10 Darker Lipsticks For Dusky Skin Tone

Having a dark skin tone shouldn’t make you worry about wearing makeup especially lipstick, as there are plenty of lipsticks shades you can choose for dusky skin to highlight your lips.

Here’re 10 darker lipstick shades for women with dusky skin tone.

Copper Brown

Copper Brown Shade

This reddish-brown color looks appealing. It resembles the metal copper and comes in different shades. It isn’t exactly brown as it has a hint of dark yellow color. And the beauty of this shade is that it blends well with a dark skin tone. Also, it goes well with all dress designs.

Whether you are dressing for a work or wedding, you will find this shade just perfect for every occasion. Simply glide your lipstick on your beautiful lips and get ready to step out. It won’t take you much time in dressing with this lipstick.


Red Lipstick Shades

There is hardly a lipstick brand that doesn’t have this shade and together all brands provide a wide range of red lipstick options to choose from. Also, it looks well on every skin tone including dark tone. If your skin tone is dark, this color can highlight the shape and size of your lips better than others.

Before you start improving your lips with red lipstick, you should create an outline to limit the expanse of color. Also, you can add a little glitter to the red color to make it bolder. It will suit well to your party dresses.

Rose Pink

Rose Pink Lipstick

Rose pink is a shade of rose but it is a few shades lesser than the accrual red color. Simply put, this color looks like a combination of two shades. And you can get a variety of shades in rose pink. Explore rose pink shades of leading lipstick brands to find the best.

Wear rose pink lipstick when you want to look like a girl next door or you want to appear a little calmer. This shade will bring out the positive side of your personality. And you can match it with every dress including jeans and top.


Taupe Lipstick Shades

It is a dark-gray-brown color that has a perfect mix of different shades. In fashion, taupe stands for a vague color used to refer to any shade that is grayish brown or brownish gray. And it matches well with dark skin tone. It can be used to highlight lips.

Your dark tan color lips need a touch of taupe color to look blossomed. This color will outline the lips on your face and you won’t have to make any special preparation to wear this lipstick. Simply, take a taupe lipstick and glide it through your lips to improve their look.


Magenta Lipstick Shades

This color shows many shades like purplish-red, reddish-purple, or mauvish-crimson. And it is a beautiful color to improve your dark skin tone. You can take it just the opposite of the rose pink. Magenta is a few shades higher than the lighter rose pink. It comes in the category of warmer shades.

If you are wearing dark a color dress like brown, green, and deep blue then you can use magenta lipstick to complete the look. This lipstick will highlight your lips without requiring any makeup. You can put this lipstick just before leaving your home.

Fuchsia Lipstick For Dusky Skin

Fuchsia Lipstick Shades

It is a vivid purplish-red color that looks a few shades darker than the red color. It is a dark color but it also has a shine to it. Fuchsia color shines even in low-light conditions. You will need fuchsia lipstick if you are doing heavy makeup. It will highlight the real shape and size of your lips.

Fuchsia is the lipstick that can complete your look if you are dressing for a special occasion like an anniversary or a meeting with an important client. It will help you appear confident in every dress.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Lipstick Shades

It is a tone of dark brown and it resembles the color of chocolate. It is a chocolaty shade in lipstick and it will make you appear enticing, Haute, and dashing. The advantage of this shade is that it doesn’t require special treatment like outlining and glitter.

Let your chocolate lipstick glide through the length and breadth of your lips so your lips look fuller. It is the right shade to complete your makeup and you don’t need to wear heavy makeup to use the chocolaty lipstick. You can wear it even without makeup.

Peach Lipstick For Dusky Skin

Peach Lipstick For Dusky Women

It is a fruit color hence looks healthy and naughty. It is the right shade to wear when you are dressing up for an evening with friends or family. Since it is a light shade, you shouldn’t wear heavy makeup with this lipstick. Or it will be better to say that you should wear this lipstick when you are going out without makeup.

It is a lighter shade hence matches well with light-colored clothes. Also, it is acceptable in office parties and other official gatherings. This shade can add a little positivity to your personality.


Bronze Lipstick For Dusky Skin

It is a metallic brown color that will make your lips appear darker than your skin tone. It is the right color to highlight your lips when you want to make your lips stand out from all your facial features. It is the color that can put a smile on your face.

Since bronze is a darker shade, you should create an outline around your lips to fill the color. It will highlight the outlined skin. And it doesn’t require glitters or any other material as the bronze color is sufficient to highlight your lips.

Nude Lipstick For Dusky Skin

Nude Lipstick For Dusky Skin

Nude is the shade you should wear when you want to look simpler and natural. It is a pale shade that looks like a mixture of brown and white. This color can make your lips appear bolder even when you are wearing little makeup.

Outline your lips with a bronze pencil and then fill your lips with the nude shade to get ready for the party. Since it blends well with all dresses, you won’t have to worry about looking for a specific dress to wear this lipstick.

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