstyle goes well with most outfits. But you will need the help of a professional to get this hairstyle.

  1. Muddy Gray
Muddy Gray

It is a different gray shade as it is muddy gray. You don’t need to deal with silvery gray shades that need much care. When you color your hair in silver, you need to be careful about the brightness. The brightness shouldn’t hide your skin tone. But there is no such hassle with this muddy gray color.

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