The Eye Makeup Tricks That Will Make Appearance Young Instantly

Eye makeup is crucial to look younger and tempting. No matter who you’re. Makeup is little tricky especially if you’re a beginner.

Applying eyeliner I feel most difficult. You need sleek, winged, dark or sometimes Smokey eye look and that only befalls when you’re a little expert.

Don’t worry, if you’re beginner or expert must read out following eye makeup tricks that come across by experts. Just follow the simple tips and get beautiful look forever.

  1. Prime your lid

Your first task is to apply primer on lids to get a smooth texture. This increases bendability, which ensures eye shadow never fall or smudge. This keeps your eyes crease free and give a perfect finish.

How to use a primer?

  • Remove excess dirt and oil form eyes with cleanser or pressing dry sponge over lids.
  • Apply oil-free primer according to your skin tone.
  • Must apply dusting powder to create a smooth surface for eye shadow.
  1. Always pick right brush for every task

The power of choosing the right brush is magical and give a smooth finish to your task. This also enhances your makeup finish and provide an intense definition. If you need to work with different tasks like shimmer, eye shadow, Smokey look, etc. choose the right brush accordingly.

  • Blending brush

It is perfect for applying shadow and create definition. Must pick out branded brush for high durability and perfect outcomes.

  • Smudging brush

If you need Smokey eyes or soften eye shadow, smudging brush is perfect to get the perfect finish.

  • Densely Packed Brush

To add intense or bold look densely packed brush is a good choice. If you want to add shimmer it is an ideal choice.

  • Flat angled brush

This brush is perfect to create a wing or to enhance the lower lash line. It perfect for a flawless appearance.

  1. Choose perfect eyeliner wing according to your eye shape


It is important to note down. You must look into your eyes and create an eyeliner wing accordingly.

  1. Amplify your mascara

If you’re picking false eyelashes must apply mascara evenly with natural and false eyelashes. Apply curler for define look. Make sure you’re using perfect mascara that enhances the volume of lashes and has the perfect stroke.


  1. Apply liner with eye shadow

To get flawless look must apply eye shadow first and then apply liner over it. This gives a precise look. With the help of angled brush create a wing or fill out free places of the liner.

  1. Don’t forget the highlighter

Every girl love highlighter. Applying a touch of highlighter on brow bone instantly offer a younger look. To add perfection over it, apply a little on inner corners will help to open eyes. For a finish, look add a little touch to the very center of the lid to make your eyes pop.

  1. Correct mistakes

For perfect appearance, we have to check all. If there is fall-out, eyeliner shape mistake, or whatever. Correct all your minor mistakes and enjoy the flawless look.

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